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Author ‘Like-for-Like’ recommendations

Let Lovereading help you find your next book

You have just finished a great book - but the author hasn't written the next one yet. Or you love a style of a particular author but want to find more authors in the same genre but aren't sure where to start.

We've all been there! But now 'Lovereading' has found a unique solution - which you won't find on any other book site.

How we're different

Other web sites do have book recommendations however they are simply based on the fact that two books have been bought by the same person, matched by a computer.

We wanted to create something different and better so we asked our 'Editorial Guru' Sarah Broadhurst to start by reviewing over 500 of the best known authors across all the 'Lovereading' categories and recommeding authors like them.

Over the years this has grown to a unique and invaluble 'Author Like-for-Like' recommendation resource, created by book experts not computers, with over 5,000 authors linked together!

Who is Sarah Broadhurst?

Free to registered users

This unique service is free to all our registered users.

You can even contribute to the 'Like for Like' service yourself! If you find there is an author you like that isn't currently in 'Lovereading's 'Like for Like' engine you can easily let us know via email and we will ask Sarah Broadhurst to use her encyclopaedic knowledge to provide a like-for-like.