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Cozy Mystery Audiobooks in Mystery, Thriller & Horror

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Hello, Summer Audiobook Hello, Summer
  2. The Court of Miracles Audiobook The Court of Miracles
  3. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel) Audiobook The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel)
  4. Whiskey Beach Audiobook Whiskey Beach
  5. The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir Audiobook The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir
  6. Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-Town Obituary Writer Audiobook Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-Town Obituary Writer
  7. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  8. Between the World and Me Audiobook Between the World and Me
  9. The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit Audiobook The Beekeeper of Aleppo: A moving testament to the human spirit
  10. Cross My Heart Audiobook Cross My Heart
Uncle and Ants Audiobook

Uncle and Ants

Author: Marc Jedel Narrator: Bj Harrison Release Date: December 2019

Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer . . . and be home before bedtime? When a freak accident hospitalizes Marty Golden's sister and condemns him to babysitter duty, he thinks it's just another case of hardwired bad luck in Silicon Valley. Until a suspicious murder suggests the mishap was no mere coincidence. Something must be done. Too bad this quirky, fashion-backward uncle isn't exactly hero material. Convinced his sister is in mortal danger, this amateur sleuth follows clues to an oddball array of suspects. Armed with nothing but an eye for detail and powers of self-delusion, Marty tangles with gangsters, a cantankerous school secretary, and a perplexing woman he can't help but fall for. Glitches in his investigation seem like a piece of cake compared to dinner-prep and bedtime stories with his two precocious, pre-teen nieces. Can Marty catch the culprit, save his sister, and get his life back in order before he gets unplugged?

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Una morte e un cane (Un giallo intimo e leggero di Lacey Doyle—Libro 2) Audiobook

Una morte e un cane (Un giallo intimo e leggero di Lacey Doyle—Libro 2)

Author: Fiona Grace Narrator: Anna Gallarati Release Date: March 2020

UNA MORTE E UN CANE (UN GIALLO INTIMO E LEGGERO DI LACEY DOYLE—LIBRO 2) è il secondo libro di un’affascinante nuova serie di ‘cozy mystery’ firmata Fiona Grace. Lacey Doyle, 39 anni e fresca di divorzio, ha fatto un cambio drastico: ha abbandonato la sua frenetica vita newyorkese e si è stabilita in una pittoresca cittadina inglese sul mare: Wilfordshire. La primavera è nell’aria. Dopo essersi messa alle spalle il caso di omicidio del mese precedente, una nuova migliore amica e una salda relazione con lo chef che lavora dall’altra parte della strada, pare che tutto finalmente abbia preso il suo posto nella vita di Lacey. Lei è molto entusiasta durante i preparativi della prossima asta, soprattutto dopo l’arrivo nel suo catalogo di un misterioso artefatto. Tutto sembra procedure senza intoppi, fino a che due misteriosi potenziali acquirenti arrivano da fuori città, e uno dei due finisce morto. Con la piccola cittadina di nuovo nel caos, e con la reputazione del suo negozio nuovamente in ballo, riusciranno Lacey e il suo fidato cane e risolvere il crimine e a salvare la propria reputazione? Anche il libro numero #3 della seria—CRIMINE AL BAR—è disponibile per pre-ordinazioni!

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Un-Familiar Magic Audiobook

Un-Familiar Magic

Author: Belinda White Narrator: Angie Hickman Release Date: March 2020

I spent my whole life thinking that magic had passed me by. Boy, was I wrong. Becoming an uber-powerful witch overnight isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds. Controlling unfamiliar magic is hard. Really, really hard. Adding to the level of difficulty is the fact that dead bodies keep showing up. Okay, so there's only been two so far, but in a small town like Wind's Crossing, that's a lot. Our town doesn't have all that many living people either. At least this time it isn't my family the police have in their crosshairs. Unfortunately, that isn't the good news you'd think it was. This time the prime suspects were my good friends Mabel Morgan and Tommy Hill. And no way was I letting them take the fall.

