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  1. And Away... Audiobook And Away...
  2. The Man Who Died Twice Audiobook The Man Who Died Twice
  3. The Betrayals Audiobook The Betrayals
  4. Win at Losing: How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead to Our Greatest Gains Audiobook Win at Losing: How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead to Our Greatest Gains
  5. The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed Audiobook The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed
  6. A Touch of Darkness Audiobook A Touch of Darkness
  7. We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman's Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economi Audiobook We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman's Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economi
  8. Silverview: The Sunday Times Bestseller Audiobook Silverview: The Sunday Times Bestseller
  9. Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop Audiobook Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop
  10. The Facilitator, Part 2 Audiobook The Facilitator, Part 2
The Code Of The Woosters Audiobook

The Code Of The Woosters

Author: P.G. Wodehouse Narrator: Various Participants Release Date: July 2004

Michael Hordern stars as Jeeves with Richard Briers as Bertie in this BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation. In order to smooth over the tiff between Madeline Bassett and Gussie Fink-Nottle, Bertie has to brave the dreaded Totleigh Towers, where Aunt Dahlia is trying to force him to steal a silver cow-creamer from Sir Watkyn Bassett. Jeeves has his work cut out for him!

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Rumpole And The Primrose Path Audiobook

Rumpole And The Primrose Path

This release comprises four 45 minute BBC Radio 4 plays adapted by John Mortimer from four stories in his latest published collection, Rumpole and the Primrose Path. Rumpole is a wine-imbibing friend of the South London criminal classes, and the scourge of all QCs. Acting as narrator, he tells a series of stories involving legal chicanery, criminal derring-do and startling coincidence, spiced with a modicum of domestic strife at home. In these episodes Rumpole is played by Timothy West, whilst the part of She Who Must Be Obeyed is taken by his real-life wife, Prunella Scales.

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Chavez Ravine Audiobook

Chavez Ravine

The controversial history of Chavez Ravine, the immigrant community that once existed on the site that is now Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, is explored with humor, brutal honesty, and pulse-racing music by the nation's premier Chicano/Latino theatre troupe, Culture Clash. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Culture Clash: Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas, Herbert Siguenza and Zilah Mendoza.

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Call of the Yukon Audiobook

Call of the Yukon

In his late teens, Jack London (Mackenzie Astin) heads for gold in the Yukon. On board a ship heading to the tundra, he meets Klondike Kate (JoAnne Worley) and other members of a motley crew. London becomes a boxer to earn his keep, treks into a gold claim with Cassius (William Windom) and meets Pippa (Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy) who is looking for her brother, lost in the arctic. Aided by his friends and a Native American tribe, London has the experience of a lifetime that propelled his career as an author. Also starring Ian Abercrombie, Beverly Garland, John O'Callaghan, Bob Legionaire, Tom Williams, HM Wynant, and John Harlan

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Going to St. Ives Audiobook

Going to St. Ives

Author: Lee Blessing Narrator: Caroline Goodall, L. Scott Caldwell Release Date: January 2004

The dignified mother of a ruthless African dictator travels to England to seek treatment for her failed eyes from a renowned ophthalmologist. At first glance, it looks like one woman helping another, but each woman brings to the other her true agenda, triggering a profound moral dilemma and a chain reaction of events with great personal and political aftershocks. An L.A. Theatre Works performance featuring Caroline Goodall and L. Scott Caldwell.

