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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
Zeroed In Audiobook

Zeroed In

Author: Mike Ryan Narrator: Brian Hutchison Release Date: March 2022

With the events of the hospital still fresh in their minds, The Scorpions are regrouping and ready to wage war. With Recker being their main target, they’ll do anything to lure him into their grasp, including taking his partner hostage. ​Will The Silencer get there in time to save his friend, or will Haley pay the price for his partner’s sins?

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Younger Next Year, 2nd Edition: Live Strong, Fit, Sexy, and Smart-Until You're 80 and Beyond Audiobook

Younger Next Year, 2nd Edition: Live Strong, Fit, Sexy, and Smart-Until You're 80 and Beyond

Congratulations, you are about to get younger! Dr. Henry Lodge provides the science. Chris Crowley provides the motivation. And through their New York Times bestselling program, youll discover how to put off 70 percent of the normal problems of agingweakness, sore joints, bad balanceand eliminate 50 percent of serious illness and injury. Plus, prominent neurologist Allan Hamilton now explains how following Harrys Rules for diet, exercise, and staying emotionally connected directly affects your brainall the way down to the cellular level. The message is simple: Learn to train for the next third of your life, and youll have a ball.

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You Haven't Hit Your Peak Yet: Uncommon Wisdom for Unleashing Your Full Potential Audiobook

You Haven't Hit Your Peak Yet: Uncommon Wisdom for Unleashing Your Full Potential

Author: Harvey Mackay Narrator: Brian Hutchison Release Date: January 2020

Advice from one of Americas most respected and well-connected business leadership gurus If you havent reached your peak, youre not alone. But still, youre doing something right. Sound strange? Well, any businessperson worth their salt knows it takes determination to reach the finish line. The business world is constantly changing so its essential to learn, adapt, and grow. In all-new pieces of wisdom, common sense, and advice, Harvey Mackay shares his decades of business leadership acumen to show you how to stay relevant, fluid, and on the path for success. Find out how adversity can be your best friend Use humility in your successes to make good business partners Stop riding a dead horse Discover how recognition does wonders Told with the sort of straight-shooting humor that only Harvey Mackay can deliver, You Havent Hit Your Peak Yet is your personal road map for the route that can take you to the top.

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Writers of the Future Volume 31 Audiobook

Writers of the Future Volume 31

The future is here.the future is now! Orson Scott Card, Kevin J. Anderson and Larry Niven have seen the future. Now, you can, too. A constellation of the brightest lights in the Science Fiction and Fantasy firmament have judged these authors to be the best, the brightest, the truest emerging stars in the field. From Alien Invasion to Alternate History, from Cyberpunk to Comic Fantasy to Post-Apocalyptic Worlds, these are the winning writers who have mastered every version and vision of sci-fi and fantasy. Don't be left behind. Get a read on what's next. "The Writers of the Future contest looks for people with the best imaginations who can see through the possibilities of the strangest and best ideas and tell stories that intrigue us and involve us." -ORSON SCOTT CARD Celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Writers of the Future contest and the 26th anniversary of the Illustrators of the Future contest.

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War Porn Audiobook

War Porn

Author: Roy Scranton Narrator: Brian Hutchison Release Date: August 2016

The term "war porn" refers to videos and images brought back from combat zones. IED explosions, air strikes, firefights, images of death and gore largely shorn of context, at times even evidence of potential war crimes (most famously, the photos of detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib). "War porn" is also, in Scranton's searing debut, a metaphor for the fragmentation and confusion of modern combat, the broken shards of experience that form the wartime experiences of soldiers and civilians alike. The three sections of War Porn fit inside one another like nesting dolls: from an end of summer barbecue in the American Southwest; to the perspective of a young US soldier in the early months of the occupation of Iraq; to the story of Qasim al-Zabadi, an Iraqi math professor who faces the American invasion with a blend of fear, denial, and perseverance. Through the eyes of the occupiers, we watch Qasim become an interpreter for US forces, then prisoner and victim. As the scene switches from America to Iraq and back again, as home and hell merge, Qasim reveals the fragile humanity that connects occupier and occupied, torturer and tortured.

