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Audiobooks by S.E. Smith

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Piece of My Heart Audiobook Piece of My Heart
  2. Shuggie Bain Audiobook Shuggie Bain
  3. Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020 Audiobook Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020
  4. Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts Audiobook Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts
  5. The Cousins Audiobook The Cousins
  6. A Time to Lie Audiobook A Time to Lie
  7. Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands Audiobook Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands
  8. The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years  Audiobook The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years
  9. The Harpy Audiobook The Harpy
  10. Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams Audiobook Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams
A Dragonling's Easter and The Great Easter Bunny Hunt Audiobook

A Dragonling's Easter and The Great Easter Bunny Hunt

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: David Brennan Release Date: December 2017

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author S.E. Smith presents two heartwarming holiday stories that will transport listeners out of this world.A Dragonling's EasterWhen Abby creates a set of Easter eggs for each Dragonling, she has no idea she is about to start a new tradition on Valdier. What happens when the men and the Dragonlings take the hunt for the colorful eggs to heart? Laughter and a whole lot of crispy eggs!The Great Easter Bunny HuntAlien eggs can only mean one thing-an adventure! A pile of unusual eggs leads to an exciting Easter egg hunt for the kids and the adults alike in this delightful holiday tale. The children must work together to recover Jabir's coveted eggs after the Great Easter Bunny is caught taking them away. Can the Dragonlings and their besties save the day?

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A Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween and Night of the Demented Symbiots: Two Dragonlings of Valdier Nove Audiobook

A Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween and Night of the Demented Symbiots: Two Dragonlings of Valdier Nove

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: David Brenin Release Date: October 2017

A Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween During one of her many excursions exploring the palace, Cara Truman discovers a vast underground chamber that turns out to be the perfect place for her next invention. Soon, her dream of building the ultimate playground for the dragonlings is a reality.When Abby laughingly mentions the new playground looks like the perfect place to have a Halloween party, Cara goes into high gear to create the perfect haunted house adventure for the babies. The fun kicks into high gear when the men discover what Cara has been up to and decide to "test" the playground first! Cara has no idea that her new project would create a sense of panic, wonder, or hilarious consequences in the palace when she unveils it. Discover what happens when another Earth holiday is unveiled, with the help from a couple of mischievous goddesses, the symbiots, and dragonlings in A Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween. Night of the Demented Symbiots The dragonlings and their besties are excited about the preparations for another Halloween holiday. As the night of the festival draws closer, the dragonlings, Roam, and Alice discover a threat to the newest members of their families: the Queen of the Demented Symbiots plans to send her minions to capture the newest babies and take them to the land of Halloween where she lives. With their parents busy organizing the huge festival for the people of Valdier in an underground cavern, the dragonlings and their friends are left with no choice but to prepare for the ultimate battle-to save Morah, Leo, and Hope from the Queen of the Demented Symbiots. Join in a holiday adventure that you won't forget as the little ones use their special skills to protect their friends and family in Night of the Demented Symbiots.

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A Pirate's Wish: A Seven Kingdoms Tale 7 Audiobook

A Pirate's Wish: A Seven Kingdoms Tale 7

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: David Brenin Release Date: May 2020

Tonya Maitland learned early that life could either be an adventure or a tragedy. She left the tragic part of her life behind a long time ago and is now focusing on the adventure! Her attempt to be one of the best investigative reporters of all time is taking a bit longer than she had planned, but all of that changes when she travels to the small, sleepy town of Yachats, Oregon. Ashure Waves, King of the Pirates, is also the Keeper of Lost Souls. Despite all the souls within him, the emptiness he feels is suffocating. The 'gift' that was passed down to him feels more like a curse. When a drunken wish upon a magic mirror shows him what his heart truly desires, he is both torn and determined to find the woman revealed in the mirror-even if it means leaving the realm of the Seven Kingdoms. Tonya's keen eyes discern far more about Ashure than he intended, and he fears the consequences could be dire. When the Pirate King gets close to this street-smart, strong-willed investigative reporter, hilarity ensues! But will Ashure be able to protect Tonya from becoming another lost soul, or will he have to abandon what his heart truly desires in order to save her from himself? Contains mature themes.

