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El ladrón de meriendas (Comisario Montalbano 3) Audiobook

El ladrón de meriendas (Comisario Montalbano 3)

Author: Andrea Camilleri Narrator: Javier Portugués Release Date: March 2021

Vuelve el inspector Salvo Montalbano y su particular forma de ver el mundo desde el imaginario pueblo de Vigàta, en Sicilia. Tercera entrega de la serie del comisario que ha conseguido un espacio propio y original en la literatura policiaca contemporánea. Sus anteriores andanzas han trazado su polifacético perfil que, como demuestra esta nueva aventura, está lejos de agotarse en el simple estereotipo. En esta ocasión el comisario debe investigar el asesinato de un comerciante jubilado, cuya amante, una joven tunecina desaparecida tras el crimen, es objeto de todas las sospechas. Sin embargo, las pesquisas guían a Montalbano hacia el turbio mundo de los servicios secretos y su sucia guerra contra el terrorismo internacional. La razón de Estado se ve sometida a su implacable instinto de justicia, «quijotesco» según uno de los agentes secretos. Al mismo tiempo, la trama nos reserva sorpresas inusitadas, como un Montalbano profundamente conmovido por el destino del hijo de la joven acusada hasta el punto de proponerle matrimonio a su tan paciente como lejana compañera Livia. Como todas las obras de Camilleri que tanto disfrutan sus cientos de miles de lectores en todo el mundo, El ladrón de meriendas es un irónico pero tierno recorrido por la cara más humana del homo sapiens, con personajes cuyo realismo surge precisamente de la penetrante y compasiva mirada de don Salvo. El duro universo de la inmigración ilegal, de los barrios populares mediterráneos, de los fríos burócratas al servicio del Estado, o el de la solidaridad femenina aparecen plasmados con pasmosa nitidez en cada una de las escenas de la novela, convirtiéndonos inevitablemente en testigos y cómplices no sólo de la intriga sino también de un entorno que acaba siéndonos sorprendentemente familiar.

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Forever My Cowboy Audiobook

Forever My Cowboy

Author: June Faver Narrator: Julie Hoverson Release Date: March 2021

Cade Garrett's ordered life is upended when he gets the news that his sister and her husband have been killed in a plane crash. He's ready to step in and take care of their two young children, but he's thrown for a loop when the children's aunt is named guardian in the will and plans to take the children back to her home in Dallas. Sparks fly when he meets Jennifer LaChance, but Cade and Jenn must band together for the well-being of the children?and to determine who and what is behind the suspicious accident that took the lives of their parents.

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The Art of Violence Audiobook

The Art of Violence

Author: S. J. Rozan Narrator: Erica Sullivan Release Date: March 2021

In the latest mystery from S. J. Rozan, Bill Smith and Lydia Chin must track down a serial killer stalking women in New York's contemporary art scene. Former client Sam Tabor, just out of Greenhaven after a five-year homicide stint, comes to Bill Smith with a strange request. A colossally talented painter whose parole was orchestrated by art world movers and shakers, Sam's convinced that since he's been out he's killed two women. He doesn't remember the killings but he wants Smith, one of the few people he trusts, to investigate and prove him either innocent or guilty. NYPD detective Angela Grimaldi thinks Sam's "a weirdo." Smith has no argument with that: diagnosed with a number of mental disorders over the years, Sam self-medicates with alcohol, loses focus (except when he's painting), and has few friends. But Smith doesn't think that adds up to serial killer. He enlists Lydia Chin to help prove it. Smith and Chin delve into the world surrounding Sam Tabor, including his brother, two NYPD detectives, and various other artists, dealers, collectors, curators, and art connoisseurs. No answers appear. Evidence is found and lost again. And more bodies turn up. Sam Tabor might be just a crazy artist. But someone is killing people in his orbit. If not Sam, who? Why? And who will be next?

