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  3. Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled Audiobook Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled
  4. The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series Audiobook The Summer Job: The most feel-good romcom of 2021 soon to be a TV series
  5. Dreamland Audiobook Dreamland
  6. The Wolf Den Audiobook The Wolf Den
  7. Transcendent Kingdom Audiobook Transcendent Kingdom
  8. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Audiobook The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse
  9. One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time Audiobook One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time
  10. Outlander 'International Edition' Audiobook Outlander 'International Edition'
Homemade Body Butter: A Practical Guide for Making Homemade Body Butter and Beauty Products Using Sp Audiobook

Homemade Body Butter: A Practical Guide for Making Homemade Body Butter and Beauty Products Using Sp

Author: Emily J. Porter Narrator: Laura Mainella Release Date: April 2021

Did you ever think about how to make homemade Body Butter? Homemade Body Butter is a book designed to guide the readers on how to make Homemade Body Butter recipes. The book is a beginner’s guide to making homemade body butter and other homemade beauty recipes. Homemade Body Butter offers an insightful view into the nature of the human skin and how to care for the body. In this book, you will learn how to make the following homemade beauty products: - Body butter and oils (Body Butter Bars, Healing Comfrey Salve, Gardener’s Herbal Balm, Whipped Shea Body Butter, Lovely Body Butter, Luxurious Body Oil, Sore Muscle Massage Oil, Warm Cinnamon Massage Oil, Cuticle Saver Treatment, etc). - Body bath recipes (Coconut, Lime, and Rose Petals Bath, Mermaid Bath, Sunshine C Bath, Bath Melts, Moisturizing Bath Salts, Bath Fizzies, Angel Soak for Cold and Flu, Chamomile and Oat Super Soothe-Me Bath). - Facial products recipes (Macadamia & jojoba cleansing oil, Lavender & witch hazel skin freshener, Neroli hydrating spritzer, Regenerating skin serum, Green clay cleansing mask, Moisturizing vitamin mask, etc) - Whole body spa (Coconut Rice Conditioning Exfoliant, Vanilla Isle Perfume, Blushing Bride Ubtan Exfoliant, Fizzy Mojito Foot Spa, etc). - Hair beauty recipes - Eye beauty recipes - Lip beauty recipes - Face beauty recipes - Décolletage/neck beauty recipes - Hand beauty recipes - Feet beauty recipes Both adults and teens can enjoy the beauty this book offers. Homemade Body Butter is one of the best beauty books you can see out there online. It is well packed with numerous homemade beauty products to best serve the need of those seeking resplendent skin and whole body spark.

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Hubble Space Telescope, The: The History and Legacy of the World’s Most Famous Telescope Audiobook

Hubble Space Telescope, The: The History and Legacy of the World’s Most Famous Telescope

Author: Charles River Editors Narrator: Colin Fluxman Release Date: April 2021

On April 24, 1990, the Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off from Kennedy Space Center on the Space Shuttle Program’s 35th mission, but this was no ordinary mission. In its payload bay, Discovery was carrying the Hubble Space Telescope, with the objective of putting the telescope into orbit. By the time the Hubble telescope reached orbit, it was already the world’s most famous telescope, but it was also the most scorned. The telescope cost nearly $2 billion more to complete than anticipated, and to make matters worse, the first images it sent back were skewed. When the telescope immediately began transmitting defective images, NASA and the telescope became laughingstocks, literally. In the popular comedy movie Naked Gun 2 1/2, released in 1991, one scene in a café shows a picture of the telescope between pictures of the Titanic and the Hindenburg, implying it was a disaster. It would take three years to launch another space shuttle mission to fix the telescope, and that would be just the first of five servicing missions that have been performed in the 21 years the telescope has been in orbit. However, within about a year of fixing it, the telescope captured images of a major event in the solar system. In July 1994, the telescope provided a firsthand observation of a comet, Shoemaker-Levy 9, breaking apart and slamming into Jupiter. The comet broke into about two dozen pieces, some of them more than a mile wide, and hit the giant planet with the force of millions of atomic bombs. In addition to capturing the streaking comet breaking up and colliding with Jupiter, the telescope captured images of the impact marks that were left on Jupiter’s surface, helping astronomers study Jupiter’s atmosphere and debris left by major impacts.

