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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Josephine Tey: The Daughter of Time & other mysteries: A BBC Radio crime collection Audiobook

Josephine Tey: The Daughter of Time & other mysteries: A BBC Radio crime collection

Dramatisations and readings of five of Josephine Tey's classic mystery novels Scottish novelist and playwright Josephine Tey was one of the greatest Golden Age crime writers and the author of eight mysteries, including six featuring Scotland Yard inspector Alan Grant. The most famous of these, The Daughter of Time, was acclaimed the greatest crime novel of all time by the Crime Writers' Association. A full-cast dramatisation of this iconic story is included here, along with adaptations of four of her other much-loved mystery novels. A Shilling for Candles An independent-minded chief constable's daughter meets a suspected killer in this re-imagining of Josephine Tey's 1936 comedy thriller featuring Inspector Grant, starring Giles Fagan and Tilly Gaunt. Miss Pym Disposes Invited by her friend Henrietta to lecture at a physical education colllege, expert psychologist Miss Lucy Pym little suspects that among the healthy young women is someone with a mind sick enough to commit murder... Julia Foster stars as Miss Pym, with Joan Sims as Henrietta. The Franchise Affair A 15-year-old schoolgirl accuses Marion Sharpe and her mother of kidnapping and beating her. Can solicitor Robert Blair prove the women's innocence? An abridged reading by Edward Petherbridge. The Daughter of Time In hospital with a broken leg, Inspector Grant is bored. To pass the time, he decides to try and solve one of history's most famous puzzles: did Richard II really kill the Princes in the Tower? Peter Gilmore stars as Alan Grant. The Singing Sands Travelling to the Highlands by train, Inspector Grant ends up investigating the mysterious death of the man in compartment B7. An abridged reading by Paul Young of Tey's final novel, published posthumously in 1952. Also included is a Woman's Hour discussion of the life of Josephine Tey, with Andrew Taylor and fellow author Nicola Upson, whose bestselling crime novels feature Tey as the detective heroine. A Shilling for Candles Tisdall - Giles Fagan Erica - Tilly Gaunt Pottinger - Steve Hodson Bergoine - Stephen Thorne Grant - Ben Crowe Albert Clay - Harry Myers Hopgood - Geoffrey Whitehead Martha - Frances Jeater Dramatised by John Fletcher Directed by Tabitha Potts First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 5 December 1998 Miss Pym Disposes Lucy Pym - Julia Foster Henrietta Hodge - Joan Sims Teresa Desterro - Julia Swift Miss Lux - Polly James Miss Wragg - Zelah Clarke Madame Lefevre - Margaret Robertson Fröken Gustavson - Diana Olsson Miss Meek - Eva Stuart Miss Nash - Deborah Makepeace Miss Innes - Moir Leslie Miss Rouse - Susan Sheridan Miss O'Donnell - Felicity Hayes-McCoy Miss Dakers - Denica Fairman Miss Gage - Caroline Gruber Mr Nash - Michael Deacon Mrs Nash - Eva Stuart Rick - Paul Sirr Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud Directed by Glyn Dearman First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 30 December 1987 The Franchise Affair Read by Edward Petherbridge Abridged by Pat McLoughlin Editor: Sally Feldman Music: Bush's Music for Orchestra First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 7-23 May 1991 The Daughter of Time Alan Grant - Peter Gilmore Nurse Ingham - Frances Jeater Nurse Darroll - Jill Lidstone Marta Hallard - Rosalind Shanks Brent Carradine - Simon Hewitt Richard - Steve Hodson Tyrrel - Nigel Lambert Brackenbury - Lewis Stringer Lady Paston - Miranda Forbes Edward - Graham Faulkner Matron - Katherine Parr Williams - Stuart Organ Morton - Peter Tuddenham Buckingham - Alex Jennings Stillington - James Thomason Sir John - Alaric Cotter Dramatised by Neville Teller Directed by Graham Gauld First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 30 August 1982 The Singing Sands Read by Paul Young Produced by Eilidh McCreadie First broadcast BBC Radio 7, 17-20 March 2008 Woman's Hour discussion Presented by Jane Garvey With Nicola Upson and Andrew Taylor First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 29 February 2008

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War & Peace - Part 1 Audiobook

War & Peace - Part 1

Author: Leo Tolstoy Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: May 2017

