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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Little Secrets Audiobook Little Secrets
  2. Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life Audiobook Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
  3. Shelter in Place Audiobook Shelter in Place
  4. People Like Us Audiobook People Like Us
  5. The Secret Keeper of Jaipur Audiobook The Secret Keeper of Jaipur
  6. What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing Audiobook What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing
  7. The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career Audiobook The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career
  8. Virgin River Audiobook Virgin River
  9. Life's Too Short Audiobook Life's Too Short
  10. False Witness Audiobook False Witness
Lights Out, Full Throttle: The Good the Bad and the Bernie of Formula One Audiobook

Lights Out, Full Throttle: The Good the Bad and the Bernie of Formula One

Author: Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert Narrator: Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert Release Date: June 2021

Drawing on a lifetime of sniffing petrol fumes, Lights Out, Full Throttle stands large over the landscape of Formula One and takes the temperature of the good, the bad and the ugly of the petrolhead’s paradise. Johnny Herbert and Damon Hill between them competed in 261 Grands Prix, amassing twenty-five wins, forty-nine podium finishes, one World Championship, 458 championship points, a Le Mans win, two smashed ankles, a broken arm, wrist and leg, sixty broken ribs, and two bruised egos. Having retired from racing, Johnny and Damon have become the one constant for passionate English F1 fans in a rapidly changing landscape. They have earned cult status as commentators and pundits, with viewers loving their unerring dedication to the sport’s greatness. It offers F1 fans a tour of the sport – from Monaco to Silverstone; Johnny’s crowd surfing and Bernie’s burger bar; the genius of Adrian Newey and Colin Chapman; why Lewis Hamilton will never, ever move to Ferrari (probably); getting the yips; money; safety; what it’s like to have an out-of-body experience while driving a car in the pouring rain at 200 mph; and the future of the sport in the wake of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter. Whether you’re a fan of Nigel, Niki, Kimi or Britney, pine for the glory days of Brabham, Williams, Jim Clark and Fangio, or believe that Lewis is one year away from retiring as the GOAT, Lights Out, Full Throttle is the oily rag for the petrolhead fan to inhale while waiting for the racers to line up on the grid.

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Walking The Invisible Audiobook

Walking The Invisible

Author: Michael Stewart Narrator: Michael Stewart Release Date: June 2021

See through the eyes of the Brontës as you immerse yourself in their lives and landscapes, wandering the very same paths they each would have walked in search of the inspiration behind their novels and poetry. An 'imaginative and elegant trek through the landscape of the Brontës' Grazia In his journey to get closer to the Brontës, award-winning author Michael Stewart began walking the historic paths they trod while writing their most famous works. From Liverpool to Scarborough, across wild, windy, and often unforgiving scenery, he discovered echoes of the siblings' novels. And with the help of an unlikely cast of Yorkshire's inhabitants, Michael found himself falling further into their lives and writings than he could ever have imagined. Vivid and evocative, and including a series of beautiful maps of walks Michael devised when creating the iconic Brontë Stones project, Walking the Invisible invites you to experience the lives and landscapes that inspired the Brontës as they've never been experienced before. Along the way, you'll find yourself getting closer to classics such as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and Agnes Grey, discovering the real locations behind their fictional settings, and uncovering the myths that surround this much acclaimed and wholly unique family.

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Home Waters: A Chronicle of Family and a River Audiobook

