New guide reveals how to stay on top of pressure, rather than letting pressure get on top of you

By peter on 14th April 2014

In today's hectic workspace, constant pressure is now the norm. The impact on employees' health and productivity are only too clear, with over 70 per cent of all GP visits now being stress-related.

bhfcPoweringThroughPressure_smWork is cited as the single biggest contributor to feelings of stress and pressure, yet professionals feel obliged to carry on regardless, fearing tarnishing their reputation and jeopardising their position if they admit the pressure is getting to them.

And despite the UK having emerged from recession, the working conditions that contribute most to stress continue to pervade the business world and, if anything, get worse. The constant expectation of perfection; competitive work environments; tightening budgets and smaller workforces yet increasing demands; the growth of remote working; the rise of digital communication, and the need to be in touch by email and online 24-7 combine to create a recipe for disaster.

But, as leading stress management expert Bruce Hoverd explains, professionals CAN lead a stress-free life — all by making some easy adjustments to their daily routine.

In Powering Through Pressure: Building resilience for when work gets tough — newly released by Pearson, the world's leading educational publisher — Hoverd provides the most up-to-date, relevant and motivational stress management book available.

Writing in an accessible, friendly and inspirational tone, he shows how to spot pressure points before they become breaking points, and reveals simple yet powerful steps to prevent stress, reduce demands, retain energy and, most importantly, remain healthy.

The author — a fellow of the Institute of Stress Management whose London-based consultancy “Managing Pressure” has supported thousands of executives at all levels — has brought together his extensive training and vast client-facing experience to provide a wide range of practical stress-busting solutions that allow you to

  • Take control of stress with immediate effect and make pressure work for you
  • Quickly and effectively deal with the underlying causes of pressure
  • Increase awareness of the signs of growing pressure, and act early to avert it
  • Increase productivity, improve self-confidence and co-worker relationships
  • Build support networks and negotiate effectively to reduce demands
  • improve resilience skills and focus
  • Foster a calmer, healthier approach to work, and life

The 240-page handbook is the perfect answer to pressure, allowing professionals to deal with the problem in their own time — essential given that many view approaching employers as a big no-no, and finding time to go to doctors is often impossible.

Speaking about the book, Hoverd said: “I want to create the means by which as many people as possible take those early actions that will reduce pressure and prevent the common decline into unnecessary stress. Breaking the unhealthy stress cycle is possible. The good news is that, by increasing your awareness, responding early and maintaining small changes, you can lead a stress-free life. It’s about the choices you make, the options you explore and the support you are willing to give and seek.”

After reading Powering Through Pressure, executives will have both the tools and mindset to win against pressure in and out of the workplace.