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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires Audiobook The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires
  2. Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America Audiobook Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America
  3. One-hit Wonder Audiobook One-hit Wonder
  4. My Lies, Your Lies Audiobook My Lies, Your Lies
  5. Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization Audiobook Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization
  6. The Prisoner's Wife: based on an inspiring true story Audiobook The Prisoner's Wife: based on an inspiring true story
  7. Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots Audiobook Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots
  8. The Secret Seaside Escape: The most heart-warming, feel-good romance of 2020, from the Sunday Times  Audiobook The Secret Seaside Escape: The most heart-warming, feel-good romance of 2020, from the Sunday Times
  9. The Mirror and the Light Audiobook The Mirror and the Light
  10. Vengeance Audiobook Vengeance

"All the Real Indians Died Off": And 20 Other Myths About Native Americans

Author: Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Narrator: Laural Merlington Release Date: June 2017

In this enlightening book, scholars and activists Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker tackle a wide range of myths about Native American culture and history that have misinformed generations. Tracing how these ideas evolved, and drawing from history, the authors disrupt long-held and enduring myths such as: ● "Columbus Discovered America" ● "Thanksgiving Proves the Indians Welcomed Pilgrims" ● "Indians Were Savage and Warlike" ● "Europeans Brought Civilization to Backward Indians" ● "The United States Did Not Have a Policy of Genocide" ● "Sports Mascots Honor Native Americans" Each chapter deftly shows how these myths are rooted in the fears and prejudice of European settlers and in the larger political agendas of a settler state aimed at acquiring Indigenous land and tied to narratives of erasure and disappearance. Accessibly written and revelatory, All the Real Indians Died Off challenges listeners to rethink what they have been taught about Native Americans and history.

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"They Take Our Jobs!" and 20 Other Myths about Immigration, Revised Edition

Author: Aviva Chomsky Narrator: Frankie Corzo Release Date: April 2018

Claims that immigrants take Americans' jobs, are a drain on the American economy, contribute to poverty and inequality, destroy the social fabric, challenge American identity, and contribute to a host of social ills by their very existence are openly discussed and debated at all levels of society. Chomsky dismantles twenty of the most common assumptions and beliefs underlying statements like "I'm not against immigration, only illegal immigration" and challenges the misinformation in clear, straightforward prose. In exposing the myths that underlie today's debate, Chomsky illustrates how the parameters and presumptions of the debate distort how we think-and have been thinking-about immigration. She observes that race, ethnicity, and gender were historically used as reasons to exclude portions of the population from access to rights. Today, Chomsky argues, the dividing line is citizenship. Although resentment against immigrants and attempts to further marginalize them are still apparent today, the notion that non-citizens, too, are created equal is virtually absent from the public sphere. Engaging and fresh, this book will challenge common assumptions about immigrants, immigration, and U.S. history.

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#DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life Audiobook

#DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life

Author: Jedediah Bila Narrator: Jedediah Bila Release Date: October 2018

Have you ever looked at your email, then texts, then Facebook, then Twitter, then email, then Instagram, then Candy Crush, then texts, then Snapchat, then texts again, and now you’ve wasted the time you had set aside for more important things?  Jedediah Bila has solved her own Obsessive Compulsive Tech Disorder, and she did it without throwing away her devices. It's time to switch on airplane mode and settle into Jedediah Bila’s #DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life. In this timely, entertaining and inspiring book, Jedediah Bila chronicles her chaotic, confusing, and all-consuming love-hate relationship with - her cell phone. Stepping back from the whirlwind of texting, social media, and an endless sea of apps, Bila questions how our relationships, character, and sanity have suffered from our deep dive into the digital abyss. Exploring the toll that tech addiction took on her life, Bila reveals her missteps and mistakes, including several upending, life-altering months swirling in an ex-boyfriend’s cell-phone-enabled double life, and how a low-tech millennial later stole her heart. Travel with Jedediah through the embarrassing and catastrophic consequences of Ménage-a-Tech relationships, social media's Perception Deception, and the One-Potato-Chip-Problem of trying to resist Silicon Valley's hypnotic, slot-machine software designed to lure you in. Bila reveals how she navigated away from an unhealthy, oversaturated diet of tech junk food to striking just the right balance with technology to let her unplugged, real-life moments take charge. In #DoNotDisturb, Bila applies her trademark no-nonsense, common-sense, personal responsibility and accountability-centered approach, warning us that if we don’t stop acting like robots, our very humanity is at stake.    Through warm anecdotes and cold, hard truths, Bila reveals how she pulled her way out of the tech fog to keep her eyes focused on the life right in front of her. And how you can too.