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A Warrior's Heart Audiobook

A Warrior's Heart

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: David Brenin Release Date: June 2019

Only the most ruthless Marastin Dow are allowed to live, and Evetta and Hanine have murdered enough of their own to stay alive, but they desperately want a different life. When they meet two human brothers fighting for their lives, the sisters are in agreement: this alliance could be their only chance. Internationally acclaimed author S.E. Smith presents a new action-packed story full of romance and adventure. Brimming with her signature humor, vivid landscapes, and beloved characters, this book is sure to be another fan-favorite!

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A Witch's Touch: A Seven Kingdoms Tale 3 Audiobook

A Witch's Touch: A Seven Kingdoms Tale 3

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: David Brenin Release Date: March 2018

As the darkness spreads, help comes when she needs it the most . . . Marina Fae never considered herself a powerful witch or dreamed that she would one day be a warrior fighting to save her people. Her life changes when the Sea Witch's dark magic sweeps across the Isle of Magic, turning those who resist or cannot escape to stone. Finding refuge in the dense mountain forest, Marina fights to protect the children left behind by Magna's wave of destruction. Detective Mike Hallbrook's search for two women who disappeared in Yachats State Park takes an unexpected turn. He soon finds himself on an unfamiliar beach after rescuing a woman being attacked by a creature straight out of a horror movie. Stunned by the wild tale she tells him and the evidence surrounding them, he soon learns that everything she says is true-magic does exist-and that he is no longer on Earth. Marina's pleas for help are impossible for Mike to ignore, and he knows he will do whatever he can to help save her people. Marina and Mike must work together to save the Isle of Magic. As the Sea Witch's evil spreads, they know they cannot stop her alone. With the help of the Dragon King and the King of the Sea People, they will confront the Sea Witch once and for all. But, what happens when they discover a darker entity hidden beneath-an entity that can only be stopped by the person they are trying to kill? Contains mature themes.

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Abbys Entführung: Die Drachenfürsten von Valdier
#1 Audiobook

Abbys Entführung: Die Drachenfürsten von Valdier #1

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: Viktor Berger Release Date: May 2020

Der Beginn einer epischen Saga! Neue Welten, Kulturschocks, Machtintrigen, Rache, Rettungen, und, vor allem, Hoffnung … Abby Tanner war zufrieden damit, auf ihrem Berg zu leben, Kunstwerke zu schaffen und die Ruhe und den Frieden zu genießen–bis ein goldenes Raumschiff mit dem schwer verletzten König der Valdierer dort abstürzt. Zoran Reykill brauchte einen sicheren Ort, um sich nach der Flucht aus einer kurizanischen Militärbasis zu erholen. Als sein Symbionten-Mutterschiff ihn zu einem unbekannten Planeten bringt, findet er dort jedoch mehr als nur das–seine wahre Gefährtin. Wäre da nicht das Problem, dass Abby kein Wort von dem versteht, was er sagt. Und dass der örtliche Sheriff es ebenfalls auf sie abgesehen hat. Die international gefeierte Autorin S.E. Smith präsentiert eine neue actionreiche Geschichte voller Abenteuer und Romantik, die geradezu übersprudelt mit ihrem typischen Humor, lebendigen Landschaften und Charakteren zum Liebgewinnen.

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Capture of the Defiance Audiobook

Capture of the Defiance

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: Paul Heitsch Release Date: March 2017

Makayla Summerlin is excited to join her grandfather, Henry, in Hong Kong during a college break. She plans to help him sail the next leg of his journey around the world on the Defiance, but events take a frightening turn when her grandfather is kidnapped and the Defiance disappears! Unsure of what to do, Makayla reaches out to an old friend for help. Brian Jacobs' work at the Consulate General in Hong Kong is just a stepping-stone for his political career. His life for the foreseeable future is carefully optimized for success, but everything is turned upside down when he receives a frantic call for help from a friend. Their meeting quickly turns into a race for survival when Makayla is almost kidnapped in front of him. Seeing Makayla again awakens old feelings inside Brian, and he knows he will do everything he can to help her, no matter the cost. When the situation turns deadly, both Brian and Makayla find unexpected help from another old friend and a Hong Kong detective. Together, the four race to find Henry and protect Makayla. Their efforts to unravel the mystery of why a wealthy crime lord would target Henry and Makayla, and to find the Defiance, will take them further than they ever expected to go, but will they be able to discover the truth before time runs out for Henry?

