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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Me: Elton John Official Autobiography Audiobook Me: Elton John Official Autobiography
  2. Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas: Festive hospital diaries from the author of million-copy hit T Audiobook Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas: Festive hospital diaries from the author of million-copy hit T
  3. Christmas Shopaholic Audiobook Christmas Shopaholic
  4. The Guilty Mother Audiobook The Guilty Mother
  5. Girl, Woman, Other Audiobook Girl, Woman, Other
  6. Postscript: The sequel to PS, I Love You Audiobook Postscript: The sequel to PS, I Love You
  7. Indulge Audiobook Indulge
  8. Shut Up and Listen!: Hard Business Truths that Will Help You Succeed Audiobook Shut Up and Listen!: Hard Business Truths that Will Help You Succeed
  9. The Family Upstairs: The Number One bestseller from the author of Then She Was Gone Audiobook The Family Upstairs: The Number One bestseller from the author of Then She Was Gone
  10. The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future Audiobook The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future
The Rivers Run Dry Audiobook

The Rivers Run Dry

Author: Sibella Giorello Narrator: Lisa Larsen Release Date: August 2019

When a routine case turns deadly, forensic geologist Raleigh Harmon finds her career on the rocks . . . and her life at stake. Special Agent Raleigh Harmon is good at her job, but not as good at bureau politics. As one of the few females on the team, she finds herself in a strange land when she's transferred from Richmond to drought-stricken Seattle. When a hiker suddenly goes missing and a ransom note arrives, Raleigh realizes there's no time for transitions. Vowing to find the missing college girl, she must rely on her forensic geology skills to uncover the truth, leaving no stone unturned. Gritty and poetic, with an evocative sense of place, a quirky cast of characters, a fast-twisting plot, and a compelling, complicated heroine, this superbly crafted mystery will keep you listening compulsively as hope runs short, the clock runs down, and the rivers run dry.

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The Stars Shine Bright Audiobook

The Stars Shine Bright

Author: Sibella Giorello Narrator: Lisa Larsen Release Date: August 2019

After the FBI suspends her for bending its rules, Special Agent Raleigh Harmon is looking for a chance to redeem her career and re-start her life. Sent undercover to a thoroughbred horse track, Raleigh takes on a double life to find out who’s fixing the races. But when horses start dying and then her own life is threatened, Raleigh realizes something bigger—and more sinister—is ruining Emerald Meadows. She’s never felt more alone. Her one contact with the FBI is Special Agent Jack Stephanson, a guy who seems to jump from antagonistic to genuine friend depending on the time of day. And she can’t turn to her family for support. They’re off-limits while she’s undercover, and her mother isn’t speaking to her anyway, having been confined to a mental hospital following a psychotic breakdown. Adding insult to her isolation, Raleigh’s fiancé wants them to begin their life together—now—precisely when she’s been ordered not to be herself. With just days left before the season ends, Raleigh races to stop the killing and find out who’s behind the track’s trouble, all the while trying to determine if Jack is friend or foe, and whether marrying her fiancé will make things better—or worse. Raleigh is walking through the darkest night she’s faced, searching for a place where the stars shine bright.

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The Loyal One Audiobook

The Loyal One

Author: Shelley Shepard Gray Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: August 2019

The New York Times bestselling author of the Walnut Creek series crafts a moving and evocative novel of secrets, friendship, and second chances—perfect for fans of Kathleen Fuller and Beth Wiseman. When Katie Steury hires her old friend Harley Lambright to remodel her rundown house into a charming bed and breakfast, she does so with trepidation. Though they are longtime friends, they've always had a rocky relationship. They may not always get along, but she needs someone to trust with her secrets, and Harley is nothing if not trustworthy and loyal. Katie has always reminded Harley of a bright hummingbird—she is small and flighty, moves a mile a minute, and she possesses a very sharp beak. He's hesitant to accept the job because of his history with Katie. But when he realizes that she's been hiding her mother's hoarding, he agrees to help her because it's clear she needs someone on her side. Both soon discover that clearing the debris in one old house also means they have to do some clean-up in their lives, forcing them to reevaluate their past and their future. This somewhat painful process reveals that Katie isn't the only one with secrets. As the house gets a second chance, so, too, does their relationship. Now all they have to do is open their hearts—and hope and pray that their new bond will also stand the test of time.

