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My Inventions Audiobook

My Inventions

Author: Nikola Tesla Narrator: Jason Mccoy Release Date: July 2019

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and futurist. He is best known for his contributions to the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system, the successful system in the 'War of Currents' and the Tesla coil. Nikolas Tesla's patents and theoretical work helped form the basis of wireless communication and radio. He is also known for his high-voltage, high-frequency experiments in New York and Colorado Springs, experiments in X-rays, and his ill-fated attempt at intercontinental wireless transmission in his unfinished Wardenclyffe Tower project. Tesla's achievements and his abilities as a showman demonstrating his seemingly miraculous inventions made him world famous. He made a great deal of money from his patents, but he also spent a lot on numerous experiments over the years. In the last few decades of his life, he ended up living in diminished circumstances as a recluse in a series of New York City hotel rooms, occasionally issuing unusual statements to the press. Because of his pronouncements and the nature of his work over the years, Tesla gained a reputation in popular culture as the archetypal 'mad scientist'. He died penniless and in debt on 7 January 1943.

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The Way Home: Tales from a Life without Technology Audiobook

The Way Home: Tales from a Life without Technology

Author: Mark Boyle Narrator: Gerard Doyle Release Date: June 2019

It was 11:00 pm when I checked my email for the last time and turned off my phone for what I hoped would be forever. No running water, no car, no electricity or any of the things it powers: the internet, phone, washing machine, radio, or light bulb. Just a wooden cabin, on a smallholding, by the edge of a stand of spruce. The Way Home is a modern-day Walden?an honest and lyrical account of a remarkable life lived in nature without modern technology. Mark Boyle, author of The Moneyless Man, explores the hard-won joys of building a home with his bare hands, learning to make fire, collecting water from the stream, foraging, and fishing. What he finds is an elemental life, one governed by the rhythms of the sun and seasons, where life and death dance in a primal landscape of blood, wood, muck, water, and fire-much the same life we have lived for most of our time on earth. Revisiting it brings a deep insight into what it means to be human at a time when the boundaries between man and machine are blurring.

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Moondust Audiobook


Author: Andrew Smith Narrator: Matt Jamie Release Date: June 2019

In 1999, Andrew Smith was interviewing Charlie Duke, astronaut and moon walker, for the Observer. During the course of the interview the telephone rang and Charlie left the room to answer it. When he returned, some twenty minutes later, he seemed visibly upset. He'd just heard that, the previous day, one of his fellow moon walkers, the astronaut Pete Conrad, had died. 'Now there's only nine of us,' he said. Which meant that, one day soon, there would be none, and when that day came, no one on earth would have known the giddy thrill of gazing back at us from the surface of the moon. The thought shocked Andrew Smith. Moondust is his attempt to understand why. 'It left me spellbound...belongs to the same tradition as Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff.' SUNDAY TIMES TO COMMEMORATE THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MOON LANDING

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Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons Audiobook

Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons

Author: George Pendle Narrator: James Langton Release Date: May 2019

Now a CBS All Access series: “A riveting tale of rocketry, the occult, and boom-and-bust 1920s and 1930s Los Angeles” (Booklist). The Los Angeles Times headline screamed: ROCKET SCIENTIST KILLED IN PASADENA EXPLOSION. The man known as Jack Parsons, a maverick rocketeer who helped transform a derided sci-fi plotline into actuality, was at first mourned as a scientific prodigy. But reporters soon uncovered a more shocking story: Parsons had been a devotee of the city’s occult scene. Fueled by childhood dreams of space flight, Parsons was a leader of the motley band of enthusiastic young men who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a cornerstone of the American space program. But Parsons’s wild imagination also led him into a world of incantations and orgiastic rituals—if he could make rocketry a reality, why not black magic? George Pendle re-creates the world of John Parsons in this dazzling portrait of prewar superstition, cold war paranoia, and futuristic possibility. Peopled with such formidable real-life figures as Howard Hughes, Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, and Robert Heinlein, Strange Angel explores the unruly consequences of genius. The basis for a new miniseries created by Mark Heyman and produced by Ridley Scott, this biography “vividly tells the story of a mysterious and forgotten man who embodied the contradictions of his time . . . when science fiction crashed into science fact. . . . [It] would make a compelling work of fiction if it weren’t so astonishingly true” (Publishers Weekly).