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Two Tall Tails Audiobook

Two Tall Tails

Author: Sofie Kelly, Sofie Ryan Narrator: Cassandra Campbell, Marguerite Gavin Release Date: October 2016

The Cat Burglar: A Magical Cats Mystery Novella Kathleen Paulson has her hands full in Mayville Heights, Minnesota, running the public library, and taking care of her two uncanny cats, Hercules and Owen. Kathleen's good friend Maggie says items are being stolen from the local artists' co-op. She doesn't want to call the police, because the main suspects are all close friends. Luckily, Kathleen and her faithful felines are there to put their paws on the truth! No More Pussyfooting Around: A Second Chance Cat Mystery Novella Sarah Grayson lives in charming North Harbor, Maine, where she owns the Second Chance shop and sells beautifully refurbished items, but she's also given a second chance to black cat Elvis. Sarah and her elderly friend Edmund Harris are having some issues with the nephew of a neighbor. With the neighbor recovering from a suspicious fall in the hospital, her nephew is being openly hostile and suspiciously secretive. Is he just a pain in the neck, or actually a threat to his aunt? Sarah and Elvis are on the case.

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Two Bites Too Many Audiobook

Two Bites Too Many

Author: Debra H. Goldstein Narrator: Emily Beresford Release Date: September 2019

Far from a domestic goddess, Sarah Blair would rather catch bad guys than slave over a hot stove. But when a dangerous murder boils over in Wheaton, Alabama, catching the killer means leaving her comfort zone . . . Things are finally looking up for Sarah Blair following her unsavory divorce. Settled into a cozy carriage house with her sassy Siamese cat, RahRah, she has somehow managed to hang on to her modest law firm receptionist job and-if befriending flea-bitten strays at the local animal shelter counts-lead a thriving social life. For once, Sarah almost has it together more than her enterprising twin, Emily, a professional chef whose efforts to open a gourmet restaurant have hit a real dead end . . . When the president of the town bank and city council is murdered after icing Emily's business plans, all eyes are on the one person who left the scene with blood on her hands-the Blair girls' sharp-tongued mother, Maybelle. Determined to get her mom off the hook ASAP, Sarah must collect the ingredients of a deadly crime to bring the true culprit to justice. But as neighbors turn against her family, can she pare down the suspects before another victim lands on the chopping block?

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Twice the Witch Audiobook

Twice the Witch

Author: Danielle Garrett Narrator: Amanda Ronconi Release Date: April 2018

There's a new witch in town . . . Jealousy is rearing its ugly head in Beechwood Harbor as Holly contends with her new roommate, and popular paranormal soap star, Evangeline Loren. Especially when the new witch in town turns her flirtatious smile towards Adam St. James, Holly's newly minted boyfriend. But before she can wrench Adam from Evangeline's clutches, she has an amnesiac ghost begging for her help and finds herself smack dab in the middle of another murder investigation in the small town. Holly has to track down the murderer and save her relationship . . . all without landing herself in a witch's duel.

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Twelve Slays of Christmas: A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery Audiobook

Twelve Slays of Christmas: A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery

Author: Jacqueline Frost Narrator: Allyson Ryan Release Date: October 2017

Filled with holiday charm and perfect for fans of Leslie Meier, Jacqueline Frost's charming series debut Twelve Slays of Christmas is set at a Christmas tree farm when the jolliest time of the year turns deadly.When Holly White's fiancé cancels their Christmas Eve wedding with less than two weeks to go, Holly heads home with a broken heart. Lucky for her, home in historic Mistletoe, Maine, is magical during Christmastime-exactly what the doctor prescribed. Except her plan to drown her troubles in peppermints and snickerdoodles is upended when local grouch and president of the Mistletoe Historical Society, Margaret Fenwick, is bludgeoned and left in the sleigh display at Reindeer Games, Holly's family tree farm.When the murder weapon is revealed as one of the wooden stakes used to identify trees on the farm, Sheriff Evan Grey turns to Holly's father, Bud, and the Reindeer Games staff. And it doesn't help that Bud and the reindeer keeper were each seen arguing with Margaret just before her death. But Holly knows her father, and is determined to exonerate him.The jingle bells are ringing, the clock is ticking, and if Holly doesn't watch out, she'll end up on Santa's naughty list.

