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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Final Twist Audiobook The Final Twist
  2. The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War Audiobook The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War
  3. Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking Audiobook Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
  4. Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork Audiobook Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork
  5. Left You Dead Audiobook Left You Dead
  6. Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece Audiobook Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece
  7. Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020 Audiobook Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020
  8. The Wife Who Got a Life Audiobook The Wife Who Got a Life
  9. Covet Audiobook Covet
  10. The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World Audiobook The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World
2 Bodies for the Price of 1 Audiobook

2 Bodies for the Price of 1

Author: Stephanie Bond Narrator: Maureen Jones Release Date: May 2014

A laugh-out-loud mystery! With fugitive parents, a brother dodging loan sharks, a hunky cop who's made her outlaw family his business, and her ex-fiance back in the picture, Carlotta Wren thought her life couldn't get any more complicated. And then... Her fugitive parents phone home. Her identity is stolen by a look-alike. Her look-alike is found, well...dead. Under suspicion for murder, Carlotta discovers that her devious double might have been bumped off accidentally - and that she could be the real target! Throw in dealing with her motley crew of family, friends and wannabe lovers, and Carlotta begins to think that jail isn't such a bad alternative after all... Warning: laughter ahead!

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2012: Das Ende aller Zeiten Audiobook

2012: Das Ende aller Zeiten

Author: Brian D'Amato Narrator: Volker Lechtenbrink Release Date: March 2009

Eine Mischung von Go und Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht, so ähnlich ist das Brettspiel, das Jed DeLanda von seiner Mutter geerbt hat. Jed benutzt es dazu, um an der Börse zu spekulieren, und dies mit beträchtlichem Erfolg. Bis eines Tages die reiche, exzentrische Marena Park, TV- Moderatorin und Computerspiel-Designerin, in sein Leben tritt. Sie zeigt ihm Bilder von einem alten Maya-Codex, der mit modernsten technischen Mitteln lesbar gemacht werden konnte. Die Maya waren besessen von Zahlen. Sie spielten das gleiche Spiel wie Jed, aber in einer unvorstellbar größeren Komplexität. Sie hatten ihren eigenen Untergang vorausgesehen. Sie berechneten die großen Katastrophen der Menschheit voraus, bis zu dem Tag, an dem alles endet. Dem 21. Dezember 2012. Die Endzeit wirft ihre Schatten voraus. Eine Seuche sucht Amerika heim. Während die USA in Chaos und Anarchie versinken, macht sich Joe auf eine fantastische Reise. Er muss den Schritt zurück in die Zeit wagen, als die Hochkultur der Maya noch blühte. Er muss selbst das große Spiel spielen, um zu sehen, ob die Menschheit noch eine Chance hat.

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2034: A Novel of the Next World War Audiobook

2034: A Novel of the Next World War

From two former military officers and award-winning authors, a chillingly authentic geopolitical thriller that imagines a naval clash between the US and China in the South China Sea in 2034--and the path from there to a nightmarish global conflagration. On March 12, 2034, US Navy Commodore Sarah Hunt is on the bridge of her flagship, the guided missile destroyer USS John Paul Jones, conducting a routine freedom of navigation patrol in the South China Sea when her ship detects an unflagged trawler in clear distress, smoke billowing from its bridge. On that same day, US Marine aviator Major Chris 'Wedge' Mitchell is flying an F35E Lightning over the Strait of Hormuz, testing a new stealth technology as he flirts with Iranian airspace. By the end of that day, Wedge will be an Iranian prisoner, and Sarah Hunt's destroyer will lie at the bottom of the sea, sunk by the Chinese Navy. Iran and China have clearly coordinated their moves, which involve the use of powerful new forms of cyber weaponry that render US ships and planes defenseless. In a single day, America's faith in its military's strategic pre-eminence is in tatters. A new, terrifying era is at hand. So begins a disturbingly plausible work of speculative fiction, co-authored by an award-winning novelist and decorated Marine veteran and the former commander of NATO, a legendary admiral who has spent much of his career strategically outmaneuvering America's most tenacious adversaries. Written with a powerful blend of geopolitical sophistication and human empathy, 2034 takes us inside the minds of a global cast of characters--Americans, Chinese, Iranians, Russians, Indians--as a series of arrogant miscalculations on all sides leads the world into an intensifying international storm. In the end, China and the United States will have paid a staggering cost, one that forever alters the global balance of power.  Everything in 2034 is an imaginative extrapolation from present-day facts on the ground combined with the authors' years working at the highest and most classified levels of national security. Sometimes it takes a brilliant work of fiction to illuminate the most dire of warnings: 2034 is all too close at hand, and this cautionary tale presents the reader a dark yet possible future that we must do all we can to avoid. * This audiobook edition includes an exclusive interview with co-author Admiral James Stavridis.

