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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
Master Mentors: 30 Transformative Insights from Our Greatest  Minds Audiobook

Master Mentors: 30 Transformative Insights from Our Greatest Minds

Author: Scott Jeffrey Miller Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: September 2021

Read by the author. For busy professionals and lifelong learners seeking practical strategies for reaching new heights, Master Mentors distills 30 essential learnings from Seth Godin, Susan Cain, Trent Shelton, General Stanley McChrystal, and other top business minds and thought leaders of our time. Mining the best and brightest revelations from FranklinCovey's global podcast, On Leadership with Scott Miller, Scott personally introduces you to 30 Master Mentors, featuring the single most transformative insight from each of them. Depending on where you are in your journey, Master Mentors will: - Challenge your current mindset and beliefs, leading to what could be the most important career and thought-process shifts of your life! - Restore you to the mindset and beliefs you find effective but aren't currently living in alignment with. - Validate that you are on the right path with your current mindset and beliefs and empower you on your way forward. Whether you are challenged, affirmed, informed, or inspired-Master Mentors guarantees you will experience a transformative shift in your personal mindset, life skillset, and career toolset. Accompanying figures are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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Cthulhu vs. Kaiju Audiobook

Cthulhu vs. Kaiju

Author: Mitchell Luthi Narrator: Anna Capraro, Scott Miller Release Date: September 2021

It's been years since the first Emergence, since the first specimen of the kaiju scourge awoke from millennia of dormancy beneath the sea and wrought untold devastation upon the cities of man. Much has since been lost, but a great deal gained, too. In the crucible of extinction-level events, a new breed of super-soldier, capable of interfacing with the beasts, was born. We follow Captain Reynolds and his crewmates, Kiyo and Maks, seasoned kaiju pilots with many an averted disaster beneath their belts. To them, saving the Earth is just another day at the office, and they thought they'd seen it all... Until the balance begins to tip in favour of a new threat, of a being far more ancient and powerful than they have yet encountered. Everything is in place. The stars have finally aligned. In Cthulhu vs. Kaiju, epic fantasy author Mitchell Lüthi has penned a love letter to both cosmic horror and kaiju with a single stroke of his pen, and harnesses the chilling ambience of At the Mountains of Madness and the action-packed ostentation of Pacific Rim. This one will leave you breathless, and clawing at your ears for the voices to stop.

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The Martians and the Coys Audiobook

The Martians and the Coys

Author: Mack Reynolds Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: September 2021

Lem didn't like guarding the still while Paw and the boys went feuding. He wanted to get a shot at some Martins too! Yup, he sure did... Maw Coy climbed the fence down at the end of the south pasture and started up the side of the creek, carrying her bundle over her shoulder and puffing slightly at her exertion. She forded the creek there at the place where Hank's old coon dog Jigger was killed by the boar three years ago come next hunting season. Jumping from rock to rock across the creek made her puff even harder; Maw Coy wasn't as young as she once was. On the other side she rested a minute to light up her pipe and to look carefully about before heading up the draw. She didn't really expect to see any Martins around here, but you never knew. Besides, there might've been a revenue agent. They were getting mighty thick and mighty uppity these days. You'd think the government'd have more to do than bother honest folks trying to make an honest living. The pipe lit, Maw swung the bundle back over her shoulder and started up the draw. Paw and the boys, she reckoned were probably hungry as a passel of hound dogs by now. She'd have to hurry. When she entered the far side of the clearing, she couldn't see any signs of them so she yelled, 'You Paw! You Hank and Zeke!' Maw Coy liked to give the men folks warning before she came up on the still. Hank, in particular, was mighty quick on the trigger sometimes. But there wasn't any answer. She trudged across the clearing to where the still was hidden in a cluster of pines. Nobody was there but Lem. She let the bundle down and glowered at him. 'Lem, you no-account, why didn't you answer me when I hollered?' He grinned at her vacuously, not bothering to get up from where he sat whittling, his back to an old oak. 'Huh?' he said. A thin trickle of brown ran down from the side of his mouth and through the stubble on his chin.

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The Mind Digger Audiobook

The Mind Digger

Author: Winston Marks Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: August 2021

There was a reason why his scripts were smash hits--they had realism. And why not? He was reliving every scene and emotion in them! It was really a pretty fair script, and it caught me at a moment when every playwright worth his salt was playing in France, prostituting in Hollywood or sulking in a slump. I needed a play badly, so I told Ellie to get this unknown up to my office and have a contract ready. When she announced him on the intercom, my door banged open and a youngster in blue-jeans, sweatshirt and a stubbly crew-cut popped in like a carelessly aimed champagne cork. I said, 'I'm sorry, son, but I have an interview right now. Besides we aren't casting yet. Come back in a couple of weeks.' His grin never faltered, being of the more durable kind that you find on farms and west of the Rockies. His ragged sneakers padded across my Persian, and I thought he was going to spring over my desk like a losing tennis player. 'I'm your interview,' he announced.

