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  1. The Therapist Audiobook The Therapist
  2. The Dream Weavers Audiobook The Dream Weavers
  3. Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled Audiobook Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled
  4. The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series Audiobook The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series
  5. Dreamland Audiobook Dreamland
  6. The Wolf Den Audiobook The Wolf Den
  7. Transcendent Kingdom Audiobook Transcendent Kingdom
  8. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Audiobook The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse
  9. One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time Audiobook One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time
  10. Outlander 'International Edition' Audiobook Outlander 'International Edition'
Winston Churchill's Greatest Speeches: Vol 1: Never Give In! Audiobook

Winston Churchill's Greatest Speeches: Vol 1: Never Give In!

Author: Sir Winston Churchill Narrator: Sir Winston Churchill Release Date: September 2006

Winston Churchill steered Britain through its darkest hours during World War Two. He was one of the twentieth century’s greatest orators, and the speeches that he painstakingly composed, rehearsed and delivered inspired courage in an entire nation. Churchill’s output was prolific – his complete speeches alone contain over 5 million words. On this special recording, the best and most important of those have been brought together in this historic volume. Using digitally remastered archive recordings, they include: ‘Blood, toil, tears and sweat’ / ‘The Few’ / ‘This was their finest hour’ / ‘We can take it!’ / ‘An Iron Curtain has descended’ / ‘Never give in!’ / ‘A total and unmitigated defeat’/ ‘Give us the tools’. Winston Churchill oversaw some of the most important events the world has ever seen and was the most eloquent and expressive statesman of his age. These speeches help reveal the man behind the defiant orator and demonstrate why, in a national poll, Sir Winston Churchill was voted ‘Greatest Briton of All Time’. ' The most persuasive and patriotic exhortations to arms since the Agincourt address from Henry V.' - Guardian.

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Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades Audiobook

Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades

Author: George Alfred Henty Narrator: Jim Hodges Release Date: June 2017

Henty weaves a story of the life and times of King Richard the Lion-Hearted that is yet to be equaled. Cuthbert de Lance, the hero of the story, is of Norman blood on his father's side and Saxon by his mother. By providing timely aid to the Earl of Evesham, Cuthbert is rewarded by being allowed to go to the Crusade as his page. He gains a reputation for valor and prowess due to gallant deeds, and his resourcefulness not only helps King Richard but aids Cuthbert in many a hairbreadth escape. The Henty Historical Novel Collection

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Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure Audiobook

Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure

Author: Don Kladstrup, Petie Kladstrup Narrator: Todd McLaren Release Date: March 2012

In 1940, France fell to the Nazis and almost immediately the German army began a campaign of pillaging one of the assets the French hold most dear: their wine. Like others in the French Resistance, winemakers mobilized to oppose their occupiers, but the tale of their extraordinary efforts has remained largely unknown—until now. This is the thrilling and harrowing story of the French wine producers who undertook ingenious, daring measures to save their cherished crops and bottles as the Germans closed in on them. Wine and War illuminates a compelling, little-known chapter of history, and stands as a tribute to those extraordinary individuals who waged a battle that, in a very real way, saved the spirit of France.

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Windrush Scandal, The: The History of the Modern Controversy and Race Relations in the British Empir Audiobook

Windrush Scandal, The: The History of the Modern Controversy and Race Relations in the British Empir

Author: Charles River Editors Narrator: Colin Fluxman Release Date: November 2020

 On the morning of June 22, 1948, the HMT Empire Windrush, a repurposed German troopship, drew up alongside the Tilbury docks, lowering its gangplanks onto the wide, cobbled quays. To the casual interest of the dockworkers, a small army of well-dressed, luggage laden blacks stepped onto the shores of England, looking around for the first time at their new home. Most originated from Kingston, the capital of the British island colony of Jamaica, with a few others from Trinidad and a handful of other British Caribbean dependencies. These were the men and women who led the vanguard of what would come to be known as the Windrush Generation, the first substantial wave of non-white immigration to the British Isles from the outer marches of the Empire. Ultimately, between 1948 and 1970, more than half a million souls would migrate to the United Kingdom from the Caribbean and other non-white Commonwealth countries, establishing the bedrock of the British black community and prompting the first ripples of racial discomfort that would conclude in the infamous Windrush Scandal of 2018.   The issue of race in the British Empire is as complex as the history of the British Empire itself. The origins of the British Empire lie in the settlement of North America and the Caribbean, both of which led to complex intersections of imperialism, commerce and race. While the first European encounters with the New World were Spanish, the British arrived on the scene in a permanent way with the establishment of a General Assembly of the Leeward Islands in 1674, after which, in a complex evolution in competition and conflict with other European trading powers, the British West Indies finally comprised the British Leeward Islands, the British Windward Islands, Jamaica, and other colonies such as the Cayman Islands, British Honduras and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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William Tell, a Swiss hero Audiobook

William Tell, a Swiss hero

Author: Anonymous Narrator: Jonathan Waite Release Date: March 2016

William Tell is an essential figure in Swiss patriotism. He is widely remembered for having shot an apple off of his son's head with a crossbow, but the story has more historical depth. Known as a very strong man and an expert shot, William Tell took part in the resistance against the rule of the Habsburg, the emperors of Austria who had vowed to dominate his country. He was arrested for disobedience, which led to the cruelest punishment a prince could think of. Tell famously succeeded, but this was not to be the end of his tribulation. His struggle for liberty eventually sparked a rebellion which marked History. Rediscover a hero's tale, the story of a central figure in Swiss history; enjoy the legend and gain a better understanding of the political struggles of the time with this lively and precise audiobook.

