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Christianity Audiobooks in Religion & Spirituality

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking Audiobook How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking
  2. Between the World and Me Audiobook Between the World and Me
  3. The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian Audiobook The Gates of Athens: Book One of Athenian
  4. Written in Blood Audiobook Written in Blood
  5. The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B Audiobook The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B
  6. The Last Widow Audiobook The Last Widow
  7. Daughters of Cornwall Audiobook Daughters of Cornwall
  8. How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life Audiobook How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life
  9. The Facilitator Audiobook The Facilitator
  10. The Lying Life of Adults Audiobook The Lying Life of Adults
The Christian Leader: Rehabilitating Our Addiction to Secular Leadership Audiobook

The Christian Leader: Rehabilitating Our Addiction to Secular Leadership

Author: Bill Hull Narrator: Mike Terry Release Date: August 2020

From the author of the best-selling book The Disciple-Making Pastor comes a call to Christian leaders to let go of their addiction to secular models of leadership rooted in pragmatic success. Most leadership literature talks about having the "right kind" of leadership personality. You know the type: big-picture visionaries who serve others and get the best out of people. But the popular pattern of doing what works and getting rewarded for it is actually the enemy of Christian leadership. It thrives on making our work impersonal and exploitive. Far too often, it serves the leader rather than those the leader leads. Sadly, this pattern dominates Christian leadership in the West. We need a different style of leadership - one patterned after Jesus. Jesus influenced others because of who he was, not because he was well-known or a person of power or because he had mastered a set of skills or implemented an effective leadership strategy. He could have completed his mission living in your house, driving your car, married to your spouse, working at your office, and raising your kids because leadership comes down to character. Many who aspire to leadership are looking for the right circumstances so they can lead. Many in positions of leadership find it difficult to lead because of obstacles, such as a lack of funds, authority, and or confusion about methods. Jesus faced all of these - and more - yet he accomplished his mission. This is not an audiobook about improving Christian organizations; it is about changing how Christians lead. It is for anyone with a megaphone, a platform to speak, who wants to lead others in being a witness for truth. It is for people with a pulpit, whether that pulpit be a business or a position of influence in a domain of the culture: entertainment, sports, politics, industry, the arts, academia, or religion. If you are someone to whom others listen- this audiobook is for you. Each chapter begins with a title and statement about Jesus' life. Jesus was a different kind of teacher. The Pharisees focused on doing the right thing. Jesus emphasized becoming the kind of person who wants to do the right thing. Others taught the importance of doing good; Jesus taught how to be good. He didn't teach behavior modification alone; he taught how to change the sources of behavior. Knowing how to lead others begins by seeing Jesus as your leader.

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Discover Your True Self: How to Silence the Lies of Your Past and Actually Experience Who God Says Y Audiobook

Discover Your True Self: How to Silence the Lies of Your Past and Actually Experience Who God Says Y

Author: Chip Ingram Narrator: Kirby Heyborne Release Date: August 2020

Seeing yourself as God sees you is essential to overcoming your deepest struggles, having healthy relationships, living in freedom, and fulfilling your life purpose. Yet most of us look at ourselves with warped mirrors, believing lies that lead to shame, guilt, fear, insecurity, and spiritual stagnation. The lies of our past keep us stuck, struggling with the same issues and habits for years. But according to the first three chapters of Ephesians, that's not how God sees us at all. Pastor and author Chip Ingram wants to open your eyes to your true self, the 'new you' that God sees, the person who is immeasurably valuable and beautiful. In this Scripture-soaked book, he shows you how getting God's perspective satisfies your search for significance; undoes your shame; makes you secure; frees you from comparing yourself with others; helps you discover your calling; and more. Are you ready to see yourself as God sees you? Then let Chip Ingram show you how to silence the lies of your past and experience your true identity.

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Your Hospitality Personality: How to Confidently Create Connection and Community Audiobook

Your Hospitality Personality: How to Confidently Create Connection and Community

Author: Morgan Tyree Narrator: Sarah Zimmerman Release Date: August 2020

Does the thought of hosting a dinner send you into spasms of delight or spirals of dismay? Do you love opening your home to others? Or do you dread even the planning it takes to get a group of friends to arrive at the same restaurant at the same time? We each have our own unique hospitality personality. And when you tap into yours, you'll find a lot more blessing with a lot less stressing. With personal assessments, encouraging stories, and plenty of practical ideas, Morgan Tyree shows you how to identify and embrace your hospitality personality so you can stop worrying and start enjoying yourself and your guests. She helps you understand your hospitality habits, hurdles, and hang-ups, then offers real-life solutions that fit you.