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To The San Juan (Buckskin Chronicles Book 10) Audiobook

To The San Juan (Buckskin Chronicles Book 10)

Author: B.N. Rundell Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: August 2021

With the civil war over, the president assassinated, and the South in reconstruction, Tyrell Thompsett knew the country would be crying for beef. His long-held dream was to have his own ranch and to follow in the footsteps of his father that started the first ranch in the Medicine Bow range of Wyoming territory. Now, with his new wife, a member of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, and his friend, Grey Wolf and his wife of the Mouache Ute, he set out to make that dream a reality. But it seemed like the forces of nature had conspired together against them, and to add in the Weeminuche Ute, Jicarilla Apache, and some renegade Comanche, the obstacles before them seemed insurmountable. But after locating the ranch on the upper reaches of the Rio Grande in the San Juan mountains, the real challenges had to be faced. With a herd waiting in New Mexico territory, they set out to bring the herd back to Colorado territory. But, when a newly formed band of outlaw Confederate rebels, traders known as Comancheros, and renegade Comanche from the bands of the Ditsahkanah and Penateka Comanche, the name Comanchero referred to a heartless and merciless band of murderers and thieves. And it was to be a battle between the vaqueros and cowboys against the Comancheros that would leave a trail of blood and bodies and determine the fate of the Rio Grande ranch and the future of Tyrell Thompsett in the San Juan mountains.

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To The Cache La Poudre (Buckskin Chronicles Book 7) Audiobook

To The Cache La Poudre (Buckskin Chronicles Book 7)

Author: B.N. Rundell Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: June 2021

When a marauding band of Cheyenne Dog Soldiers attack a wagon train and take two women and a boy captive, Talon Thompsett is surprised when no one is willing to go after the Indians and try to rescue the captives. But the young man is reminded of his father’s counsel that “Whenever a task falls to you, don’t question the why of it, just get busy with the doin’ of it!” Now he must set aside his new job as Shotgun for the Overland Stage and gear up for the pursuit of a band of warrior renegades. A tall task for an unproven young man, but when none of the pilgrims believe in the cause, and the settlers of nearby LaPorte refuse to leave their homes unguarded, Talon realizes he must face this challenge alone. His commitment and determination lead to the making of a man and a bloody chase through the foothills of Colorado and the plains of the new territory. Along the way, he makes a bitter enemy of the Cheyenne war leader, Two Bears, who is determined to seek vengeance on this unknown white man and prove to his people that he is the chosen leader of the notorious Dog soldiers. But Talon is undaunted and even eager to show the renegade that this white man is more than his match. Follow the trail that takes a young man from the Cache La Poudre through intimidating country and back to the Overland Trail as he proves his worth as he rises to the challenge and the making of a man.

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To The Overland Trail (Buckskin Chronicles Book 8) Audiobook

To The Overland Trail (Buckskin Chronicles Book 8)

Author: B.N. Rundell Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: June 2021

The Overland Stage line had become the target of raids by the Dog Soldiers, a confederacy of Cheyenne, Arapaho and Lakota, that sought to regain the land stolen from the Indians by the new government of Colorado Territory. A bitter cold winter added to the danger of the continued assaults on wagon trains, stage stations and stages. But when Colonel Chivington launched his retaliatory attack on the peaceful Cheyenne village that resulted in a massacre of women and children, the Indians will strike back again and again. Talon Thompsett, Shotgun for the Overland stage line, would be caught in the middle of what would become the Colorado Indian Wars and after repeated skirmishes with the Dog Soldiers and living through a stage wreck, the injured Talon has a long trek ahead to return to his new wife. But she would not wait and anxious to find her husband, she sets out alone to find her man, not knowing if he’s dead or alive, but she is willing to take on the entire combined Indian nations to rescue her man. Forced into a battle of her own, Ginny Thompsett proves her mettle and is joined by the legendary mountain man, James Beckwourth, in her continuing search for her husband. While the territory rages in the war between the Dog Soldiers and the many stage stations and ranches that were the object of their wrath, Talon’s determination to survive and Ginny’s commitment to prevail that will give this young couple a chance as a family and a future together.