Tolstoy's epic novel, War and Peace, deals with some of the most momentous events of 19th-century Europe, reaching a climax in the French invasion of Russia. However, although war and rumours of it cast a shadow over all the characters' lives, the chief concern of the author was the private emotions and actions of the Russian nobility. In the early part of the story, Pierre Bezuhov, the self-tormenting hero, searches for a meaning to life but finds it empty, whilst for Natasha Rostov, life and love hold endless promise. 1. ANNA'S SOIREE. Anna Pavlovna Scherer, a lady at court, greets Prince Vassily Kuragin with a tirade against Napoleon. Prince Vassily, however, is more interested in finding a post for his son Ippolit. Anna suggests marrying Anatole, Prince Vassily's other son, to Princess Marya Bolkonsky, an heiress. Soon after, Anna holds a soirée, at which Pierre Bezuhov, illegitimate son of a wealthy count, arrives from Europe. Pierre makes a bad impression with his defence of Napoleon, but Prince Andrey Bolkonsky comes to his rescue. 2. SINGLE MEN. Pierre tells Andrey that he does not know what to do with his life. He is not drawn to the usual professions, but is increasingly disgusted by his dissolute life in the company of Anatole Kuragin, with whom he is staying. Andrey warns him against marriage. Pierre is tempted into another night of debauchery. Princess Anna Mihalovna Drubetskoy visits the family of Count Rostov in Moscow, and they gossip about old Count Bezuhov and the shameless escapades of Pierre. 3. DEATH AND MARRIAGE. Pierre attends the Rostovs' ball and dances with their 13-year-old daughter, Natasha, who is childishly thrilled by the whole event. Count Bezuhov dies from a stroke and leaves Pierre his fortune. Everyone now discovers how charming Pierre is and Anna Pavlovna invites him to meet Ellen Kuragin. This alarms him, but he eventually finds himself marrying her. Prince Vassily takes Anatole to propose to Princess Marya. 4. THWARTED PLANS. When Anatole sees plain Princess Marya, he regards engagement to her as a joke, but he is attracted to Mademoiselle Bourienne, Marya's French companion. While walking in the garden, pondering the outcome of a union with Anatole, Marya sees him embracing her friend Amélie Bourienne. Stunned, she later declares to her father and to Prince Vassily that she never wants to marry, delighting her father who saw straight through Anatole's shallow nature, and disappointing the Prince. 5. LOVE AND DESPAIR. Young Nikolay Rostov, with his friend Denisov, returns home from his regiment to a hero's welcome. Sonya, Nikolay's impoverished 16-year-old cousin, is in love with him and he is flattered. Natasha tells her brother Nikolay that Sonya wants him to consider himself free of any ties to her, but he prevaricates. His father gives a dinner at the English Club, at which Pierre is present. Pierre is depressed, having heard rumours of his wife's infidelity with Dolohov a dashing officer. Dolohov insults Pierre and is challenged to a duel. Next morning, they fight with pistols and Pierre wounds Dolohov, who misses with his shot. 6. SEPARATION. Pierre returns home in confusion and passes a terrible night in his study. The next morning, when his wife berates him for fighting Dolohov, his temper snaps and he smashes a slab of marble onto the floor. Ellen flees, screaming. A week later, accepting that his marriage is over, Pierre makes over most of his property to Ellen and leaves for Petersburg. At the Bolkonskys' estate, news comes that Prince Andrey is missing, perhaps dead, after the Battle of Austerlitz. The old prince is cast into despair and fears for the worst but Princess Marya persuades him not to tell Liza, Andrey's wife, who is heavily pregnant. Liza goes into a long and difficult labour and, that same evening, Andrey returns unexpectedly at the same time as the doctor. 7. A MEETING. Liza dies giving birth to a son. Meanwhile, Pierre, on the road to Petersburg, stops at a resting station. He is oppressed by the futility of his life but can see no way out. While he is brooding, another traveller approaches him. The stranger recognizes that Pierre is troubled and offers to help him. Realizing that the man, Osip Alexyevitch, is a Mason, Pierre is sceptical, but is impressed by his fellowship. The old man gives him a contact in Petersburg and warns him not to return to his old ways. 8. LOVE'S ROUGH PATHS. Natasha, a debutante, goes to a ball in Petersburg where her beauty impresses everybody. She sees Pierre Bezuhov speaking to Prince Andrey, a handsome officer. She dances repeatedly with Andrey and they rapidly fall in love. They become engaged, although old Prince Bolkonsky insists on Andrey waiting a year before he can marry. Andrey goes abroad for his health, leaving Natasha depressed at home. Nikolay loves the penniless Sonya and wants to marry her, but his parents, now also impoverished, want him to marry an heiress. Nikolay returns to his regiment, leaving Sonya alone to face the hostility, and the Rostovs go to Moscow.

