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Religious Fiction Audiobooks in Religion & Spirituality

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man Audiobook Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  2. The Sin Eater Audiobook The Sin Eater
  3. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  4. Near Dark: A Thriller Audiobook Near Dark: A Thriller
  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
  6. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense Audiobook Outsider: A Novel of Suspense
  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  10. Tempt Me Audiobook Tempt Me
Wrapped in Rain: A Novel Audiobook

Wrapped in Rain: A Novel

Author: Charles Martin Narrator: Jonathan K. Riggs, Jonathan Riggs Release Date: May 2020

From the author of The Mountain Between Us and the New York Times bestseller Where the River Ends. "Martin spins an engaging story about healing and the triumph of love . . . Filled with delightful local color." -Publishers Weekly 'Tucker, I want to tell you a secret.' Miss Ella curled my hand into a fist and showed it to me. 'Life is a battle, but you can't fight it with your fists. You got to fight it with your heart.' An internationally famous photographer, Tucker Mason has traveled the world, capturing things other people don't see. But what Tucker himself can't see is how to let go of the past and forgive his father. On a sprawling Southern estate, Tucker and his younger brother, Mutt, were raised by their housekeeper, Miss Ella Rain, who loved the motherless boys like her own. Hiring her to take care of Waverly Hall and the boys was the only good thing their father ever did. When his brother escapes from a mental hospital and an old girlfriend appears with her son and a black eye, Tucker is forced to return home and face the agony of his own tragic past. Though Miss Ella has been gone for many years, Tuck can still hear her voice-and her prayers. But finding peace and starting anew will take a measure of grace that Tucker scarcely believes in. "Read this book and watch the sun come out." - John Dyson, writer, Reader's Digest "Charles Martin is changing the face of inspirational fiction one book at a time. Wrapped in Rain is a sentimental tale that is not to be missed." -Michael Morris, author of A Place Called Wiregrass and Live Like You Were Dying "This is the story of a real person's real struggle with the uncertainties of faith, unadorned with miracles of the deus ex machina sort but full of the sort of miracles that attend every day life if you bother to notice. Charles Martin notices, and for that I commend him. He's unafraid of tackling the crucial questions-life, death, love, sacrifice." -Duncan Murrell, editor and writer

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The Inheritance Audiobook

The Inheritance

Author: Tamera Alexander Narrator: Devon ODay Release Date: May 2020

An unexpected inheritance. An unknown future. An unending love. Determined to tame her younger brother's rebellious streak, McKenna Ashford accepts her cousin's invitation to move west, and to begin again. But she quickly discovers that life in Copper Creek, Colorado, is far from what she expected. Shouldering burdens beyond her years, McKenna tries to be the parent Robert needs, instead of the older sister he resents. But an "untimely inheritance" challenges her resolve at every turn, while also offering a second chance to restore her sense of trust-and perhaps even her heart. U.S. Marshal Wyatt Caradon is dedicated to bringing fugitives to justice, yet years of living on the trail have taken their toll. When his path intersects with that of McKenna, he comes face-to-face with a past he never wanted to relive-and the one woman who can help him find the future he's been longing for. As McKenna struggles to let go of her independence and Wyatt considers opening his heart again, they discover an inheritance beyond imagination. But it will come at a price.

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The Oath Audiobook

The Oath

Author: Frank E. Peretti Narrator: Tom Taylorson Release Date: May 2020

An ancient sin. A long forgotten oath. A town with a deadly secret. Something evil is at work in Hyde River, an isolated mining town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Under the cover of darkness, a predator strikes without warning-taking life in the most chilling and savage fashion. The community of Hyde River watches in terror as residents suddenly vanish. Yet, the more locals are pressed for information, the more they close ranks, sworn to secrecy by their forefathers' hidden sins. Only when Hyde River's secrets are exposed is the true extent of the danger fully revealed. What the town discovers is something far more deadly than anything they'd imagined. Something that doesn't just stalk its victims, but has the power to turn hearts black with decay as it slowly fills their souls with darkness.

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On a Coastal Breeze Audiobook

On a Coastal Breeze

Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher Narrator: Stephanie Cozart Release Date: May 2020

Welcome back to Three Sisters Island, where family, forgiveness, and a second chance at love await For Madison Grayson, life is good. Newly licensed as a marriage and family therapist, she cant wait to start her practice. Despite the unfortunate shortage of eligible bachelors on the islandtheyre all too young, too old, or too weirdMaddie feels like shes finally found her sweet spot. Not even one panic attack in the last year. Not one. And then Ricky OShea drops in. Literally. Floating down from the pure blue sky, the one man in the world she hoped never to see againthe one whod been her archnemesis from kindergarten through her senior dance parachutes into town, landing on Boon Dock, canopy draping behind him like a superhero. Ricky OShea. Now Pastor Rick, the new minister on Three Sisters Island. Time to panic.

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Ghost River Audiobook

Ghost River

Author: Jon Coon Narrator: Chris Henry Coffey Release Date: May 2020

Gabe Jones is not like most underwater criminal investigatorshe talks to the dead and the dead talk back. In this crime-thrilling suspense novel, Gabe dives into a watery world of crime and corruption as a paranormal experience helps him uncover the grisly truth of his partners death. After losing his trooper partner, Charlie, in a recovery dive, Gabe Jones is not prepared for what he discovers when he attempts to investigate the scene of Charlies death. In the murky waters of the Florida panhandle, Gabe questions his partners departed spirit and uncovers an underwater graveyard, along with a dire warning that more deaths are coming if he doesnt stop the killer. In a race against time, the underwater spirits lead him to the incriminating evidence he needs to expose the killer. But when his investigation is discovered, he puts Charlies family at risk. Will he have what it takes to outwit his adversaries, save Charlies daughter, and expose the killer, all while navigating the tumultuous waves of relationships he finds himself in above water?