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To The Absaroka (Buckskin Chronicles Book 3) Audiobook

To The Absaroka (Buckskin Chronicles Book 3)

Author: B.N. Rundell Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: March 2021

A man is only as good as his word. A man's word is the cornerstone of his character according to Ezekiel, Jeremiah's adopted father and mentor. Raised among the Arapaho with values according to their culture blended with the standards of a runaway slave and the remnants of the memory of his natural father, Jeremiah must now take the measure of his own character. After a tragedy that sweeps through the village of his wife's people and their own home, Jeremiah gives his word to Black Kettle and joins with his life-long friend, Broken Shield and sets out to find their new winter home. With the only possible site lying between the land of their avowed enemies, the Kicked in the Bellies Crow nation and the territory of the marauding Blackfeet, the two friends land in the middle of a battle between these two sworn adversaries. With the responsibility of the fate of the entire Arapaho village resting upon them, and opposition from both nature and enemy forces, they must overcome unimaginable obstacles for Jeremiah to prove that his word and his promise are the measure of a man with character that refuses to be compromised or defeated.

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Acres of Diamonds Audiobook

Acres of Diamonds

Author: Russell H. Conwell Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: March 2021

Acres of Diamonds was originally delivered by Russell H. Conwell in a speech in Philadelphia more than 100 years ago. He enlisted in the Army during the civil war and rose to the rank of Colonel. He’s also known for being the founder and first president of Temple University in Philadelphia. Conwell shared this timeless classic more than 6,000 times around the world.

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Soul Bound: A Kat Drummond Short Story Audiobook

Soul Bound: A Kat Drummond Short Story

Author: Nicholas Woode-Smith Narrator: Anna Capraro, Scott Miller Release Date: March 2021

I thought moving into a new apartment would be easy... Even in this world of magic and monsters, moving out shouldn't be too hard, right? With help from the ghost in my head, I hunt monsters to pay the bills and pay my way through university. Now it's time I finally get my own place. Through lopping off zombie and giant rat heads, I should have enough money, right? But if there's anything consistent about living in Hope City, things are seldom easy. My name is Kat Drummond, and I'm a part-time monster hunter. Soul Bound is a prequel short story to Part-Time Monster Hunter and the Kat Drummond Series. Follow a young and newbie Kat as she carves a name for herself out of the Hope City monster hunting scene in this action-packed and snarky urban fantasy.

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To The Bighorns (Buckskin Chronicles Book 4) Audiobook

To The Bighorns (Buckskin Chronicles Book 4)

Author: B.N. Rundell Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: March 2021

The making of a man is a challenging metamorphosis by any standard, but when it's in the wilderness and among the Arapaho people, the standards are raised. Such was the challenge of Caleb, the adopted son of Jeremiah Thompsett and Laughing Waters. With his Pa a proven warrior and leader for the people and his Ma becoming the new Shaman for the village, Caleb naturally wonders about his future and the possibility of marrying his sweetheart and spending their lives living in the wilderness with his people, the Northern Arapaho. With confusion and frustration confounding his thinking, he follows the council of the elder of the people and his Grandfather, Black Kettle, and departs for the Bighorns and a vision quest to the sacred Medicine Wheel. Seeking the many answers to the questions that have plagued him, he looks to his God for direction for his life, his manhood, and his companion. Returning to his home with what he believes to be the needed direction and the answers he sought, he is confronted with tragic news of the kidnapping of the love of his life. Questioning himself and his purpose again, he is joined by his Pa, Jeremiah, and their partner, Scratch, as this odd collection of mountain men, young and old, sets off in pursuit of the renegade kidnappers and the needed retribution. With obstacles before him and a fight awaiting him, he must push through his trial by fire to find his beloved.

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To The Tall Timber (Buckskin Chronicles Book 2) Audiobook

To The Tall Timber (Buckskin Chronicles Book 2)

Author: B.N. Rundell Narrator: Scott Miller Release Date: February 2021

Jeremiah returns from the wild mountains of the west to keep a promise to his adopted father and mentor, Ezekiel. The journey allows for a visit with Jeremiah's only living relative, his sister. Jeremiah finds himself obligated to make and keep another promise that sets the trio on the trail West, and that journey sees them join up with a wagon train of settlers and missionaries searching for a new land and a new life. But tragedy strikes and everyone must learn to survive against the trials and challenges of the life-threatening wilderness of the West. The long trip across the plains give the mountain men challenges never before imagined, but with the added resolve of determined settlers, the journey continues to Fort William where the group divides to seek their own futures. Yet the ultimate goal of being reunited with the one woman that truly stirs Jeremiah's heart and give meaning to life, is realized as the journey for the traveling companions ends as they reach the Summer camp of the Arapaho, the second family to Jeremiah.

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