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Audiobooks Narrated by Christopher Ragland

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Piece of My Heart Audiobook Piece of My Heart
  2. Shuggie Bain Audiobook Shuggie Bain
  3. Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020 Audiobook Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020
  4. Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts Audiobook Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts
  5. The Cousins Audiobook The Cousins
  6. A Time to Lie Audiobook A Time to Lie
  7. Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands Audiobook Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands
  8. The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years  Audiobook The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years
  9. The Harpy Audiobook The Harpy
  10. Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams Audiobook Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams
Your Guilty Secret: A gripping psychological thriller Audiobook

Your Guilty Secret: A gripping psychological thriller

Author: Rebecca Thornton Narrator: Christopher Ragland, Olivia Mace Release Date: March 2019

THIS STORY IS A LIE You know Lara King. The top billing of the showbiz pages, you've seen her every morning; over your breakfast, on your commute to work. You know everything about her; you've dissected her life. Her perfect relationship with film-star Matthew Raine. Her beautiful six-year old daughter Ava. And so when a terrible incident shatters the family's carefully constructed facade, a media frenzy ensues. What happens when the perfect woman begins to unravel? When her whole life is really just a lie? One she will do anything she can to stop you from finding out? A brilliant, dark and beautifully written thriller exploring the dark side of fame and of motherhood, YOUR GUILTY SECRET will grip you tight and not let go of you until the very end.

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Who is Tom Ditto?: The feelgood comedy with a mystery at its heart Audiobook

Who is Tom Ditto?: The feelgood comedy with a mystery at its heart

Author: Danny Wallace Narrator: Christopher Ragland, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith Release Date: April 2014

We join the action just as our 'hero' Tom, (early thirties, reads the 'news' on the radio) finds out that his girlfriend has NOT left him. Tom, I have not left you. But I am gone. Please carry on as normal. Love always, Hayley Has Hayley gone or hasn't she? Is she coming back? If she has gone, but is coming back, when is she coming back? And what is he supposed to bloody do in the meantime? And what if she's never coming back?? Trying to work out what's happening to his confusing life, Tom tries to track Hayley down. In doing so, he stumbles across a strange and eccentric group of people with an irregular and highly-addictive hobby. Next, he's being followed, but he's not sure by whom. And then he also almost loses his job at the radio station in the now infamous 'Jam Nazi' episode, which of course, you know about. Above all, Tom is trying to work out who everyone is. Because who is Hayley? Who is this new girl following him around the supermarket? And who, for that matter, is TOM DITTO?

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What Great Teachers Do Differently: Nineteen Things That Matter Most Audiobook

What Great Teachers Do Differently: Nineteen Things That Matter Most

Author: Todd Whitaker Narrator: Christopher Ragland Release Date: December 2020

What are the beliefs and behaviors that set great teachers apart? In this internationally renowned bestseller, Todd Whitaker reveals 19 keys to becoming more effective in the classroom. This essential third edition features new sections on why it's about more than relationships, how to focus on a consistent, engaging learning environment, and the importance of choosing the right mode?business, parent, child?to improve your classroom management. Perfect for educators at any level of experience, for independent reading or for schoolwide book studies, this practical book will leave you feeling inspired and ready to do the things that matter most for the people who matter most?your students.

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What Great Principals Do Differently: Twenty Things That Matter Most Audiobook

What Great Principals Do Differently: Twenty Things That Matter Most

Author: Todd Whitaker Narrator: Christopher Ragland Release Date: December 2020

Written to accompany the third edition of Todd Whitaker's bestselling title, What Great Principals Do Differently, this study guide can be used by facilitators and participants in workshops, webinars, book study groups, or other professional development events. The guide features a variety of strategies and activities that will help principals apply the book's concepts to their own situation, so they can get the most out of the book, increase their professional growth, and have a greater impact as school leaders. Each chapter includes: Key Concepts Discussion Questions Journal Prompts Group Activities Application Strategies With this study guide, you can gain a deeper understanding of Whitaker's acclaimed book and learn how to apply his concepts and ideas in daily practices.

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Walk The Edge Audiobook

Walk The Edge

Author: Katie McGarry Narrator: Christopher Ragland, Rachael Louise Miller, Rachel Louise Miller Release Date: March 2016

High school senior Thomas ''Razor'' Turner knows his family has a dark history as part of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club, especially when it comes to the secrecy surrounding his mother's death. When Razor starts to dig deeper into his mum's case he turns to the unlikeliest source for help: classmate Breanna Miller, the shy, smart girl he's never looked twice at. But the more time they spend together, the more they realise they actually have in common, and how attracted to each other they really are. When secrets from the past are revealed can their newfound feelings survive?

