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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
We March Against England: Operation Sea Lion, 1940-41 Audiobook

We March Against England: Operation Sea Lion, 1940-41

Author: Robert Forczyk Narrator: Paul Boehmer Release Date: December 2016

In May 1940, Nazi Germany was master of continental Europe. The only European power still standing was Great Britain-and the all-conquering German armed forces stood poised to cross the Channel. Following the destruction of the RAF fighter forces, the sweeping of the Channel of mines, and the wearing down of the Royal Naval defenders, two German army groups were set to storm the beaches of southern England. Despite near-constant British fears from August to October, the invasion never took place after first being postponed to spring 1941 before finally being abandoned entirely. Robert Forczyk, author of Where the Iron Crosses Grow, looks beyond the traditional British account of Operation Sea Lion, complete with plucky Home Guards and courageous Spitfire pilots, at the real scale of German ambition, plans, and capabilities. He examines, in depth, how Operation Sea Lion fitted in with German air-sea actions around the British Isles as he shows exactly what stopped Hitler from invading Britain.

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We Shall Never Surrender: British Voices 1939-1945 Audiobook

We Shall Never Surrender: British Voices 1939-1945

During the six long years of the Second World War the British psyche was changed irrevocably. British men and women on both the war front and at home were forced to take life-altering decisions, independently. What no-one could predict was the consequences on the family and on society of these independent journeys by husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, siblings. Nobody would ever be the same. We Shall Never Surrender takes us through key moments in that six- year conflict through a range of distinct voices, professions and geographical locations. Some will be known to readers already, others unfamiliar but all have been selected for their ability to write well and to conjure empathy in the reader. The majority will take us throughout the war, though some by necessity will fade away to be replaced by others. Each of the diarists will be properly introduced, but ultimately they will tell their own, fascinating stories.

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We Two Audiobook

We Two

Author: Gillian Gill Narrator: Rosalyn Landor Release Date: May 2009

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIt was the most influential marriage of the nineteenth century-and one of history' s most enduring love stories. Traditional biographies tell us that Queen Victoria inherited the throne as a naïve teenager, when the British Empire was at the height of its power, and seemed doomed to find failure as a monarch and misery as a woman until she married her German cousin Albert and accepted him as her lord and master. Now renowned chronicler Gillian Gill turns this familiar story on its head, revealing a strong, feisty queen and a brilliant, fragile prince working together to build a family based on support, trust, and fidelity, qualities neither had seen much of as children. The love affair that emerges is far more captivating, complex, and relevant than that depicted in any previous account. The epic relationship began poorly. The cousins first met as teenagers for a few brief, awkward, chaperoned weeks in 1836. At seventeen, charming rather than beautiful, Victoria already "showed signs of wanting her own way." Albert, the boy who had been groomed for her since birth, was chubby, self-absorbed, and showed no interest in girls, let alone this princess. So when they met again in 1839 as queen and presumed prince-consort-to-be, neither had particularly high hopes. But the queen was delighted to discover a grown man, refined, accomplished, and whiskered. "Albert is beautiful!" Victoria wrote, and she proposed just three days later. As Gill reveals, Victoria and Albert entered their marriage longing for intimate companionship, yet each was determined to be the ruler. This dynamic would continue through the years-each spouse, headstrong and impassioned, eager to lead the marriage on his or her own terms. For two decades, Victoria and Albert engaged in a very public contest for dominance. Against all odds, the marriage succeeded, but it was always a work in progress. And in the end, it was Albert's early death that set the Queen free to create the myth of her marriage as a peaceful idyll and her husband as Galahad, pure and perfect. As Gill shows, the marriage of Victoria and Albert was great not because it was perfect but because it was passionate and complicated. Wonderfully nuanced, surprising, often acerbic-and informed by revealing excerpts from the pair's journals and letters-We Two is a revolutionary portrait of a queen and her prince, a fascinating modern perspective on a couple who have become a legend. From the Hardcover edition.

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Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider Audiobook

Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider

Author: Peter Gay Narrator: James Anderson Foster Release Date: May 2019

A seminal work as melodious and haunting as the era it chronicles. First published in 1968, Weimar Culture is one of the masterworks of Peter Gay's distinguished career. A study of German culture between the two wars, the book brilliantly traces the rise of the artistic, literary, and musical culture that bloomed ever so briefly in the 1920s amid the chaos of Germany's tenuous post-World War I democracy, and crashed violently in the wake of Hitler's rise to power. Despite the ephemeral nature of the Weimar democracy, the influence of its culture was profound and far-reaching, ushering in a modern sensibility in the arts that dominated Western culture for most of the twentieth century. Vivid and highly engaging, Weimar Culture is the finest introduction for the casual listener and historian alike.

