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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE Audiobook

Help Yourself: Three scalding stories from the bestselling author of AMERICAN WIFE

Author: Curtis Sittenfeld Narrator: Alana Maria, Curtis Sittenfeld, Kate Handford Release Date: October 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. Sittenfeld's wryly hilarious and insightful new collection, HELP YOURSELF, illuminates human experience and gracefully upends our assumptions about class and race, envy and disappointment, gender dynamics and celebrity. Suburban friends fall out after a racist encounter at a birthday party is caught on video and posted on Facebook; an illustrious Manhattan film crew are victims of their own snobbery when they underestimate a pre-school teacher from the Mid-West; and a group of young writers fight about love and narrative style as they compete for a prestigious bursary. Connecting each of these three stories is Sittenfeld's truthful yet merciless eye, as her characters stagger from awkwardness, to humiliation and, if they're lucky, to reconciliation. Full of tenderness and compassion, this dazzling collection celebrates our humanity in all its pettiness and glory. Praise for CURTIS SITTENFELD: 'Nobody else writes with such precison and amusement about the absolute inability of men and women to understand each other' RED MAGAZINE 'You won't want these stories to end' REESE WITHERSPOON 'Perfect miniatures in deadpan prose' GUARDIAN 'Clear-eyed and compulsive' MAIL ON SUNDAY © Curtis Sittenfeld 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Montessori For Every Family: Your child, your day, your Montessori Audiobook

Montessori For Every Family: Your child, your day, your Montessori

Author: Lorna Mcgrath, Tim Seldin Narrator: Alana Maria Release Date: August 2021

The Montessori method is gaining popularity, and for good reason - it is eminently child-centred and is focused on laudable values such as curiosity, independence and respect. Research shows that Montessori-schooled children are calm, confident, and intelligent, and grow up to become responsible, community-minded, emotionally intelligent adults. The world needs more such people! But Montessori has been criticized as elitist - Montessori nurseries and schools are oversubscribed and expensive, and books that show you how to apply the principles at home suggest an overhaul of your house as you set it up to suit your child's play and learning needs. But the Montessori approach has the potential to bridge the world's inequality gap - instilling values such as respect and fairness amongst peers - it should be open to all. This audiobook makes Montessori accessible to everyone. It outlines the key principles that underpin the approach succinctly and makes applying them immediate and practical for the average time-poor working parent. It provides quick, simple and accessible ways to ensure that your child's environment is a stimulating one. It also explores the family values that Montessori instils, and how the way in which you parent and your approach to relationships can encapsulate these. Your child may not attend a Montessori school, but your family can still live by Montessori principles. This book shows you precisely what you can do and say in the moment at the times of day you connect with your child - at school or nursery drop off, after-school time, play time, meal times, homework time, and bedtime. It also shows you that it is never too late to introduce Montessori methods to your child. You can apply the principles at any age and enjoy life-changing results. This is the only Montessori book to recognise that most parents do not have the time and resources to overhaul their lives to fully embrace a parenting philosophy, but instead need practical, immediate guidance that is effective in the moment. Everyone can create magical Montessori moments every day - this book shows you how. The coronavirus lockdown is showing many of us how ill-equipped we are to look after and teach our own children, but it is also sparking a renewed desire to understand and learn how parenting can be more mindful, conscious, and connected. Tim Seldin is President of the Montessori Foundation and Chair of the International Montessori Council. He is one of America's most respected Montessori educators and authors, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He is a past Director of the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies and conducts regular webinars on Montessori education. Lorna McGrath is the Montessori Foundation's Montessori Family Alliance Director. Lorna works directly with parents and children and is an experienced course leader and communicator. © 2021 Tim Seldon; Laura McGraff © 2021 DK Audio

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