Home Waters: A Chronicle of Family and a River

Author: John N. Maclean Narrator: Robertson Dean Release Date: June 2021

In the spirit of his father's beloved classic, A River Runs through It, comes John N. Maclean’s true chronicle of his family and their bond with Montana's Blackfoot River—a profound and beautiful story about the power of place to bind generations, past and present “Maclean’s Hemingway-esque prose is as clear as a mountain stream, flowing with a poetic cadence.” —Booklist “The trout completed its curve in an undulating, revelatory sequence. A greenish speckled back and a flash of scarlet on silver along its side marked it as a rainbow. One slow beat, set the hook … in those first seconds I felt a connection to a fish of great size and power.'  So begins John N. Maclean's remarkable memoir of his family's century-long love affair with Montana's majestic Blackfoot River, which his father, Norman Maclean, made legendary. Now himself past the age that his father published his bestselling novella, Maclean returns annually to the simple family cabin that his grandfather built by hand, still in search of the fish of a lifetime. When he hooks it at last, decades of longing promise to be fulfilled, inspiring John, reporter and author, to finally write the story he was born to tell.  A book that will resonate with everyone who feels deeply rooted to a place, Home Waters is chronicle of a family who claimed a river, from one generation to the next, of how this family came of age in the 20th century and later as they scattered across the country, faced tragedy and success, yet were always drawn back to the waters that bound them together. Here are the true stories behind the beloved characters fictionalized in A River Runs Through It, including the Reverend Maclean, the patriarch who introduced the family to fishing; Norman, who balanced a life divided between literature and the tug of the rugged West; and tragic yet luminous Paul (played by Brad Pitt in Robert Redford’s film adaptation), whose mysterious death has haunted the family and led John to investigate his uncle’s murder and reveal new details in these pages. A universal story about the power of place to shape families, and a celebration of the art of fishing, Maclean’s memoir beautifully portrays the inextricable ways our personal histories are linked to the places we come from—our home waters. 

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Sea, Sun & Taraipo: Millionaires in Time Audiobook

Sea, Sun & Taraipo: Millionaires in Time

Author: John Jameson Narrator: John Jameson, Nicole Kilchoer Release Date: June 2021

If you are thinking about a healthy, life changing, totally immersive, climate friendly, adventurous voyage, listen to our story: Tales of the oceans, sharing life with indigenous people in remote locations, alternating solitude with deep and joyous relationships, confronting danger, storms and shipwreck. We survive to tell the story, in a gentle, easy to listen to, style.

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The Forever Swim Audiobook

The Forever Swim

Author: Antonio Argüelles Narrator: Scott Macdonald Release Date: June 2021

Plunge into the water, accompany Antonio Argüelles on his Oceans Seven adventure, and, along the way, find out how to achieve your own dreams and goals. On August 3, 2017, Antonio Argüelles swam 35 kilometers from Northern Ireland to Scotland. When he arrived on the Scottish shore after a swim of nearly 14 hours through hypothermic currents wearing only a speedo, cap, and goggles, he became just the seventh person ever to conquer the Oceans Seven, an aquatic achievement on par with the Seven Summits. His feat made international news, in part because at 58 years old, he became the oldest athlete ever to complete the challenge. Despite all warnings and his own self-doubt, he endured stormy seas, 24-hour swims, venomous jellyfish blooms, and a host of other hazards to accomplish his dream. But no goal seized is an isolated incident, and Antonio's story is no exception. The Forever Swim is not only a tale of success; it is also the tale of how a hyperactive overweight boy would discover swimming, chase an Olympic dream, attend Stanford, and wade into the tangled web of Mexican politics. This is a story of risk, fear, confidence, failure, and loss. It shows how the ability to adapt, focus, and manage the mind enabled Antonio to overcome each setback that sought to take him down in and out of the water. The Forever Swim illuminates key strategies anyone can utilize to pursue their own goals and reminds us that no dream, however bold, is ever out of reach, as long as we are willing to chase it down with relentless discipline and joy.

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The Tao of Wing Chun: The History and Principles of China's Most Explosive Martial Art Audiobook

The Tao of Wing Chun: The History and Principles of China's Most Explosive Martial Art

Author: Danny Xuan, John Little Narrator: P.J. Ochlan Release Date: June 2021

Wing Chun is the most popular form of Chinese Kung Fu in the world today, with over four million practitioners. This guide will fascinate and educate anyone interested in the martial arts, from beginner to master. The art as it is presently understood has been handed down from teacher to student for more than three hundred years. Until now, no one has ever stepped back and taken a critical look at why this art's techniques are presented and performed the way they are. This book, by Wing Chun master Danny Xuan and martial-arts authority John Little, is the first to decipher these techniques that until now have been encrypted within this art. Xuan and Little reveal how Wing Chun was designed holistically, based on the laws of physics, human nature, and biomechanics. It was also designed with economy, efficiency, and productivity in mind. Unlike other martial arts, Wing Chun doesn't focus on making a person larger, more rugged, acrobatic, or animal-like; rather, it focuses on making optimal use of one's own bodily structure and power potential by applying the sciences of biomechanics and physics. Thus, it is possible for males and females of all ages and sizes to excel in this art.

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The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy Audiobook

The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy

Author: Mantak Chia Narrator: Kristy Gill Release Date: June 2021

A Simon & Schuster audiobook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every listener.

