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  1. freckles Audiobook freckles
  2. A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t Audiobook A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t
  4. Piranesi Audiobook Piranesi
  5. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think Audiobook 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
  6. Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg Audiobook Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg
  7. State of Terror Audiobook State of Terror
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Audiobook The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
  9. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them Audiobook Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
  10. Bad Boss Audiobook Bad Boss
Sons and Lovers Audiobook

Sons and Lovers

Author: D. H. Lawrence, D.H. Lawrence Narrator: Paul Copley Release Date: September 2012

Penguin Classics presents D. H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, adapted for audio and available as a digital download as part of the Penguin English Library series. Read by Paul Copley. ''She was a brazen hussy.' 'She wasn't. - And she was pretty, wasn't she?' 'I didn't look ... And tell your girls, my son, that when they're running after you, they're not to come and ask your mother for you - tell them that - brazen baggages you meet at dancing classes'' The marriage of Gertrude and Walter Morel has become a battleground. Repelled by her uneducated and sometimes violent husband, delicate Gertrude devotes her life to her children, especially to her sons, William and Paul - determined they will not follow their father into working down the coal mines. But conflict is evitable when Paul seeks to escape his mother's suffocating grasp through relationships with women his own age. Set in Lawrence's native Nottinghamshire, Sons and Lovers is a highly autobiographical and compelling portrayal of childhood, adolescence and the clash of generations. Part of a series of vintage recordings taken from the Penguin Archives. Affordable, collectable, quality productions - perfect for on-the-go listening.

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Everyone Quite Likes Justin: The Complete Series 1-2 Audiobook

Everyone Quite Likes Justin: The Complete Series 1-2

Author: Jim Poyser, Justin Moorhouse Narrator: Anne Reid, Jim Poyser, Justin Moorhouse, Paul Copley Release Date: October 2019

In one version of his life, Justin is a well-known local Manchester radio DJ who is successful, funny, and stopped in the street by adoring fans. He's the man who has everything. In another version he's a DJ in a slightly shabby local radio station who gets hassled by the occasional oddball on the street. And he's the man who hopes for everything. The truth lies somewhere in between. And at home? Well, naturally, his private life is chaotic. His wife has left him, taking custody of his 8-year-old son Justin jnr, and is in the process of taking him to the cleaners. So he's back on the market. As is his house - so he's currently living in his father-in-law's spare room in Bury. The only person who understands him is his Gran, living in luxury in an old folk's home in Warrington. Oh, and his producer Bryn but this might not be a good thing. Despite all this mess, Justin always remains positive. Every new day is a new opportunity, 'When life throws you lemons, make lemonade'. This complete collection of Everyone Quite Likes Justin, Justin is played by Justin Moorhouse, Gran by Anne Reid, Ray by Paul Copley and Lisa by Christine Bottomley. There's a satisfyingly high gag hit-rate for this new comedy about a radio presenter - The Guardian Producer: Steven Canny

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The Destruction Factor: A BBC Sci-Fi Drama from the creator of Earthsearch Audiobook

The Destruction Factor: A BBC Sci-Fi Drama from the creator of Earthsearch

Author: James Follett Narrator: Clifford Rose, Paul Copley, Rosalind Adams, Tp Mckenna Release Date: February 2020

A dangerous mutant plant causes chaos in this science fiction thriller Scientist Ralph Exon, working for an international fertiliser corporation, has created a new strain of soya bean: a mutation which he hopes will help eliminate Third World famine. But in that plant, known as the Exon strain, there lurks the Destruction Factor. As it rapidly grows – shooting up from six inches to two feet in mere hours – the plant produces oxygen at massively increased levels, sparking uncontrollable fires. And when its seeds escape from the laboratory and are distributed throughout the country, Exon’s colleague Max Flinders realises that if left unchecked, the plants’ oxygen output will destabilise the atmosphere to such an extent that human life could become extinct. After an emergency vent of the biodome causes an explosion that brings down a jumbo jet, the UN become involved. They issue the British government with an ultimatum: track down and destroy the Exon strain, or they will carpet-bomb the entire country with deadly defoliants... Written by James Follett, creator of the acclaimed Earthsearch, this dark, sinister radio drama stars T P McKenna, Paul Copley, Rosalind Adams and Clifford Rose. First broadcast as two 90-minute plays on BBC Radio 4 in 1978

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The Railway Children Audiobook

The Railway Children

Author: Edith Nesbit Narrator: Daniel Ison, Kate Mcenery, Paul Copley, Timothy Bateson, Victoria Carling Release Date: August 2006

Paul Copley and Timothy Bateson star in a BBC Radio full-cast dramatisation of E. Nesbit's enchanting and unforgettable classic. Roberta, Peter and Phyllis lead an ordinary suburban life with Mother and Father, enjoying trips to the zoo and the pantomime. But when Father is mysteriously taken away one night, everything changes. The children must move to the country, to a little white cottage near the railway line, where eventually they find that there are plenty of adventures to be had and friends to be made - including Perks the Porter and the Station Master himself. But the mystery remains - what has happened to Father, and will he come back? The story of Roberta, Peter and Phyllis and their life in the country has never been out of print since it was first published in 1906. Charming, sentimental and unforgettable, the novel retains all its enchantment and enduring appeal in this BBC Radio full-cast dramatisation.

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The Winter's Tale: BBC Radio Shakespeare Audiobook

The Winter's Tale: BBC Radio Shakespeare

Author: William Shakespeare Narrator: Danny Sapani, Eve Best, Karl Johnson, Paul Copley, Shaun Dooley, Susan Jameson Release Date: February 2021

Eve Best, Danny Sapani and Shaun Dooley star in this modern, riveting and magical production of The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare The Winter's Tale treads new dramatic ground embracing tragedy, poetry, folklore, magic realism, music, comedy and the infamous stage direction 'exit pursued by a bear'. One of Shakespeare's mesmerising later productions, often considered a 'problem play' as it starts with a tragedy and ends in a romance The story starts with the consuming jealousy of King Leontes of Sicilia towards his wife Hermione and his childhood friend King Polixenes of Bohemia. Believing they are lovers and the child she is carrying is illegitimate, Leontes begins a destructive path: the breaking of his marriage and the abandonment of his child What seems hopeless, tragic and irreconcilable changes in Act 2 where jealousy and actions arouse a passionate sense of honour, love, justice and self-sacrifice in members of his court and family. The baby, Perdita, is raised by a shepherd, unaware of her royal heritage. It seems she will never discover the truth of her birth, but when Prince Florizel sees her and falls in love, it seems fate has other ideas.... This production brings together a star cast and includes an original folk music score by award-winning musicians Lisa Knapp and Tim Van Eyken Production Credits Written by William Shakespeare Music composed by Tim Van Eyken and singer Lisa Knapp Director: David Hunter First Broadcast BBC Radio 3 on the 1st May 2016 as part of The Shakespeare Sessions series Cast List Leontes ... Danny Sapani Hermione ... Eve Best Polixenes ... Shaun Dooley Camillo... Karl Johnson Paulina... Susan Jameson Shepherd... Paul Copley Perdita... Faye Castelow Autolycus... Tim Van Eyken Florizel... Will Howard Mamillius... Charlie Brand Archidamus...Sean Baker Antigonus... Brian Protheroe Clown...Sam Rix Emilia...Scarlett Brookes Cleomenes...Richard Pepple Dion...Nick Underwood First Lady...Adie Allen Mopsa...Nicola Ferguson First Lord.. James Lailey Mariner...Sargon Yelda Officer...Ewan Bailey

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