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#EllosHablan: Testimonios de hombres, la relación con sus padres, el machismo y la violencia. Audiobook

#EllosHablan: Testimonios de hombres, la relación con sus padres, el machismo y la violencia.

Author: Lydia Cacho Narrator: Adriano Gazón, Rocio Olivares Release Date: October 2019

«El machismo es la idealización de la violencia como medio, como fin, como instrumento educativo coercitivo; es una trampa que normaliza lo inaceptable.» Con estas palabras Lydia Cacho define el punto de partida de este libro imprescindible. #EllosHablan son testimonios de diversos hombres que hablan de su infancia y ponen en evidencia la violencia que vivieron en su entorno. Ellos nos dejan ver cómo en el ambiente hogareño y hostil, los niños normalizan aquello que más tarde detonará en relaciones verticales, violentas y discriminatorias que avalan un sistema de impunidad y paternalismo salvaje. Lydia Cacho va a contracorriente de nuevo; acompaña a los hombres a mirarse al espejo en busca de un diálogo abierto para entender los orígenes de la violencia. La autora nos invita a pensar desde otro lugar para desmenuzar esto que llamamos #el hombre normal#. Una investigación que busca replantear el liderazgo masculino; cuestionar la sumisión ante la violencia a fin de que niños y jóvenes tengan nuevos asideros para construir su identidad sin atavismos. «El machismo es como una prisión bajo tierra. Un lugar rabioso, sobrepoblado y solitario a la vez. En ese sitio, todo se trata de romper a otros o que te rompan. Y uno descubre que está allá abajo un día, que está desde niño. Y entonces, a veces, uno decide escalar, rasparse, golpearse, arañarse y alejarse todo lo posible. Porque si hay una mejor vida que esa, seguro que está en otro lado.» Antonio Ortuño, escritor

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#Girlboss Audiobook


Author: Sophia Amoruso Narrator: Sarah Jes Austell Release Date: August 2015

*#GIRLBOSS NETFLIX ORIGINAL OUT NOW* Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable, audiobook edition of the New York Times bestselling sensation #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, read by Sarah Jes Austell. '#GIRLBOSS is more than a book . . . #GIRLBOSS is a movement' Lena Dunham 'A millennial alternative to Lean In' New York Magazine 'A compellingly motivational read' The Telegraph 'The book you need in your life' Marie Claire *Winner of the 2014 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Business Book* In the space of ten years, Sophia Amoruso has gone from high-school dropout to founder and Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal, one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world. Sophia's never been a typical executive, or a typical anything, and she's written #GIRLBOSS for other girls like her: outsiders (and insiders) seeking a unique path to success. Filled with brazen wake-up calls, cunning and frank observations, and behind-the-scenes stories from Nasty Gal's meteoric rise, #GIRLBOSS covers a lot of ground. It proves that success doesn't come from where you went to college or how popular you were in school. Success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break. Inspiring, motivating and empowering, #GIRLBOSS will give you the kick up the ass you need to reach your potential.

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#MeToo in the Corporate World: Power, Privilege, and the Path Forward Audiobook

