Mrs Death Misses Death is a unique and provocative reading experience. Salena Godden is a published poet, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, this is her first novel. Using a variety of writing styles she encourages you to dance through this tale, greeting shock and heartache, hope and humour … to explore life and death. The topic of death is not something that we tend to truly examine unless we have no other option, we can't experience the feelings it evokes until it comes within touching distance. So we want to highlight that there may well be some difficult paths to explore if you choose to step inside this book. However, this stunning and thought-providing debut is about life, love, and hope, as well as death, and while not comfortable, it is a powerful and beautiful read.

As usual we have some questions to light your way:

  • What did you expect before you started to read, were your expectations met?
  • How did the different writing styles affect your reading of the book?
  • Death is portrayed in many different ways around the world, how did it feel to meet Mrs Death?
  • How did your thoughts about Wolf change as you read? 
  • Do you think this has made you look at death in a different way, why is that?
  • What emotions did you feel as you read?
  • Provocative and thought-provoking yes, but what is the main thing that you’ll take away with you?
  • How did the request at the very end in ‘Rabbit: The last words' make you feel? Is this idea something that you feel a connection to?
  • Would you now want to read or experience Salena Godden's poetry?
  • How would you recommend Mrs Death Misses Death? 

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