Top 10 most popular books on Lovereading 2 - 9 April 2017

By peter on 10th April 2017

Lovereading Top 10

Black Water Lilies Black Water Lilies Michel Bussi April 2017 Book of the Month. Simply superb, ’Black Water Lilies’ has leapt straight into my heart and soul. Thirteen days in the heart of Claude Monet’s homeland, where murder, death, lies, and deceit stalk the village of Giverny. Three women ... Download free opening extract
The Cows The Cows Dawn O'Porter April 2017 Debut of the Month. Oh my word, this is an eyebrow raising, mouth openingly good read. A contemporary tale about three women, muddling and battling their way through this world as best they can. Emotional growing pains can occur ... Download free opening extract
The People at Number 9 The People at Number 9 Felicity Everett April 2017 Debut of the Month. Solid, surburban couple with two boys at the local school have their safe, perhaps a little monotonous, life disrupted by the arrival of an artistic golden couple next door. All glitter and shine, oozing charisma ... Download free opening extract
The Stolen Child The Stolen Child Sanjida Kay April 2017 Book of the Month. Terrific, truly a one-sitting read so be warned and allow space for it to be so.  Zoe and Ollie adopt baby Evie, the unwanted child of a drug addict, father unknown.  Premature, incubated and fighting ... Download free opening extract
Sometimes I Lie Sometimes I Lie Alice Feeney A novel to meddle with your reasoning and taunt your gut instincts… Amber is in hospital in a coma, her thoughts are knocking at the door of her awareness as she attempts to remember what has happened to her. The ... Download free opening extract
Before the Fall Before the Fall Noah Hawley April 2017 Book of the Month. A striking thriller from an established US author and Golden Globe award winner of the Fargo TV series scriptwriter. When a private aircraft returning from a wealthy holiday hideout plunges into the sea off New ... Download free opening extract
The Shadow Land The Shadow Land Elizabeth Kostova April 2017 Book of the Month. This is a beautifully crafted novel. Those familiar with Kostova’s writing will be delighted to know that her beautiful, descriptive prose has yet again created a masterful novel that will hold you entranced throughout as ... Download free opening extract
Reservoir 13 Reservoir 13 Jon McGregor April 2017 Book of the Month. Aged 13 a girl goes missing.  The whole village turns out to search.  Over the course of thirteen chapters and thirteen years we follow the affect of this tragedy on the villagers.  We meet them ... Download free opening extract
A Dangerous Crossing A Dangerous Crossing Rachel Rhys April 2017 Debut of the Month. All aboard for an Agatha Christie-esque mystery set on a ship bound for the distant shores of Australia in 1939. As the world teeters on the edge of another war, working class Lily is about to ... Download free opening extract
When I Was Invisible When I Was Invisible Dorothy Koomson April 2017 Book of the Month. An absolute page-turner of a novel, at times uncomfortable, yet powerful and oh so compelling. Roni and Nika meet when they are 8 years old, as the years pass their relationship changes, yet in their ... Download free opening extract