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Critical: Science and stories from the brink of human life Audiobook

Critical: Science and stories from the brink of human life

Author: Matt Morgan Narrator: Matt Morgan Release Date: May 2019

'A very special book filled with stories of survival, hope and loss.' Adam Kay, author of This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor 'This book offers real insight into life and death medicine.' Dr. Michael Mosley 'This book is marvellous: buy it, share it, recommend it.... We are fortunate to have dedicated, caring and humble folks such as Doc Morgan on the Critical Care front line. We are even better off when a writer can capture all that this exciting, mad, glorious and even exasperating job means. If you work in healthcare, know somebody that does, or simply inhabit a body then this book is for you: in fact it's critical.' Peter Brindley, Professor of Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesiology, Medical Ethics University of Alberta 'Just wonderful. I love the exploration of what it means to survive, at what cost and so on. Such an important factor and it's a real problem with what we do. An old surgeon once told me 'just because we can, doesn't mean we should. Operating is the easiest thing in the world, not doing so is incredibly challenging'. A lovely book.' Dr Nikki Stamp FRACS Cardiothoracic and Transplant Surgeon and author of Can You Die of a Broken Heart? 'An illuminating, compassionate insight into the fascinating world of intensive care.' Leah Hazzard, author of Hard Pushed Critical is an intelligent, compelling and profoundly insightful journey into the world of intensive care medicine and the lives of people who have forever been changed by it. Being critically ill means one or more of your vital organs have failed - this could be your lungs, your heart, your kidneys, gut or even your brain. Starting with the first recognised case in which a little girl was saved by intensive care in 1952 in Copenhagen, Matt writes brilliantly about the fascinating history, practices and technology in this newest of all the major medical specialties. Matt guides us around the ICU by guiding us around the body and the different organs, and in this way, we learn not only the stories of many of the patients he's treated over the years, but also about the various functions different parts of the body.   He draws on his time spent with real patients, on the brink of death, and explains how he and his colleagues fight against the odds to help them live. Happily many of his cases have happy endings, but Matt also writes movingly about those cases which will always remain with him - the cases where the mysteries of the body proved too hard to solve, or diagnoses came too late or made no difference to the outcome.

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MDMA Man XTC Rising - The Hidden History Audiobook

MDMA Man XTC Rising - The Hidden History

Author: Geoffrey Giuliano Narrator: Geoffrey Giuliano Release Date: May 2019

Over the years, MDMA has become one of the most popular drugs available on the black market, and to a limited extent, in clinical therapy trials. Known on the street as XTC, this powerful symbiotic substance is lauded for its empathic properties and feel-good profile. Although the drug can be seriously abused by incautious revelers, more seasoned, thoughtful use is increasing. This is the story of MDMA and the gentle scientist behind its popularization. Sasha Shulgin, a well-respected chemical research scientist, has been a beacon of light in the exploration of various so-called psychedelic substances. This is his story in his own words. An Icon Audio Book original. Music by AudioNautix.

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Ivan Pavlov: The Life and Legacy of the Famous Russian Psychologist Audiobook