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206 Bones Audiobook

206 Bones

Author: Kathy Reichs Narrator: Linda Emond Release Date: August 2009

There are 206 bones in the human body. Forensic anthropologists know them intimately, can read in them stories of brief or long lives and use them to reconstruct every kind of violent end. 206 Bones opens with Tempe regaining consciousness and discovering that she is in some kind of very small, very dark, very cold enclosed space. She is bound, hands to feet. Who wants Tempe dead, or at least out of the way, and why? Tempe begins slowly to reconstruct... Tempe and Lieutenant Ryan had accompanied the recently discovered remains of a missing heiress from Montreal to the Chicago morgue. Suddenly, Tempe was accused of mishandling the autopsy -- and the case. Someone made an incriminating phone call. Within hours, the one man with information about the call was dead. Back in Montreal, the corpse of a second elderly woman was found in the woods, and then a third. Seamlessly weaving between Tempe's present-tense terror as she's held captive and her memory of the cases of these murdered women, Reichs conveys the incredible devastation that would occur if a forensic colleague sabotaged work in the lab. The chemistry between Tempe and Ryan intensifies as this complex, riveting tale unfolds. Reichs is writing at the top of her game.

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20th Victim: (Women’s Murder Club 20) Audiobook

20th Victim: (Women’s Murder Club 20)

Author: James Patterson Narrator: January Lavoy Release Date: March 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. The Women's Murder Club face the fight of their lives in the latest thriller from the bestselling James Patterson series Three victims, three bullets, three cities. Simultaneous murders in LA, Chicago, and San Francisco – SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer's jurisdiction. The shooters are precise, as is their target selection. Each one of the men and women down excels at an illegal and deadly activity that is dominating public debate. As the casualty list expands, the fear and fascination with this shooting gallery galvanises the county. Are the shooter villains or heroes? And who will be next? © James Patterson 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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21 Hours Audiobook

21 Hours

Author: Dustin Stevens Narrator: Sean Runnette Release Date: October 2014

Felix "O" O'Connor is an ex-con from central Ohio who has spent the last seven years working on a ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Rarely does he venture out into the world and never does it come looking for him. Both of those things change when his twin sister, Alexa "Lex" Borden, calls from Columbus, Ohio, to ask for his help. Earlier that afternoon, she and her husband were both beaten unconscious, and their two-year-old daughter was abducted from their front yard. Nobody saw a thing, the police are stumped, and it is a well-known statistic that if a child isn't found in the first forty-eight hours, they rarely are. O immediately drives back to Ohio and finds himself with just twenty-one hours to find his beloved niece before potentially losing her forever. Plunging himself into a world he'd long ago left behind, he crosses paths with criminal masterminds, human traffickers, gun runners, drug smugglers, bloodthirsty spectators, and suspicious detectives, all in the name of bringing her home.

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212 Audiobook


Author: Alafair Burke Narrator: Eliza Foss Release Date: May 2010

The daughter of legendary author James Lee Burke, Alafair Burke has built a considerable reputation for crafting taut mysteries herself. With 212, this former deputy district attorney pens a haunting tale investigating the terrifying realities of Internet anonymity. When a student is murdered following a series of threatening messages posted on a college gossip site, NYPD detectives Ellie Hatcher and J.J. Rogan are assigned the case. As they dig deeper, however, they discover the victim was only one of many-and the killer isn't finished.

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212: A Novel Audiobook

212: A Novel

Author: Alafair Burke Narrator: Madeleine Maby Release Date: August 2019

The plot of an Alafair Burke thriller doesn't just rip from the headlines. She's one step ahead of them. 212 scares you and keeps you turning the pages into the wee hours." -Harlan Coben "Burke has created a strong female protagonist in the tradition of Sara Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski and Marcia Muller's Sharon McCone.... Utterly authentic." -Boston Globe 212 is acclaimed author-and former deputy district attorney-Alafair Burke's gripping thriller featuring hip, Manhattan-based detective Ellie Hatcher. Fans of Lisa Gardner, Sandra Brown, Karin Slaughter, Harlan Coben, Sue Grafton, and PJ Tracy will find it hard to put 212 down until the very last moment.