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The Bishop's Daughter Audiobook

The Bishop's Daughter

Author: Patricia Johns Narrator: Stina Nielsen Release Date: August 2019

In this poignant, beautifully written novel, a faithful young Amish widow is reunited with her wayward first love . . . As a bishop's daughter and good Amish mother, widowed Sadie Hochstetler teaches her young son that God blesses those who try their best to please Him. But her brief marriage taught her that life is infinitely more complicated than that. Older, and serious, her late husband seemed a sensible choice-especially compared to Elijah Fisher, the spirited boy with whom she butted heads and hearts. Then Elijah abruptly left for the Englisher world, taking Sadie's beloved brother along with him-a double betrayal she still strives to forgive. Especially now that Elijah has returned . . . Elijah plans to stay in the Amish community only as long as he's needed, helping his family and working for Sadie's ailing father. The outside world has changed him, leading him to question rules and restrictions that others take on faith. Once, he'd been head over heels in love with the bishop's daughter-a girl he was judged unworthy of courting. Nine years have changed so much between them. Yet something remains-a spark that, for all their differences, might light the way home again . . .

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Divine Blindside Audiobook

Divine Blindside

Author: Hope Callaghan Narrator: Kim Niemi Release Date: August 2019

Despite being blindsided by a stranger who threatens to expose her past and take everything from her, Jo Pepperdine must help clear the name of one of the Second Chance residents after she becomes a prime suspect in a co-worker's murder. Fall has arrived in the tiny town of Divine, Kansas, and the area residents are gearing up for the annual fall festival including Delta, who is determined to win the baking contest and beat last year's reigning champion. Meanwhile, one of Joanna Pepperdine's Second Chance residents, Sherry Marshall, is hired as a server at Divine Delicatessen. Not everyone is thrilled with the new employee and soon after, the person tasked with training her is murdered, and Sherry becomes the prime suspect. Jo is convinced Sherry was not involved and is determined to clear her name, despite being blindsided after a stranger shows up at the farm, threatening to expose Jo's secret past and take everything that matters most . . . her family, friends, and beloved farm.

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The Whispering of the Willows: An Historic Appalachian Drama Audiobook

The Whispering of the Willows: An Historic Appalachian Drama

Author: Tonya Jewel Blessing Narrator: Courtney Patterson Release Date: August 2019

Set against the superstitions and old time religion in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, author Tonya Jewel Blessing tells a difficult, yet redemptive story of a blossoming young woman who is accompanied by her friends and her foes on a journey towards hope and healing. Love weaves through gut-wrenching circumstances and dismal poverty where Emerald Ashby grows strong despite grievous wrongs committed against her. In this desperate historical setting, mysterious disappearances lead to traps set for the innocent. Now, when key individuals begin carving out a rescue plan, Emerald Ashby sets a few of her own traps. What will be their measure of success? Cleverly suspenseful and sweetly spoken, the storyteller's unassuming voice transforms an Appalachian trail of tears into holy terror against an evil that stalks the innocent. In The Whispering of the Willows, an Appalachian marriage practice might be compared to the modern sex trade which exploits young females. Not since Catherine Marshall's strong heroine named Christy, has an Appalachian drama come to life like The Whispering of the Willows.

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The Green Ember: The Green Ember Book I Audiobook

The Green Ember: The Green Ember Book I

Author: S. D. Smith Narrator: Joel Clarkson Release Date: August 2019

Heather and Picket are extraordinary rabbits with ordinary lives until calamitous events overtake them, spilling them into a cauldron of misadventures. They discover that their own story is bound up in the tumult threatening to overwhelm the wider world. Kings fall and kingdoms totter. Tyrants ascend and terrors threaten. Betrayal beckons, and loyalty is a broken road with peril around every bend. Where will Heather and Picket land? How will they make their stand?

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The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner: Tales of Old Natalia 2 Audiobook

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner: Tales of Old Natalia 2

Author: S. D. Smith Narrator: Eric Fritzius Release Date: August 2019

Battered, but determined, Whitson Mariner leads his displaced rabbits into new dangers on a journey to their undiscovered home. Whitson the king, Lillie the queen, Prince Lander, and loyal Massie Burnson must rise from the wreckage of betrayal to rescue the cause once more. Treason broods. Monsters menace. Battle beckons. A community rises. My place beside you. My blood for yours. Till the Green Ember rises... Or the end of the world!