Ivan Pavlov: The Life and Legacy of the Famous Russian Psychologist

Author: Charles River Editors Narrator: Bill Hare Release Date: May 2019

"Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin." - Pavlov Pavlov's dogs are to Psychology 101 what Rome is to antiquity classes. This particular series of experiments and the concept of classical conditioning likely ring a bell for many readers because they have been referenced in countless texts, both scientific and otherwise, and they have seeped into various forms of pop culture throughout the years. More often than not, the man behind this universally applicable phenomenon gets mentioned in conjunction with the dogs, which only cements his status as a household name over 80 years after his death. In the critically acclaimed comedy The Office, the resident prankster Jim conditions his coworker Dwight with the default Microsoft jingle that plays when a user "unlocks" their workstation and some mints. For days on end, Jim reboots his computer, prompting the memorable two-note tune, and offers his colleague an Altoid each time. One day, Jim restarts his computer, only this time he makes no further movements, and without missing a beat, Dwight instinctively extends his palm. Dwight continued on with his work with an outstretched hand, only snapping out of his daze when Jim inquired what it was that his colleague was doing. "I - I don't know," a genuinely baffled Dwight admits. His face then contorts with disgust, and he complains about the unsavory taste in his mouth. The concept has also been parodied in animated television shows, including the classic Warner Brothers animation Pinky and the Brain. In an episode entitled "Pavlov's Mice," the pair of genetically modified mice are trapped in the cage of none other than a cartoon version of Ivan Pavlov himself. When Pavlov strikes a golden gong, Brain begins to tap dance and sing a children's nursery rhyme, and he is then rewarded with a morsel of cheese. Next to him, the simple-minded Pinky claps giddily and gushes that he could watch Brain sing and dance all day. To this, a miserable Brain reveals a miniature chalkboard crowded with dozens of tally marks. "You have watched it all day, Pinky," says the disgruntled Brain. "61 times to be exact. It's a conditioned reflex to that infernal gong. I'm powerless to stop it."  The "relatability" of the classical conditioning experiment is perhaps why it is so often used on the screen, both big and small. The aforementioned examples of the phenomenon may not have taken place in reality, but similar ones manifest can be found in various aspects of daily life. When a child is taunted and teased in school, they may begin to feign illness and drum up all sorts of excuses to stay home from school, for they have now equated the establishment with feelings of terror and dread. Similarly, children who feel unjustly singled out and penalized by an instructor may begin to despise and resent the given subject. Classical conditioning can also be subtle, with something as simple as a song being enough to trigger an emotional response. Hearing a song that reminds one of their ex may elicit a sense of sorrow or disgust, depending on the conditions surrounding the end of the relationship. Conversely, a throwback radio station playing a listener's favorite song back in high school might awaken feelings of nostalgic bliss. Ivan Pavlov: The Life and Legacy of the Famous Russian Psychologist examines the experiments that made Pavlov one of the 20th century's most famous psychologists.

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New Slow City: Living Simply in the World's Fastest City Audiobook

New Slow City: Living Simply in the World's Fastest City

Author: William Powers Narrator: Adam Verner Release Date: April 2019

Burned-out after years of doing development work around the world, William Powers spent a season in a 12-foot-by-12-foot cabin off the grid in North Carolina, as recounted in his award-winning memoir Twelve by Twelve. Could he live a similarly minimalist life in the heart of New York City? To find out, Powers and his wife jettisoned 80 percent of their stuff, left their 2,000-square-foot Queens townhouse, and moved into a 350-square-foot 'micro-apartment' in Greenwich Village. Downshifting to a two-day workweek, Powers explores the viability of Slow Food and Slow Money, technology fasts and urban sanctuaries. Discovering a colorful cast of New Yorkers attempting to resist the culture of Total Work, Powers offers an inspiring exploration for anyone trying to make urban life more people- and planet-friendly.

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Dante and the Early Astronomer: Science, Adventure, and a Victorian Woman Who Opened the Heavens Audiobook

Dante and the Early Astronomer: Science, Adventure, and a Victorian Woman Who Opened the Heavens

Author: Tracy Daugherty Narrator: David Stifel Release Date: April 2019

Explore the evolution of astronomy from Dante to Einstein, as seen through the eyes of trailblazing Victorian astronomer Mary Acworth Evershed. In 1910, Mary Acworth Evershed (1867-1949) sat on a hill in southern India staring at the moon as she grappled with apparent mistakes in Dante's Divine Comedy. Was Dante's astronomy unintelligible? Or was he, for a man of his time and place, as insightful as one could be about the sky? As the twentieth century began, women who wished to become professional astronomers faced difficult cultural barriers, but Evershed joined the British Astronomical Association and, from an Indian observatory, became an experienced observer of sunspots, solar eclipses, and variable stars. From the perspective of one remarkable amateur astronomer, listeners will see how ideas developed during Galileo's time evolved or were discarded in Newtonian conceptions of the cosmos and recast in Einstein's theories. The result is a book about the history of science but also a poetic meditation on literature, science, and the evolution of ideas.