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Waking Gods: Themis Files Book 2 Audiobook

Waking Gods: Themis Files Book 2

Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook of Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel, read by Andy Secombe, Adna Sablylich, Laurel Lefkow, William Hope, Charlie Anson, Christopher Ragland, Karina Fernandez, Madeleine Rose, Roy McMillan and Sarah Wells. What's going on? Turn on the television. What channel? Any channel. An unknown vessel, not of this world, materializes in London. A colossal figure towering over the city, it makes no move. Is this a peaceful first contact or the prelude to an invasion? Every child has nightmares. But the only thing scarier than little Eva Reyes' dreams - apocalyptic visions of death and destruction - is the habit they have of coming true... Scientist Dr Rose Franklin has no memory of the last few years. The strangers she works with say she died, and was brought back to life. The question is not just how ... but why? Kara Resnik and Vincent Couture fell in love during war, and have found peace since. They are the thin line of defence against what is coming. But they do not know they have been living a lie. And a man who claims to have the answers has his own agenda. There are things he cannot say - and others he won't. All pieces of an epic puzzle. One we have been trying to solve since the dawn of time... *** Praise for Sylvain Neuvel: 'This year's The Martian. Captivating ... So good and so eerie' Buzzfeed 'Bursts at the seams with big ideas ... this book is a sheer blast from start to finish. I haven't had this much fun reading in ages' Blake Crouch, author of Dark Matter and Wayward Pines 'This stellar debut novel masterfully blends together elements of sci-fi, political thriller and apocalyptic fiction ... so much more than the sum of its parts. A page-turner of the highest order' Kirkus Reviews 'As high-concept as it is, Sleeping Giants is a thriller through and through. One of the most promising series kickoffs in recent memory' NPR 'Reminiscent of The Martian and World War Z, Sleeping Giants is a luminous conspiracy yarn that shoots for (and lands among) the stars' Pierce Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Red Rising

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Vampire Movies Audiobook

Vampire Movies

Author: Charles Bramesco, Little White Lies Narrator: Christopher Ragland Release Date: November 2018

The indispensable pocket guide to the world of vampire movies, from Nosferatu to A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. ALSO AVAILABLE: Close-Ups: Wes Anderson Close-Ups: New York Movies When F. W. Murnau brought Nosferatu to the screen in 1922 he ushered in the bloody reign of cinema's most venerable villain - the vampire. Nocturnal, fanged and insatiable for human blood, the vampire has infected the public consciousness like no other movie monster. In this pocket guide, Charles Bramesco goes vampire hunting across a century of cinema, stalking around lonely Transylvanian castles, dusty New York apartments and rain-soaked Washington woods to discover why the vampire has become cinema's most enduring villain.

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Two Ravens and One Crow Audiobook

Two Ravens and One Crow

Author: Kevin Hearne Narrator: Christopher Ragland Release Date: October 2013

Atticus O'Sullivan is back in an all-new, action-packed, laugh-out-loud novella from the author of the Iron Druid Chronicles. Two-thousand-year-old Atticus may have outwitted and outfought everyone from Odin to Bacchus, but in this ebook original, he's about to discover what comes around when you go around messing with gods. Six years into the training of his beautiful apprentice, Granuaile, a large crow swoops down and transforms into none other than the Morrigan, a goddess who insists that Atticus come with her at once. He must leave his apprentice behind, along with his Irish wolfhound, Oberon - and he must also leave his sword. The Morrigan has always taken extreme pleasure in pronouncing the Druid's mortal danger and imminent doom, so the fact that she won't reveal the purpose of their journey makes him very nervous. Of course, any time the Celtic Chooser of the Slain drops in unannounced, it's never good. When she does let slip that she'll be saving his life in the near future, Atticus is left to wonder . . . will he soon be giving his legions of enemies something to crow about?

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Toto Audiobook


Author: Michael Morpurgo Narrator: Christopher Ragland Release Date: September 2017

From master storyteller MICHAEL MORPURGO comes a surprising, charming and uplifting twist on The Wizard of Oz, told by a very special and unforgettable character: Dorothy's pet dog, Toto. A perfect, collectible gift for all children (and children at heart)."I was there," Papa Toto said, and those magic words sent shivers down my spine. It was going to be the Wizard story. "Dorothy and me were both there."We were all silent, snuggled up together, waiting, waiting.Then Papa Toto began...When a twister descends on their Kansas farm, Toto and his owner Dorothy hide in the house - only to be plucked into the air and whisked away!Coming down with a crash in the mysterious land of Oz, the pair meet a series of extraordinary characters: a scarecrow who believes he has no brains, a tin man without a heart, and a cowardly lion who may not be as cowardly as he thinks he is.But Toto and Dorothy are desperate to return home - after all, home is home, and home is best! So they set off with their new friends on a journey down the yellow brick road to find the only person who might be able to help them: the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.But what they find might surprise them. And on the way, all of them will learn that what they think they are missing might have been there, all along...An unforgettable telling of a classic story.

