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LoveReading Top 10

  1. On Chapel Sands: My mother and other missing persons Audiobook On Chapel Sands: My mother and other missing persons
  2. Quitters Never Win Audiobook Quitters Never Win
  3. The Lost Girls Audiobook The Lost Girls
  4. The Orphans of Bell Lane: A powerful heartwarming saga Audiobook The Orphans of Bell Lane: A powerful heartwarming saga
  5. No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference Audiobook No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
  6. War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line Audiobook War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line
  7. Beloved Audiobook Beloved
  8. Exhalation Audiobook Exhalation
  9. The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in 'Healthy' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain Audiobook The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in 'Healthy' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain
  10. I Spy Audiobook I Spy
Secret Order of the Knights Templar Audiobook

Secret Order of the Knights Templar

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Philip Gardiner Release Date: February 2013

For 200 years, the Knights Templar operated throughout Medieval Europe and the Middle East, controlling territory as well as economic and political power. The intrigues of this secret society are slowly being revealed, and beneath the surface, even more mysterious organizations like the Knights of Malta can be found. Seeking to control both the Europeans and the Ottomans, they also dove into the occult, searching for magic and alchemy to grasp control of both Earth and Heaven. This fascinating journey takes us through the grand castles and cathedrals of Europe where the Knights held court, both public and in secret.

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The UFO Enigma Audiobook

The UFO Enigma

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Nick Pope, OH Krill Release Date: February 2013

Is Alien Abduction real, or is it a reflection of our culture? And in the past, are the sightings of "angels and demons" really literal sightings of aliens and their aircraft? Are we, in fact, visitors from other planets? Taking as evidence the incredible similarity of alien sightings and UFOs, this program explores the possibility that either we share a common memory of other worlds based on a common evolutionary consciousness, or we are influenced by media suggestion.

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The Secret UFO Files Audiobook

The Secret UFO Files

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Nick Pope, Timothy Good Release Date: February 2013

If the accounts of top UFO researchers are true, this world is an entirely different place than we generally think it is. If airline pilots, air traffic controllers and astronauts all report sightings of alien aircraft, who are we to doubt them? Is it possible that aliens are retaliating for our shooting down of their aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico? Is this the reason the governments of the world have engaged in a massive conspiracy to cover up alien intrusions into our airspace? Is it really our airspace?

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Dawn of Destiny (Epic: Book 1) Audiobook

Dawn of Destiny (Epic: Book 1)

Author: Lee Stephen Narrator: Patrick Quance Release Date: September 2015

The year is 0011NE, and mankind is under attack. Hostile forces from other worlds have come to Earth, their motivations a mystery, their objectives unknown. In the face of the alien threat, a global military called the Earth Defense Network--EDEN--was created. Dawn of Destiny begins the story of Scott Remington, a new graduate of EDEN Academy. It is the first chapter in an epic that will carry him to the ends of the Earth, challenging the very faith he clings to as he confronts a purpose he can barely understand. For Scott, war is more than an occupation. It is the place God has led him. It is his destiny. Only one thing remains to be seen. Is it a place he's willing to go?

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Ancient Aliens: the Origins of Mankind Audiobook

Ancient Aliens: the Origins of Mankind

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Lloyd Pye Release Date: February 2013

Are humans, in fact, a result of a long process of evolution or are we, instead, alien visitors from another world, plunked here in a more advanced stage? While evolution is well-documented and highly plausible, this alternate theory also has its proponents, and some convincing forensics behind it. Could it be that the similarity between ourselves and the alien visitors that have been sighted is because we're actually related? Is it possible we're part of some large plan, launched long ago and from far away?

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Aliens and UFOs from Planet X Audiobook

Aliens and UFOs from Planet X

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Various Readers, Various Readers Release Date: February 2013

Theory has it that Planet X was once part of our solar system and that a cataclysmic event split it into two pieces, creating Earth and Mars. This might be one explanation for Earth's similarity to Mars. It might also explain how UFOs have influenced Earth throughout history. Many religious beliefs, legends, images, icons and myths show remarkable similarities across cultures, bridging time and space, suggesting aliens (or are they actually our true ancestors?) have had a profound impact on our planet.