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War & Peace - Part 2 Audiobook

War & Peace - Part 2

Author: Leo Tolstoy Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: May 2017

In the second half of Tolstoy's masterly novel War and Peace, Napoleon's dramatic military invasion of Russia seems to overwhelm the private lives of all the characters. But it is precisely these private lives which in the end survive the clash of armies and emperors. Tolstoy sets out to show that however momentous the events of history, it is the finer details of day-to-day existence, encompassing joys, sorrows and surprises, that engage and fascinate the reader and provide the book's narrative power. 1. DISILLUSIONMENT. When his Freemason mentor dies, Pierre reverts to his old ways. In Moscow, he is welcomed as a generous, kind eccentric, but he still feels life is futile. At the opera, the beauty of Natasha and Sonya attracts much attention. Pierre is pleased to meet Natasha there but she is taken with the dashing Anatole Kuragin. He, in turn, is struck by her beauty and he charms her with his conversation. Later, he tells his friend Dolohov of his desire for her. Dolohov, who knows Anatole is secretly married already, warns him off. 2. DANGEROUS LIAISON. At a ball given by Ellen Bezuhov, Anatole dances with Natasha and says he loves her. Natasha returns home bewildered, unable to choose between Andrey and Anatole. She tells Sonya, who is horrified, then breaks off her engagement to Andrey. After long hesitation, Sonya decides to inform others in the family and Pierre is summoned. Stunned, he hears the news about Natasha, whom he secretly adores. 3. REPENTANCE TOO LATE. Pierre tells Natasha that she cannot marry Anatole and confirms that he is married already. After delivering his message, Pierre goes to Ellen's house. Anatole is there and Pierre castigates him for his immoral behaviour. Anatole swiftly leaves Moscow. Meanwhile, Natasha tries to poison herself but is unsuccessful. Pierre calls on Prince Andrey, who has recently returned to Russia, and is surprised to find him icily cold about Natasha, whose letters he wishes to return. Natasha is overcome with remorse at her actions and is touched by Pierre's friendship. As Pierre later drives exaltedly through Moscow, he looks at the night sky and there sees a bright comet. To him, it seems a joyful rather than ominous portent for the year 181 2. 4. INVASION. As the French invade Russia, rumours fill Moscow. Nearby, at Borodino, the Russian and French armies engage and both sides suffer appalling losses. Among the seriously wounded is Prince Andrey. He is taken to a hospital tent and operated on. Later, as he comes round, he recalls the happiest moment of his early life. He recognizes Anatole Kuragin as the man next to him who is having his leg amputated. Remembering Natasha, a wave of tenderness for all humanity sweeps over Andrey. Outside, the terrible battle grinds on, while in distant Petersburg. Ellen is concerned only with getting a divorce from Pierre, whom she thinks still loves her. 5. REUNION. In Moscow, the Rostovs pack hurriedly in preparation for fleeing the city. Among the train of evacuees, Sonya notices a carriage carrying the wounded Prince Andrey, but she agrees with Countess Rostov not to tell Natasha. The Rostov family leaves and Moscow is abandoned to the invading French army - and to the fire which breaks out and destroys most of the city. On their first night, Natasha learns that Andrey is nearby and slips out to his quarters. There she is reconciled with him and takes over nursing him, helped by Sonya. Far to the north, Ellen Bezuhov becomes mysteriously ill and dies suddenly from an overdose of the drugs prescribed to her. 6. LOVE AMID WAR. Nikolay Rostov is sent to Voronezh to find new horses for his regiment and so misses the worst of the fighting. There, he sees Princess Marya, grieving because she fears her brother is dead. Nikolay, impressed by her spiritual air, reassures her and begins to regret his engagement to the penniless Sonya. Soon after, he receives a letter from her, releasing him from his promise to marry her. His mother also sends news of Andrey, which he passes on to Marya. He escorts her towards Yaroslavl and wins her affection. At Yaroslavl, Marya meets Natasha again. 7. A HERO'S DEATH. Marya and Natasha are united in their shared grief. They enter the room where Prince Andrey is dying. Marya is oppressed by the cold, hostile way he greets them, unaware that it is a form of religious calm caused by the knowledge that he is dying. His last hours pass peacefully and his death touches them all, but for differing reasons. Marya and Natasha weep in awe at the mystery of death. 8. LOVE DECLARED. In Moscow, Pierre calls on Princess Marya. In the low-lit room, Pierre fails to recognize her companion as Natasha, so changed is she by her experiences. At dinner, they agree that the war has transformed their lives for the better. After Pierre leaves, Natasha and Marya realize why Andrey was so fond of him. Pierre decides, that same night, that he must marry Natasha. The next evening, he calls again on Marya, and pours out his heart to her. She advises him to go to Petersburg and leave matters to her. Natasha, understanding his intentions, is overjoyed.