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Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy, Weimar Centennial Edition Audiobook

Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy, Weimar Centennial Edition

Author: Eric D. Weitz Narrator: Robert G. Slade Release Date: September 2020

This audiobook narrated by Robert G. Slade paints a riveting portrait of the Weimar era Weimar Germany brings to life an era of unmatched creativity in the twentieth century—one whose influence and inspiration still resonate today. Eric Weitz has written the authoritative history that this fascinating and complex period deserves, and he illuminates the uniquely progressive achievements and even greater promise of the Weimar Republic. Weitz reveals how Germans rose from the turbulence and defeat of World War I and revolution to forge democratic institutions and make Berlin a world capital of avant-garde art. He explores the period’s groundbreaking cultural creativity, from architecture and theater, to the new field of 'sexology'—and presents richly detailed portraits of some of the Weimar’s greatest figures. Weimar Germany also shows that beneath this glossy veneer lay political turmoil that ultimately led to the demise of the republic and the rise of the radical Right. Yet for decades after, the Weimar period continued to powerfully influence contemporary art, urban design, and intellectual life—from Tokyo to Ankara, and Brasilia to New York. Featuring a new preface, this comprehensive and compelling book demonstrates why Weimar is an example of all that is liberating and all that can go wrong in a democracy.

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Welsh History: A Concise Overview of the History of Wales from Start to End Audiobook

Welsh History: A Concise Overview of the History of Wales from Start to End

Author: Eric Brown Narrator: John Leen Release Date: May 2019

Explore the History of Wales From Start to End... Do you have an interest in the fascinating history of Wales? Are there gaps in your knowledge and you would like to know more? This book will fill in those gaps and give you a better knowledge! Wales is a country within the United Kingdom and, with England, has been a part of the nation for several hundred years. From different warring factions and distinct identities ruled by individual monarchs, Wales eventually formed into a single nation. But this is only a small part of its story. Inside the pages of Welsh History: A Concise Overview of the History of Wales from Start to End, you will find that there is much more to this small nation than meets the eye, with chapters the cover: How Wales emerged as a countryThe rise of national consciousnessThe Welsh economyHistory of Welsh devolutionWelsh culture, traditions and languageHistorical placesAnd much more... This fascinating book will fill in many of the gaps in the knowledge you may have of Wales and its place in history, providing information on a wide range of interesting and informative topics... Don't wait another moment to enjoy from this information - Get your copy of Wales History right away!

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Werewolves: The Legends and Folk Tales about Humans Shapeshifting into Wolves Audiobook

Werewolves: The Legends and Folk Tales about Humans Shapeshifting into Wolves

Author: Charles River Editors Narrator: Bill Hare Release Date: August 2019

Werewolves have long been a staple of popular culture. In the 19th century and 20th century, there were countless books, plays, and films about people who turned into wolves or wolf like humanoids and went on rampages. The figure of the werewolf is so familiar that people across the world are familiar with the folklore, and the beliefs that they transform during a full moon, can only be stopped with silver, and transmit their disease by biting their victims. In fact, those beliefs were not originally part of werewolf folklore, but later embellishments by artists. The belief in lycanthropy is far older and more complex than most people suspect, dating all the way back to antiquity, and werewolves were once assumed to be very real. Indeed, people were even put on trial and executed because the courts of law were convinced they could change their form and kill innocent people. For thousands of years, werewolves have represented a strange and ancient tradition that still echoes through culture to this day. Werewolves: The Legends and Folk Tales about Humans Shapeshifting into Wolves chronicles the ancient traditions and origins behind the belief in the existence of werewolves. 

