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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
The Poetry of England - Volume 2 Audiobook

The Poetry of England - Volume 2

English Poetry, Volume 2 - An Introduction. The English language has grown into the Worlds pre-dominant spoken language. It's estimated there are over one million words with which to do this. It's sources are rich and diverse, absorbing from other cultures and times without hesitation. It surely follows that when we add the talents of Shakespeare, Keats, Shelley, Kipling and Blake to a myriad of others that its beauty and reach entrance us with their thoughts and visions. In two volumes these remarkable poems present a wonderful companion through the long heritage of the English Language and its poets. The poems in volume 2 are; English Poetry - An Introduction; Bright Star - John Keats; La Belle Dame Sans Merci - John Keats; I Remember I Remember - Thomas Hood; Ballad - Thomas Hood; No! - Thomas Hood; If Thou Must Love Me - Elizabeth Barrett Browning; How Do I Love Thee - Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Ulysses - Alfred Lord Tennyson; Lady Clare - Alfred Lord Tennyson; from Pied Piper Of Hamblin - Robert Browning; Home Thoughts From Abroad - Robert Browning; The Jumblies - Edward Lear; Dover Beach - Matthew Arnold; Remember - Christina Rossetti; In The Willow Shade - Christina Rossetti; The Oxen - Thomas Hardy; Ah Are You Digging My Grave - Thomas Hardy; The Darkling Thrush - Thomas Hardy; Spring - Gerald Manley Hopkins; Epithalamion - Gerald Manley Hopkins; Loveliest Of Trees, The Cherry Now - AE Houseman; If - Rudyard Kipling; Tommy - Rudyard Kipling; The Way That Lovers Use - Rupert Brooke; Love - Rupert Brooke; The Old Vicarage Of Grantchester; Rupert Brooke

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Robert Browning: Selected Poems Audiobook

Robert Browning: Selected Poems

Author: Robert Browning Narrator: Frederick Davidson Release Date: February 2012

Robert Browning was a deeply religious man who wrestled to obtain and keep his Christian faith. His conviction was that life in this world is so riddled with evil and sorrow that only a future life can make sense out of it. He viewed life as a training ground which God provided in His divine love and sovereign will. Given Browning's intensely romantic love affair with Elizabeth Barrett, it is characteristic that he should view love as life's animating force and the key to its meaning. To Browning, the most dreaded fate would be to live a "ghastly smooth life, dead at heart." This view of life is projected throughout his poetry. Included in this collection are "Johannes Agricola in Meditation", "The Pied Piper of Hamelin", "Youth and Art", "Beatrice Signorini", "Spring Song", and many others. "[Frederick Davidson] carves the verse with his voice...[his] renderings are marvelous and unexpected." -AudioFile

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The Great Poets Audiobook

The Great Poets

Author: Robert Browning Narrator: David Timson Release Date: May 2010

Robert Browning's popular poems The Pied Piper of Hamelin and How They Brought the Good News are often anthologised, but it is in his dramatic lyrics such as My Last Duchess and the chilling Porphyria's Lover that his poetic genius shines. Browning, with his unusual use of language, can be a challenging poet, but one who is always rewarding. This selection shows the many imaginative facets of this often neglected Victorian poet.

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Poems Audiobook


Author: Robert Browning Narrator: Roy Macready Release Date: May 2016

Robert Browning (1812-1889) playright and poet is known and admired for his dramatic monologues in blank verse of which he is a recognized master. He was not always popular in his own time but is now considered one of the foremost poets of Victorian England. This volume contains some of the best of the monologues including "Porphyria's Lover", "How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix","The Bishop orders his Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church", "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came" and"My Last Duchess", as well as "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" and shorter descriptive lyrical poems.

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Narrative Verse  - Volume 4 Audiobook

Narrative Verse - Volume 4

Narrative Verse - Volume 4. Poetry can capture the imagination in a few short lines but Narrative Verse or Poetry takes the form of telling a story whether it be simple or complex in a longer form. Among the most ancient forms of poetry it has widespread roots through almost every culture. In Volume 4 we bring you the classics of The Eve Of St Agnes - John Keats, Flodden - Sir Walter Scott, The Ballad Of Agincourt - Michael Drayton, Tam O'Shanter - Robert Burns, The Pied Piper Of Hamelin - Robert Browning. They are read for you by the renowned actors Sean Barrett and David Shaw-Parker.