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Alien: Covenant Origins Audiobook

Alien: Covenant Origins

Author: Alan Dean Foster Narrator: Tom Taylorson Release Date: September 2017

-The Official Movie Prequel- The Covenant mission is the most ambitious endeavor in the history of Weyland-Yutani. A ship bound for Origae-6, carrying two thousand colonists beyond the limits of known space, this is make-or-break investment for the corporation-and for the future of all mankind.Yet there are those who would die to stop the mission. As the colony ship hovers in Earth orbit, several violent events reveal a deadly conspiracy to sabotage the launch. While Captain Jacob Branson and his wife, Daniels, complete their preparations, security chief Daniel Lopé recruits the final key member of his team. Together they seek to stop the perpetrators before the ship and its passengers can be destroyed.An original novel by the acclaimed Alan Dean Foster, author of the groundbreaking Alien novelization, Alien: Covenant Origins is the official chronicle of the events that led up to Alien: Covenant. It also reveals the world the colonists left behind. The Alien™ Series

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The Berserker Throne Audiobook

The Berserker Throne

Author: Fred Saberhagen Narrator: Barrett Whitener Release Date: January 2010

The Empress of the Eight Worlds has been assassinated. Prince Harivarman, exiled on the Templar Radiant, suspects that he will be the next victim. Help is scarce: Anne Blenheim, the fortress' clear-eyed, fair Commander, is favorably disposed toward the Prince, but her first responsibility is to the Templar High Command. And Chen Shizuoka, a Templar recruit sympathetic to Harivarman's cause, is being stalked by planetary security forces. When Prince Harivarman discovers an operable Berserker'one of the asteroid-sized, spacefaring war machines that once destroyed their makers and all other life in their path'his first instinct is to turn it in. But then he finds an ancient code that will either allow him to control the dreaded machine or lead him'and everyone else on the Templar Radiant'to certain death. 'Barrett Whitener's wide range, depth, and scope of language bring every character to life'.this book should be at the top of your list.''AudioFile

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UFO Chronicles - Ancient Alien Archeology Audiobook

UFO Chronicles - Ancient Alien Archeology

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Kathleen Andersen Release Date: February 2013

Is there a connection between Bigfoot, Aliens, UFOs and the Wisdom of the Ancients? Have we been visited by UFOs at key moments in our history? Have we misinterpreted ancient myths, which are in fact literal descriptions of an Earth populated by creatures from outer space? Fascinating to consider, with compelling evidence behind them, the theories postulated in this program demand attention.

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The UK UFO Sightings Audiobook

The UK UFO Sightings

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: Nick Pope Release Date: February 2013

This is the inside story from the UK's top UFO investigator. Listen to straight-arrow information from a man who investigated alien visitation and other phenomena for the British government's Ministry of Defence for over two decades. Hard science and first-hand evidence characterize this pioneer's work on this highly controversial subject. A must for UFO believers and skeptics alike.

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UFO Chronicles - Fire in the Sky Audiobook

UFO Chronicles - Fire in the Sky

Author: Travis Walton Narrator: Travis Walton Release Date: February 2013

This account of one of the most, well-documented cases of alien abduction will curl your toes and straighten your hair. A half-dozen workmen witness a UFO actually taking one of their crew up to its spaceship with its beam of light. Missing for five days, the subject of a massive police man-hunt, the abductee suddenly reappears, calling for help from a nearby phone-booth. He tells a tale typical of other abductees: being examined by short, large-eyed "greys," extraterrestrials in orange jumpsuits, with no hair on their bodies, then released, with five days left unaccounted for. Attempts to describe the incident as a hoax of some sort have failed miserably. This is one case, like the Roswell case, that can't be explained away.

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UFOs Invade the US Audiobook

UFOs Invade the US

Author: Various Authors, Various Authors Narrator: J. Michael Long Release Date: February 2013

The early 70s were a time of tremendous UFO activity in the United States. Several first-hand accounts are chronicled here, with remarkable, primary source material offered as evidence of traumatic alien abductions and flying saucer encounters. From fighter pilots to astronauts, credible men and women have related their UFO experiences, and what's remarkable is the similarity between stories. Whether it's the Pascagoula Incident or the Coyne case, the Jeffery Greenhaw encounter or the Charlie Hickson testimony, these interactions with an unknown entity are frightening and pervasive. Who knows who's out there and when they'll come again?

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