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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man Audiobook Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  2. The Sin Eater Audiobook The Sin Eater
  3. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  4. Near Dark: A Thriller Audiobook Near Dark: A Thriller
  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
  6. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense Audiobook Outsider: A Novel of Suspense
  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  10. Tempt Me Audiobook Tempt Me
Lost Souls Audiobook

Lost Souls

Author: Jonathan Kellerman Narrator: Dennis Boutsikaris Release Date: July 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. The gripping new thriller from multi-bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman and his son, Jesse, features a deputy coroner and a seemingly impossible case set against an atmospheric Californian backdrop. ‘Storytelling at its best, I loved it’ Kathy Reichs A DETECTIVE UNDER PRESSURE Deputy Coroner Clay Edison is juggling a new baby who won’t sleep with working the graveyard shift. For once he’s trying to keep things simple. A HAUNTING DISCOVERY When infant remains are found by developers demolishing a local park, a devastating cold case is brought back to light. A DESPERATE SEARCH FOR ANSWERS Clay has barely begun to investigate when he receives a call from a man who thinks the remains could belong to his sister – who went missing fifty years ago. Now Clay is locked in a relentless search that will unearth a web of violence, secrets and betrayal. Because in this town, the past isn’t dead. It’s very much alive. And it can kill. © Jonathan Kellerman 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Shadow Garden Audiobook

Shadow Garden

Author: Alexandra Burt Narrator: Maggie-Meg Reed Release Date: July 2020

A wealthy woman suspects something is off about the luxurious complex she lives in . . . and she is right, in this riveting domestic-suspense novel from international bestselling author Alexandra Burt. Donna Pryor lives in the lap of luxury. She spends her days in a beautifully appointed condo. Her every whim is catered to by a dedicated staff, and she does not want for anything. Except for news of her adult daughter. Or an ex-husband who takes her calls. Donna knows something is wrong, but she can't quite put her finger on it. As her life of privilege starts to feel more and more like a prison, the facade she has depended on begins to crumble. Somewhere in the ruins is the truth, and the closer Donna Pryor gets to it, the more likely it is to destroy her.

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A Double Life Audiobook

A Double Life

Author: Charlotte Philby Narrator: Helen Keeley, Katy Sobey Release Date: July 2020

The Times Best Books for Summer 2020 THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. AND THEN THERE’S THE TRUTH. Gabriela, a senior negotiator in the FCO’s counter-terrorism unit, runs a small and powerful team based in Whitehall. She is tenacious, hard-working and the family breadwinner. Her partner Tom – a freelance architect – looks after their two small children. When Gabriela returns from a seven-month stint in Moscow, something doesn’t seem right. Isobel is a journalist working for the local paper in Camden. Walking home from a party one night, she witnesses a horrific attack. But someone has seen her, and is making themselves known in increasingly frightening ways. As Isobel starts to investigate, she uncovers a dark network of human trafficking and exploitation. While Gabriela’s life begins to unravel, Isobel gets closer to the story. With one desperate to uncover the truth, and the other determined to hide it, the two women’s lives converge. Compulsive and compelling A Double Life is a beautifully written and deeply chilling examination of deceit.

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Watch Over You Audiobook

Watch Over You

Author: M.J. Ford Narrator: Joan Walker Release Date: July 2020

‘Superb, gritty and realistic’ MEL SHERRATT, million-copy bestseller The hunt is on. And this time, it’s personal… When DS Josie Masters is called out to a house in North Oxford to investigate a serious incident, things take a personal turn. The body is Harry’s – her friend and former colleague. Josie thought Harry lived alone, but evidence suggests he’d had a lodger – a young woman who has fled the scene. And as more killings stun Oxford, the police discover the picture is more complicated than it appeared. The young woman is on the run, and someone is following her – leaving a stack of bodies in their wake…

