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  1. And Away... Audiobook And Away...
  2. The Man Who Died Twice Audiobook The Man Who Died Twice
  3. The Betrayals Audiobook The Betrayals
  4. Win at Losing: How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead to Our Greatest Gains Audiobook Win at Losing: How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead to Our Greatest Gains
  5. The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed Audiobook The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed
  6. A Touch of Darkness Audiobook A Touch of Darkness
  7. We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman's Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economi Audiobook We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman's Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economi
  8. Silverview: The Sunday Times Bestseller Audiobook Silverview: The Sunday Times Bestseller
  9. Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop Audiobook Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop
  10. The Facilitator, Part 2 Audiobook The Facilitator, Part 2
A A Woman's Place Audiobook

A A Woman's Place

Author: Lynn Austin Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: August 2007

Lynn Austin's three Christy Awards include one for Hidden Places, also a popular Hallmark film. Written from four diverse viewpoints, A Woman's Place is an emotionally rich glimpse at life in WWII America. While their men fight, America's women produce what's necessary for victory. In a Michigan shipyard, four female co-workers forge a strong bond of friendship that'combined with faith'helps them overcome oppression, despair, and tragedy and find love in unlikely places. '' an engrossing read ' a very enjoyable journey '''Publishers Weekly

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Candle in the Darkness Audiobook

Candle in the Darkness

Author: Lynn Austin Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: March 2004

Book 1 in the Refiner's Fire series. The daughter of a wealthy slave-holding family from Richmond, Virginia, Caroline Fletcher is raised in a culture that believes slavery is God-ordained and biblically acceptable. But upon awakening to the cruelty and injustice it encompasses, Caroline's eyes are opened for the first time to the men and women who have cared tirelessly for her. Her journey of maturity and faith will draw her into the abolitionist movement, where she is confronted with the risks and sacrifices her beliefs entail.

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The Secret Keeper Audiobook

The Secret Keeper

Author: Beverly Lewis Narrator: Christina Moore, Suzy Jackson Release Date: September 2013

Readers Eagerly Await the Latest from Beverly Lewis, the #1 Name in Amish Fiction. With her love for all things old-fashioned, Jennifer Burns has often been told she's an ""old soul,"" but no one is prepared for the young woman's decision to set aside her modern life in favor of the Old Order Amish world. Yet Jenny does exactly that, adopting Plain dress and settling in with Samuel and Rebecca Lapp while she works as a mother's helper for the bishop's wife--a far cry from her former job as an x-ray technician. The people of Hickory Hollow are curious about the beautiful young seeker among them, one handsome Amishman in particular. But he is not the only man vying for Jenny's affections, and Jenny faces many challenges in the Proving time the brethren have set for her...challenges of the heart, as well as the spirit. Will Jenny's secrets keep her from the peace she longs for? Or will they lead the way home?

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One Perfect Spring Audiobook

One Perfect Spring

Author: Irene Hannon Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: May 2014

Claire Summers is a determined, independent single mother who is doing her best to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her. Keith Watson is a results-oriented workaholic with no time for a social life. As the executive assistant to a local philanthropic businessman, he's used to fielding requests for donations. But when a letter from Claire's eleven-year-old daughter reaches his desk, everything changes. The girl isn't asking for money, but for help finding the long-lost son of an elderly neighbor. As Keith digs reluctantly into this complicated assignment, he has no idea how intertwined his life and Claire's will become--nor how one little girl's kindhearted request will touch so many lives and reap so many blessings. Through compelling characters and surprising plot twists, Irene Hannon offers readers this tenderhearted story of family connections that demonstrates how life is like lilacs--the biggest blooms often come only after the harshest winters.

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A Breath of Hope Audiobook

A Breath of Hope

Author: Lauraine Snelling Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: April 2018

The Minnesota frontier is nothing like Nilda Carlson imagined. After a terrifying experience in a lumber camp, she finds a safe job helping a young widow. When she meets Fritz, she is initially uninterested in his overtures. But as he begins to win her over, would loving him mean abandoning her goals--or simply exchanging one dream for a different one? Nilda Carlson has been trying to save enough money to go to America for months, so when a letter arrives, with an offer to pay her passage, she jumps at the chance. Her younger brother Ivar accompanies her, and they are thrilled to join older brother Rune and his family in the northern forests of Minnesota. But America is not everything Nilda imagined. A terrifying experience in a lumber camp shakes Nilda's confidence and trust in men, but a job helping a young widow raise her children and run her farm gives her a chance to build her own life. When she meets Fritz, the children's schoolteacher, she is initially unimpressed and uninterested. His kindness and passion for learning begin to win her over, but how can she sacrifice her dreams for the future for a man she's still not sure of?