#MeToo in the Corporate World: Power, Privilege, and the Path Forward

Author: Sylvia Ann Hewlett Narrator: Jane Copland Release Date: January 2020

Economist and award-winning author Sylvia Ann Hewlett blends vivid stories with powerful new data in assessing the impact of the #MeToo movement in corporate America and provides concrete action to help executives and companies create more inclusive and safe work environments for women, people of color, and LGBTQ employees. While the #MeToo movement has exposed the enormous harm done by sexual misconduct in the workplace, the movement’s full promise has not been fulfilled, Sylvia Ann Hewlett argues. Showcasing new data on the incidence of sexual harassment and assault at work, she reveals how the movement has focused almost exclusively on white women and failed to support other vulnerable groups who are also targets of abuse. Black men, gay men and women, and Latinas experience particularly high rates of sexual harassment and assault. In addition to exploring the movement’s limitations, Hewlett examines the collateral damage inflicted by #MeToo. She looks at hits to the bottom line (lawsuits and settlements, tarnished brands, and stock devaluations) and hits to the talent pipeline. In particular she shows how male leaders, fearful of gossip and legal action, are increasingly skittish about sponsoring young women, no matter how high performing they are. This makes it much more likely that women will stall out mid-career and will deprive companies of diversity in the C-Suite and “gender smarts” around decision-making tables. Digging deep into examples that range from Fox News, Nike, and Google to CBS, Michigan State University, and the Catholic Church, Hewlett lays bare the financial losses associated with sexual misconduct scandals. No wonder corporate chief risk officers newly have #MeToo in their line of sight! A third of this book is devoted to solutions and Hewlett offers a three-pronged strategy, combining legal remedies with individual and corporate action steps that can be used to protect employees and businesses they work for. Drawing from companies as different as IBM and IPG she discusses “experiments at the edge” as well as more evolved initiatives that can help any corporation create a more equitable and safer environment. Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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#METOO: Power to The Women Audiobook

#METOO: Power to The Women

Author: Raymoni Love Narrator: Books with Voices Release Date: May 2018

The sound of the #METOO MOVEMENT. A collective voice against sexual harassment, sexual assault, abuse, domestic abuse, and inequality. The message from courageous women who were humiliated, is loud and clear, that all people should be respected, protected and treated with decency. Let us all stand together and make this world safer and forgivable for those that positively change, and plant seeds of love so love will grow in every heart from children to adults.

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$10,000 per Month Passive Income Strategies: Tips, Tricks & Hacks To Wealth Creation And Financial F Audiobook

$10,000 per Month Passive Income Strategies: Tips, Tricks & Hacks To Wealth Creation And Financial F

Author: Jason Morgan Narrator: Eric Burr Release Date: October 2018

Do you want financial freedom and to live life on your terms? Do you want to learn the truth about passive income and how you can have recurring cash-flow month after month with minimal effort? Are you tired of being lied to by all these supposed financial 'gurus' who claim they make $10,000 per month?- But in reality they only make a fraction of what they disclose in actual net profit. The fact is there is a lot of misinformation, scams and myths out there when it comes to passive income. I go straight to the point, no fluff or sugar coating the facts. I give you the cold hard truth! I got tired of hearing all these 'experts' spewing their outright lies on the internet deceiving people, so I decided to pen my own book that gives YOU actionable information to change your life's financial situation. ☆★☆ Topics Covered☆★☆ Passive income business models Options trading Dividend investing Identifying profitable day trades I reveal my personal dividend stock portfolio Business structures & procedures Business principles Online business fundamentals No money down real estate Secretes to repairing bad credit score (template included) And, much, much more! ☆★☆ Buy your copy now☆★☆

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$20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Bette Audiobook

$20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Bette

Author: Christopher Steiner Narrator: John Wolfe Release Date: July 2009

Imagine an everyday world in which the price of gasoline (and oil) continues to go up, and up, and up. Think about the immediate impact that would have on our lives. Of course, everybody already knows how about gasoline has affected our driving habits. People can't wait to junk their gas-guzzling SUVs for a new Prius. But there are more, not-so-obvious changes on the horizon that Chris Steiner tracks brilliantly in this provocative work. Consider the following societal changes: people who own homes in far-off suburbs will soon realize that there's no longer any market for their houses (reason: nobody wants to live too far away because it's too expensive to commute to work). Telecommuting will begin to expand rapidly. Trains will become the mode of national transportation (as it used to be) as the price of flying becomes prohibitive. Families will begin to migrate southward as the price of heating northern homes in the winter is too pricey. Cheap everyday items that are comprised of plastic will go away because of the rising price to produce them (plastic is derived from oil). And this is just the beginning of a huge and overwhelming domino effect that our way of life will undergo in the years to come. Steiner, an engineer by training before turning to journalism, sees how this simple but constant rise in oil and gas prices will totally re-structure our lifestyle. But what may be surprising to readers is that all of these changes may not be negative - but actually will usher in some new and very promising aspects of our society. Steiner will probe how the liberation of technology and innovation, triggered by climbing gas prices, will change our lives. The book may start as an alarmist's exercise.... but don't be misled. The future will be exhilarating.

