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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man Audiobook Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  2. The Sin Eater Audiobook The Sin Eater
  3. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  4. Near Dark: A Thriller Audiobook Near Dark: A Thriller
  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
  6. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense Audiobook Outsider: A Novel of Suspense
  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  10. Tempt Me Audiobook Tempt Me
The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosophers Audiobook

The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosophers

Author: Will Durant Narrator: Grover Gardner Release Date: September 2010

The product of eleven years of research, The Story of Philosophy is an endlessly inspiring and instructive chronicle of the world's greatest thinkers, from Socrates to Santayana. Written with exacting and scrupulous scholarship, it was designed both to command the respect of educators and to capture the interest of the layman. Durant lucidly describes the philosophical systems of such world-famous "monarchs of the mind" as Plato, Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Spinoza, Kant, Voltaire, and Nietzsche. Along with their ideas, he offers their flesh-and-blood biographies, placing their thoughts within their own time and place and elucidating their influence on our modern intellectual heritage. This book is packed with wisdom and wit. "A delight."—New York Times

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LEAN philosophy: Profitable Methods = Winning Business. LEAN | KAIZEN | KANBAN | SCRUM | AGILE. Six  Audiobook

LEAN philosophy: Profitable Methods = Winning Business. LEAN | KAIZEN | KANBAN | SCRUM | AGILE. Six

Author: Eric Liker Narrator: Kc Wayman, Perdens Studio, Ross Pipkin Release Date: May 2020

Create your ultimate business with the help of the proven Lean system.Are you looking for a ground-breaking guide for business success?  Do you want to revolutionize your project management, streamline your business operations, and drastically improve your company?  Then this audiobook is for you. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, the CEO of a small to medium enterprise, or a team leader looking to overhaul your skillsets, the secret to running a successful business lies in the Lean system.  This complete guide unveils the foundations of essential project and business management systems, drawing on tried-and-tested advice to bring you a comprehensive plan for success. Covering Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, Scrum and Agile Project Management, this book is your ticket to an all-new business management system. - In part one, you’ll explore how Lean Six Sigma will help you analyze your business, improve what isn’t working, and streamline your process of operations. - In part two, you’ll discover how Kaizen and Kanban can revolutionize your business philosophy and improve your workflow fast. - In part three, you’ll uncover a step-by-step formula for implementing Scrum into your business and running a Scrum project. - In part four, you’ll learn how Agile Project Management can help you become a better project manager and supercharge your business productivity. Even if you’re new to these methodologies, inside you’ll find everything you need to know for a successful implementation. Whether you want to make more profits, secure more clients, or create faster, more streamlined projects, the Lean system is a vital tool for long-term business success. Buy now to uncover the benefits of the Lean system.

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The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes Audiobook

The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

Despite what you might have heard, diabetes is not a lifelong condition. It does not have to shorten your life span or result in high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, or other life-threatening ailments. In fact, most diabetics can get off medication and become 100 percent healthy in just a few simple steps. In The End of Diabetes, Dr. Joel Fuhrman shows how you can prevent and reverse diabetes and its related symptoms and lose weight in the process. The End of Diabetes is a radical idea wrapped in a simple plan: Eat Better, End Diabetes. While the established medical protocol aims to control diabetes by limiting your carbohydrate intake, monitoring glucose levels, and prescribing bottomless doses of medicine, Dr. Fuhrman believes this long-standing approach to fighting diabetes is wrong- and possibly fatal. Designed for anyone ready to enjoy a healthier and longer life, Dr. Fuhrman's plan is based on a single formula: Your Health Future (H) = Nutrients (N) / Calories (C). Foods with a high nutrient density, according to Dr. Fuhrman, turn our bodies into the miraculous, self-healing machines they can be, which results in significant weight loss, improved health, and, ultimately, the end of diabetes and other diseases. In engaging, direct, and easy-to-follow language, The End of Diabetes supplies the science and clinical evidence to prove that diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are not inevitable consequences of aging. They are reversible and preventable. This simple and effective plan offers great food, starts working right away, and puts you on a direct path to a longer, better, fuller, disease-free life. ***Please contact Member Services for additional documents***