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Tainted Audiobook


Author: Morgan L. Busse Narrator: Jaimee Draper Release Date: May 2020

What happens when your soul dies? Kat Bloodmayne is one of the first women chosen to attend the Tower Academy of Sciences. But she carries a secret: she can twist the natural laws of life. She has no idea where this ability came from, only that every time she loses control and unleashes this power, it kills a part of her soul. If she doesn't find a cure soon, her soul will die and she will become something else entirely. After a devastating personal loss, Stephen Grey leaves the World City Police Force to become a bounty hunter. He believes in justice and will stop at nothing to ensure criminals are caught and locked up. However, when Kat Bloodmayne shows up in his office seeking his help, his world is turned upside down. Together they search World City and beyond for a doctor who can cure Kat. But what they discover on the way goes beyond science and into the dark sphere of magic.

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The Kade Family Saga, Vol. 4: Beside Still Waters Audiobook

The Kade Family Saga, Vol. 4: Beside Still Waters

Author: Laurel Mouritsen Narrator: Nancy Peterson Release Date: May 2020

On the surface, all appears serene as the third generation of Kades in pioneer Utah grow up to take their parents’ place in the vast, rugged regions of the West. But fate—or is it divine providence?—suddenly steps in. Jessica Scott of Illinois finds herself waylaid among the Latter-day Saints in 1870s Utah while on a railroad trip to California. Alone and seeking assistance from her relatives, whose religious beliefs she scorns, nineteen-year-old Jessica meets her cousin of the same age, Ethan Kade, who is home for a few days from the cattle ranch where he is employed. Jessica’s presence threatens to ruin the carefully laid plans Ethan has already set in motion. He makes a momentous decision that will profoundly affect his own future, as well as that of his cousin. For her part, Jessica has no inkling of the transformation about to unfold in her own life. Join Ethan and Jessica as they struggle to overcome their differences and face the dangers awaiting them at the Running W Ranch in Volume 4 of The Kade Family Saga, Beside Still Waters. This stirring historical novel of unexpected adventure, romance, and spiritual discovery, set in authentic detail against the backdrop of the untamed West, will leave the reader wishing for more long after the book is closed.

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Ordinary Nagas With Exceptional Stories: Have patience, God isn't finished yet Audiobook

Ordinary Nagas With Exceptional Stories: Have patience, God isn't finished yet

Author: Neon Phom Narrator: Jp Worlton Release Date: May 2020

All the narrations in this book are based on true stories. The stories of ordinary people with extra ordinary faith and belief in God. You don’t have to baffle on the thought of being misguided. This book will help you realize that there are thousands of people in the world facing the same problems as you and trying to survive despite the harsh realities in life. Many Christians are not practical people; they know how to bait the hook, but they themselves don’t practice what they preach. It’s the antipode of who they really are. I have not used the real names of the characters in the stories I have written. The stories in this book are about people who took struggle as a challenge rather than a failure.

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Missing on Main Street Audiobook

Missing on Main Street

Author: Sarah Hualde Narrator: Jasmine Rose Release Date: May 2020

If you disappeared would anyone even notice?If they did, who would be the first person to look for you? Ivy Hooper has vanished. Her only hope is three stay at home moms from a small town called Honey Pot. Will these mom friends find Ivy before it's too late? And can their faith survive what they discover along the way? Hunt for clues and get into trouble with the moms of Honey Pot. Read Missing on Main Street today.  Start here, with book 1, of this fast paced and faith building Christian Mystery Series starring moms like you. Don't miss a single clue! Honey Pot Mystery Series:#1 Missing on Main Street #2 Lethal in Lavender #3 Farmers Market Fatality #4 Death by Donation #5 Killer Con Fuego  And many more mysteries to come...

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As We Forgive: An Ivy Greene Mystery Audiobook

As We Forgive: An Ivy Greene Mystery

Author: Susan Byrde Narrator: Tina Marie Shuster Release Date: May 2020

There's been a murder in Pinnacle, Texas. The list of people who disliked the victim strongly enough to kill him is a long one, but the local police have focused on just two people: Ivy Greene, the one who discovered the body; and James Williamson, the mechanic who recently returned to his home town. Ivy has enough on her hands as the single mother of a precocious six-year-old daughter and the owner of her own small business. Adding amateur detective to the list of her daily duties isn't something she really wants to do, but she feels compelled to find justice for the man that even she'd never liked. As Ivy sorts through the clues, she also works to help her daughter understand the true meaning of the words contained within the Lord's Prayer.

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The Way Home Audiobook

The Way Home

Author: Ruth Hartzler Narrator: Amy Deuchler Release Date: May 2020

Amish Christian RomanceWhen Noah Hostetler while on rumspringa loses control of a borrowed car on an icy road and drives into a buggy, the Miller sisters are hurt. Injured and with unforgivingness in her heart, Hannah Miller vows she will never again feel for Noah what she once did—a deep and loyal love. Both Hannah and Noah believe that with God’s grace anything is possible, but healing from a painful past is no easy task. Can Hannah rediscover what once she felt for Noah before his terrible mistake, or will her heart remain closed to him forever?

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The New Amish Girl: Amish Romance Audiobook

The New Amish Girl: Amish Romance

Author: Samantha Price Narrator: Daniela Acitelli Release Date: May 2020

Stephanie, a troubled English teenager, has been sent to stay with the Grabers. Megan, another of the Grabers' foster girls, tries to help Stephanie fix one of her mistakes. Will Megan realize what she's getting into before it's too late? What will Gretchen Graber do when she finds out Stephanie has more than one secret she's keeping from her?

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