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The Weekend Away Audiobook

The Weekend Away

Author: Sarah Alderson Narrator: To Be Announced Release Date: July 2020

Two friends go on holiday. Only one comes back. If you loved The Holiday, get ready for your new obsession… Orla and Kate have been best friends forever. Together they’ve faced it all – be it Orla’s struggles as a new mother or Kate’s messy divorce. And whatever else happens in their lives, they can always look forward to their annual weekend away. This year, they’re off to Lisbon: the perfect flat, the perfect view, the perfect itinerary. And what better way to kick things off in style than with the perfect night out? But when Orla wakes up the next morning, Kate is gone. Brushed off by the police and with only a fuzzy memory of the night’s events, Orla is her friend’s only hope. As she frantically retraces their steps, Orla makes a series of shattering discoveries that threaten everything she holds dear. Because while Lisbon holds the secret of what happened that night, the truth may lie closer to home… A twisty holiday read for fans of The Holiday and Date Night.

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Tainted Love Audiobook

Tainted Love

Author: Stacy Claflin Narrator: Rachel Dulude Release Date: July 2020

Jess McAdams dotes on her four children and gives advice and suggestions to parents all around the world. No one would ever question her love and devotion to her children, let alone suspect her of murdering one. But Alex Mercer does. Alex has plenty of experience investigating crimes involving missing kids. So when he senses something is wrong, he trusts his instincts. The only problem is, he's a newly deputized officer of the law. If he's wrong about Jess, he'll destroy his career before it gets off the ground. He receives a tip that Jess has suddenly stopped posting about one of her children. It's almost as if he never existed, except her old blog posts show otherwise. The deeper Alex digs, the more twisted and sinister things look. His precinct's resources would be invaluable to his investigation, but his commanding officer isn't convinced the case is local and turns him down. And Alex doesn't have the evidence to sway his captain-yet. His only chance at finding the proof he needs is by using the resources he's been denied. But Alex will stop at nothing until he finds the mommy blogger and saves the children he knows are in danger-even at the risk of losing his dream job-because he knows he's right. And with young lives on the line, there's a lot more at stake than his career.

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Föremål för mord Audiobook

Föremål för mord

Author: Leif Woxlin Narrator: Mats Eklund Release Date: July 2020

Den lilla stugan bakom åsryggen är både lockande och skrämmande. Väl framme vid dörren kan Ludde inte motstå att kliva in, han känner sig frestad – precis som i sagan om Hans och Greta. Samma känsla får Åsa i mörkret utanför kursgården. Plötsligt har båda två dragits i ett drama som får sitt dramatiska avslut vid Hylströmmen, det stora vattenfallet mitt inne i hälsingeskogen. ”Föremål för mord” är sjunde delen i Leif Woxlins rosade serie Hälsingedeckare.

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Cajun Justice Audiobook

Cajun Justice

Author: James Patterson Narrator: Kevin Stillwell Release Date: July 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. From the world's bestselling thriller writer comes an international thriller going from the Bayou in Louisiana to Tokyo, Japan as justice is served. Cain Lemaire, a Secret Service agent from New Orleans, has the dream job he’s always wanted – until a single night results in a scandal that loses him his post. Needing a new direction, Cain follows his sister to Japan and takes a job in Tokyo as head of security for the CEO of a top company. But what he thought was a simple security assignment unravels into a tangled web of corruption, greed and extortion. Without the wealth of resources he had with the Secret Service, Cain will have to rely on his instincts and training as he races to find justice the way only a born and raised Cajun can. (C) James Patterson 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Taken Audiobook


