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  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
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  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
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الأربعة Audiobook


Author: كتاب صوتي Narrator: أحمد زين Release Date: November 2019

ملخص كتاب الأربعة - The Four خلال السنوات العشرين الماضية أهدى أربعة عمالقة في التكنولوجيا العالم مزيدًا من الراحة والاتصال والاكتشاف أكثر من أي كيان آخر في التاريخ. ووفروا مئات الآلاف من الوظائف العالية الأجر. وضعت تلك الكيانات كمبيوتر متطورا في جيبك، وتخطط جميع مسطحات الكرة الأرضية ومحيطاتها وبحارها وكل ما عليها. وهي تجعل العالم مكانا أفضل وفقا لآراء معظم البشر. قد يكون هذا صحيحا ولكن عليك أن تستمع إلى وجهة نظر أخرى قد تغير رأيك. فسواء كنت تريد التنافس معهم أم التعامل معهم أم العيش ببساطة في العالم الذي يسيطرون عليه، أنت بحاجة إلى فهم أولئك الفرسان الأربعة. أُصدِر كتاب 'الأربعة' للكاتب Scott Galloway عام ألفين وسبعة عشر، ويُعد أحد أهم كتب مجال الأعمال التي ظهرت في الأعوام الأخيرة. يحلل Galloway في كتابه إستراتيجيات النجاح لأكبر أربع منظمات في العالم. هي Amazon وApple وFacebook وGoogle وكشف ما يكمن خلف قشرتها اللامعة. Scott Galloway هو من أكثر الكتاب مبيعا بقائمتي الNew York Times وUSA Today الأمريكتين وأستاذ التسويق الرقمي بجامعة نيويورك. اختير عام ألفين واثني عشر واحدًا من أفضل خمسين أستاذًا جامعيا في مجال الأعمال على مستوى العالم.

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Your Happiness Was Hacked: Why Tech Is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain--and How to Fight Ba Audiobook

Your Happiness Was Hacked: Why Tech Is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain--and How to Fight Ba

Author: Alex Salkever, Vivek Wadhwa Narrator: Alex Salkever Release Date: June 2018

Your Happiness Was HackedWhy Tech Is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain—and How to Fight BackDo you feel in control of your life or enslaved by your devices? Have you risked your life texting and driving? Do you sympathize with a test group of students who endured painful shocks rather than be separated from their phones?Digital technology is wonderful, but it's making us miserable, say former tech executives Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever. There's a reason Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Guardian he won't let his nephew on social networks. We've become a nation of tech addicts—although it's not entirely our fault, and it is possible to enjoy the benefits of technology while taking our happiness back from the bots.Wadhwa and Salkever describe the applied neuroscience techniques developers are using to make their products so insidiously habit-forming and, drawing on the latest research, detail the negative impact of technology in four key areas: love, work, play, and life. There are dozens of vivid examples. Online dating apps like Tinder encourage users to evaluate people like products, leading to superficial, unsatisfying relationships. Workers check their email an average of seventy-seven times a day, wreaking havoc on productivity. Children now spend nearly twice as much time playing inside with their screens as they do outside in the natural world—it is any wonder childhood obesity is a problem? The light from the devices so many of us look at right before we go to sleep suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone vital for sleep and healthy organ functioning. But there's a way out. Wadhwa and Salkever lay out simple, common-sense ways to disrupt developers' efforts to get you hooked, including six simple questions to help you decide what role any given technology should play in your life. Ironically, they even describe some emerging technologies designed to give users more control. Get back to making technology serve you, not the other way around!

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You Are Not a Gadget Audiobook

You Are Not a Gadget

Author: Jaron Lanier Narrator: Rob Shapiro Release Date: January 2010

Jaron Lanier, a Silicon Valley visionary since the 1980s, was among the first to predict the revolutionary changes the World Wide Web would bring to commerce and culture. Now, in his first book, written more than two decades after the web was created, Lanier offers this provocative and cautionary look at the way it is transforming our lives for better and for worse. The current design and function of the web have become so familiar that it is easy to forget that they grew out of programming decisions made decades ago. The web's first designers made crucial choices (such as making one's presence anonymous) that have had enormous-and often unintended-consequences. What's more, these designs quickly became "locked in," a permanent part of the web's very structure. Lanier discusses the technical and cultural problems that can grow out of poorly considered digital design and warns that our financial markets and sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter are elevating the "wisdom" of mobs and computer algorithms over the intelligence and judgment of individuals. Lanier also shows: How 1960s antigovernment paranoia influenced the design of the online world and enabled trolling and trivialization in online discourse How file sharing is killing the artistic middle class; How a belief in a technological "rapture" motivates some of the most influential technologists Why a new humanistic technology is necessary. Controversial and fascinating, You Are Not a Gadget is a deeply felt defense of the individual from an author uniquely qualified to comment on the way technology interacts with our culture.