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'Broadsword Calling Danny Boy': On Where Eagles Dare Audiobook

'Broadsword Calling Danny Boy': On Where Eagles Dare

Author: Geoff Dyer Narrator: Roy Mcmillan Release Date: October 2018

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of 'Broadsword Calling Danny Boy' by Geoff Dyer, read by Roy McMillan. From the acclaimed writer and critic Geoff Dyer, an extremely funny scene-by-scene analysis of Where Eagles Dare - published as the film reaches its 50th anniversary A thrilling Alpine adventure starring a magnificent, bleary-eyed Richard Burton and a coolly anachronistic Clint Eastwood, Where Eagles Dare is the apex of 1960s war movies, by turns enjoyable and preposterous. 'Broadsword Calling Danny Boy' is Geoff Dyer's tribute to the film he has loved since childhood: an analysis taking us from its snowy, Teutonic opening credits to its vertigo-inducing climax. For those who have not even seen Where Eagles Dare, this book is a comic tour-de-force of criticism. But for the film's legions of fans, whose hearts will always belong to Ron Goodwin's theme tune, it will be the fulfilment of a dream. 'Geoff Dyer's funniest book yet. Who else would work in Martha Gellhorn on the first page of a book on the film Where Eagles Dare?' Michael Ondaatje 'One of our greatest living critics, not of the arts but of life itself, and one of our most original writers' Kathryn Schulz, New York Magazine

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'Impossible People: 'Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization Audiobook

'Impossible People: 'Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization

Author: Os Guinness Narrator: Derek Perkins Release Date: July 2016

'The church in the West is at a critical moment. While the gospel is exploding throughout the global south, Western civilization faces militant assaults from aggressive secularism and radical Islam. Will the church resist the seductive shaping power of advanced modernity? More than ever, Christians must resist the negative cultural forces of our day with fortitude and winsomeness. What is needed is followers of Christ who are willing to face reality without flinching and respond with a faithfulness that is unwavering. Os Guinness describes these Christians as "impossible people," those who have "hearts that can melt with compassion, but with faces like flint and backbones of steel who are unmanipulable, unbribable, undeterrable and unclubbable, without ever losing the gentleness, the mercy, the grace and the compassion of our Lord." Few accounts of the challenge of today are more realistic, and few calls to Christian courage are more timely, resolute?and hopeful. Guinness argues that we must engage secularism and atheism in new ways, confronting competing ideas with discernment and fresh articulation of the faith. Christians are called to be impossible people, serving an Impossible God.

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'To the Immortal Name and Memory of George Washington' - The United States Army Corps of Engineers a Audiobook

'To the Immortal Name and Memory of George Washington' - The United States Army Corps of Engineers a

Author: Louis Torres Narrator: Christopher Lee Philips Release Date: January 2020

Audio Americana announces the first publication in audiobook format of 'To the Immortal Name and Memory of George Washington' - The United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Construction of the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument is perhaps the most striking feature of the skyline in the nation's capital and a must-see for visitors to Washington, D.C., but like the city itself, the monument has had a rather curious and eventful history. What began as an eighteenth century idea did not come to fruition until the latter part of the nineteenth century. Construction was interrupted for over two decades, during which the unfinished monument to America's founding father George Washington was often ridiculed by local residents as 'the Washington stump.' So numerous were the various challenges and controversies that surrounded the monument that it is no small surprise it was ever completed. While legislation regarding a monument to George Washington had been passed as early as 1783, construction did not begin in earnest until well after the centennial of Washington's birth in 1832. The cornerstone was finally laid on July 4th, 1848 but construction would not be completed and the monument opened to the public until its formal dedication on February 21st, 1885 (the day before Washington's birthday). 'To the Immortal Name and Memory of George Washington' was written by Louis Torres, who served as a federal government historian for over three decades. Published by the United States Government Printing Office to coincide with the centennial of the monument's opening, it remains the most highly detailed study of the Washington Monument and of the enduring role played by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in its construction. Cover Illustration: Laying corner stone, Washington Monument / The Knapp Co. lith., N.Y. Washington D.C, ca. 1893. Photograph.

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