Author: Lisa Stone Narrator: Bronwen Price Release Date: July 2020

A gripping new thriller from internationally bestselling author Lisa Stone Have you seen Leila? 8-year-old Leila Smith has seen and heard things that no child should ever have to. On the Hawthorn Estate, where she lives, she often stays out after dark to avoid going home. But what Leila doesn’t know is that someone has been watching her in the playground. One day, she disappears without a trace… The police start a nationwide search but it’s as if Leila has vanished into thin air. Who kidnapped her? What do they want? Will she return home safely or is she lost forever? A thriller with a difference! Praise for Lisa Stone ‘Couldn’t put it down, it was so addictive!’ Amazon reviewer ‘I was so hooked on this book I was up all night reading it into the next day’ Amazon reviewer ‘The written style keeps the reader enthralled’ Amazon reviewer ‘If you like a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish this book is for you’ Amazon reviewer ‘This is a cracking good read that had me hooked from the beginning until the end’ Amazon reviewer ‘Fantastic book, couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough!’ Amazon reviewer ‘A well-written and extremely addictive novel that will stick in your head long after putting it down’ Amazon reviewer

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If I Can't Have You Audiobook

If I Can't Have You

Author: Charlotte Levin Narrator: Chloe Massey Release Date: July 2020

'One of the best books I’ve ever read' - Ruth Jones What if the problem with your love life is you? If I Can't Have You by Charlotte Levin is an all-consuming novel about loneliness, obsession and how far we go for the ones we love. Samuel, the day we met I knew I’d finally found what I’ve been waiting for. You. Happiness, at last. Then you left me. And now I am alone. Everyone I love leaves in the end. But not this time. I’m not giving up on us. I’m not giving up on you. When you love someone, you never let them go. That’s why for me, this is just beginning.

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Blonde Roots: From the Booker prize-winning author of Girl, Woman, Other Audiobook

Blonde Roots: From the Booker prize-winning author of Girl, Woman, Other

Author: Bernardine Evaristo Narrator: Ben Arogundade, Charlotte Beaumont Release Date: July 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. 'A phenomenal book. It is so ingenious and so novel. Think The Handmaid's Tale meets Noughts and Crosses with a bit of Jonathan Swift and Lewis Carroll thrown in. This should be thought of as a feminist classic.' Women's Prize for Fiction Podcast Imagine if the transatlantic slave trade was reversed. Imagine Africans the masters and Europeans their slaves . . . Now meet young Doris, living in a sleepy English cottage. One day she is kidnapped and put aboard a slave ship bound for the New World. On a strange tropical island, Doris is told she is an ugly, stupid savage. Her only purpose in life is to please her mistress. Then, as personal assistant to Bwana, Chief Kaga Konata Katamba I, she sees the horrors of the sugarcane fields. Slaves are worked to death under the blazing sun. But though she lives in chains, Doris dreams of escape - of returning home to England and those she loves . . . 'A bold and brilliant game of counterfactual history. Evaristo keep[s] her wit and anger at a spicy simmer throughout' Daily Telegraph 'So human and real. Re-imagines past and present with refreshing humour and intelligence' Guardian 'A brilliant satire whose flashes of comedy make the underlying tragedy all the more poignant' Scotland on Sunday © Bernadine Evaristo 2008 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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Instigator Audiobook


Author: Fiona Quinn Narrator: Jeremy York Release Date: July 2020

A hardened war hero, Gator Aid Rochambeau is on a collision course with fate. Retired Marine Raider, Gator Aid Rochambeau is now an Iniquus elite security operative. He's been assigned to the Davidson mission. As the job gets underway, he is unprepared for the psychic confusion that swirls through his system. New to his psychic experiences, he reaches out to fellow Strike Force member, Lynx, for information, only to discover she too is battling a strange vortex of information. The one thing they both understand is that lives are on the line. Special ops pilot Christen Davidson receives her mission orders. Her day just went from horrifying to something far worse. Fellow operatives are in danger. Christen is desperate to fly a rescue mission. Instead, she's ordered to act as an asset in a high-stakes, international game. She didn't join the military to play dress-up, but she can't disobey, even though this assignment is far outside of her comfort zone. For this mission, there is no place to run and nowhere to hide from the men who have their eye on a billion-dollar deal, and the only ones standing in their way is this improbable team. The gamble they're making could mean life or death, but the reward could be so much more!

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