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Vanity Fair Audiobook

Vanity Fair

Author: William Makepeace Thackeray, William Thackeray Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: May 2017

Thackeray's novel is a bitingly satirical depiction of the corruptions of Regency society. But it is also a splendidly readable tale, written in the manner of 18th Century novels. Few of the characters are noted for their virtue, but the zest and enthusiasm with which the narrative bounds along makes the reader overlook, if not forgive, the sins of its rogues and scoundrels. The novel's protagonist, Becky Sharp, goes her own wily way but wins the reader's admiration nonetheless for her resourcefulness and, above all, sheer daring. 1. INTO THE WORLD. Amelia Sedley and Rebecca Sharpe leaves Miss Pinkerton's academy with very different farewells: for wealthy Amelia, wine and a dictionary; for penniless Becky, nothing. At the Sedleys' house in Russell Square, Becky plans to marry Jos, Amelia's brother. The three of them, together with George Osborne (Amelia's beau) and his friend, Dobbin spend an evening at Vauxhall Gardens, Drunk, Jos speak of love to Becky, who expects him to propose. The next day he flees London and Becky has to make her own way in the world. 2. A GOVERNESS'S CAREER. Becky is to be governess to the children of Sir Pitt Crawley and is amazed by the vulgarity of her employer and the squalor of his home. But she soon makes herself indispensable to the family. The younger son, Captain Rawdon Crawly, falls in love with her but she appears to scorn him. When Miss Crawley, a rich maiden aunt, visits, Becky wins her over too. Meanwhile, Amelia is deeply in love with the feckless, if dashing, George. 3. SECRET MARRIAGES. Becky becomes Miss Crawley's companion. This upsets Sir Pitt, who wants her back - as his wife, if she wishes. But Becky has secretly married Rawdon and they flee to Brighton. Meanwhile, Amelia's father loses his fortune and George forgets her until the kindly Dobbin tells him she is heartbroken. Amelia and George marry but when George's father hears of the match, he disinherits him. George and Amelia also go to Brighton, where they meet Becky and Rawdon. There the four receive news of war. Later, George is killed at the Battle of Waterloo. 4. AFTER WATERLOO. Becky and Rawdon settle in Paris, where their son is born. Soon Becky's charm and beauty attract a circle of friends; but she and Rawdon run up debts and are forced to leave for London. Becky pretends that Miss Crawley has left money to Rawdon. In fact, his brother Pitt, married to Lady Jane, is Miss Crawley's heir. Amelia also bears a son and, as George's father refuses to help her, she goes to live with her parents on a widow's meagre pension. Dobbin, who has loved her all along, leaves for India. 5. IN SOCIETY. Becky makes her home in Curzon Street one of the most fashionable house - at least for men; society ladies refuse to meet her. She befriends important people, like the lecherous Lord Steyne, while neglecting her son, Rawdon. After the death of Sir Pitt, she also repairs relations with her brother in law, Pitt Crawley, who gives her diamonds. These she wears when he presents her at court. Meanwhile, Amelia's hardships are worsened by her father's repeated financial failures. 6. DEBT AND DISASTER. Lord Steyne sends young Rawdon to school and persuades Becky to dismiss her companion, leaving the house almost empty. When Rawdon is arrested for debt, Becky defers helping him and writes to his brother instead. In fact, Lady Jane comes to release him and he arrives home to find Becky entertaining Lord Steyne and throws out his gifts of money and jewels. Both Steyne and Rawdon abandon Becky. Even the maid leaves; Becky is ruined and alone. 7. WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Rawdon is made Governor of Coventry Island, a tropical outpost, and leaves England. He settles an annuity on Becky, who departs for Europe. Amelia struggles to make end meet and discovers that her father is utterly ruined. However, she continues to care for him lovingly after the death of her mother. Dobbin returns from India, encountering Jos on the journey home. Dobbin declares his long-enduring love for Amelia, who at last recognises his true worth and accepts his proposal of marriage. 8. JUST DESERTS. Becky is driven from Paris by old creditors, but enjoys leading an increasingly Bohemian life. She neglects her son, until he becomes the heir to the Crawley fortune. Finally she ensnares Joseph Sedley, who leaves her a substantial amount of money when he dies. Rawdon dies of fever on Coventry Island and his son is brought up by Pitt Crawley and Lady Jane, now close friends of Amelia and William. All refuse to have any contract with Becky, who is living a newly respectable life in Bath.