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The Poetry of September Audiobook

The Poetry of September

September - The ninth month of the year in our Gregorian calendar and with it arrives the Autumn equinox and the first glimpses of the new season. There is much for out Poets including Browning, Kingsley, Yeats, Lanier and Lindsay to say and write about. Among our readers are Richard Mitchley and Ghizela Rowe. The tracks are; September - An Introduction; September 1st 1802 By William Wordsworth; In September By Amy Levy; Sonnet XXL, Sacred To The Memory Of Edward Spedding Who Died September 3rd 1832 By Henry Alford; September 1918 By Amy Lowell; In September By Thomas MacDonagh; Lines Written On The 6th September By Thomas Gent; September 1815 By William Wordsworth; An Indian Summer Day On The Prairie By Vachel Lindsay; September By George Arnold; September By Helen Hunt Jackson; September By Carlos Wilcox; A Calendar Of Sonnets By September By Helen Hunt Jackson; Postscriptum, September 1913 By Thomas MacDonagh; Indian Summer By Sara Teasdale; September 1819 by William Wordsworth; Indian Summer By Henry Van Dyke; September 1913 By William Butler Yeats; September By Janet Hamilton; September By John Payne; Sonnet September 1922 By Ivor Gurney; 21st September 1870 By Charles Kingsley; Among The Rocks By Robert Browning; September Dark By James Whitcomb Riley; Ode To The West Wind By Shelley; Written In September 1804 By Christian Milne; The Golden Wedding Of Sterling And Sarah Lanier September 27th 1868 By Sidney Lanier; Written In London September 1802 By William Wordsworth; Late September By Amy Lowell; A September Night By George Marion McClellan; September Midnights By Sara Teasdale.

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The Poetry of Robert Browning Audiobook

The Poetry of Robert Browning

Author: Robert Browning Narrator: David Shaw-Parker, Ghizela Rowe, Richard Mitchley Release Date: May 2017

With classics such as 'My Last Duchess' and 'The Pied Piper Of Hamelin' Robert Browning's status as one of the great Victorian Poets will always be secure in popular culture. For the more literary he is considered a master of dramatic verse and dramatic monologues. It is interesting to note that his career bloomed late. Indeed it was only after the death of his wife Elizabeth in 1861 and his return to England from their life in Italy that his work came into wider acceptance and critical acclaim. In the last years of his life he recorded part of a poem on a wax cylinder which was played after his death. It was said to be the first time anyone's voice had been heard from beyond the grave!

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Abbey Poets Audiobook

Abbey Poets

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer, Robert Browning, William Congrieve Narrator: Richard Mitchley Release Date: May 2017

Westminster Abbey has seen much during its long, rich history. The coronations of Kings and Queens, the burials of Prime ministers. However it is also a church that remembers the men and women of the arts. Dedicated writers and poets who spoke so eloquently that the Nation wished to bid farewell on a stage grand enough to match their talents. Their talents and works are worth remembering and here, in this volume, their wise words speak too and for us all.

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The Pied Piper Of Hamelin Audiobook

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Author: Robert Browning Narrator: Cathy Dobson Release Date: April 2011

Robert Browning's classic tale about a magical rat catcher. When Hamelin is overrun by rats, only the magical music of the Pied Piper can solve the problem. The town council tries to trick the piper out of his agreed reward, and he wreaks terrible revenge.

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How They Brought The Good News From Ghent To Aix Audiobook

How They Brought The Good News From Ghent To Aix

Author: Robert Browning Narrator: Cathy Dobson Release Date: April 2011

Robert Browning's classic adventure ballad. Three riders set off from Ghent to bring urgent news to Aix. They ride furiously through the night and the next day. Only one completes the journey and saves the fate of the town.

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin, and Paul Revere's Ride Audiobook

The Pied Piper of Hamelin, and Paul Revere's Ride

Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Browning Narrator: David Thorn Release Date: January 2009

Old poems of exciting events for the children in all of us. Paul Revere's exciting midnight ride to warn all the neighbors in the countryside that the British were coming ... one light if by land and two if by sea. And The Pied Piper of rid of the pesty hated rats, but when the villagers refused to pay for his services, the Pied Piper took matters into his own hands...and the villagers paid a very dear price, indeed, in the end. AUTHORS Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 - 1882) was a popular American poet and teacher. Longfellow was also reknown for his translations of classical texts from French, Italian and Spanish. Longfellow's lasting legacy is his lyric poetry, ""Paul Revere's Ride"", ""The Song of Hiawatha"", and ""Evangeline"" are his masterpieces. Robert Browning (1812-1889) was a British poet and playwright, famous for his monologues evoking character and scene. Married to poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert was the subject of her famous poem ""How Do I Love Thee?"". "

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Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Best-Loved Poems Audiobook

Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Best-Loved Poems

Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning Narrator: Joanna David, Steven Pacey Release Date: March 2013

Seventy-one poems are included from these two influential poets of nineteenth century England who were also man and wife. The poetry reveals their passion, ideas, and dedication to social causes. This two-CD set offers the listener a convenient way to hear favorite poems of Elizabeth easilyand find the preferred poetry of Robert with maximum accessibility. Included among the poems of Robert are 'Love among the Ruins,' 'Home Thoughts from Abroad,' 'Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister,' 'Abt Vogler,' 'Rabbi Ben Ezra,' and sixteen others. Among Elizabeth's best-loved works are 'Grief,' 'The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point,' 'Casa Guidi Windows,' the forty-four complete Sonnets from the Portuguese, and four others.

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