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The Last Archer: A Green Ember Story Audiobook

The Last Archer: A Green Ember Story

Author: S. D. Smith Narrator: Eric Fritzius Release Date: August 2019

A Green Ember story set during Heather and Picket's arrival at Cloud Mountain, The Last Archer follows the journey of Jo Shanks. Jo is a gifted archer with a burden on his back and a fire within. Eager to see the Longtreaders receive justice, he travels from his Halfwind Citadel home to a Cloud Mountain poised on the brink of war. What he finds there will confront his convictions and test his resolve as the war begins and King Jupiter's heir is revealed. A kingdom in the balance. An arrow aimed at the heart of darkness. Who will take the shot?

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The Awakening of a Seer Audiobook

The Awakening of a Seer

Author: Shari Mcgriff Narrator: Brenda Scott Wlazlo Release Date: August 2019

To save her son from ultimate evil, she must turn to a God she no longer believes in... Julie's crushing grief brought a swift end to her faith. Left to raise her fatherless son, the Seer can rely on no one but herself... which is exactly how the demons prefer it. When nefarious whispers foretell the impending death of her son, she'll do whatever it takes to keep him safe. As sinister forces flood her idyllic coastal community, Julie's God-given gifts may be her only hope for salvation. But summoning her divine abilities will require the one thing she's sworn off forever: praying to the God who betrayed her. Will Julie find her faith in time to deliver the town from evil, or will her resentment doom her to darkness forever? The Awakening of a Seer is a captivating supernatural thriller. If you like deeply spiritual fiction, heroines battling pure evil, and Southern Gothic settings, then you'll love Shari McGriff's enthralling story. Buy The Awakening of a Seer to take a stand against evil today!

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Fleeting Hope Audiobook

Fleeting Hope

Author: Diane Craver Narrator: Leonor Woodworth Release Date: August 2019

After her fiancé, Daniel Beachy, died in a buggy accident, schoolteacher Ruth Yoder decided to move out of her parents' home and into the house he'd built for their married life together. Ruth has lived alone for the past eleven years. When David Hershberger, a widower, starts spending time with her, Ruth is surprised. David's children are amazed, too, that their father is interested in their longtime neighbor. Ruth hopes that she and David will become more than friends. But since David lost his wife, Irene, the love of his life and mother of their children, David can't imagine anyone taking her place in his heart. His children and Ruth's sister also aren't so sure that the relationship should develop.  Although Ruth prays that she might finally become a wife, she will follow whatever path God has chosen for her. 

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RYKO: A Cats Journey To Finding His Purpose And Discovering Whisker Life Audiobook

RYKO: A Cats Journey To Finding His Purpose And Discovering Whisker Life

Author: Ryko Narrator: Nikola Muckajev Release Date: August 2019

UNPREDICTABLE JOURNEY REVEALS PURPOSE IN LIFEHello there. I'm Ryko. Ever since I was a kitten, I had a feeling that I was destined for something big.  My journey to finding my purpose has been filled with dramatic twists, turns, and even unexpected discoveries. Come to find out, my purpose is far larger than I could have ever imagined. Join me as I share my shocking true story. I wrote "Ryko" to share my journey and how I came up with Whisker Life. Well, I should say how Whisker Life found me. My book is filled with mystery. Adventure. Setbacks. Heartbreak. Love. Friendships. And essentially everything all of us cats go through in life. Except mine happened all in a very short period of time. Sometimes all at once. CARE TO JOIN ME?ABOUT RYKO: Ryko is the Founder of Whisker Life, a new adventure he hopes will save the world. He is very friendly, motivated, curious, and loves to make connections to find the deeper meanings in life. He was born in New Hampshire and now resides in Whisker Hollows. ABOUT WHISKER LIFE: Ultimately, my goal for Whisker Life is to make you smile and inspire you to go on your journey to find your purpose. From writing books to coming out with new products that inspire you, we have a long road ahead of us and I invite you to follow me on my journey. I'm sure we will have fun together! For more, go to: THE WHISKER LIFE MISSION: To spread love, happiness, and smiles. To leave tiny paw prints on the hearts of many. To help cats get rescued and adopted. And to be an inspiration for others to find their purpose and follow their dreams. Oh, and to save the world.

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