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Apocalyptic & Dystopian Audiobooks in Science Fiction & Fantasy

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Troy: Our Greatest Story Retold Audiobook Troy: Our Greatest Story Retold
  2. A Christmas to Remember: The enchanting new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Anton Du Beke Audiobook A Christmas to Remember: The enchanting new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Anton Du Beke
  3. A Del of a Life: The hilarious new memoir from the national treasure Audiobook A Del of a Life: The hilarious new memoir from the national treasure
  4. Hungry: The Highly Anticipated Memoir from One of the Greatest Food Writers of All Time Audiobook Hungry: The Highly Anticipated Memoir from One of the Greatest Food Writers of All Time
  5. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day Audiobook I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
  6. Ghosts Audiobook Ghosts
  7. Rag-and-Bone Christmas Audiobook Rag-and-Bone Christmas
  8. 19th Christmas: (Women's Murder Club 19) Audiobook 19th Christmas: (Women's Murder Club 19)
  9. Why Mummy’s Sloshed: The Bigger the Kids, the Bigger the Drink Audiobook Why Mummy’s Sloshed: The Bigger the Kids, the Bigger the Drink
  10. Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: My Autobiography Audiobook Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: My Autobiography
Kallocain: Penguin Classics Audiobook

Kallocain: Penguin Classics

Author: Karin Boye Narrator: Claes Bang Release Date: July 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. This Penguin Classic is performed by Claes Bang, best known for his role in the BBC's & Netflix's Dracula. This definitive recording includes an introduction by David McDuff. Leo Kall is a zealous, middle-ranking scientist in the totalitarian World State who has just made a thrilling discovery: a new drug, Kallocain, that will force anyone who takes it to tell the truth. At last, criminality will be dragged out into the open and private thought can finally be outlawed. But can the World State be trusted with Kallocain? For that matter - can Kall himself be trusted? Written as the terrible events of the Second World War were unfolding, Karin Boye's classic dystopian novel speaks more clearly than ever of the dangers of acquiescence, and the power of resistance, no matter how futile. (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Escalation Audiobook


Author: Matthew Peed Narrator: Eva Kaminsky, Gabriel Vaughan Release Date: July 2020

Tired of the necromancer threat, Regan increases efforts to deal with them at their heart of power in the north. Seemingly aware of his presence, the monster horde continues to grow until finally they charge the valley. Steel Spire, one of Regan's sub-core ends up attracting their attention. Will his new inventions be able to handle the mass of monsters? Meanwhile, Louella has her own monster horde to deal with. Enlisting the aid of the adventurers that have come to her valley, she marshals a force to meet the horde on the battlefield. Pushing her own power to the limit to defend her new home, will she be able to answer the call to battle?

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The Death of the Universe: Ghost Kingdom Audiobook

The Death of the Universe: Ghost Kingdom

Author: Brandon Q. Morris Narrator: David Stifel Release Date: July 2020

The new heart of the Milky Way is a quasar, enclosed by a huge shell. It will provide energy to humankind for a long time. But then one maintenance probe after another disappears. Is someone trying to manipulate the quasar to destroy our galaxy in a giant explosion? Or is it just a few outlaws who are trying to steal some of the quasar's energy for themselves? Kepler and Zhenyi, with the help of some unexpected friends, discover that the stakes are much, much higher. They encounter new and at the same time ancient foes that they never dreamt of in their worst nightmares. Finally, they face a lonesome decision that could make them traitors to humanity forever.

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Sons of War Audiobook

Sons of War

Author: Nicholas Sansbury Smith Narrator: Ray Porter Release Date: July 2020

Out of the embers, a lawless new empire will rise … Across the world, the United States recalls troops to combat civil unrest after the biggest economic meltdown in history. Marine Sergeant Ronaldo Salvatore’s platoon comes home to a powder keg that could ignite a civil war. While some see the coming collapse as the end, others see opportunity. Fleeing Naples after rival crime lords decimated his family, Don Antonio Moretti settles in Los Angeles to rebuild his criminal empire. But he is far from alone in his ambitions—the cartel and rival gangs all want the same turf, and they will sacrifice their own soldiers and the blood of innocents to get it. As open warfare erupts across the states, Salvatore fights his way back to LA, where his son has joined the police in the battle for a city spiraling into anarchy. Family is everything, and the Morettis and Salvatores will do what they must to protect their own. But how far will they go to survive in a new economy where the only currency is violence?

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Shelter for Now Audiobook

Shelter for Now

Author: Bob Howard Narrator: Graham Halstead Release Date: July 2020

A strange infection has spread across the entire planet leaving death in its path. The zombie apocalypse that everyone believed to be impossible has brought mankind to the brink of extinction, yet small groups of people have managed to survive. No one has been spared contact with the infected dead, not even the most powerful elected official in the world, the President of the United States. This is the continuing story of the Mud Island survivors. Their knowledge of a secret network of survivalists who constructed super-shelters has helped them to survive the infection. Together with a small force of dedicated United States Army soldiers, they undertake a dangerous excursion into the infected city of Columbus, Ohio. Their goal is to eliminate as many of the infected as they can while the city is in the grips of a severe winter, but in the process they hope to locate the President's shelter. If he is alive, they can begin to rebuild the country and bring the infection to an end.

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First Song: Book Two Audiobook

First Song: Book Two

Author: Blaise Corvin, Outspan Foster Narrator: Ramon De Ocampo Release Date: July 2020

The entire world has changed, and Noah has changed with it. A year after the Shift, the plans he'd laid, caches he'd hidden, and infrastructure he'd put in place have saved millions, but the world's death toll has still been astronomical. Now he continues his struggle to protect the people he cares about and to atone for his past weakness. Journeying with his elite group, the Merriweathers, Noah has been patrolling the eastern United States. He has been helping new communities rebuild from the ashes of civilization, but his true goal has always been a search for Humanity's enemies, the Aelves. But when Noah finally hears new rumors about his old foes, what he will encounter will be beyond anything he could have imagined. Ghosts from the past will return and new discoveries will create more questions. Noah will learn that the post-Shift world can be even more dangerous than anything he had planned for. There might be something out there even worse than the Aelves.