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The Attenbury Emeralds Audiobook

The Attenbury Emeralds

Author: Jill Paton Walsh Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: January 2011

The recovery of the magnificent gem in Lord Attenbury’s dazzling heirloom launched a shell-shocked young aristocrat on his career as a detective in 1921. Thirty years later, a happily married Lord Peter has just shared the secrets of that mystery with his wife, the detective novelist Harriet Vane. Suddenly, the new Lord Attenbury—grandson of Lord Peter’s first client—seeks his help to prove who owns the emeralds. As Harriet and Peter contemplate the changes that the war has wrought on English society—and Peter, who always cherished the liberties of a younger son, faces the unwanted prospect of ending up the Duke of Denver after all. “Walsh successfully recreates the tone and personalities of the originals and plausibly depicts the main characters later in life. Fans of literate period mysteries will clamor for more.”--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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Where Angels Fear to Tread Audiobook

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Author: E.M. Forster Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: October 2009

When attractive, impulsive, English widow Lilia takes a holiday in Italy, she causes a scandal by marrying Gino, a dashing and highly unsuitable Italian twelve years her junior. Her prim, snobbish in-laws make no attempt to hide their disapproval, and when Lilia’s decision eventually brings disaster, her English relatives embark on an expedition to face the uncouth foreigner. But when they are confronted by the beauty of Italy and the charm and vitality of the disreputable Gino, they are forced to examine their own narrow lives. Their reactions are emotional, violent, and unexpected. “As enveloping as any of the other Forster books.”--New York Times

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War and Peace Audiobook

War and Peace

Author: Leo Tolstoy Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: January 2008

Set against some of the most momentous events in 19th century Europe, this epic novel examines the relationship between the individual and the relentless march of history. Here are the universal themes of love and hate, ambition and despair, youth and age, expressed with a swirling vitality which makes the story as accessible today as it was when it was first published in 1869. nonetheless deals effectively with the intensely personal experiences of its characters. It features Tolstoy's most beautiful heroine, Natasha.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Audiobook

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Author: Oscar Wilde Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: August 2007

Basil Hallward, an artist, meets Dorian Gray and paints his portrait. The artist is so infatuated with Dorian’s beauty that he begins to believe it is the reason for his quality of art. Dorian becomes convinced that beauty is all-important and wishes his portrait could age instead of him. But each time Dorian commits a sin his portrait ages, showing him what is happening to his soul. “A lush, cautionary tale of a life of vileness and deception or a loving portrait of the aesthetic impulse run rampant? Why not both?”, editorial review

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Vanity Fair Audiobook

Vanity Fair

Author: William Thackeray Narrator: Edward Petherbridge Release Date: January 2005

Vanity Fair is a satirical masterpiece; a sweeping panorama of early 19th Century English life. It follows the fortunes of the virtuous Amelia Sedley and the infamous Becky Sharp. Becky is one of literature's most important and controversial female characters; born into the lower classes, she must rely on her wit, guile and sexuality to master Regency society. And neither friendship nor trust can abate Becky's desire to climb London's social ladder and satisfy her own ends.

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