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Murmur Audiobook


Author: Will Eaves Narrator: Will Eaves Release Date: April 2019

Shortlisted for the 2018 Goldsmiths Prize Taking its cue from the arrest and legally enforced chemical castration of the mathematician Alan Turing, Murmur is the account of a man who responds to intolerable physical and mental stress with love, honour and a rigorous, unsentimental curiosity about the ways in which we perceive ourselves and the world. Formally audacious, daring in its intellectual inquiry and unwaveringly humane, Will Eaves's new novel is a rare achievement.

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Einstein's Wife: The Real Story of Mileva Einstein-Maric Audiobook

Einstein's Wife: The Real Story of Mileva Einstein-Maric

Author: Allen Esterson, David C. Cassidy Narrator: Elizabeth Wiley Release Date: March 2019

Albert Einstein's first wife, Mileva Einstein-Maric, was forgotten for decades. When a trove of correspondence between them beginning in their student days was discovered in 1986, her story began to be told. Some of the tellers of the 'Mileva Story' made startling claims: that she was a brilliant mathematician who surpassed her husband, and that she made uncredited contributions to his most celebrated papers in 1905, including his paper on special relativity. Mileva was one of the few women of her era to pursue higher education in science; she and Einstein were students together at the Zurich Polytechnic. Mileva's ambitions for a science career, however, suffered a series of setbacks-failed diploma examinations, a disagreement with her doctoral dissertation adviser, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy by Einstein. She and Einstein married in 1903 and had two sons, but the marriage failed. Was Mileva her husband's uncredited coauthor, unpaid assistant, or his essential helpmeet? It's tempting to believe that she was her husband's secret collaborator, but the authors of Einstein's Wife look at the actual evidence, and a chapter by Ruth Lewin Sime offers important historical context. The story they tell is that of a brave and determined young woman who struggled against a variety of obstacles at a time when science was not very welcoming to women.

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Einstein: Su vida y su universo Audiobook

Einstein: Su vida y su universo

Author: Walter Isaacson Narrator: Luis Solís Release Date: March 2019

Escucha ahora la biografía definitiva de Albert Einstein, uno de los iconos del siglo XX y su mayor genio. Albert Einstein es uno de los científicos más importantes de la historia y un icono del siglo XX. ¿Cómo funcionaba su mente? ¿Qué le hizo un genio? ¿Cómo era el hombre detrás de la celebridad? Walter Isaacson, que tuvo acceso a los archivos de Einstein, ofrece en este audiolibro un extraordinario retrato del personaje y de su época, así como un fascinante relato de su vida. A partir de su correspondencia privada, cuenta cómo un funcionario de patentes imaginativo e impertinente (un mal padre con un matrimonio complicado, incapaz de conseguir un empleo en la universidad ni un doctorado) logró desvelar los secretos del cosmos y comprender los misterios del átomo y del universo. Su creatividad estaba ligada a su rebeldía. Su éxito se basó en cuestionar las verdades aceptadas y en asombrarse ante cuestiones que otros consideraban mundanas. Las mejores biografías disponibles en formato audiolibro Reseñas: «Espléndida, un gran trabajo de investigación con mucho material inédito. Una obra fundamental y definitiva.» Amir D. Aczel, The Boston Globe «Walter Isaacson ha logrado un retrato completo de Einstein. Con un estilo ágil que disimula su atención al detalle y a la precisión científica, nos lleva a un maravilloso viaje por la vida, la mente y la ciencia de un hombre que cambió nuestra visión del universo.» Brian Greene, autor de El tejido del cosmos «Una biografía extraordinaria de un gran hombre. Walter Isaacson ha conseguido reflejar a Einstein como ser humano y al tiempo explicar profundos conceptos físicos. Su biografía se lee con placer y logra que el gran científico vuelva a la vida.» Murray Gell-Mann, Premio Nobel y autor de El quark y el jaguar «Magnífica. La biografía más completa de Einstein para el gran público. Una narración excelente.» Sharon Begley, Newsweek

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