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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Elinor: A Riveting Story Based on the Lost Colony of Roanoke Audiobook

Elinor: A Riveting Story Based on the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Author: Shannon Mcnear Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: December 2021

In 1587, Elinor White Dare sailed from England heavy with her first child but full of hopes. Her father, a renowned artist and experienced traveler, has convinced her and her bricklayer husband Ananias to make the journey to the New World. Land, they are promised, more goodly and beautiful than they can ever imagine. But nothing goes as planned from landing at the wrong location, to facing starvation, to the endless wait for help to arrive. And, beyond her comprehension, Elinor finds herself utterly alone. . . . The colony at Roanoke disappeared into the shadows of history. But, what if one survived to leave a lasting legacy?

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Saving Mrs. Roosevelt: WWII Heroines Audiobook

Saving Mrs. Roosevelt: WWII Heroines

Author: Candice Sue Patterson Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: December 2021

Shirley Davenport is as much a patriot as her four brothers.  She, too, wants to aid her country in the war efforts and joins a new branch of the Coast Guard for single women called SPARs.  At the end of basic training, Captain Webber commissions her back home in Maine under the ruse of a dishonorable discharge to help uncover a plot against the First Lady.  Shirley soon discovers nothing is as it seems.  Why do the people she loves want to harm the First Lady?

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The Handbook for a Happy Cat: Speak Their Language, Decode Their Quirks, and Meet Their Needs—So The Audiobook

The Handbook for a Happy Cat: Speak Their Language, Decode Their Quirks, and Meet Their Needs—So The

Author: Liesbeth Puts Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: December 2021

Give your best friend more purr and pounce with this whiskers-to-tail guide to the good life!One reason we're wild for cats is that our cats are still wild at heart. On our laps, they're purring lovebugs, but on the prowl, they're fearsome hunters-with territorial instincts to match.The Handbook for a Happy Cat takes us inside the feline mind to decode what our cats really want in life and how they try to tell us. You'll learn: - Why a bigger water bowl does away with "whisker stress" - How to move like a mouse for maximum fun at playtime - Skills to teach your kitten for a lifetime of easy vet visits, grooming, and more - Subtle signs of stress such as excessive scent-marking and lip-licking - How to tell frolic from fighting in the multi-cat household (and how to give frenemies a fresh start) - What makes a scratching post so tempting that your sofa will be spared - How to reassure a spooked cat with the "slow blink" - Why it's pointless to "punish" a cat-but training is possible!  Certified behaviorist Liesbeth Puts traces every feline mystery to cats' natural behavior and needs. A happy cat is a cat who can be herself!

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Mind Over Mood: Understanding Anxiety and Depression Audiobook

Mind Over Mood: Understanding Anxiety and Depression

Author: Scientific American Narrator: Lauren Ezzo, Mack Sanderson Release Date: November 2021

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common conditions affecting mental health and overall quality of life, but there are tools for managing them. In this audiobook, we'll explore how depression shows up in the brain, different manifestations of depression and anxiety, various talk therapies, technological innovations, lifestyle interventions, and more.

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Candidly Cline Audiobook

Candidly Cline

Author: Kathryn Ormsbee Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: November 2021

A must-read for fans of Julie Murphy and Ashley Herring Blake, this queer coming-of-age story from critically acclaimed author Kathryn Ormsbee sings with heart, warmth, and hope. Born in Paris, Kentucky, and raised on her gram’s favorite country music, Cline Alden is a girl with big dreams and a heart full of song. When she finds out about a young musicians’ workshop a few towns over, Cline sweet-talks, saves, and maybe fibs her way into her first step toward musical stardom. But her big dreams never prepared her for the butterflies she feels surrounded by so many other talented kids—especially Sylvie, who gives Cline the type of butterflies she’s only ever heard about in love songs. As she learns to make music of her own, Cline begins to realize how much of herself she’s been holding back. But now, there’s a new song taking shape in her heart—if only she can find her voice and sing it. “Empowering, affirming, and sweet as all get-out.” —Lisa Jenn Bigelow, author of Drum Roll, Please

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To The Tome of Murder Audiobook

To The Tome of Murder

Author: Lauren Elliott Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: October 2021

Three weeks before Thanksgiving, bookshop owner Addie Greyborne already has a full plate-and a killer on her case . . . Addie's determined to turn a seemingly ordinary November in coastal Greyborne Harbor into one for the books. The windows of her shop display carefully curated works by American writers, including a rare selection of traditional holiday recipes from the influential nineteenth-century publication Godey's Ladies Magazine. And then there's the town's Civil War-era themed cooking and baking competition, with a hefty cash prize and free publicity going to the winning dish . . . But when she finds her cousin's boyfriend murdered, a stunned Addie reluctantly realizes she may be the only person who can blow the cover off a grisly crime. With so many unanswered questions surrounding the victim's death, Addie must figure out the strange connection between a mysterious vintage briefcase, the disappearance of a first edition copy of Sarah Josepha Hale's famous nursery rhyme, 'Mary Had a Little Lamb,' and a dangerously well-read culprit . . .