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When Britain Saved the West: The Story of 1940 Audiobook

When Britain Saved the West: The Story of 1940

Author: Robin Prior Narrator: Shaun Grindell Release Date: June 2015

As eloquent as it is controversial, this book exposes the full import of events in 1940, when Britain fought alone and Western civilization hung in the balance. From the comfortable distance of seven decades, it is quite easy to view the victory of the Allies over Hitler's Germany as inevitable. But in 1940 Great Britain's defeat loomed perilously close, and no other nation stepped up to confront the Nazi threat. In this cogently argued book, Robin Prior delves into the documents of the time—war diaries, combat reports, Home Security's daily files, and much more—to uncover how Britain endured a year of menacing crises. The book reassesses key events of 1940—crises that were recognized as such at the time and others that were not fully appreciated. Prior examines Neville Chamberlain's government, Churchill's opponents, the collapse of France, the Battle of Britain, and the Blitz. He looks critically at the position of the United States before Pearl Harbor and at Roosevelt's response to the crisis. Prior concludes that the nation was saved through a combination of political leadership, British Expeditionary Force determination and skill, Royal Air Force and Navy efforts to return soldiers to the homeland, and the determination of the people to fight on "in spite of all terror."

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When Churchill Slaughtered Sheep and Stalin Robbed a Bank: History's Unknown Chapters Audiobook

When Churchill Slaughtered Sheep and Stalin Robbed a Bank: History's Unknown Chapters

Author: Giles Milton Narrator: Giles Milton Release Date: November 2016

More addictive and mind-blowing true tales from history, told by Giles Miltonone of today's most entertaining and accessible yet always intelligent and illuminating historians. In When Churchill Slaughtered Sheep and Stalin Robbed a Bank, the second installment in his outrageously entertaining series, History's Unknown Chapters, Giles Milton shows his customary historical flair as he delves into the little-known stories from history, like when Stalin was actually assassinated with poison by one of his inner circle; the Russian scientist, dubbed the Red Frankenstein, who attempted to produce a human-ape hybrid through ethically dubious means; the family who survived thirty-eight days at sea with almost no water or supplies after their ship was destroyed by a killer whale; or the plot that served as a template for 9/11 in which four Algerian terrorists attempted to hijack a plane and fly it into the Eiffel Tower.

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When Dimple Met Rishi Audiobook

When Dimple Met Rishi

Author: Sandhya Menon Narrator: Sneha Mathan Release Date: May 2017

Now that Dimple Shah has graduated, she's ready for a break from her family - especially from Mamma's inexplicable obsession with her finding the Ideal Indian Husband. Ugh. But Dimple knows that her mother must respect that she isn't interested in doing that right now - otherwise she wouldn't have paid for her to attend a summer program for aspiring web developers, right? Rishi Patel is a hopeless romantic, so when his parents tell him that his future wife will be attending the same summer program as him - during which he'll have to woo her - he's totally on board. Because as silly as it sounds to most people in his life, Rishi believes in the power of tradition, stability, and being a part of something much bigger than himself. Although their parents hadn't planned suggesting the arrangement so soon, when their kids signed up for the same summer program, they figured Why not?

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When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain: History's Unknown Chapters Audiobook

When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain: History's Unknown Chapters

Author: Giles Milton, Milton Giles Narrator: Giles Milton, Milton Giles Release Date: August 2016

Obscure and addictive true tales from history told by one of our most entertaining historians, Giles Milton The first installment in Giles Milton's outrageously entertaining series, History's Unknown Chapters: colorful and accessible, intelligent and illuminating, Milton shows his customary historical flair as he delves into the little-known stories from the past. There's the cook aboard the Titanic, who pickled himself with whiskey and survived in the icy seas where most everyone else died. There's the man who survived the atomic bomb in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And there's many, many more. Covering everything from adventure, war, murder and slavery to espionage, including the stories of the female Robinson Crusoe, Hitler's final hours, Japan's deadly balloon bomb and the emperor of the United States, these tales deserve to be told.

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When Knights were Bold Audiobook

When Knights were Bold

Author: Eva March Tappan Narrator: Andrew Gwilliam Release Date: September 2007

Knights, Monks, and Townsfolk...they all parade before us in this engaging social history of the Middle Ages in Western Europe. The Eighth to the Fifteenth centuries in Europe were a fascinating time. This era still significantly influences the modern world. To learn of the people of the Middle Ages, is to learn about ourselves. CONTENTS: Preface 1. Page, Squire, and Knight 2. The Knight's Arms and Armor 3. Jousts and Tournaments 4. How to Capture a Castle 5. Daily Life in a Castle 6. Life on a Manor 7. Pilgrimages and Crusades 8. Military Orders, Monks, and Monasteries 9. Hermits, Friars, and Missionaries 10. Life in Town 11. Merchant Gilds and Craft Gilds 12. How Goods were Sold 13. Schools and Literature 14. Science and Medicine 15. Architecture and the Arts

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