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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Vampire Heretic Audiobook

Vampire Heretic

Author: Dan Davis Narrator: John Lee Release Date: December 2021

The immortal knight pursues the worst serial killer in history. AD 1440, Brittany. Scores of children have gone missing from the countryside around Nantes. The commoners know who is to blame. But they dare not speak up, for they suspect their very own lord, the Marshal of France and Lieutenant-General of Brittany, the Baron Gilles de Rais. As Richard investigates the monstrous crimes, he is haunted by the recent crushing defeats at the hands of an insane French peasant girl called Joan of Arc. But what is the strange connection between the Maiden of Orleans and the depraved Baron de Rais? Richard hates her for what she has done to the armies of England but was she ultimately just another victim of the evil lord? To discover the truth, Richard must investigate the sinister tales of demon summoning, odious heresies, and sadistic murders while confronting his own catastrophic failures in the wars against the inspired armies of France.

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Vampire Knight Audiobook

Vampire Knight

Author: Dan Davis Narrator: John Lee Release Date: November 2021

The immortal knight hunts a ruthless vampire through the battlefields of the Hundred Years' War. AD 1346. King Edward III wages war to claim the crown of France by conquest. On the battlefield of Crecy, Richard confronts a mysterious knight with inhuman strength fighting beneath a banner as black as death. To find his dangerous new enemy, Richard assembles a company of veteran men-at-arms and deadly English archers. Together, they must invade France and burn and plunder the country to bring the mighty French army to battle. But Richard's pursuit of the murderous black knight is brought to a sudden halt by the worst disaster Europe has ever known. As millions die and his loved ones fall to the pestilence, Richard searches the darkest corners of Christendom for the chance of finding a cure. What he discovers will change him, and all of history, forever.

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Fallen Empire Audiobook

Fallen Empire

Author: Marc Alan Edelheit Narrator: John Lee Release Date: October 2021

After years of catastrophic fighting, the rebellion is over. The First Galactic Empire has fallen. Instead of liberation and a return to democracy, freedom, and a new golden age, humanity has been plunged into darkness. Eighteen years after the Great Fall of civilization, stranded on the wrecked world Asherho, Keira Kane struggles to make her way. Adopted, protected, and raised by former Imperial Marines, Keira has been trained as a mechanic and technician. Her skillset is indispensable to maintaining the decaying infrastructure of her dying planet. Keira rapidly finds herself a fugitive, hunted not only by the government she has served, but by the planetary militia who wants her for their own nefarious reasons. Unbeknownst to Keira, her Imperial Marine companions have been guarding an incredibly valuable secret, one that has the potential to save humanity or see its light extinguished from the galaxy forever. Keira is thrust into a life-or-death struggle she never imagined. The road ahead is not only dangerous, but a path destined for her alone. Does she have the courage to walk it? Or will she falter and allow humanity to continue its fall into darkness? Only time will tell . . .

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The Popes Against the Protestants: The Vatican and Evangelical Christianity in Fascist Italy Audiobook

The Popes Against the Protestants: The Vatican and Evangelical Christianity in Fascist Italy

Author: Kevin Madigan Narrator: John Lee Release Date: August 2021

An account of the alliance between the Catholic Church and the Italian Fascist regime in their campaign against Protestants Based on previously undisclosed archival materials, this book tells the fascinating, untold, and troubling story of an anti-Protestant campaign in Italy that lasted longer, consumed more clerical energy and cultural space, and generated far more literature than the war against Italy's Jewish population. Because clerical leaders in Rome were seeking to build a new Catholic world in the aftermath of the Great War, Protestants embodied a special menace, and were seen as carriers of dangers like heresy, secularism, modernity, and Americanism-as potent threats to the Catholic precepts that were the true foundations of Italian civilization, values, and culture. The pope and cardinals framed the threat of evangelical Christianity as a peril not only to the Catholic Church but to the fascist government as well, recruiting some very powerful fascist officials to their cause. This important book is the first full account of this dangerous alliance.