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Caras Gefangenschaft Audiobook

Caras Gefangenschaft

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: Viktor Berger Release Date: May 2020

Cara Truman ist ein kleiner Wirbelwind und ihre Neugier bringt sie immer wieder in Schwierigkeiten. Ihr nächstes Abenteuer führt sie jedoch weiter, als sie jemals gedacht hätte–auf eine Reise in eine andere Welt. Trelon Reykill dachte, er hätte alle Hände voll zu tun. Eine militante Gruppe der Kurizaner hat seinen Bruder Zoran gefangen genommen. Trelon hatte versucht, die Abwehr der Valdiere gegen die Sarafin zu stärken und sein Drache verlangte immer wieder brüllend von ihm, sich eine Gefährtin zu suchen. Das Letzte, womit er auf dem primitiven Planeten, wo sein Bruder Schutz gesucht hatte, gerechnet hatte, war seine wahre Gefährtin zu finden.Jetzt hatte er ganz neue Probleme … Cara lange genug festzuhalten, um sie zu seiner Gefährtin zu machen. Sein Symbiont liebt sie, sein Drache ist ihr unendlich ergeben und er konnte sie nicht kriegen. Dazu kam noch, dass jemand versuchte, sie umzubringen … Die international gefeierte S.E. Smith präsentiert eine neue actionreiche Geschichte voller Abenteuer und Romantik. Dieses Buch sprudelt geradezu über von ihrem typischen Humor, aufregenden Landschaften und Charakteren, die du lieben wirst!

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Core's Attack Audiobook

Core's Attack

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: Samantha Cook Release Date: June 2019

Thrust into a deadly game ... Avery Lennox has been called many names, but bond mate was never one of them. Her position as Chief Security Officer for Cosmos Raines guarantees that her life will never be boring-especially after her genius boss decides to open a portal between Earth and Baade, a world filled with an annoying, male-dominated species called Prime. But after meeting one particular alien, Avery decides to pursue him through the portal. The trip to another world was ... indescribable, but it's when she returns home that Avery is in the most danger. Someone else is as fascinated with Core as she is, and believes Avery is the perfect bait. From the moment Core Ta'Duran met Avery, he was captivated by the human woman who shields herself with an icy demeanor and a gun. Avery knows he wants a lifetime with her, and even though she is fighting their bond, she still appears on his world with a tantalizing offer: three days together with no questions, no ties, and no regrets. When Core follows Avery back to Earth, he discovers a menacing message left for him: agree to be hunted or Avery dies. Can Avery and Core turn the tables on the ruthless killer who wants to display Core as a trophy in his private collection, or will Core lose the most crucial battle of his life?

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Cosmos' Promise Audiobook

Cosmos' Promise

Author: S. E. Smith, S.E. Smith Narrator: Suzanne Elise Freeman Release Date: March 2016

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author S.E. Smith brings another action, adventure, and suspense-filled story to transport listeners out of this world. Cosmos Raines is considered to be one of the most brilliant inventors in the world. A prodigy, he is a self-made billionaire who would rather be in his lab than jet-setting around the world. Things change when his latest experiment literally opens a gateway into a whole new world. Now not only has his best friend and her family moved to a new star system through the gateway he has opened but he finds himself with a warehouse full of alien guests, including one very aggravating female that has turned him inside out. Terra 'Tag Krell Manok has spent her life in the shadows of her three older brothers. Her home world of Baade is a male-dominated world where females are few in numbers and protected to the point of captivity. Terra's father is the high chancellor of the Prime and considered to be the fiercest warrior of their world next to her brothers. No one defies him and lives. Terra is surprised when her father suddenly sends her through the gateway into hiding to protect her from a clan insisting that she be mated for political purposes. The last thing she expects to find there is her bond mate-in the form of a human male. Cosmos may not have been expecting to find the woman of his dreams on the other side of the gateway he built, but he knows one thing for sure: no one is going to take her away from him-not the clan who wants to use her nor her father, who thinks all human males are worthless. When she is taken from him, he will use every bit of his intelligence and ingenuity to not only track her down but steal her back. He will prove that human males can be just as much a warrior as a Prime one, especially when it involves the woman he loves. "This was another story that I devoured in this series, and [I] look forward to many more."-Night Owl Reviews