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Charles Darwin's Barnacle and David Bowie's Spider: How Scientific Names Celebrate Adventurers, Hero Audiobook

Charles Darwin's Barnacle and David Bowie's Spider: How Scientific Names Celebrate Adventurers, Hero

Author: Stephen B. Heard, Ph.D. Narrator: Jonathan Todd Ross Release Date: March 2020

An engaging history of the surprising, poignant, and occasionally scandalous stories behind scientific names and their cultural significance. Ever since Carl Linnaeus's binomial system of scientific names was adopted in the eighteenth century, scientists have been eponymously naming organisms in ways that both honor and vilify their namesakes. This charming, informative, and accessible history examines the fascinating stories behind taxonomic nomenclature, from Linnaeus himself naming a small and unpleasant weed after a rival botanist to the recent influx of scientific names based on pop-culture icons-including David Bowie's spider, Frank Zappa's jellyfish, and Beyonce's fly. Exploring the naming process as an opportunity for scientists to express themselves in creative ways, Stephen B. Heard's fresh approach shows how scientific names function as a window into both the passions and foibles of the scientific community and as a more general indicator of the ways in which humans relate to, and impose order on, the natural world.

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Hi, Anxiety: Life With a Bad Case of Nerves Audiobook

Hi, Anxiety: Life With a Bad Case of Nerves

Author: Kat Kinsman Narrator: Kat Kinsman Release Date: November 2016

Joining the ranks of such acclaimed accounts as Manic, Brain on Fire, and Monkey Mind, a deeply personal, funny, and sometimes painful look at anxiety and its impact from writer and commentator Kat Kinsman. Feeling anxious? Can't sleep because your brain won't stop recycling thoughts? Unable to make a decision because you're too afraid you'll make the wrong one? You're not alone. In Hi, Anxiety, beloved food writer, editor, and commentator Kat Kinsman expands on the high profile pieces she wrote for about depression, and its wicked cousin, anxiety. Taking us back to her adolescence, when she was diagnosed with depression at fourteen, Kat speaks eloquently with pathos and humor about her skin picking, hand flapping, "nervousness" that made her the recipient of many a harsh taunt. With her mother also gripped by depression and health issues throughout her life, Kat came to live in a constant state of unease-that she would fail, that she would never find love . . . that she would end up just like her mother. Now, as a successful media personality, Kat still battles anxiety every day. That anxiety manifests in strange, and deeply personal ways. But as she found when she started to write about her struggles, Kat is not alone in feeling like the simple act of leaving the house, or getting a haircut can be crippling. And though periodic medication, counseling, a successful career and a happy marriage have brought her relief, the illness, because that is what anxiety is, remains. Exploring how millions are affected anxiety, Hi, Anxiety is a clarion call for everyone-but especially women-struggling with this condition. Though she is a strong advocate for seeking medical intervention, Kinsman implores those suffering to come out of the shadows-to talk about their battle openly and honestly. With humor, bravery, and writing that brings bestsellers like Laurie Notaro and Jenny Lawson to mind, Hi, Anxiety tackles a difficult subject with amazing grace.

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The Faraway Horses: The Adventures and Wisdom of America's Most Renowned Horsemen Audiobook

The Faraway Horses: The Adventures and Wisdom of America's Most Renowned Horsemen

Author: Buck Brannaman, William Reynolds Narrator: John Pruden Release Date: December 2011

Nearly every week of the year, Buck Brannaman is on the road, conducting horsemanship clinics in which he teaches horse owners how to better understand and work with their animals, creating a relationship based on trust and respect rather than force. Buck's skill has become the stuff of legend-in fact, the main character in Robert Redford's film The Horse Whisperer was based largely on him, and he served as the director's technical adviser during the shoot."These principles are really about life-about living your life so you're not at war with the horse, or with other people," Buck writes. At heart, this rich and rewarding autobiography is a prescription for living a harmonious existence-whether it involves horses or not.