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World Peace: (And How We Can Achieve It) Audiobook

World Peace: (And How We Can Achieve It)

Author: Alex J. Bellamy Narrator: Tom Bromhead Release Date: November 2019

The motives, rationales, and impulses that give rise to war-the quest for survival, enrichment, solidarity, and glory-are now better satisfied through peaceful means, war is an increasingly anachronistic practice, more likely to impoverish and harm us humans than satisfy and protect us. This book shows that we already have many of the institutions and practices needed to make peace possible and sets out an agenda for building world peace. In the immediate term, World Peace shows how steps to strengthen compliance with international law, improve collective action such as international peacekeeping and peacebuilding, better regulate the flow of arms, and hold individuals legally accountable for acts of aggression or atrocity crimes can make our world more peaceful. It also shows how in the long term, building strong and legitimate states that protect the rights and secure the livelihoods of their people, gender equal societies, and protecting the right of individuals to opt-out of wars has the potential to establish and sustain world peace. But it will only happen, if individuals organize to make it happen.

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Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead Audiobook

Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

Author: Laszlo Bock Narrator: Laszlo Bock Release Date: April 2015

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER The Globe and Mail Top Leadership and Management Book Forbes Top Creative Leadership Book From the visionary head of Google's innovative People Operations comes a groundbreaking inquiry into the philosophy of work-and a blueprint for attracting the most spectacular talent to your business and ensuring that they succeed. "We spend more time working than doing anything else in life. It's not right that the experience of work should be so demotivating and dehumanizing." So says Laszlo Bock, head of People Operations at the company that transformed how the world interacts with knowledge. This insight is the heart of WORK RULES!, a compelling and surprisingly playful manifesto that offers lessons including: -Take away managers' power over employees -Learn from your best employees-and your worst -Hire only people who are smarter than you are, no matter how long it takes to find them -Pay unfairly (it's more fair!) -Don't trust your gut: Use data to predict and shape the future -Default to open-be transparent and welcome feedback -If you're comfortable with the amount of freedom you've given your employees, you haven't gone far enough. Drawing on the latest research in behavioral economics and a profound grasp of human psychology, WORK RULES! also provides teaching examples from a range of industries-including lauded companies that happen to be hideous places to work and little-known companies that achieve spectacular results by valuing and listening to their employees. Bock takes us inside one of history's most explosively successful businesses to reveal why Google is consistently rated one of the best places to work in the world, distilling 15 years of intensive worker R&D into principles that are easy to put into action, whether you're a team of one or a team of thousands. WORK RULES! shows how to strike a balance between creativity and structure, leading to success you can measure in quality of life as well as market share. Read it to build a better company from within rather than from above; read it to reawaken your joy in what you do.

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Wonders of the Future Audiobook

Wonders of the Future

Author: Nikola Tesla Narrator: David Van Der Molen Release Date: February 2018

To those who believed that all the great electric discoveries had already been made, Tesla says, "What has been so far done by electricity is nothing as compared with what the future has in store." In this fascinating article, he discusses the possibilities yet to be enacted using electricity. He successfully predicted current inventions, including common smart phone technologies of sending photos and using voice-to-text tools. Others are yet to be accomplished to his full vision-such as the prevention of diseases spread by germs-but that just shows how much more there still is to accomplish.

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Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World Audiobook

Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World

Author: Steven Johnson Narrator: George Newbern Release Date: November 2016

“A house of wonders itself. . . . Wonderland inspires grins and well-what-d'ya-knows” —The New York Times Book Review From the New York Times–bestselling author of How We Got to Now and Where Good Ideas Come From, a look at the world-changing innovations we made while keeping ourselves entertained. This lushly illustrated history of popular entertainment takes a long-zoom approach, contending that the pursuit of novelty and wonder is a powerful driver of world-shaping technological change. Steven Johnson argues that, throughout history, the cutting edge of innovation lies wherever people are working the hardest to keep themselves and others amused. Johnson’s storytelling is just as delightful as the inventions he describes, full of surprising stops along the journey from simple concepts to complex modern systems. He introduces us to the colorful innovators of leisure: the explorers, proprietors, showmen, and artists who changed the trajectory of history with their luxurious wares, exotic meals, taverns, gambling tables, and magic shows. Johnson compellingly argues that observers of technological and social trends should be looking for clues in novel amusements. You’ll find the future wherever people are having the most fun.

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Women Talking About Cars Audiobook

Women Talking About Cars

Victoria Coren Mitchell interviews Dawn French, Olivia Colman, Sarah Millican and Germaine Greer in this four-part BBC Radio 4 series. In these four episodes, presenter Victoria Coren Mitchell and guests discuss their lives as seen through the prism of the cars they have known, the journeys they've been on and the things they keep in their boot for emergencies. As they share their four-wheeled highlights, they take a light-hearted look at life, love, sex, work, childhood, adulthood and adventure. Dawn French reveals what she wrote on the back of her first car; Olivia Colman tells us the nickname of her beloved Morris Minor; Sarah Millican describes a traffic jam that led to some desperate measures; and Germaine Greer talks about Australia's own car, the mighty Holden. Through their stories, they explore what cars symbolise to women today, including freedom, power, refuge, novelty and familiarity. Recorded live at the BBC Radio Theatre, and with contributions from members of the audience, Women Talking About Cars is a witty, chatty and fabulously funny motoring show that offers a fresh new perspective on the lives of four of the country’s most remarkable women. Duration: 2 hours approx.