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To Build A Fire Audiobook

To Build A Fire

Author: Jack London Narrator: Christopher Ragland, Ghizela Rowe Release Date: November 2020

John Griffith Chaney was born on January 12th, 1876 in San Francisco. His father, William Chaney, was living with Flora Wellman when she became pregnant. Chaney insisted she have an abortion. Flora's response was to turn a gun on herself. Although her wounds were not severe the trauma made her temporarily deranged.In late 1876 his mother married John London and the young child was brought to live with them as they moved around the Bay area, eventually settling in Oakland where now, calling himself Jack, he completed grade school.Jack worked hard at several jobs, sometimes 12-18 hours a day, but his dream was university. He studied hard and borrowed the money to enrol in the summer of 1896 at the University of California in Berkeley.In 1897, at 21, Jack searched out newspaper accounts of his mother's suicide attempt and for the name of his biological father. He wrote to Chaney, then living in Chicago, who claimed he could not be Jack's father because he was impotent and casually asserted that London's mother had relations with other men. Jack, devastated by the response, quit Berkeley and went to the Klondike. Other accounts suggest that his dire finances presented Jack with the excuse he needed to leave.In the Klondike Jack began to gather material for his writing but also accumulated many health problems, including scurvy, which together with hip and leg problems he would carry for the rest of his life.During the late 1890's Jack was regularly publishing short stories and by the turn of the century full blown novels.By 1904 Jack had married, fathered two children and was now in the process of divorcing. A stint as a reporter on the Russo-Japanese war of 1904 was equal amounts trouble and experience. But that experience was always put to good use in a continuing and remarkable output of work.In 1905 he married Charmian Kittredge who at last was a soul and companion who brought him some semblance of peace despite his advancing alcoholism and his incurable wanderlust.Twelve years later Jack had amassed both wealth and a literary reputation through such classics as 'The Call of the Wild', 'White Fang' and many others. He had a reputation as a social activist and was a tireless friend of the workers. Jack London died suffering from dysentery, late-stage alcoholism and uremia, aged only 40, on November 22nd 1916 at his property in Glen Elen in California.

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The Shining Girls Audiobook

The Shining Girls

Author: Lauren Beukes Narrator: Christopher Ragland Release Date: April 2013

The jaw-dropping, page-turning, critically-acclaimed book of the year: a serial-killer thriller unlike any other from the award-winning Lauren Beukes. 'GONE GIRL has not exactly gone. But THE SHINING GIRLS have arrived' (The Times)."It's not my fault. It's yours. You shouldn't shine. You shouldn't make me do this."THE GIRL WHO WOULDN'T DIEKirby is lucky she survived the attack. She is sure there were other victims were less fortunate, but the evidence she finds is ... impossible.HUNTING A KILLER WHO SHOULDN'T EXISTHarper stalks his shining girls through the years - and cuts the spark out of them. But what if the one that got away cameback for him?

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The Poetry of Wallace Stevens Audiobook

The Poetry of Wallace Stevens

Author: Wallace Stevens Narrator: Christopher Ragland, Danny Swopes, Liza Ross Release Date: November 2020

Wallace James Stevens was born on October 2nd, 1879 in Reading, Pennsylvania.His father, a lawyer, sent Wallace to Harvard as a non-degree special student, after which he movedto New York City and worked briefly as a journalist.From there he attended New York Law School and graduated in 1903. On a trip home to Reading in1904 Stevens met Elsie Viola Kachel, a saleswoman, milliner, and stenographer.After working for several New York law firms he was hired in January 1908, as a lawyer for the American Bonding Company.After a 6 year courtship Wallace and Elsie married in 1909 over the objections of his parents. For Wallace it was a seismic event; he never spoke to his father again. By 1914 Wallace had become the vice-president of the New York office of the Equitable SuretyCompany of St. Louis, Missouri. In 1916, he joined Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company and they moved to Hartford. His work was full-time and time for his poetry writing was in short supply.From January 1922 made several business several visits to Key West, Florida. "The place is a paradise," he wrote to Elsie, "midsummer weather, the sky brilliantly clear and intensely blue, the sea blue and green beyond what you have ever seen."In 1923 'Harmonium' was published. At last, at age 38, he was an overnight success. His career wasnot prodigious in quantity but its quality was exceptional.In March 1955 Wallace underwent various medical tests and an operation which resulted in a diagnosis of stomach cancer.He travelled in early June to receive honorary Doctorates at Hartford and Yale.Wallace was readmitted on July 21st to St. Francis Hospital where his condition deteriorated. Wallace Stevens died on the 2nd August 1955 at the age of 75. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his Collected Poems in 1955.

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