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Want You More Audiobook

Want You More

Author: Nicole Helm Narrator: Brian Hutchinson, Brian Hutchison Release Date: November 2017

There's plenty of gorgeous winding trails leading to Gracely, Colorado. And making your way around this rugged Rocky Mountain town is how you start over, fix your mistakes-and find the one person who'll always have your back. Will Evans works hard, plays harder-but never gets in too deep. He'll do anything to keep his family's Mile High Adventures business on track and help Gracely recover. One too many betrayals taught this handsome guide to avoid commitment as expertly as he negotiates difficult trails and treacherous rivers. But now it's impossible for him to play it cool with the one woman he lost-and never forgot. Nothing is going to keep Tori Appleby from starting over right. After a career-ending personal and professional mistake, she's back to save the company she helped start. She needs Gracely's healing small-town charm-and the caring and help she's only found with the Evans family. But she doesn't need Will trying for a second chance. Or to risk her heart one more time. Will won't commit, and Tori has a life to rebuild. But to move on, they'll have to give in to the irresistible heat between them.

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Valley of Bones Audiobook

Valley of Bones

Author: Dusty Richards Narrator: Brian Hutchison Release Date: April 2019

The Byrnes family saga continues in this epic novel by Western Heritage, Western Writers of America, and Spur Award winning Dusty Richards, starting with a trailblazing moment in our nation's history-and ending in bloodsoaked vengeance . . . A landmark feat of innovation is about to change the American West forever. With electric cables stretching from the Colorado River to Gallup, New Mexico, a new telegraph system will connect the settlers of the Arizona Territory to rest of the country-a dream come true for rancher Chet Byrnes and his family. But laying four hundred miles of steel wire can be a deadly task. Chet has to face off with hired henchmen who would kill to sabotage the project. Chet's nephew JD has his hands full with cutthroat rustlers on the Mexican border. And a pair of outlaws from Chet's past have come seeking revenge for the hangings of the Reynolds clan-revenge that can only be paid with Byrnes family blood .

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Two Brothers Audiobook

Two Brothers

Author: Linda Lael Miller Narrator: Brian Hutchison, Susan Bennett Release Date: December 2015

The Lawman Marshal Shay McQuillan has a lot on his hands -- stagecoach robbers to hunt down, a murdered fiancEe to avenge. He certainly doesn't need an identical twin brother he never knew existed turning up out of the blue and telling him what to do. Even less does he want pretty Aislinn Lethaby trying to rescue him from danger. Because, to tell the truth, Aislinn is a sweet distraction from duty whom Shay just can't resist. Aislinn Lethaby has a fine job at the town hotel. Soon, she'll have saved enough to buy the broken-down homestead she has her eye on and bring her young brothers west. She has no business jeopardizing everything when she sees Shay in danger. But something about the man makes Aislinn lose all the good sense she thought she had -- and follow the longings of her heart. The Gunslinger Now that he's finally found his twin brother, all Tristan Saint-Laurent wants is to be a peaceful rancher. What he gets is Miss Emily Starbuck, a determined package of trouble from back East. Tristan knows he should tell Emily and her aggravating sheep to move along, but he doesn't have the heart. Suddenly this man of danger is dreaming of weddings and babies. But the life he's left behind may yet come between him and the woman he's growing to love. Emily Starbuck is making a fresh start by raising the sheep she's bought with a meager inheritance. She's willing to fight every cattleman in the West, but she can't resist Tristan. His handsome face and lean, strong body make her knees buckle, and her thoughts move to sharing a blissful ranch life with the man. But what Emily doesn't know about Tristan could jeopardize their dream of happiness.