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Wilhem Canaris, maitre espion nazi et agent double: Les plus grandes affaires d'espionnage Audiobook

Wilhem Canaris, maitre espion nazi et agent double: Les plus grandes affaires d'espionnage

Author: Frédéric Garnier Narrator: Patrick Blandin Release Date: January 2020

Wilhelm Canaris est un amiral allemand, responsable de l'Abwehr, le service de renseignement de l'armée allemande, de janvier 1935 à février 1944. Il s'est clandestinement opposé aux menées nazies alors qu'il était en poste. Pendant les premières années de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, en tant que chef de l'Abwehr, il mène différentes opérations de renseignements essentielles à la victoire de l'Allemagne nazie. Dans les pays occupés, ses services participent activement à la répression des mouvements clandestins de la Résistance, notamment en France. En revanche, tout en étant loyal à l'Allemagne, il rejette le nazisme et aurait réprouvé toutes les persécutions menées contre les différentes populations, sauvant notamment des Juifs. Il soutien différentes tentatives de tuer Adolf Hitler, qui toutes échouent. Soupçonné d'avoir pris part au complot du 20 juillet 1944, il est interné à Flossenburg avant d'être condamné à mort par un tribunal spécial et exécuté. Voici l'histoire de cet homme qui fut à la fois un important dignitaire de l'Allemagne Nazie et un résistant tardif et ambigü.

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Why?: Explaining the Holocaust Audiobook

Why?: Explaining the Holocaust

Author: Peter Hayes Narrator: Don Hagen Release Date: July 2017

A bold new exploration that answers the most commonly asked questions about the Holocaust. Despite the outpouring of books, movies, museums, memorials, and courses devoted to the Holocaust, a coherent explanation of why such ghastly carnage erupted from the heart of civilized Europe in the 20th century still seems elusive even 70 years later. Numerous theories have sprouted in an attempt to console ourselves and to point the blame in emotionally satisfying directions - yet none of them are fully convincing. As witnesses to the Holocaust near the ends of their lives, it becomes that much more important to unravel what happened and to educate a new generation about the horrors inflicted by the Nazi regime on Jews and non-Jews alike. Why? dispels many misconceptions and answers some of the most basic - yet vexing - questions that remain: why the Jews and not another ethnic group? Why the Germans? Why such a swift and sweeping extermination? Why didn't more Jews fight back more often? Why didn't they receive more help? While responding to the questions he has been most frequently asked by students over the decades, world-renowned Holocaust historian and professor Peter Hayes brings a wealth of scholarly research and experience to bear on conventional, popular views of the history, challenging some of the most prominent recent interpretations. He argues that there is no single theory that "explains" the Holocaust; the convergence of multiple forces at a particular moment in time led to catastrophe. In clear prose informed by an encyclopedic knowledge of Holocaust literature in English and German, Hayes weaves together stories and statistics to heart-stopping effect. Why? is an authoritative, groundbreaking exploration of the origins of one of the most tragic events in human history. **Contact Customer Service for Additional Material**

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Why We Swim Audiobook

Why We Swim

Author: Bonnie Tsui Narrator: Angie Kane Release Date: April 2020

Humans, unlike other animals that are drawn to water, are not natural-born swimmers. We must be taught. Our evolutionary ancestors learned for survival; now in the twenty-first century, we swim in freezing Arctic waters and piranha-infested rivers to test our limits. Swimming is an introspective and silent sport in a chaotic and noisy age; it's therapeutic for both the mind and body; and it's an adventurous way to get from point A to point B. It's also one route to that elusive, ecstatic state of flow. These reasons, among many others, make swimming one of the most popular activities in the world. Why We Swim is propelled by stories of Olympic champions, a Baghdad swim club that meets in Saddam Hussein's palace pool, modern-day Japanese samurai swimmers, and even an Icelandic fisherman who improbably survives a wintry six-hour swim after a shipwreck. New York Times contributor Bonnie Tsui, a swimmer herself, dives into the deep, from the San Francisco Bay to the South China Sea, investigating what it is about water-despite its dangers-that seduces us, tempting us to come back to it again and again.