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Daggers Hoffnung Audiobook

Daggers Hoffnung

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: Laura Sophie Helbig Release Date: October 2020

USA Today bestseller! New York Times bestseller! Dagger ist ein Trivatorkrieger, der sich vor nichts und niemandem fürchtet, bis er eine junge, zierliche Menschenfrau trifft, die sein Herz erweckt. Ihre sanften Berührungen, die zarte Stimme und ihr schüchterner Humor berühren ihn in einer Weise, wie er es nie für möglich gehalten hätte. Der Gedanke, dass einer solche Schönheit Leid zugefügt werden könnte, erfüllt ihn mit Angst. Jordan Sampson gewöhnt sich langsam an ihr neues Leben auf dem fremden Planeten, fernab von der kriegszerrissenen Erde. Sie war siebzehn als sie, zusammen mit ihrer älteren Schwester Jesse und ihrer jüngeren Schwester Taylor, zur Heimatwelt der Trivatoren, Rathon, gebracht wurde. Einige Jahre sind inzwischen vergangen, doch sich an die außerirdische Gesellschaft zu gewöhnen ist ... schwierig. Nur eine Hoffnung hält sie aufrecht: Dagger. Er berührt etwas tief in ihr und gibt ihr das Gefühl ganz zu sein. Als Dagger während eines Einsatzes gefangengenommen und in einen illegalen Kampfring verkauft wird, ist die Erinnerung an Jordan das Einzige, das ihm bleibt. Alles um ihn herum verschwimmt, während er tiefer und tiefer in eine Welt voller Gewalt und Schmerz versinkt, bis er mehr Tier als Trivator ist. Jordan weiß, dass Dagger dort draußen ist, irgendwo, und nichts kann sie davon abhalten, ihn zu finden. Um Dagger zu retten begibt sich Jordan auf eine Reise, von der sie hofft, dass beide sie überleben. Das Sternensystem ist ein gefährlicher Ort für eine junge Menschenfrau und einen verletzten Trivatorkrieger. Die weltberühmte Autorin S.E. Smith präsentiert ein neues aufregendes Buch, voller Leidenschaft und Abenteuer. Gefüllt mit ihrem einzigartigen Humor, lebhaften Landschaften und beliebten Charakteren wird dieses Buch garantiert ein weiterer Fan-Favorit!

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Dust 2: A New World Order Audiobook

Dust 2: A New World Order

Author: S.E. Smith Narrator: Paul Heitsch Release Date: November 2018

It can always get worse ... A new world order is coming, one that will pit one species against another. Life is about to become very hazardous-for anyone who gets in Dust's way. With every day that passes, Dust is more afraid of what he will become. His powers are growing far beyond what he can predict, and he is reluctant to tell his make-shift family that he isn't sure when-or if-it will ever stop. His goal is to get to Portland, Oregon, and find his aunt and uncle. Ideally he would get there alone, because he's far too much of a danger to the people around him, but they aren't willing to give up on him, and an old enemy isn't far behind. When they reach Portland, Dust discovers a line has been drawn between those who have been changed and the unchanged ones who want to control them. Can Dust protect his new family from being used or will the power within him become a force that will not only destroy his enemies, but the ones he loves? Internationally acclaimed S.E. Smith presents a new action-packed story to transport readers out of this world! Brimming with her signature humor, vivid landscapes, and beloved characters, this book is sure to be another fan favorite.

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