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The Gene: An Intimate History Audiobook

The Gene: An Intimate History

Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee Narrator: Dennis Boutsikaris Release Date: June 2016

*Shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction 2016* The Gene is the story of one of the most powerful and dangerous ideas in our history, from bestselling, prize-winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee. Spanning the globe and several centuries, The Gene is the story of the quest to decipher the master-code that makes and defines humans, that governs our form and function. The story of the gene begins in an obscure Augustinian abbey in Moravia in 1856 where a monk stumbles on the idea of a 'unit of heredity'. It intersects with Darwin's theory of evolution, and collides with the horrors of Nazi eugenics in the 1940s. The gene transforms post-war biology. It reorganizes our understanding of sexuality, temperament, choice and free will. This is a story driven by human ingenuity and obsessive minds - from Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel to Francis Crick, James Watson and Rosalind Franklin, and the thousands of scientists still working to understand the code of codes. This is an epic, moving history of a scientific idea coming to life, by the author of The Emperor of All Maladies. But woven through The Gene, like a red line, is also an intimate history - the story of Mukherjee's own family and its recurring pattern of mental illness, reminding us that genetics is vitally relevant to everyday lives. These concerns reverberate even more urgently today as we learn to "read" and "write" the human genome - unleashing the potential to change the fates and identities of our children. Majestic in its ambition, and unflinching in its honesty, The Gene gives us a definitive account of the fundamental unit of heredity - and a vision of both humanity's past and future.

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The Emperor of All Maladies Audiobook

The Emperor of All Maladies

Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee Narrator: Stephen Hoye Release Date: August 2011

A comprehensive history of cancer - one of the greatest enemies of medical progress - and an insight into its effects and potential cures, by a leading expert on the illness.In The Emperor of All Maladies, Siddhartha Mukherjee, doctor, researcher and award-winning science writer, examines cancer with a cellular biologist's precision, a historian's perspective, and a biographer's passion. The result is an astonishingly lucid and eloquent chronicle of a disease humans have lived with - and perished from - for more than five thousand years.The story of cancer is a story of human ingenuity, resilience and perseverance, but also of hubris, arrogance and misperception, all leveraged against a disease that, just three decades ago, was thought to be easily vanquished in an all-out 'war against cancer'. Mukherjee recounts centuries of discoveries, setbacks, victories and deaths, told through the eyes of predecessors and peers, training their wits against an infinitely resourceful adversary.From the Persian Queen Atossa, whose Greek slave cut off her malignant breast, to the nineteeth-century recipient of primitive radiation and chemotherapy and Mukherjee's own leukemia patient, Carla, The Emperor of All Maladies is about the people who have soldiered through toxic, bruising, and draining regimes to survive and to increase the store of human knowledge.Riveting and magesterial, The Emperor of All Maladies provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of cancer treatments and a brilliant new perspective on the way doctors, scientists, philosophers and lay people have observed and understood the human body for millennia.

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Underland: A Deep Time Journey Audiobook

Underland: A Deep Time Journey

Author: Robert Macfarlane Narrator: Roy Mcmillan Release Date: May 2019

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Underland by Robert Macfarlane.

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The Order of Time Audiobook

The Order of Time

Author: Carlo Rovelli Narrator: Benedict Cumberbatch Release Date: April 2018

Penguin presents the audio edition of The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli, read by Benedict Cumberbatch. The bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics takes us on an enchanting journey to discover the meaning of time Time is a mystery that does not cease to puzzle us. Philosophers, artists and poets have long explored its meaning while scientists have found that its structure is different from the simple intuition we have of it. From Boltzmann to quantum theory, from Einstein to loop quantum gravity, our understanding of time has been undergoing radical transformations. Time flows at a different speed in different places, the past and the future differ far less than we might think, and the very notion of the present evaporates in the vast universe. With his extraordinary charm and sense of wonder, bringing together science, philosophy and art, Carlo Rovelli unravels this mystery, inviting us to imagine a world where time is in us and we are not in time. 'A global superstar. . . Rovelli is making the grammar of the universe accessible to a new generation' - Channel 4 News