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Do Walk - Navigate earth, mind and body. Step by step Audiobook

Do Walk - Navigate earth, mind and body. Step by step

Author: Libby Delana Narrator: Libby Delana Release Date: June 2021

One morning in 2011, Libby DeLana stepped outside her New England home for a walk. She did the same thing the next day, and the next. It became a daily habit that has culminated in her walking over 25,000 miles - the equivalent of the earth's circumference. In Do Walk, Libby shares the transformative nature of this simple yet powerful practice. She reveals how walking each day provides the time and space to reconnect with the world around us; process thoughts; improve our physical wellbeing; and unlock creativity. It is the ultimate navigational tool that helps us to see who we are - beyond titles and labels, and where we want to go. With stunning photography, this inspiring and reflective guide is an invitation to step outside, and see where the path takes us.

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Hunting Tips & Tricks: Jason R Martin Audiobook

Hunting Tips & Tricks: Jason R Martin

Author: Jason R Martin Narrator: Rory Young Release Date: June 2021

So, you're interested in hunting but you've never done it and you don't know where to start. Well for starters, 'Welcome' and relax it is not as daunting as you may think.| It used to be that you knew when someone was going to be busy with hunting, as there was a definite season, but you may be surprised to learn that hunting has now become a four-season sport. There is no close season, it is always open season, for everything you want to hunt. Does this go against everything you know about hunting? Read on to discover what I mean! The Basics of Squirrel Hunting - Squirrel can be a challenging quarry even for the experienced hunter. Lightning fast and clever, a squirrel will leap from tree to tree and sit on the opposite side frustratingly out of sight as they chatter at you. Most squirrels you may never see at all as they scurry away before you get close or flatten themselves to their tree and wait for you to pass before taking refuge in their den. The Role of Scents in Whitetail Deer Hunting - Hunters can be well knowledgeable of many deer hunting tactics, but those who don't consider it important to understand the role of scents in whitetail deer hunting, are doomed to season after season of frustration. This is an area that will make or break a hunter's season! Black Bear Hunting - If you want to hunt down the black bears, you need to know the techniques and be aware of the natural habitat of the bears, the fondness for food, their characteristics. Professional assistance can help you to be a successful hunter. Elk Hunting Tips - Learn about the most important tip you can ever get when it comes to elk hunting. You can't go on an elk hunt until you learn about this tip on elk hunting. Why Choose a Guided Hunt If You Are a New Hunter? - If you are new to hunting game, a guided hunt is a good way to learn the sport. Plus much more...GET YOUR COPY NOW!

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Cheated: The Inside Story of the Astros Scandal and a Colorful History of Sign Stealing Audiobook

Cheated: The Inside Story of the Astros Scandal and a Colorful History of Sign Stealing

Author: Andy Martino Narrator: Andy Martino Release Date: June 2021

The definitive insider story of the cheating scandal that rocked Major League Baseball in 2019, bringing down high-profile coaches and players, and exposing a long-rumored 'sign-stealing' dark side of baseball. By the fall of 2019, most teams around Major League Baseball suspected that the Houston Astros had been stealing signs for several years. The Astros had won the 2017 World Series and made the playoffs the next two seasons. All the while, opponents felt that Houston's hitters knew what pitches were coming. The ensuing scandal rivaled that of the 1919 'Black Sox' and the more recent steroid era, and became one of the most significant that the game had ever seen. The fallout ensnared many other teams, either as victims, alleged cheaters or both. The Los Angeles Dodgers felt robbed of a World Series title, and fended off accusations about their organization. Same for the New York Yankees. The Boston Red Sox were soon under investigation themselves. The New York Mets lost a promising manager before he ever managed a game. Andy Martino, an award-winning journalist who has covered Major League Baseball for more than a decade, has broken numerous stories about the Astros and sign-stealing in baseball. In Cheated, Martino takes readers behind the scenes and into the heart of the events that shocked the baseball world. With inside access to the people directly involved, Martino breaks down not only exactly what happened and when, but reveals the fascinating explanations of why it all came about. The nuance and detail of the scandal reads like a true sports whodunnit. How did otherwise good people like Astros' manager A.J. Hinch, bench coach Alex Cora and veteran leader Carlos Beltran find themselves on the wrong side of clear ethical lines? And did they even know when those lines had been crossed? Cheated is an explosive, electrifying read.