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Relentless: The Path to Holding On Audiobook

Relentless: The Path to Holding On

Author: Taylor Field Narrator: Jim Denison Release Date: August 2020

Do you feel like giving up? Don't! There are some moments in life when you just want to give up, but don't! Like Jacob, keep wrestling. Like the persistent widow, keep persisting. Just when you feel like giving up, God may relent and let you win. Relentless is a scriptural reflection for those about to give up. Through the biblical stories of some of Scripture's most persistent and gritty people, Relentless inspires courage in the discouraged; develops grit in the fainthearted; and helps you see when God is pressing you. Learn how to recognize when God is pressing you and how He eventually appears to 'lose.' He loses so you can be a winner. For more than forty years, the author has worked in cities with people who are homeless or in difficult situations. He has seen firsthand what qualities help someone survive. Relentless is about one of the most important of those qualities and how you can acquire it.

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The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity Audiobook

The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity

Author: Robert Louis Wilken Narrator: Bob Souer Release Date: August 2020

How did a community that was largely invisible in the first two centuries of its existence go on to remake the civilizations it inhabited, culturally, politically, and intellectually? Beginning with the life of Jesus, Robert Louis Wilken narrates the dramatic spread and development of Christianity over the first thousand years of its history. Moving through the formation of early institutions, practices, and beliefs to the transformations of the Roman world after the conversion of Constantine, he sheds new light on the subsequent stories of Christianity in the Latin West, the Byzantine and Slavic East, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Through a selected narration of particularly noteworthy persons and events, Wilken demonstrates how the coming of Christianity set in motion one of the most profound revolutions the world has known. This is not a story limited to the West; rather, Christian communities in Ethiopia, Nubia, Armenia, Georgia, Persia, Central Asia, India, and China shaped the course of Christian history. The rise and spread of Islam had a lasting impact on the future of Christianity, and several chapters are devoted to the early experiences of Christians under Muslim rule. Wilken reminds us that the career of Christianity is characterized by decline and attrition as well as by growth and expansion.

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The Case Against Miracles Audiobook

The Case Against Miracles

Author: John W. Loftus Narrator: Michael Butler Murray, Teri Schnaubelt Release Date: August 2020

For as long as the idea of 'miracles' has been in the public sphere, the conversation about them has been shaped exclusively by religious apologists and Christian leaders. The definitions for what a miracles are have been forged by the same men who fought hard to promote their own beliefs as fitting under that umbrella. It's time for a change. Enter John W. Loftus, an atheist author who has earned three master's degrees from Lincoln Christian Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Loftus, a former student of noted Christian apologist William Lane Craig, got some of the biggest names in the field to contribute to this book, which represents a critical analysis of the very idea of miracles. Incorporating his own thoughts along with those of noted academics, philosophers, and theologians, Loftus is able to properly define 'miracle' and then show why there's no reason to believe such a thing even exists. Addressing every single issue that touches on miracles in a thorough and academic manner, this compilation represents the most extensive look at the phenomenon ever displayed through the lens of an ardent non-believer.

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After Evangelicalism: The Path to a New Christianity Audiobook

After Evangelicalism: The Path to a New Christianity

Author: David P. Gushee Narrator: Adam Verner Release Date: August 2020

A building crescendo of developments, culminating in evangelical support for the Trump presidency, has led many evangelicals to question the faith they inherited. If being Christian means rejecting LGBTQ persons and supporting systemic racism, perhaps their Christian journey is over. David Gushee offers a new way forward for disillusioned post-evangelicals by first analyzing what went wrong with US white evangelicalism in areas such as evangelical identity, biblical interpretation, church life, sexuality, politics, and race. Gushee then proposes new ways of Christian believing, belonging, and behaving, helping post-evangelicals from where they are to a living relationship with Christ and an intellectually cogent and morally robust post-evangelical faith. After Evangelicalism shows that it is possible to follow Jesus out of evangelical Christianity, and more than that, it's necessary.

