Looking for Something Thrilling?

By Charlotte Walker on 19th January 2018

A new thriller is on it’s way and is set to be the most original of 2018.

Dirk Kurbjuweit is a German writer that is making his American debut with this exciting new novel Fear that has received a lot of attention already. Due to be released on the 25th January, everyone who has previewed this book has been #GrippedByFear.

For those who can’t wait to get their thrills, you can read an extract of the book here. The book follows Randolph Tiefenthaler, as he claims that he had a normal childhood, despite the armoury kept in the house. While the story covers the cruel and unusual events that led to his father’s incarceration. This twisted tale has been hailed by reviewers as a great success and a psychologically complex crime story. However, the plot line still manages to maintaining a moral and ethical core. A moral dilemma that questions just how far you would go in order to protect your family.

Others that have been #GrippedByFear

Fiona Barton of FearWith the teaser for the book posing the question ‘You’d die for your family, but would you kill for them?’  and ‘Your neighbour is threatening you Family. Nobody will help. Not even the Police. There’s nothing you can do. Is there? This highly anticipated thriller could be your favourite read of the entire year. Fiona Barton, the bestselling author of The Widow feels that Fear is ‘Brilliantly done to play on every parent’s deepest fears - including mine’.

Reviewers have compared the novel  to We Need To Talk About Kevin, and the Guardian has said that the thriller is ‘Something we’ve not seen before in contemporary crime fiction’, with the Independant saying the book is ‘Addictive’

Head over to the LoveReading page for this book in order to read more of the fantastic comments made about this spectacular book. Our page also has the free pre-publication extract, so you can be gripped by fear too.