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Shunned and Dangerous: An Amish Mystery, Book Three Audiobook

Shunned and Dangerous: An Amish Mystery, Book Three

Author: Laura Bradford Narrator: Joyce Oben Release Date: March 2021

Living in the small town of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, Claire Weatherly has come to admire the Amish for their wholesome, honest way of life. But she also knows that nothing is as simple as it seems-especially when murder disturbs the peace.Claire has always been game for a good puzzle, so when she hears that Mose Fisher has made one of his famous corn mazes, she can't wait to walk the paths and test her skill. But she'll have a much more serious puzzle to solve when, deep inside the maze, she discovers the body of Amish dairy farmer Harley Zook.It won't be easy for Detective Jakob Fisher to investigate a murder on his own father's farm-not after being shunned by the man  for leaving the Amish community and becoming a cop. With Mose himself as a suspect, and old family secrets cropping up, it's up to Claire to help catch the killer before she finds herself at a dead end.

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Picture Her Dead Audiobook

Picture Her Dead

Author: Lin Anderson Narrator: Sally Armstrong Release Date: March 2021

A sinister killer is hiding the bodies of his victims in Glasgow's derelict cinemas in Picture Her Dead, the eighth novel in Lin Anderson's forensic crime series featuring Rhona MacLeod. When art student Jude Evans disappears on a trip to photograph one of Glasgow’s many derelict cinemas, her friend Liam reports her missing to the local police. Unable to get the authorities to take him seriously, he enlists the help of his mother, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod, in his search for the missing girl. In an attempt to retrace the last known steps of Jude, they begin working through the list of cinemas she had intended to visit. Their efforts lead them to make a grisly discovery, hidden behind one of the cinema’s crumbling walls, and soon a murder hunt is under way. Dealing with personal trauma arising from the unknown fate of a close friend, Rhona must maintain focus as the investigation gains momentum. Fearing the girl’s disappearance could be linked with something she wasn’t supposed to see at the ruined picture house, time is running out, and if she’s not found soon it could be too late . . .

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The Reborn Audiobook

The Reborn

Author: Lin Anderson Narrator: Sally Armstrong Release Date: March 2021

A ruthless killer is stalking Glasgow's streets in The Reborn, the seventh novel in Lin Anderson's forensic crime series featuring Rhona MacLeod. When the body of a pregnant teenager is found at a Glasgow funfair, her unborn baby surgically removed, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is called in to assist the police. Suspecting the baby may still be alive, finding the killer becomes paramount. Delving deeper into the twisted case shines suspicion on Jeff Coulter, a psychotic inmate at a nearby hospital whose hobby is making Reborns – chillingly realistic baby dolls intended for bereaved parents. But how could he have orchestrated the murder from a secure psychiatric facility? With time running out, the investigation soon leads to four of the girl’s friends, who have mysteriously all fallen pregnant at the same time, calling themselves the Daisy Chain. It becomes clear that something much more sinister is at play than Rhona could ever have imagined. A killer is out there, watching, waiting and ready to strike again . . .

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Murder Ink Audiobook

Murder Ink

Author: Betty Hechtman Narrator: Erin Deward Release Date: March 2021

Veronica Blackstone has been hired to write an end-of-life book for a woman whose wedding vows she completed only a year earlier. Saddened by the task and confused by the seemingly callous reactions of family members, Veronica sets forth to create the booklet the woman's mother desires. But not everything is as it seems, and the more Veronica digs the more she comes to realize that maybe the young woman's death wasn't the accident her wealthy family keeps insisting it was.