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Why We Are Restless: On the Modern Quest for Contentment Audiobook

Why We Are Restless: On the Modern Quest for Contentment

Author: Benjamin Storey, Jenna Silber Storey Narrator: Laurel Lefkow Release Date: April 2021

This audiobook narrated by Laurel Lefkow reflects on how our pursuit of happiness makes us unhappy We live in an age of unprecedented prosperity, yet everywhere we see signs that our pursuit of happiness has proven fruitless. Dissatisfied, we seek change for the sake of change—even if it means undermining the foundations of our common life. In Why We Are Restless, Benjamin and Jenna Storey offer a profound and beautiful reflection on the roots of this malaise and examine how we might begin to cure ourselves. Drawing on the insights of Montaigne, Pascal, Rousseau, and Tocqueville, Why We Are Restless explores the modern vision of happiness that leads us on, and the disquiet that follows it like a lengthening shadow. In the sixteenth century, Montaigne articulated an original vision of human life that inspired people to see themselves as individuals dedicated to seeking contentment in the here and now, but Pascal argued that we cannot find happiness through pleasant self-seeking, only anguished God-seeking. Rousseau later tried and failed to rescue Montaigne’s worldliness from Pascal’s attack. Steeped in these debates, Tocqueville visited the United States in 1831 and, observing a people “restless in the midst of their well-being,” discovered what happens when an entire nation seeks worldly contentment—and finds mostly discontent. Arguing that the philosophy we have inherited, despite pretending to let us live as we please, produces remarkably homogenous and unhappy lives, Why We Are Restless makes the case that finding true contentment requires rethinking our most basic assumptions about happiness.

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Why The Germans Do It Better: Notes from a Grown-Up Country Audiobook

Why The Germans Do It Better: Notes from a Grown-Up Country

Author: John Kampfner Narrator: Adam Bromley Release Date: September 2020

Emerging from a collection of disparate city states 150 years ago, no other country has had as turbulent a history as Germany or enjoyed so much prosperity in such a short time frame. Today, as much of the world succumbs to authoritarianism and democracy is undermined from its heart, Germany stands as a bulwark for decency and stability. Mixing personal journey and anecdote with compelling empirical evidence, this is a searching and entertaining exploration of the country many in the West still love to hate. Raising important questions for our post-Brexit landscape, Kampfner asks why Germany has become a model for others to emulate, while Britain still languishes in wartime nostalgia and fails to tackle contemporary challenges. Part memoir, part history, part travelogue, Why the Germans Do It Better is a rich and witty portrait of an eternally fascinating country. "Smart, provocative and entertaining, this is a timely and enthralling love letter to our much misunderstood near neighbour" KAY BURLEY

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Who Dares Wins: Britain, 1979-1982 Audiobook

Who Dares Wins: Britain, 1979-1982

Author: Dominic Sandbrook Narrator: Dominic Sandbrook Release Date: October 2019

Brought to you by Penguin. The early 1980s were the most dramatic, colourful and controversial in our modern history. Margaret Thatcher had come to power with a daring plan to reverse Britain's decline into shabbiness and chaos. But as factories closed their doors, dole queues lengthened and the inner cities exploded in flames, would her harsh medicine rescue the Sick Man of Europe - or kill it off? Evocative, surprising and gloriously entertaining, Dominic Sandbrook's new book recreates the great turning point in Britain's modern history. For some people this was an age of unparalleled opportunity, the heyday of computers and credit cards, snooker, Sloane Rangers and Spandau Ballet. But as industries collapsed, working-class communities buckled and the Labour Party tore itself apart, it was also an age of extraordinary acrimony. And when Argentine forces seized the Falklands, it seemed the final humiliation for a deeply divided country. Here are the early 1980s in all their gaudy glory: Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, Ian Botham and Princess Diana. Here are Joy Division, Chariots of Fire, the Austin Metro and Juliet Bravo; wine bars, Cruise missiles, the battle of Goose Green and the ZX Spectrum. And towering above them all, the most controversial Prime Minister in our modern history - the Iron Lady. © 2019, Dominic Sandbrook (P) 2019 Penguin Audio

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White King: Charles I, Traitor, Murderer, Martyr Audiobook

White King: Charles I, Traitor, Murderer, Martyr

Author: Leanda De Lisle Narrator: Graeme Malcolm Release Date: November 2019

Brought to you by Penguin. Winner of the HWA Crown for Best Work of Historical Non-Fiction 2018 Times Book of the Year 2018 Less than forty years after the golden age of Elizabeth I, England was at war with itself. The bloody, devastating civil wars set family against family, friend against friend. At the head of this disintegrating kingdom was Charles I. His rule would change the face of the monarchy for ever. Charles I's reign is one of the most dramatic in history, yet Charles the man remains elusive. Too often he is recalled as weak and stupid, his wife, Henrietta Maria, as spoilt and silly: the cause of his ruin. In this portrait -- informed by newly disclosed manuscripts, including letters between the king and his queen -- Leanda de Lisle uncovers a Charles I who was principled and brave, but also fatally blinkered. He is revealed as a complex man who pays the price for bringing radical change; Henrietta Maria as a warrior queen and political player as impressive as any Tudor. Here too are the cousins who befriended and betrayed them: the peacocking Henry Holland, whose brother engineered the king's fall; and the magnetic 'last Boleyn girl', Lucy Carlisle. This is a tragic story for our times, of populist politicians and religious war, of a new media and the reshaping of nations, in which women vied with men for power. For Charles it ended on the scaffold. Condemned as a traitor and murderer, he was also heralded as a martyr: his reign destined to sow the seeds of democracy across Britain and the New World.

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