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Always Greener Audiobook

Always Greener

Author: J.R.H. Lawless Narrator: Matthew Lloyd Davies Release Date: July 2020

Life's biggest victim, please step up and claim your prize! A smash-hit reality show is offering a lifetime of luxury to the one person living the world's worst life, and now everyone is out to prove just how bad they've got it. Want in? All you've got to do is accept ocular implants that let the whole world see life through your eyes, twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week. Fortunately, there's still one person who hasn't lost faith in all humanity. The show's ever-smiling host is determined to wring some tiny bit of meaning out of this twisted competition and your unhappy existence. There has to be a purpose behind all this misery. . . doesn't there? Always Greener mixes the whimsical wordplay of Douglas Adams with the ominous relevance of the TV show Black Mirror. Set in a near-future corporate dystopia, this satirical sci-fi novel explores how individuals willingly sacrifice privacy and control of their own lives in exchange for new technologies and a few minutes of fame. Contains mature themes.

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Apocalypse Z: Book 2 Audiobook

Apocalypse Z: Book 2

Author: Baileigh Higgins Narrator: Kristin James Release Date: July 2020

Survival is just the beginning . . . After being infected by the deadly Vita virus Dylan barely survives a harrowing journey through the zombie-infested United States. Finding refuge and a cure at a US military base, she believes the worst is behind her. Little does she know her nightmare is just starting. The stakes couldn't be higher. When the undead overrun the base, Dylan and a small group of survivors are forced to take matters into their own hands. Determined to deliver Dr. Lee and her research to her headquarters in Fort Detrick, Maryland, they set off into the unknown. The success of their mission could determine the fate of the human race. Can they make it in time, or will they join the ranks of the living dead?

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Remedy Files, The: Rebirth Audiobook

Remedy Files, The: Rebirth

Author: Lauren Eckhardt Narrator: Jess Nahikian Release Date: July 2020

Book #2 of The Remedy Files Trilogy  In this sequel to The Remedy Files: Illusion, Evangeline finds herself a prisoner in a new community called Revival after her abduction from Rebirth. Equally cold and filled with unfeeling people who don't know life in any other way, Revival sets the direction for The New World. Evangeline's brief encounter with the very-much-alive Gavin has her questioning his integrity and true role in their history together. In Revival, Evangeline learns The New World has determined that people with natural intuition and precognition are of special use to them, the exact abilities identified in Evangeline, Gavin, and most of those in Rebirth who can warn when bad events are about to occur. But after discovering Gavin’s traitorous acts, new alliances must be formed, and Evangeline has a different mission in mind. People deserve to have choices and to feel, and Evangeline won't stop fighting until Revival reinstates basic human rights. It starts with getting everyone in Rebirth on board. Then saving Impetus and the other communities once and for all, regardless of Revival’s—and Gavin’s—attempts to stop her.

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Anthem  (Unabridged) Audiobook

Anthem (Unabridged)

Author: Ayn Rand Narrator: Brian Morris Release Date: July 2020

Anthem is a dystopian fiction novella by Ayn Rand, written in 1937 and first published in 1938 in England. It takes place at some unspecified future date when mankind has entered another dark age characterized by irrationality, collectivism, and socialistic thinking and economics. Technological advancement is now carefully planned (when it is allowed to occur at all) and the concept of individuality has been eliminated (for example, the use of the word 'ego' is punishable by death). Initially, Rand planned on publishing Anthem as a magazine story or serial, but her agent encouraged her to publish it as a book. 

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Radioactive Evolution Audiobook

Radioactive Evolution

Author: Richard Hummel Narrator: Anneliese Rennie, Armen Taylor Release Date: July 2020

How far would you go to change humanity's fate? Mutant Creatures..✔ Nanotechnology....✔ Dragons.............. ✔ Killer Bunnies.......✔ Jared Cartwright is an explorer in a world where twisted, scarred creatures roam an earth ravaged by nuclear war. The rich live in posh comfort on floating utopias, escaping destruction and leaving the rest of humanity to die.  Jared must learn to live in a cold, harsh world if he wants to survive. A twist of fate changes Jared's destiny when he discovers dragons are real. The dragon unlocks a hidden technology within his body, giving him powers he never imagined existed.  With deadly adversaries above and below, he must evolve beyond mere human limitations to defeat the powerful rulers of the cities and the rabid beasts lurking in the shadows.

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Das dunkle Zeitalter 2 - Red Rising, Band 5.2 (ungekürzt) Audiobook

Das dunkle Zeitalter 2 - Red Rising, Band 5.2 (ungekürzt)

Author: Pierce Brown Narrator: Marco Sven Reinbold Release Date: July 2020

Teil zwei des aufregenden, neuen Red-Rising-Abenteuers von Bestsellerautor Pierce Brown.Zehn Jahre lang verkörperte Darrow die Revolution gegen die farbenbasierte Weltengesellschaft. Nun ist er von der Republik, die er selbst gegründet hat, zum Gesetzlosen erklärt worden, und führt auf eigene Faust Krieg auf dem Merkur, um Eos Traum doch noch zu verwirklichen. Doch ist er, der überall Tod und Verwüstung hinterlässt, wirklich noch der Held, der einst die Ketten sprengte? Oder wird sich eine neue Legende erheben und seinen Platz einnehmen?

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