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Eagle Strike: Alex Rider Book 4 Audiobook

Eagle Strike: Alex Rider Book 4

Author: Anthony Horowitz Narrator: Oliver Chris Release Date: April 2021

The fourth, thrilling episode in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series. In the fourth book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, teenage spy Alex is in the South of France, hoping to sever his links with MI6. But when a sudden attack on his hosts plunges Alex back into a world of violence, he soon uncovers a plan called Eagle strike - a discovery more terrible than anything he could have imagined. "The perfect hero...genuine 21st century stuff." DAILY TELEGRAPH

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Merle of Nazareth Audiobook

Merle of Nazareth

Author: Mike Nawrocki Narrator: Mike Nawrocki Release Date: April 2021

The Dead Sea Squirrels are back! Mike Nawrocki brings his signature humor and storytelling expertise to the newest installment in the beloved series. Merle and Pearl have been squirrelnapped and taken to Israel. Even though Michael, Justin, and Sadie have just started 5th grade, they convince their parents that a trip to Israel will be an educational experience, especially since Michael's mom is a teacher and can help them keep up with their schoolwork. Nazareth is the first stop for Merle and Pearl’s squirrelnapper. The kids are able to track Merle and Pearl to Nazareth, the town where Joseph and Mary lived before the birth of Jesus. Then the squirrels learn that the black-market artifact collector will be moving them to Bethlehem and manage to leave a clue for the kids as to where they are going. Will the kids find Merle and Pearl in time, or will the squirrelnapper get away again?

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The Clone Catastrophe Audiobook

The Clone Catastrophe

Author: David Lubar Narrator: Susan Bennett Release Date: April 2021

Nicholas V. Landrew's life as emperor of the universe is off to a terrible start! He's been cloned for some nefarious purpose, old enemies are after him, and his parents want him to take out the garbage! Will Nicholas even survive his first year? Nicholas, Jeef, and Henrietta the gerbil are back in another laugh-out-loud intergalactic adventure in this rollicking sequel to Emperor of the Universe.

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A Dusty Donkey Detour Audiobook

A Dusty Donkey Detour

Author: Mike Nawrocki Narrator: Mike Nawrocki Release Date: April 2021

Merle and Pearl meet . . . a talking donkey? Merle and Pearl are still in the clutches of their squirrelnapper. The Gomez family, along with Justin and Sadie, is in hot pursuit. After a wrong turn, they receive a hint from the most unlikely of sources. Meanwhile, Merle and Pearl are having their own adventure, riding a donkey from Bethlehem to Nazareth under the watchful eye of their abductor. As usual, their hijinks bring laughter and a few surprises―this time in the form of new friends who are also animals. And they can talk! Will Merle and Pearl finally be rescued? Everyone learns that with God, all things are possible.

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How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg Audiobook

How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg

Author: Emma Shevah Narrator: Eva Feiler Release Date: April 2021

High-spirited Ivy believes she can talk to animals, while Nathaniel, a boarding schoolboy, is obsessed with animal facts. They come together unexpectedly on a cold English beach with the arrival of a rare and wondrous sea creature: a giant leatherback turtle who lays her eggs in front of the world's media. Soon they're on a mission to make a difference to the world - even if that's one animal at a time.

