You might initially think that a collection featuring chills and shivers would heavily focus on the more scary side of life. These though, are books that have created a physical reaction of goosebumps to course through me no matter their genre. They range from the obvious crime, horror, and suspense, right through to historical, family drama, modern and contemporary, relationship and romance, and there are memoirs here too. It may be that the entirety of a book has affected me in this way, it could just be that a particular sentence or paragraph has caused that reaction. There are characters who create a shiver of foreboding, though to plot twists that sent goosebumps skittering down my arms, and even on occasion a setting that has created the most delightful spread of chills. These stories have emotionally connected with me at a physical level, that tell-tale skin-tingling reaction ensured an entirely memorable read I can highly recommend.