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Grave Dealings Audiobook

Grave Dealings

Author: R.R. Virdi Narrator: Travis Baldree Release Date: March 2021

'Quick, clean action, solid character work and pacing. This series is worth your time.' -JIM BUTCHER, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Dresden Files Don't make deals with the paranormal. They're better at it than you, and they never play fair. Paranormal investigator and soul without a body, Vincent Graves, did just that-a deal made in desperation. Now it's coming back to bite him in the middle of a case. He has fifty-seven hours to investigate a string of deaths involving people who've made some devilish bargains. Too bad devils don't deal in good faith. It'd be easy enough, if he didn't have to deal with things such as: - Being hunted through the streets of Queens by a dark elf with a motorcycle fetish. - Ending up the target of a supernatural hit. - An old acquaintance dragging him to a paranormal ball where he could end up on the menu. - And having one of his closest guarded secrets brought to light . . . Not great for a tight clock, because if he doesn't get to the bottom of this case in time, Vincent and company might just lose their souls. Dirty deals are never done dirt cheap. And the supernatural always collect-big!

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Chilled to the Cone Audiobook

Chilled to the Cone

Author: Ellie Alexander Narrator: Emily Durante Release Date: March 2021

Pastry chef and amateur sleuth Juliet Capshaw finds herself on thin ice as she attempts to solve her latest case of small-town murder in Ellie Alexander's Chilled to the Cone: A Bakeshop Mystery. The deep freeze has thawed in Ashland, Oregon, and Torte is gearing up for a busy spring. When a surprise opportunity to launch a pop-up ice cream shop comes her way, Jules jumps at the chance to showcase Torte's signature iced drinks and cold custards. But selling the desserts of her dreams comes at a price . . . and, before she knows it, Jules's life swirls into a nightmare. One of the town's most colorful characters, a street performer known for wearing capes and a cone-shaped hat, turns up dead just as Torte 2.0 is set to open its doors. Can Jules get the scoop on what happened to 'The Wizard' of Ashland before her new business venture reaches a chilling conclusion?

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Cat's Meow Audiobook

Cat's Meow

Author: Dane Mccaslin Narrator: Kitty Hendrix Release Date: March 2021

Retired schoolteacher Gwen Franklin has a new pet project-and a sideline in sleuthing. But this new case has a dangerous sting in the tail . . . Gwen's calendar has been filling up ever since she was hounded by her best friend, Nora, into starting 2 Sisters Pet Valet Services. Now they've been invited to attend the annual Clear the Shelter event, hosted by Portland's very own blonde bombshell newscaster, Babs Prescott. Babs is convinced she's top dog among local celebrities, but it's clear that someone disagrees when Babs's body is found following a downtown press conference. A story this juicy would be headline news at any time, but especially once local crime reporter Shelby Tucker is arrested for the murder. Gwen was Shelby's high school teacher, and she's sure her former pupil is innocent. But in that case, who was itching to take Babs out of the spotlight for good? As Nora and Gwen investigate, they find personal mysteries at odds with Babs's public persona, all leading to a killer who's not pussyfooting around . . .

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Hearing Day Homicide: A Dog Days Mystery Audiobook

Hearing Day Homicide: A Dog Days Mystery

Author: Jamie Blair Narrator: Johanna Parker Release Date: March 2021

What do a dead judge, a bird organization, and a homeless woman have in common? That's what Cameron Cripps Hayman would like to know. When Judge Lundstrom is murdered in her office with her very own gavel leaving her little Pekingese, Bailiff, behind, Cam and her crew set out to solve the case. But with Canal Days keeping her team busy, and a falling out between her last two Action Agency members, Cam finds herself searching for a new partner in crime. Josie Jensen, a mobile vet in town for the weekend, fits the bill. Between Josie's keen intuition and her knowledge of the shady bird conservation group that seems to be running the county election for judge, the two of them set out to catch the killer before he flies the coop!

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A Knight to Remember Audiobook

A Knight to Remember

Author: Hermione Moon Narrator: Zehra Jane Naqvi Release Date: March 2021

He's one knight she'll never forget . . . When kitchen witch Gwen Young discovers a local artist has gone missing, she and Arthur set out to solve the mystery. Neither of them suspects that their past-and their future-is closely tied to this case . . .

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