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On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea: A Scientific Novel Audiobook

On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea: A Scientific Novel

Author: Michael Carroll Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: October 2021

Titan is practically a planet in its own right, with a diameter similar to that of Mercury, methane rainstorms, organic soot, and ethane seas. All of the most detailed knowledge on the moon's geology, volcanology, meteorology, marine sciences, and chemistry are gathered together here to paint a factually accurate hypothetical future of early human colonization on this strange world. The views from Titan's Mayda outpost are spectacular, but all is not well at the moon's remote science base. On the shore of a methane sea beneath glowering skies, atmospherics researcher Abigail Marco finds herself in the middle of murder, piracy, and colleagues who seem to be seeing sea monsters and dead people from the past. On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea provides thrills, excitement, and mystery-couched in the latest science-on one of the Solar System's most bizarre worlds, Saturn's huge moon Titan.

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The Christmas Crumb Audiobook

The Christmas Crumb

Author: Lou Treleaven Narrator: David Bendena, Lauren Ezzo, Lewis Arlt, York Whitaker Release Date: October 2021

A family of giants drops a crumb of chocolate yule log?but one crumb doesn't matter, does it? Join Pip and his mother, the mice, and the ants as everyone benefits from the giant Christmas bonanza. The audience will learn along with each of the characters that what might be a small thing for you can turn out to be a very big thing for someone else.

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The Guest Audiobook

The Guest

Author: Cathryn Grant Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: September 2021

She told him to make himself at home. He did. Life has been good to Ellie-she owns a successful art gallery, is deeply in love with her husband, Seth, and has two beautiful children, Brandon and Simone. But not everything is perfect . . . Lately, Seth seems to have something on his mind and has become cold and distant. And things don't improve when he invites mysterious stranger Ace to stay in their home. Ace is charming, but Ellie can't help feeling there's more to him than meets the eye, that he has some kind of agenda. She's also aware that she is dangerously attracted to him. Then a girl at Brandon's school is murdered, and Ellie is beyond devastated when the police tell her they think her son might be involved. Ellie knows in her heart that Brandon is innocent and she feels certain that Ace is somehow connected to the disturbing things that are happening. She starts to dig for the truth and uncovers the terrible secret that will change her life in ways she can't imagine . . .

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Down in New Orleans Audiobook

Down in New Orleans

Author: Heather Graham Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: September 2021

A woman plunges into the dark corners of the Big Easy to clear her ex-husband of murder in a novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Deadly Fate. Ann and Jon Marcel are a rare case; five years after their divorce, they're good friends, and Ann has come to love Jon's hometown of New Orleans. Until the day Jon staggers through her door covered in blood and mumbling, 'I didn't do it.' Jon is charged with murdering a stripper, and in order to save him, Ann will have to dive into the sordid New Orleans underworld, looking for clues in erotic clubs and seamy jazz spots. And, if that weren't enough, she must deal with the resolute detective bent on bringing her husband to justice-the eagle-eyed lieutenant who dogs her steps and surfaces in her dreams. But despite her wavering affections, Ann has bigger concerns as she becomes embroiled in a fight not only for Jon's freedom, but also for her life. Down in New Orleans is a thrilling tale of romantic suspense by the bestselling and award-winning author of the Krewe of Hunters series, called "a master" by Booklist.

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A Woman and Her God Audiobook

A Woman and Her God

Author: Beth Moore Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: August 2021

Many of today's most extraordinary Christian women communicators join together to impart the wisdom God has given them--and to help women realize all God intended for them. Features Jill Briscoe, Beth Moore, Sandra D. Wilson, Kathleen Hart, David Hager, Thelma Wells, and Beverly LaHaye.

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Murder at Wakehurst Audiobook

Murder at Wakehurst

Author: Alyssa Maxwell Narrator: Lauren Ezzo Release Date: August 2021

Following the death of her uncle, Cornelius Vanderbilt, in September 1899, a somber Emma is in no mood for one of Newport's extravagant parties. But to keep Vanderbilt's reckless son Neily out of trouble, she agrees to accompany him to an Elizabethan fete on the lavish grounds of Wakehurst, the Ochre Point 'cottage' modeled after an English palace, owned by Anglophile James Van Alen. Held in Wakehurst's English-style gardens, the festivities will include a swordplay demonstration, an archery competition, scenes from Shakespeare's plays, and even a joust. As Emma wanders the grounds distracted by grief, she overhears a fierce argument between a man and a woman behind a tall hedge. As the joust begins, she's drawn by the barking of Van Alen's dogs and finds a man on the ground, an arrow through his chest. The victim is one of the 400's most influential members, Judge Clayton Schuyler. Could one of the countless criminals he'd imprisoned over the years have returned to seek revenge-or could one of his own family members have targeted him? With the help of her beau Derrick Andrews and Detective Jesse Whyte, Emma begins to learn the judge was not the straight arrow he appeared to be. As their investigation leads them in ever-widening circles, Emma will have to score a bull's eye to stop the killer from taking another life . . .

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