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Awaking Wonder: Opening Your Child's Heart to the Beauty of Learning Audiobook

Awaking Wonder: Opening Your Child's Heart to the Beauty of Learning

Author: Sally Clarkson Narrator: Sally Clarkson Release Date: August 2020

As a parent, you want to send your children into the world with healthy minds and vibrant faith. You want to develop a strong foundation for them. But in our fast-paced, outcome-based, technologically driven society, it's easy to lose sight of the innocence, potential, and uniqueness of each child. Childlike wonder can become lost in the fog of formulas that view children through the distorting lens of social expectations. Awaking Wonder helps parents unearth the hidden potential of their child's imagination, learning capacity, and ability to engage authentically with the world. Bestselling author Sally Clarkson will help you reach your child's heart of wonder through the principles that guided her in raising four children, all of whom made it into adulthood with a vibrant faith intact and are now flourishing in creative, high-performing professions. Listen to this book to - gain confidence in your role as a God-designed guide and teacher for your children - help your children awaken to the wonder all around them - develop healthy minds that can stand up against societal norms, providing them with a life-giving education and a love for learning

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Plantation Jesus: Race, Faith, & A New Way Forward Audiobook

Plantation Jesus: Race, Faith, & A New Way Forward

Author: Rick Wilson, Skot Welch Narrator: Skot Welch Release Date: August 2020

Not long ago, most white American Christians believed that Jesus blessed slavery. God wasn t bothered by Jim Crow. Baby Jesus had white skin. Meet Plantation Jesus: a god who is comfortable with bigotry, and an idol that distorts the message of the real Savior. That false image of God is dead, right? Wrong, argue the authors of Plantation Jesus, an authoritative new book on one of the most urgent issues of our day. Through their shared passion for Jesus Christ and with an unblinking look at history, church, and pop culture, authors Skot Welch and Rick Wilson detail the manifold ways that racism damages the church's witness. Together Welch and Wilson take on common responses by white Christians to racial injustice, such as I never owned a slave, I don t see color; only people, and We just need to get over it and move on. Together they call out the church's denials and dodges and evasions of race, and they invite readers to encounter the Christ of the disenfranchised. With practical resources and Spirit-filled stories, Plantation Jesus nudges readers to learn the history, acknowledge the injury, and face the truth. Only then can the church lead the way toward true reconciliation. Only then can the legacy of Plantation Jesus be replaced with the true way of Jesus Christ.

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Family Discipleship: Leading Your Home through Time, Moments, and Milestones Audiobook

Family Discipleship: Leading Your Home through Time, Moments, and Milestones

Author: Adam Griffin, Matt Chandler Narrator: Lance Smith Release Date: August 2020

One of the greatest responsibilities all Christian parents have is to be disciple makers in their homes.  Discipling your family can feel like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming or complicated. With a simple plan in place, discipleship is something every parent can do. Pastors Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin have made it their mission to help you develop a sustainable rhythm of gospel-centered discipleship focused in three key areas: time, moments, and milestones. Filled with suggestions, sample plans, and Scripture references, this book begins with the end in mind―equipping you to create a unique plan for your family as you raise your children in the love and fear of the Lord.

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Journey to Healing and Wholeness Audiobook

Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Author: Paul Halbeck Narrator: Joseph Earl Johnson Release Date: August 2020

This book is written as a practical healing journey, not just as a academia book on healing. Guiding the reader through the Word of God in a logical progression of steps, making one aware of the power behind the Word, for Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly, John 10:10. God's Word is able to meet all of our needs if we but let His Word work in our lives. The Word can heal us both emotional, physically and bring us into a closer and a deeper relationship with Him. The book addresses many relevant topics in every day language concerning God's Word. There are many short and concise chapter topics, that makes for easy reading.

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The Bible and Borders: Hearing God's Word on Immigration Audiobook

The Bible and Borders: Hearing God's Word on Immigration

Author: M. Daniel Carroll R. Narrator: Jim Denison Release Date: August 2020

With so many people around the globe migrating, how should Christians and the church respond? Leading Latino-American biblical scholar M. Daniel Carroll R. helps listeners understand what the Bible says about immigration, offering accessible, nuanced, and sympathetic guidance for the church. After two successful editions of Christians at the Border, and having talked and written about immigration over the past decade, Carroll has sharpened his focus and refined his argument to make sure we hear clearly what the Bible says about one of the most pressing issues of our day. He has reworked the biblical material, adding insights and broadening the frame of reference beyond the US. As Carroll explores the surprising amount of material in the Old and New Testaments that deals with migration, he shows how this topic is fundamental to the message of the Bible, and how it affects our understanding of God and the mission of the church.

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