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La Reine Margot Audiobook

La Reine Margot

Author: Alexandre Dumas Narrator: John Lee Release Date: August 2021

La Reine Margot is a novel of suspense and drama which recreates the violent world of intrigue, murder, and duplicity of the French Renaissance. Dumas fills his canvas with a gallery of unforgettable characters, unremitting action, and the engaging generosity of spirit which has made him one of the world's greatest and best-loved storytellers.

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The Invention of Sicily: A Mediterranean History Audiobook

The Invention of Sicily: A Mediterranean History

Author: Jamie Mackay Narrator: John Lee Release Date: July 2021

Sicily has always acted as a gateway between Europe and the rest of the world. Fought over by the Phoenicians and Greeks, the Romans, Goths and Byzantines, Arabs and Normans, Germans, and the Spanish and the French for thousands of years, Sicily became a unique melting pot where diverse traditions merged, producing a unique heritage and singular culture. In this fascinating account of the island from the earliest times to the present day, author and journalist Jamie Mackay leads us through this most elusive of places. From its pivotal position in the development of Greek and Roman mythology, and the beautiful remnants of both the Arab and Norman invasions, through to the rise of the bandits and the Cosa Nostra, The Invention of Sicily is the perfect companion to the culture and history of Sicily. Mackay weaves the political and social development of the island in with its fascinating cultural heritage-in doing so discussing how great works including Lampedusa's masterpiece The Leopard and its film adaptation by Visconti, and the novels of Leonardo Sciascia, among many others, have both been shaped by Sicily's past, and continue to shape it into the present.

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A Short History of Police and Policing Audiobook

A Short History of Police and Policing

Author: Clive Emsley Narrator: John Lee Release Date: June 2021

The police are constantly under scrutiny. They are criticized for failings, praised for successes, and hailed as heroes for their sacrifices. Starting from the premise that every society has norms and ways of dealing with transgressors, A Short History of Police and Policing traces the evolution of the multiple forms of 'policing' that existed in the past. It examines the historical development of the various bodies, individuals, and officials who carried these out in different societies, in Europe and European colonies, but also with reference to countries such as ancient Egypt, China, and the USA. By demonstrating that policing was never the exclusive dominion of the police, and that the institution of the police, as we know it today, is a relatively recent creation, Professor Emsley explores the idea and reality of policing, and shows how an institution we now call 'the police' came to be virtually universal in our modern world.

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The Geniuses at War: Bletchley Park, Colossus, and the Dawn of the Digital Age Audiobook

The Geniuses at War: Bletchley Park, Colossus, and the Dawn of the Digital Age

Author: David A. Price Narrator: John Lee Release Date: June 2021

The dramatic, untold story of the brilliant team whose feats of innovation and engineering created the world's first digital electronic computer-decrypting the Nazis' toughest code, helping bring an end to WWII, and ushering in the information age. Planning the invasion of Normandy, the Allies knew that decoding the communications of the Nazi high command was imperative for its success. But standing in their way was an encryption machine they called Tunny (British English for "tuna"), which was vastly more difficult to crack than the infamous Enigma cipher. To surmount this seemingly impossible challenge, Alan Turing, the Enigma codebreaker, brought in a maverick English working-class engineer named Tommy Flowers who devised the ingenious, daring, and controversial plan to build a machine that would calculate at breathtaking speed and break the code in nearly real time. Together with the pioneering mathematician Max Newman, Flowers and his team produced-against the odds, the clock, and a resistant leadership-Colossus, the world's first digital electronic computer, the machine that would help bring the war to an end. Drawing upon recently declassified sources, David A. Price's Geniuses at War tells, for the first time, the full mesmerizing story of the great minds behind Colossus and chronicles the remarkable feats of engineering genius that marked the dawn of the digital age.

