Top 10 most popular titles on Lovereading 20 - 26 June 2016

By peter on 27th June 2016

Lovereading Top 10

Dear Amy Dear Amy Helen Callaghan June 2016 MEGA Debut of the Month. Margot Lewis is a classics teacher in a Cambridge school. She's also the agony aunt for the local newspaper, dealing with problems from the loneliness of a recent widower to a teenager wondering if ... Download free opening extract
Barkskins Barkskins Annie Proulx June 2016 Book of the Month. For the Wolf Hall readership, this is a huge historical novel to immerse yourself in.  A dramatic, violent, absorbing, long read for which you need to put aside serious time to devour.  You will find ... Download free opening extract
My Italian Bulldozer My Italian Bulldozer Alexander McCall Smith June 2016 Book of the Month. A fabulously quirky, ‘standalone’ romance-cum-farce from this feel-good author.  Abandoned by his long-time girlfriend, travel writer Paul goes to Tuscany to research his next book.  Arrangements are made but upon arrival no car is available.  ... Download free opening extract
Black Rabbit Hall Black Rabbit Hall Eve Chase June 2016 MEGA Debut of the Month. Pencraw Hall, Cornwall, is a beautiful old house, the holiday retreat for the well-off Alton family of four children, twins and then a couple much younger, a hard-working father and a young, gregarious American ... Download free opening extract
How to Find Love in a Book Shop How to Find Love in a Book Shop Veronica Henry June 2016 eBook of the Month. A lovely, gentle read, full of interesting characters, and at the heart of it all, a rather wonderful book shop called Nightingale Books. In this charming romance, we take a peek into the lives of ... Download free opening extract
The Hanging Club The Hanging Club Tony Parsons June 2016 Book of the Month. The third in the London based detective series featuring a man I really like, one Max Wolf, second in command in the Saville Row Crime Squad. His very human female boss here has some sad ... Download free opening extract
The Unseeing The Unseeing Anna Mazzola A detailed, intriguing and highly enjoyable debut historical thriller. James Greenacre is accused of murdering his bride and his mistress, Sarah Gale, is convicted of aiding him in disposing of her body. Public opinion flares up against Sarah and the ... Download free opening extract
The Fire Child The Fire Child S. K. Tremayne A sublimely creepy slow burning thriller, a tale where the countdown to Christmas is a chilling one. Rachel tells her own story, she has just married widower David and moved into his huge family home, Carnhallow House, on the site ... Download free opening extract
A Quiet Life A Quiet Life Natasha Walter June 2016 Debut of the Month. Wife. Mother. Spy. The publisher’s blurb tells us. Now Laura just wants a ‘a quiet life’ and so we follow her to that conclusion. As a young American woman just before World War II she ... Download free opening extract
The Crow Girl The Crow Girl Erik Axl Sund A Maxim Jakubowski selected title. If you thought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the epitome of Nordic noir's savage darkness, think again. Graphic, violent and weaving a thread of evil with the dexterity of a malevolent spider, this Swedish ... Download free opening extract