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Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century Audiobook

Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century

Author: P. W. Singer Narrator: William Hughes Release Date: October 2010

A military expert reveals how science fiction is fast becoming reality on the battlefield, changing not just how wars are fought, but also the politics, economics, laws, and ethics that surround war itself. Singer's previous books foretold the rise of private military contractors and the advent of child soldiers-predictions that have proved all too accurate. Now he explores the greatest revolution in military affairs since the atom bomb: robotic warfare. We are now seeing a massive shift in military technology that threatens to make the stuff of I, Robot and The Terminator a reality. Over seven thousand robotic systems are now in Iraq; pilots in Nevada are remotely killing terrorists in Afghanistan; scientists are debating just how smart-and lethal-to make their current prototypes; and many renowned science fiction authors are secretly consulting for the Pentagon. Blending historic evidence with interviews from the field, Singer vividly shows that as these technologies multiply, they will have profound effects on both the front lines and the politics back home. Replacing men with machines may save some lives but will lower morale and psychological barriers to killing. The "warrior ethos," which has long defined soldiers' identity, will erode, as will the laws of war that have governed military conflict for generations. Paradoxically, the new technology will also bring war to our doorstep. As other nations and terrorist organizations obtain their own robotic weapons, the robot revolution could undermine America's military preeminence. While his analysis is unnerving, there's an irresistible gee-whiz quality to the innovations Singer uncovers. Wired for War travels from Iraq and Afghanistan, where these machines are now fighting, to modern-day "skunk works" in the midst of suburbia, where tomorrow's technologies of war are quietly being designed. In Singer's hands, the future of war is as fascinating as it is frightening. "This book is awesome."-Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

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Wild Ride: Inside Uber's Quest for World Domination Audiobook

Wild Ride: Inside Uber's Quest for World Domination

Author: Adam Lashinsky Narrator: Adam Lashinsky Release Date: May 2017

Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Wild Ride, written and read by Adam Lashinsky. A no-holds-barred look at Uber, the multi-billion dollar disruptor that has revolutionised the transportation industry around the world Uber is one of the most fascinating and controversial businesses in the world, both beloved for its elegant ride-hailing concept and heady growth, and condemned for CEO Travis Kalanick's ruthless pursuit of success at all cost. In Wild Ride, Adam Lashinsky, veteran Fortune writer and author of Inside Apple, traces the story of Uber's meteoric rise: from its murky origins to its plans for expansion into radically different industries. The company has already poached entire departments from top research universities in a push to build the first self-driving car and possibly replace the very drivers it's worked so hard to recruit. With access to current and former employees, as well as CEO Travis Kalanick, this book will be the first to unlock Uber's vault. It's a story that start-up founders, business executives, tech-savvy readers, and drivers and riders will find riveting.

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Whose Global Village?: Rethinking How Technology Shapes Our World Audiobook

Whose Global Village?: Rethinking How Technology Shapes Our World

Author: Ramesh Srinivasan Narrator: Malcolm Hillgartner Release Date: July 2017

In the digital age, technology has shrunk the physical world into a "global village," where we all seem to be connected as an online community as information travels to the farthest reaches of the planet with the click of a mouse. Yet while we think of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as open and accessible to all, in reality, these are commercial entities developed primarily by and for the Western world. Considering how new technologies increasingly shape labor, economics, and politics, these tools often reinforce the inequalities of globalization, rarely reflecting the perspectives of those at the bottom of the digital divide. This book asks us to reconsider "whose global village" we are shaping with the digital technology revolution today. Sharing stories of collaboration with Native Americans in California and New Mexico, revolutionaries in Egypt, communities in rural India, and others across the world, Ramesh Srinivasan urges us to reimagine what the Internet, mobile phones, or social media platforms may look like when considered from the perspective of diverse cultures.

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Who Can You Trust?: How Technology Brought Us Together and Why It Might Drive Us Apart Audiobook

Who Can You Trust?: How Technology Brought Us Together and Why It Might Drive Us Apart

Author: Rachel Botsman Narrator: Caroline Baum Release Date: November 2017

If you can't trust those in charge, who can you trust? From government to business, banks to media, trust in institutions is at an all-time low. But this isn't the age of distrust--far from it. In this revolutionary book, world-renowned trust expert Rachel Botsman reveals that we are at the tipping point of one of the biggest social transformations in human history--with fundamental consequences for everyone. A new world order is emerging: we might have lost faith in institutions and leaders, but millions of people rent their home to total strangers, exchange digital currencies, or find themselves trusting a bot. This is the age of "distributed trust", a paradigm shift driven by innovative technologies that are rewriting the rules of an all-too-human relationship. If we are to benefit from this radical shift, we must understand the mechanics of how trust is built, managed, lost and repaired in the digital age. In the first book to explain this new world, Botsman provides a detailed map of this uncharted landscape--and explores what's next for humanity.

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