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Sociology: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd Edition Audiobook

Sociology: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd Edition

Author: Steve Bruce Narrator: John Lee Release Date: June 2021

Drawing on studies of social class, crime and deviance, education, work in bureaucracies, and changes in religious and political organizations, this Very Short Introduction explores the tension between the individual's place in society and society's role in shaping the individual, and demonstrates the value of sociology for understanding the modern world. In this new edition Steve Bruce discusses the continuing arguments for social egalitarianism, considering issues such as gay marriage, women in combat roles, and the 2010 Equality Act to debunk contemporary arguments against parity. As gender divisions are increasingly questioned he looks ahead to the likely consequences of this for society. Delving into the theory of sociology, Bruce also argues that the habit of dividing sociology into apparently competing 'sects' is misleading, and shows how a new understanding of the disciplinary background of many of the most famous theorists, which shows that much social theory is actually philosophy or literary theory, will prove useful to today's sociologists.

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Hold Fast: A Novel Audiobook

Hold Fast: A Novel

Author: J. H. Gelernter Narrator: John Lee Release Date: May 2021

A desperate sea battle; a fortune risked on the turn of a card; a duel at dawn with the loser . . . Patrick O'Brian meets James Bond. It's 1803. The Napoleonic Wars are raging, Britain is on her heels, and His Majesty's Secret Service has just lost its best agent, Thomas Grey. Deeply depressed by his wife's untimely death, Grey resigns from the service and accepts an offer to join a lumber firm in Boston. But when a sea battle with a privateer forces the ship carrying him west to make port in neutral Portugal, Grey is approached with a counteroffer: become a wealthy man by selling out Britain's spy network to France. The French take Grey for a disgruntled ex-naval officer, blithely unaware that Grey had lost his wife to an unlucky shot from a French cannon. Now, after many years serving King and Country, Grey seizes the opportunity to fight a covert war of his own. He travels to Paris, and-playing the part of the invaluable turncoat the French believe him to be-proceeds to infiltrate the highest levels of Napoleon's government. If he can outwit his handlers, outmatch his French counterparts, and outrun Napoleon's secret police, Grey may just avenge his wife's death and turn the tide of war in England's favor. Bursting with action and intrigue, Hold Fast sends listeners headlong into an unrelenting spy thriller.

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X Troop: The Secret Jewish Commandos Who Helped Defeat the Nazis Audiobook

X Troop: The Secret Jewish Commandos Who Helped Defeat the Nazis

Author: Leah Garrett Narrator: John Lee Release Date: May 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. June 1942. The Third Reich is victorious everywhere. In desperation, Winston Churchill and his chief of staff form an unusual plan: a new commando unit made up of Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria who escaped to Britain just before the War. Many have lost their families, their homes - their whole worlds. And now, in the crucial final battles against the Nazis, they will stop at nothing to defeat them. Trained in counterintelligence and advanced combat, this top secret unit becomes known as X Troop. Some simply call them a suicide squad. Drawing on extensive original research, including interviews with the last surviving members, Leah Garrett follows this unique band of brothers from Europe to England and back again, with stops at British internment camps, the beaches of Normandy, the battlefields of Italy and Holland, and the hellscape of Terezin concentration camp - the scene of one of the most dramatic, untold rescues of the war. For the first time, X Troop tells the astonishing story of these secret shock troops and their devastating blows against the Nazis. © Leah Garrett 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Royal Bastards: Illegitimate Children of the British Royal Family Audiobook

Royal Bastards: Illegitimate Children of the British Royal Family

Author: Peter Beauclerk-Dewar, Roger Powell Narrator: John Lee Release Date: April 2021

Since 1066 when William the Conqueror took the throne, English and Scottish kings have sired at least 150 children out of wedlock. Many were acknowledged at court and founded dynasties of their own; several of today's dukedoms are descended from them. Others were only acknowledged grudgingly or not at all. In the twentieth century this trend for royals to father illegitimate children continued, but the parentage, while highly probable, has not been officially recognized. This book is a genuinely fresh approach to British kings and queens, examining their lives and times through the unfamiliar perspective of their illegitimate children. Interviewees include many of their descendants. But beyond personal narratives it also sheds light on the perennially fascinating topic of sexual habits; the links between politics, power, and patronage; the class system, scandal, and celebrity; and the different expectations we have of men and women.

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