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Twelve Angry Librarians Audiobook

Twelve Angry Librarians

Author: Miranda James Narrator: Erin Bennett Release Date: February 2017

Charlie Harris is stressed out. The Southern Academic Libraries Association is holding this year's annual meeting at Athena College. Since Charlie is the interim library director, he must deliver the welcome speech to all the visiting librarians. And as if that weren't bad enough, the keynote address will be delivered by Charlie's old nemesis from library school. It's been thirty years since Charlie has seen Gavin Fong, and he's still an insufferable know-it-all capable of getting under everyone's skin. In his keynote, Gavin puts forth a most unpopular opinion: that degreed librarians will be obsolete in the academic libraries of the future. So when Gavin drops dead, no one seems too upset . . . But Charlie, who was seen having a heated argument with Gavin the day before, has jumped to the top of the suspect list. Now Charlie and Diesel must check out every clue to refine their search for the real killer among them before the next book Charlie reads comes from a prison library . . .

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Turkey Trot Murder Audiobook

Turkey Trot Murder

Author: Leslie Meier Narrator: Karen White Release Date: September 2017

Besides the annual Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving Day, Lucy expects the approaching holiday to be a relatively uneventful one-until she finds beautiful Alison Franklin dead and frozen in Blueberry Pond. No one knows much about Alison, except that she was the daughter of the wealthy investor Ed Franklin and struggled quietly with drug addiction. Police blame her death on an accidental overdose, but Lucy can't understand what terrible forces could have led the privileged woman to her watery ruin. Alison's funeral service is just as puzzling. Many believe Ed's young-and very pregnant-new wife, Mireille, divided the family, leaving Alison to wither on the vine. Did Mireille truly adore her stepchild as Ed claims, or did she pit father against daughter for personal gain? As a state of unrest descends on Tinker's Cove, Lucy is thrown into a full-scale investigation. Now, in a race against time, Lucy must beat the killer to the finish line-or she can forget about stuffing and cranberry sauce.

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Tsunami Warning Audiobook

Tsunami Warning

Author: Brent Purvis Narrator: Rudy Sanda Release Date: October 2018

The circus is coming to town and people keep dying. Jim and Kram are back in their second hilarious romp around their secluded Southeast Alaskan island. With a serial killer at large (a cereal serial killer, to be more accurate), an unlucky entrepreneur with an out-of-control facial tic, and the nephew of a notorious crime boss setting up shop on the island, Lieutenant Jim Wekle will have his work cut out for him. Throw in a group of stranded circus freaks, a gorilla on the loose, an FBI agent that's on the last leg of her sputtering career, and a brand new batch of antics from Kram and this adventure just keeps getting more outrageous by the minute.

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Trouble on the Books: A Castle Bookshop Mystery Audiobook

Trouble on the Books: A Castle Bookshop Mystery

Author: Essie Lang Narrator: Teri Reeves Release Date: July 2019

Shelby Cox never intended to become a bookseller, so when the former editor returns to her hometown of Alexandria Bay, nestled in upstate New York's breathtaking Thousand Islands region, to take over her aunt's bookstore, she has no idea what to expect. To her amazement, she discovers that she now owns a fifty-percent share in Bayside Books and will also run the store's second location in the majestic castle on nearby Blye Island. But just as Shelby is gearing up for the start of the tourist season, the Castle volunteer coordinator is found murdered in the nearby Grotto. Castle caretaker Matthew Kessler is suspect number one, but Shelby thinks the killing may be connected to an earlier era when violence among Prohibition-era smugglers was rampant in the region. As Shelby launches her own investigation, handsome and unnerving Special Agent Zack Griffin of the Coast Guard Investigative Services tries to quell her smuggling theory and keep her safe. But Shelby is determined to summon all her savvy as a book editor to plot the murder-and find the killer before he strikes again.

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Trouble in Tallahassee Audiobook

Trouble in Tallahassee

Author: Claire Matturro Narrator: Ann Marie Gideon, Antony Ferguson Release Date: June 2019

The law can't protect her. Young attorney Abby Coleridge opens her home to a troubled law student after a fire destroys the woman's apartment. When the student disappears, leaving behind a blood-splattered note and a stash of cryptic flash-drives, Abby sets out to find her. Soon, a murderous arsonist threatens them both. Law student Victor Rutledge, a former Navy officer, knows more than he's telling. So much so that his offers to help Abby seem suspicious. When police reveal his scandalous past, Abby doesn't know who to trust. Trouble, the black cat detective, lands in Tallahassee, Florida in the nick of time. Can he sniff out the salient clues and push Abby and Victor in the right direction and into each other's arms? Can he save them-and himself-from a fiery end?

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