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Imponente: A reconstrução do Palmeiras, da Arena ao Deca Audiobook

Imponente: A reconstrução do Palmeiras, da Arena ao Deca

Author: Celso De Campos Jr., Cesar Greco Narrator: Silvia Grecco Release Date: June 2021

Sinopse A chegada do Allianz Parque foi o divisor de águas de uma das maiores reconstruções da história do Palmeiras. Norteado pelo signo do profissionalismo, o clube conseguiu aproveitar todo o potencial da nova arena, canalizando o apoio de parceiros robustos e torcedores apaixonados para montar, de novo, esquadrões à altura de sua tradição - que conquistaram três campeonatos nacionais nos quatro anos seguintes e devolveram o Palestra ao topo do futebol brasileiro. Imponente - A reconstrução do Palmeiras, da Arena ao Deca registra os capítulos mais importantes dessa jornada em ritmo de melhores momentos. A narração é de Silvia Grecco, vencedora do Prêmio Torcedor do Ano da Fifa em 2019. A obra conta ainda com faixa-bônus para audiodescrição das imagens de Cesar Greco, fotógrafo oficial do clube, incluídas na edição impressa. Originalmente lançado pela editora Garoa Livros, Imponente agora ganha a sua versão em audiolivro pela Pop Stories, levando a um público ainda maior o registro desta jornada que redefiniu por completo o destino do Alviverde - de novo, imponente. Sobre o autor CELSO DE CAMPOS JR. nasceu em São Paulo em 1978. Formado em Jornalismo pela Cásper Líbero e em História pela Universidade de São Paulo, é autor de Adoniran - Uma biografia, 100 Senna, As joias do Rei Pelé e coautor de Nada mais que a verdade - A extraordinária história do jornal Notícias Populares. Escreveu outros dois livros sobre a história do Palmeiras: 1942 - O Palestra vai à guerra e São Marcos de Palestra Itália. Sobre a narradora O futebol é um esporte para todos, e ninguém entende mais disso do que SILVIA GRECCO. A palmeirense ficou conhecida na arquibancada ao ser os olhos de seu filho Nickollas, portador de autismo e de deficiência visual. O carinho e a emoção com que narrava os jogos para Nickollas chamou a atenção de uma equipe da Rede Globo, e sua história emocionou torcedores de todos os clubes. A repercussão dos momentos compartilhados entre mãe e filho no estádio foi tanta que acabou rendendo o Prêmio Torcedor do Ano Fifa 2019 para Silvia.

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The Bicycling Guide: The Ultimate Cycling Guide for Fun and Fitness, Get all the Useful Tips on How  Audiobook

The Bicycling Guide: The Ultimate Cycling Guide for Fun and Fitness, Get all the Useful Tips on How

Author: Will Peters Narrator: Marcus Mulenga Release Date: June 2021

The Bicycling Guide: The Ultimate Cycling Guide for Fun and Fitness, Get all the Useful Tips on How to Enjoy Cycling While Getting in Shape Cycling, as a sport, has grown tremendously in the last decade. And, thanks to stationary bikes, depending upon where you live, is a year-around activity. When we think of exercise, we don’t often consider biking as a form of exercise. Many may consider it as only a fun activity, but it truly involves exercising. Among the advantages include that you may bike solo, with family members of all ages, with friends or even competitively. In addition, there are opportunities to bike for a good cause. In doing this, you may raise money for that cause, thus helping someone else and yourself at the same time. It’s a sport that you may enjoy for your entire lifetime. This audiobook will teach you everything you need to know about biking. It can be biking for fun or biking as a form of exercise or biking as a sport. You will learn the benefits and how to get started. This audiobook will discuss the following topics: - Bicycle Apparel and Gear - Bicycle Types - Bicycle Seats and Comfort Bikes Make Cycling for Life Easier - Biking Accessories Make Cycling for Life Easier - Biking Trailers and Cargo Bags Make Cycling for Life Easier - Competitive Cycling is a Phenomenon - Cycling as a Family Activity - Cycling as an Excellent Form of Exercise - Cycling to Better Health - Cycling for Cardio Health - Cycling for Life By Biking to Work - Making the Most of Cycling With Organized Bike Rides - Making the Most of Cycling With Biking Events - The Health Benefits of Cycling for Life - The Environmental Benefits of Cycling for Life - And many more! If you approach the sport as a lifelong experience, you’ve taken a great leap in several positive directions for yourself. If you want to learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!

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