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An Immaculate Misconception Audiobook

An Immaculate Misconception

Author: Carl Djerassi Narrator: JoBeth Williams, Kendall Schmidt, Kevin Kilner, Philip Casnoff Release Date: January 2004

Dr. Melanie Laidlaw is a scientist developing the first use of ICSI, short for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Her collaborator, Dr. Felix Frankenthaler, turns out to have his own ideas about how to implement their new procedure. The wild card is Melanie’s new lover, Menachem Dvir, a fellow scientist. This darkly comic menage-a-trois plays out not only in bedrooms and labs, but also in test tubes and under the microscope. A Brave New World indeed! Includes an interview with Liza Mundy, a staff writer at the Washington Post and the author of ""Everything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction Is Changing Men, Women, and the World"". An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: Philip Casnoff as Menachem Dvir Kevin Kilner as Dr. Felix Frankenthaler Kendall Schmidt as Adam Jobeth Williams as Dr. Melanie Laidlaw Directed by Jenny Sullivan. Recorded before a live audience at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles. An Immaculate Misconception is part of L.A. Theatre Works’ Relativity Series featuring science-themed plays. Major funding for the Relativity Series is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to enhance public understanding of science and technology in the modern world.

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The Heidi Chronicles Audiobook

The Heidi Chronicles

Author: Wendy Wasserstein Narrator: Various Performers Release Date: January 2004

This Pulitzer Prize winning play is the tale of a baby boomer's long, hard road from 60's confusion to 1990's self-assured woman...or so she hopes. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Lisa Akey, Kosha Engler, Kaitlin Hopkins, Barbara Klein, Lisa Pelikan, Martha Plimpton, Scot Reese, Raphael Sbarge and Grant Shaud.

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Two Gentlemen Of Verona Audiobook

Two Gentlemen Of Verona

Author: William Shakespeare Narrator: (null) Cast, A Full Cast, Peter Wyngarde Release Date: December 2003

He after honor hunts, I after love. He leaves his friends to dignify them more, I leave myself, my friends and all, for love. Proteus - Act I, Scene IA Shakespeare Society Production.The complete play in four acts.

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Tea at Five Audiobook

Tea at Five

Author: Matthew Lombardo Narrator: Kate Mulgrew Release Date: September 2003

The independent, intelligent, feisty Hepburn comes alive when Mulgrew slips deftly into the voice and being of the famous actress. The two-act play opens in 1938 when the actress is 31 years old and in the middle of a career slump. She is awaiting a call to see if she has won the part of Scarlet in a film called Gone With the Wind. The story moved to 1983 when Parkinson's disease has left her voice shaking, her hand clutching a cane, but her eyes still shining with intelligence and wit. Tea at Five is an unforgettable trip down Broadway, Hollywood Boulevard, and memory lane.

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Broadway Jeeves? Audiobook

Broadway Jeeves?

Author: Martin Jarvis Narrator: Martin Jarvis Release Date: September 2003

There is no shortage of humour in Broadway, Jeeves?, an elegantly observed journal of a year in the life of the musical play by Jeeves, written and directed by Sir Alan Ayckbourn and composed by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, in which Jarvis starred in America. Beginning in January 2001, the listener can enjoy a detailed account of this acclaimed production as it moves from Pittsburgh to Toronto to....Will it ever get to Broadway?

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Night, Mother Audiobook

Night, Mother

Author: Marsha Norman Narrator: Katherine Helmond, Sharon Gless Release Date: July 2003

This Pulitzer Prize winner tells the powerful story of an epileptic woman in her early 40’s systematically preparing her own death - and the frantic and touching efforts of her mother to stop her. This searing drama is guaranteed to keep any listener on the edge of their seat. An L.A. Theatre Works performance featuring Sharon Gless and Katherine Helmond.

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Brighton Beach Memoirs Audiobook

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Author: Neil Simon Narrator: Jonathan Silverman, Valerie Harper, Various Readers Release Date: January 2003

In Neil Simon’s darkly funny memoir of his family in 1930’s Brooklyn, fourteen-year-old Eugene is preoccupied by his passion for the Yankees and his lust for his beautiful cousin, Nora. Eugene’s comic growing pains contrast with the darker issues troubling his family: poverty, illness and the growing Nazi threat to relatives in Europe. Simon creates a Brooklyn universe full of memorable characters, humor and truth. A BBC co-production. An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Max Casella, Peter Michael Goetz, Valerie Harper, Alexana Lambros, Anna Sophie Loewenberg, Jonathan Silverman and Joyce Van Patten.

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