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21st Birthday: (Women’s Murder Club 21) Audiobook

21st Birthday: (Women’s Murder Club 21)

Author: James Patterson Narrator: January Lavoy Release Date: March 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. In the latest book in the globally bestselling Women's Murder Club series, Sergeant Lindsay Boxer vows to protect a twenty-year-old victim long enough for her to see her twenty-first birthday. When a distraught mother pleads with San Francisco Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas to investigate the disappearance of her daughter Tara and baby granddaughter Lorrie, Cindy immediately loops in SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer. The prime suspect is Tara's schoolteacher husband, Lucas Burke, but he tells a conflicting story that paints Tara as a wayward wife, not a missing person. While the city's chief medical examiner, Claire Washburn, harbours theories that run counter to the police investigation of the Burke case, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano sizes up Lucas as a textbook domestic offender - until he puts forward a theory of his own that could connect the dots on a constellation of killings. As the case grows into something far bigger than any of them could have imagined, the four friends will need each other to help unpick the truth from a web of lies. © James Patterson 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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22 Dead Little Bodies (A Logan and Steel short novel) Audiobook

22 Dead Little Bodies (A Logan and Steel short novel)

Author: Stuart MacBride Narrator: Steve Worsley Release Date: April 2015

A short novel from the No. 1 bestselling author of CLOSE TO THE BONE and A SONG FOR THE DYING, featuring his most popular characters, Acting DI Logan McRae and DCI Roberta Steel..CID isn't what it used to be...It's a been a bad week for acting Detective Inspector Logan McRae. Every time his unit turns up anything interesting, DCI Steel's Major Investigation Team waltzes in and takes over, leaving CID with all the dull and horrible jobs.Like dealing with Mrs Black - who hates her neighbour, the police, and everyone else. Or identifying the homeless man who drank himself to death behind some bins. Or tracking down the wife and kids of someone who's just committed suicide.But when the dead bodies start turning up, one thing's certain - Logan's week is about to get a whole lot worse...

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22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories Audiobook

22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories

Author: Stuart MacBride Narrator: Steve Worsley Release Date: February 2016

From the No. 1 bestselling author of THE MISSING AND THE DEAD comes the short novel: 22 DEAD LITTLE BODIES, plus two short stories: STRAMASH and DI STEEL'S BAD HEIR DAY, and a novella: THE 45% HANGOVER, all featuring his most popular characters - DS Logan McRae and DCI Roberta Steel.They say 'small is beautiful', but as Stuart MacBride demonstrates in these four tales, it can also be dark, violent, disturbing, and sometimes really quite rude. So pour yourself a wee dram, curl up on the sofa and enjoy DS Logan McRae and his sometime boss, friend, mother substitute, and nemesis, DCI Steel at their best.Here you'll find Logan's week from hell; Steel's own personal nightmare before Christmas; an explosive shootout on a remote Scottish island; and the ultimate test of their relationship...

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22/11/63 Audiobook


Author: Stephen King Narrator: Carlos Manuel Vesga Release Date: December 2020

El 22 de noviembre de 1963 tres disparos resonaron en Dallas. Murió el presidente Kennedy, y el mundo cambió. ¿Qué harías tú si pudieras impedirlo? En esta novela brillante, Stephen King acompaña al lector en un viaje maravilloso al pasado y en un intento de cambiar lo que pasó. Durante casi 900 páginas nos ofrece un impecable retrato social, político y cultural del final de los años cincuenta y principios de los sesenta; un mundo marcado por coches enormes, la figura de Elvis Presley y el humo de los cigarrillos flotando por todas partes. Todo empieza con Jake Epping, profesor de inglés en el instituto de Lisbon Falls, Maine, que se gana un sueldo extra con clases nocturnas para adultos. Un día pide a sus estudiantes que escriban sobre un acontecimiento que les haya cambiado la vida, y una de esas redacciones le impacta profundamente: la historia cruenta de una noche de hace cincuenta años cuando el padre de Harry Dunningvolvió a casa para matar a su madre, hermano y hermana con un martillo. Al leer esta redacción algo transforma a Jake; su vida, igual que aquel día de 1963 en Dallas, cambia por completo en tan solo un instante. Poco después su amigo Al, propietario de un diner en su barrio, le descubre un secreto: en el almacén hay una puerta que conduce al pasado, a un día en particular del año 1958. Y Al le pide a Jake que le ayude con una misión que le obsesiona: impedir el asesinato de Kennedy. Y así comienza la nueva vida de Jake como George Amberson, en un mundo muy diferente. En él, George se enamorará mientras sigue el rastro de Lee Harvey Oswald hacia un momento histórico que quizá ahora nunca se produzca. Un viaje al pasado nunca ha sido tan creíble, ni tan terrorífico... La crítica ha dicho... «Una novela magistral.» Iván de la Nuez, Babelia, El País «Con 22/11/63 King vuelve a sus inicios, a lo más alto. A dar -nunca mejor dicho- en el blanco.» Rodrigo Fresán, ABC Cultural «Nos encontramos ante el mejor King... Tan impactante como sus primeros títulos.» Lluís Fernández, La Razón

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