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OVERCOMING DYSLEXIA: The 360° Guide for Children & Adults.  What Is It? How to Overcome It.  Dyslexi Audiobook

OVERCOMING DYSLEXIA: The 360° Guide for Children & Adults. What Is It? How to Overcome It. Dyslexi

Author: Brenda Casey Narrator: Erika Mary, Perdens Studio Release Date: April 2020

Discover the ultimate guide to dyslexia! Are you suffering from dyslexia, or do you know someone who does? Looking for the best strategies and toolkits to help you succeed? Then keep reading! Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover a detailed breakdown of dyslexia and how it works. Covering the signs and symptoms, the different kinds of dyslexia, as well as actionable strategies and toolkits for coping with this condition, this audiobook is your ticket to understanding the world of dyslexia. In part 1, you’ll discover an overview of dyslexia, including: - A Breakdown of Dyslexia – What Is It, and How Does It Work? - Common Signs and Symptoms of This Condition - The Top Ways To Help a Dyslexic Child At Home - Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways To Aid Dyslexics When Reading - The Best Tips And Tricks For Job-Seeking Dyslexics - And More… In part 2, you’ll learn strategies to help you live as an adult dyslexic, including: - A Breakdown of Dyslexia In Adults - Common Signs, Symptoms, And Characteristics of Dyslexia - How Does Having Dyslexia Impact Adults In Life? - And How To Spot Dyslexia In Different Age Groups And in part 3, you’ll uncover dyslexia tool kits for parents, tutors, students, and more, including: - What Brain Scans and Studies Can Tell Us About Dyslexia - Common Signs And Symptoms In Teens and Adults - The Dyslexia Tool Kit – How To Manage Your Condition (Or Help Others) - And Tool Kits For Parents, Tutors, Students, and More With comprehensive overviews, a breakdown of the science, and practical strategies for living and succeeding as a dyslexic, this guidebook is essential for anyone looking to understand and overcome their condition. Buy now to discover how to succeed despite dyslexia today!

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SCRUM MASTERY: A Direct Path to Professional Scrum Master. Scrum Framework Define an Outstanding Agi Audiobook

SCRUM MASTERY: A Direct Path to Professional Scrum Master. Scrum Framework Define an Outstanding Agi

Author: Eric Liker Narrator: Ross Pipkin Release Date: April 2020

Become a master at SCRUM and discover how to build the perfect business frameworks!Are you a team leader, project manager, or CEO of a small to medium enterprise? Are you looking for the best methodologies and proven strategies for building the perfect team and accelerating your performance? Then keep reading. SCRUM is a powerful, proven, and highly effective framework for rapidly improving your business processes. Whether you want to boost your team, streamline your project development, or accelerate your performance to get more sales and clients, SCRUM is your answer. Now, this audiobook breaks down exactly how you can implement SCRUM into your business. Containing a detailed exploration of how SCRUM works and what makes it different from other frameworks, as well as how you can become a SCRUM master, this guide is perfect for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Here’s what you’ll discover inside this comprehensive guide: - SCRUM 101 – What Makes This Methodology So Different - Understanding The Roles, Processes, and Benefits of SCRUM - Must-Know Fundamentals of SCRUM (and How To Execute a SCRUM Project) - Step-By-Step Formulas For Implementing SCRUM Into Your Business - A Roadmap To Becoming a SCRUM Master - Technical Details, Advanced Strategies, and High-Level Applications of SCRUM - And Much More… No matter what industry you’re in, SCRUM is a proven framework which is guaranteed to streamline your business. Even if you’re a beginner to Lean methodologies, this audiobook explains everything in a simple, easy-to-follow way. Discover how you can accelerate your performance, run better teams, and manage your projects like never before. Buy now to discover how to become a master at SCRUM today!

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