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Trigger Pull Audiobook

Trigger Pull

Author: Mike Ryan Narrator: Brian Hutchison Release Date: May 2021

After getting back from London, Recker and the team are immediately swept up in Vincent and Nowak's feud again. Though they initially refuse in getting involved, their minds are changed when they start getting ambushed. Recker is ambushed in an alley while trying to prevent a jewelry store heist, Haley has his car blown up in trying to track down the suspects, and Tyrell's relationship with Recker is found out, leaving him in a vulnerable position. The team learns it's all part of Nowak's plan to get rid of all of them, leading them into an eventual final confrontation with her. One that will be deadly.

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The Ultra Mindset Audiobook

The Ultra Mindset

Author: John Hanc, Travis Macy Narrator: Brian Hutchinson, Brian Hutchison Release Date: April 2015

Travis Macy has summited glacial peaks in the French Alps, rappelled into limestone caves in China, and raced through parched deserts in Utah. In 2013, he famously won the Leadman Series, a combination of nearly 300 miles of high-altitude trail running and mountain biking over the course of five epic endurance races. Macy achieved all of these victories without elite professional training or even exceptional strength, speed, or flexibility. His secret? A precise outlook he calls the "ultra mindset," a set of simple principles for daily life that includes embracing fear, rewriting the stories we tell ourselves, and mastering the art of asking for help. By practicing these principles in all areas of life, anyone can successfully achieve goals that might have otherwise seemed impossible.

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The Three-Box Solution Playbook: Tools and Tactics for Creating Your Company's Strategy Audiobook

The Three-Box Solution Playbook: Tools and Tactics for Creating Your Company's Strategy

Author: Manish Tangri, Vijay Govindarajan Narrator: Brian Hutchison Release Date: May 2020

A new, comprehensive playbook for innovation from the New York Times bestselling author of Reverse Innovation, Vijay Govindarajan In his seminal book The Three-Box Solution, Vijay Govindarajan offered an amazingly simple and highly effective framework for leading innovation: Execute the present core business at peak efficiency (Box 1) Avoid the inhibiting traps of past success (Box 2) Build a future day by day through breakthrough innovations (Box 3) Since the books publication, companies across the globe have used the three-box framework to great success. Now, along with Manish Tangri, a corporate dealmaker at Intel, Govindarajan goes deeper into the most crucial box of all: creating the future. Together they provide a repeatable process for companies to create new breakthroughsfrom ideation through incubation to scaling. Full of worksheets, exercises, tools, and examples, The Three-Box Solution Playbook is the guide you and your team need to drive innovation and growthand continually revitalize your company.

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The Standalone Collection Audiobook

The Standalone Collection

Author: Mike Ryan Narrator: Adam Verner, Brian Hutchison, Charles Hubbell Release Date: December 2020

Get 3 great standalone books in one collection, from USA Today Bestselling Author Mike Ryan. Included are: A Dangerous Man The Last Job The Crew A Dangerous Man For the past ten years, Dan Casey has lived a relatively quiet life in Virginia. He got married, had two kids, even started his own business. But a deep, dark secret he's been hiding is about to shatter his world. Casey thought he was done with his past-but his past wasn't done with him. Everyone is about to find out, though--he's still a very dangerous man. The Last Job Eric Lamb is a world renowned hit-man. He's the best there is. He's the number one go-to man when a job pops up. But Lamb is getting tired of his profession. The constant killings, some seemingly innocent, have finally taken their toll on him. And he's about to do something about it. After he's contracted to do a new job, he decides he's had enough. All in the hopes of saving a young girl he doesn't even know. And it will probably cost him his life. The Crew Jack Carter's got a problem. He left his old life, and his old crew, behind to start a family. But now, several years later, they've come calling again. The leader of the crew, Dominic Cirella, wants to pull off an armored car job right under the noses of the cops who are tailing them. Will Jack sacrifice his new peaceful life for a potential big score? Will they be able to pull it off? Or will they all go down in a hail of gunfire?​

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