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"I Love Wimbledon, History and the Absurd"

Trevor P. Kwain is a child of the Eighties. He belongs to the video generation and multi-media lifestyle that is slowly degenerating speech and text of today. Yet, he is no knight in shiny armour to defend the old way of writing. He simply wants to bridge the written word with the dormant imagination in people's minds. An eclectic mind may find the third way, the third alternative, in a bi-dimensional reality torn between yesterday and tomorrow.

Trevor P. Kwain currently lives in London.

Featured books by Trevor P. Kwain

The Wynnman and The Black Azalea

The Wynnman and The Black Azalea

Author: Trevor P. Kwain Format: Paperback Release Date: 01/06/2020

Just finished reading the above novel. I really enjoyed this novel as an easy read and something a little different. The search for the black azalea captured the imagination as to whether it was actually a flower or something else. The interaction between the characters was good, and there were twists and turns along the way which kept me reading. Enrico the baker, seemed to be blamed for most things along the way so it was good when he was let off the hook at the end! The descriptions of the surroundings were good without becoming too long or boring, while the characters seemed to become real, the bumbling policemen, the villain and so on. All in all I enjoyed reading this offering by Trevor P Kwain and would read more of his novels in the future.

Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries

Author: Trevor P. Kwain Format: Paperback Release Date: 24/09/2017

63 collectable cards from Magic The Gathering© split into nine groups of seven cards. Nine short stories in which characters resemble those from traditional fairy tales and at the same time are different from the literature known to us. Nine short stories created and inspired by the same writer.