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The Den of Danger Audiobook

The Den of Danger

Author: Andrew Clover Narrator: Andrew Clover Release Date: April 2021

Meet RORY BRANAGAN – he eats bad guys for breakfast. Well, not ACTUALLY. But he IS the best detective in town. Sixth in a hilarious comedy-crime series for readers of 8+. Hello. I am Rory Branagan. I am actually a detective. My dad disappeared seven years ago and I am SO CLOSE to finding him. But then my best friend Cat and I get stuck in the DEADLIEST of DEADLY DANGERS. There are bad guys, a secret room and lethal creatures with sharp, venomous teeth! To find Dad, we must solve our BIGGEST CRIME YET. I’ll tell you the whole story… There are seven books in the RORY BRANAGAN (DETECTIVE) series and this is the sixth.

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Atlantis: The Accidental Invasion Audiobook

Atlantis: The Accidental Invasion

Author: Gregory Mone Narrator: Jonathan Todd Ross Release Date: April 2021

DEEP IN THE OCEAN, A SECRET WORLD AWAITS ... Kaya, raised in the oceanic, high-tech world of Atlantis, has always been fascinated by the legends about life above the water. Despite her father's insistence that they're only stories, she can't help but dream about the Sun People. When a group of shadowy officials known as Erasers moves to bury those legends for good, Kaya sets out to the surface to uncover the truth once and for all. In the world above, where climate change and mysterious tsunamis threaten life on the surface, all Lewis wants is to spend more time with his scientist father. But when he stows away on his dad's top-secret research trip, he finds himself thrown headfirst into an adventure much bigger than he bargained for.

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Six Feet Below Zero 'International Edition' Audiobook

Six Feet Below Zero 'International Edition'

Author: Ena Jones Narrator: Sandy Rustin Release Date: April 2021

A dead body. A missing will. An evil relative. The good news is, Great-Grammy has a plan. The bad news is, she's the dead body Rosie and Baker's great-grandmother made them promise to pretend she's alive until they get her will into the right hands. Otherwise, their greedy grandmother might sell the family house and ship Rosie and Baker off to separate boarding schools. They've already lost their parents and Great-Grammy ... they can't lose each other, too. The siblings kick it into high gear to find the will, keep their neighbors from prying, and safeguard the house. Rosie has no time to cope with her grief as disasters pop up around every carefully planned corner. She can't even bring herself to read her last-ever letter from Great-Grammy. But the lies get bigger and bigger as Rosie and Baker try to convince everyone that their great-grandmother is still around, and they'll need more than a sixmonth supply of frozen noodle casserole and mountains of toilet paper once their wicked grandmother shows up! With humor, suspense, and a testament to loyalty, Ena Jones takes two brave kids on an unforgettable journey. Recipes for Great-Grammy's survival treats are included.

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Above the Rim: How Elgin Baylor Changed Basketball Audiobook

Above the Rim: How Elgin Baylor Changed Basketball

Author: Jen Bryant Narrator: Cary Hite Release Date: April 2021

Hall-of-famer Elgin Baylor was one of basketball's all-time-greatest players-an innovative athlete, team player, and quiet force for change. One of the first professional African-American players, he inspired others on and off the court. But when traveling for away games, many hotels and restaurants turned Elgin away because he was black. One night, Elgin had enough and staged a one-man protest that captured the attention of the press, the public, and the NBA. Winner of the 2021 Orbis Pictus Award, Above the Rim is a poetic, exquisite telling of the life of an underrecognized athlete and a celebration of standing up for what is right.

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Warriors: The Broken Code #5: The Place of No Stars Audiobook

Warriors: The Broken Code #5: The Place of No Stars

Author: Erin Hunter Narrator: Macleod Andrews Release Date: April 2021

The #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues! Discover more epic adventures in the fifth book in the action-packed Broken Code story arc. The time has come to return to the Dark Forest. ThunderClan’s deputy, Squirreflight, has vanished with the cat now known to be an impostor, sowing suspicion and mistrust among the five Clans. The cause of their ancestors’ silence is finally clear—but so is the terrifying truth of the danger they must face if they hope to bring light back to the darkness. . . . Packed with action and intrigue, this sixth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world, while dedicated fans will be thrilled to discover the new adventures that unfold after the events of A Vision of Shadows.

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