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The Betrayal Audiobook

The Betrayal

Author: Beverly Lewis Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: June 2004

Leah Ebersol rejoices in her coming baptism and marriage. Her joy is clouded, though, when she learns of a secret sin that her older sister, Sadie, has committed. If Sadie does not confess and repent, Leah must tell the church elders-or risk sacrificing her own conscience and reputation. The Betrayal is a CBA bestseller from an award-winning inspirational author.

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The Prodigal Audiobook

The Prodigal

Author: Beverly Lewis Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: January 2004

Beverly Lewis' beloved series is about an Amish family in Pennsylvania. The Prodigal, a New York Times best-seller, has won over countless fans with its tale of love and redemption. Abram's family is surprised by the prospect of the return of Jonas Mast, a former beau of one of his daughters. Leah cannot believe that Jonas might return from Ohio'and she doesn't know what secrets he'll bring with him.

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Whispers of Winter Audiobook

Whispers of Winter

Author: Tracie Peterson Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: August 2007

With this riveting historical novel, Tracie Peterson concludes a CBA best-selling series that includes Under the Northern Lights. Set amidst the frozen wilds of 1917 Alaska, this finale skillfully weaves an enthralling plot with an uplifting message of God's faithfulness in trials. With Leah's husband and brother still lost in the Arctic, it's difficult for her to sustain hope. She values her friends and treasures her one-year-old twins. But what if both men remain forever frozen in Alaska's cruel embrace?

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The Giving Quilt Audiobook

The Giving Quilt

Author: Jennifer Chiaverini Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: October 2012

Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilts novels are as lovingly crafted and heartwarming as the homemade quilts featured prominently in each story. The milestone 20th entry in this charming series, The Giving Quilt chronicles the week after Thanksgiving- Quiltsgiving- as residents of Elm Creek Manor find creative ways to answer the question, ''Why do you give?''

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The Last Word Audiobook

The Last Word

Author: Lisa Lutz Narrator: Christina Moore, Mia Barron Release Date: July 2013

"Isabel “Izzy” Spellman is used to being followed, extorted, and questioned—it’s an occupational hazard of her job as a private investigator with her family’s firm, Spellman Investigations, Inc. Her little sister Rae once tailed Izzy for weeks on end to figure out the identity of her boyfriend. Her mother Olivia once blackmailed Izzy with photographic evidence of Prom Night 1994. And her ex-boyfriend, detective Henry Stone, once interrogated Izzy at SFPD headquarters about the specifics of her caseload—and the details of her romantic life. So when Izzy avenges her dismissal (after surveilling a client who'd hired her) by staging a hostile takeover of Spellman, Inc., she should know better than to think she can put those kind of antics behind her. In typical Spellman fashion—her troubles are just beginning. Within months of assuming control of Spellman, Inc., Izzy learns that she’s under indictment for possible embezzlement. She’s accused of stealing from one of her former clients, the ridiculously wealthy Mr. Slayter, who just so happens to be losing his short-term memory. If Izzy gets indicted, she’ll lose everything—her business, her license, not to mention her family’s livelihood. It doesn’t help that Izzy can’t keep her family—err, we mean her employees—in line. Her little sister Rae, ever the money-loving pragmatist, is abandoning private investigation work to branch out into the lucrative field of conflict resolution. In the meantime, her parents Albert and Olivia have declared a strike, sometimes this means a refusal to change out of pajamas (the commute from their bedroom being just a flight of stairs); other days a refusal to turn up to work at all.  One question remains: is this the end of Izzy Spellman, PI? The answer makes The Last Word, hands down, the most thrilling book in the bestselling, award-nominated series."

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Circle of Quilters Audiobook

Circle of Quilters

Author: Jennifer Chiaverini Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: March 2006

When Elm Creek Quilts announces openings for two new teachers, quilters everywhere are vying to land the prestigious post. The impending departure of two founding members means untold changes for the Elm Creek Quilters. As they begin the interview process, a single question emerges: Who can possibly take the place of beloved colleagues and friends? "We must evaluate all of the applicants' qualities," advises Master Quilter Sylvia Compson. "Our choice will say as much about us as it says about who we decide to hire." Who merits a place among the circle of quilters? Will it be Maggie, whose love of history shines through in all her projects; Anna, whose food-themed quilts are wonderfully innovative; Russ, the male quilter with a completely original style; Karen, a novice teacher whose gifts for language complement her deep understanding of the quilters' mission; or Gretchen, the soulful veteran whose craft is inspired by quilting tradition?

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The Hundred Dresses Audiobook

The Hundred Dresses

Author: Eleanor Estes Narrator: Christina Moore Release Date: July 2001

Wanda Petronski is different from all the other girls in Room 13. Every day she wears the same faded blue dress to school, and every day she tells about her hundred dresses at home. Her classmates joke about her imaginary clothes - until they learn the wonderful secret of the dresses.

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