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Audiobooks by NPR

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Piece of My Heart Audiobook Piece of My Heart
  2. Shuggie Bain Audiobook Shuggie Bain
  3. Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020 Audiobook Burnt Sugar: Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2020
  4. Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts Audiobook Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts
  5. The Cousins Audiobook The Cousins
  6. A Time to Lie Audiobook A Time to Lie
  7. Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands Audiobook Dark Tides: The compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Tidelands
  8. The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years  Audiobook The Crown: The Official History Behind Season 3: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle and the Years
  9. The Harpy Audiobook The Harpy
  10. Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams Audiobook Anything is Possible: Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams
More Tinsel Tales: Favorite Christmas Stories from NPR Audiobook

More Tinsel Tales: Favorite Christmas Stories from NPR

Author: NPR Narrator: David Greene Release Date: October 2013

With all the promise of an overstuffed stocking on Christmas morning, this collection from NPR is brimming with stories that will soon be holiday classics.

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NPR American Chronicles: Civil Rights Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: Civil Rights

Author: NPR Narrator: Michele Norris Release Date: December 2011

It wasn’t that long ago that black citizens had to move to the back of the bus. In this stirring collection, NPR tells stories large and small: of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and the March on Washington; of Pullman porters, an invaluable green book, and women who baked pies to support the Montgomery bus boycott. Personal recollections and historical accounts paint vivid pictures of individuals and events that transformed a nation. Contents: Introduction by Michele Norris Rosa Parks The Club from Nowhere: Cooking for Civil Rights ‘The Forgotten Hero’ of the Civil Rights Movement The First Civil Rights Bus Boycott Before Rosa Parks, There Was Claudette Colvin Former Pullman Porter Subtly Confronted Racism ‘Green Book’ Helped African Americans Travel Safely Jim Crow: Blacks Survived with Dignity The Power of Pictures in the Struggle for Civil Rights Emmett Till and the Impact of Images Mahalia Jackson: Voice of the Civil Rights Movement Wallace in the Schoolhouse Door Breaking the Color Barrier Sound Vault: The Civil Rights Act Mississippi 1964: Civil Rights and Unrest James Farmer and the Freedom Summer Freedom Riders Rep. John Lewis on Prosecuting the Past The Legacy of Medgar Evers Julian Bond Remembers Looking Back to Hear Malcolm X Dorothy Height Sees Dream Come True Radio History: March on Washington Recalled Remembering King and the ‘Fierce Urgency of Now’ Martin Luther King, ‘At Canaan’s Edge

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NPR American Chronicles: Exploring Space Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: Exploring Space

Author: NPR Narrator: Joe Palca Release Date: August 2013

From the competitive spirit ignited by Sputnik to the tragedies and triumphs of the Apollo missions, from the technological leap forward created by the Space Shuttle to the global cooperation forged by the International Space Station and beyond, NPR examines the inspirational story of modern space exploration and the extraordinary individuals who made it possible. Featuring in-depth profiles of landmark missions, along with interviews and commentary from voices that have lived the dream, including astronauts John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Bernard Harris, Sally Ride, and many more. Contents: -Introduction by Joe Palca-So You Want to Be an Astronaut -A History of Manned Space Travel-Sputnik, Space Race Mirror a Personal Journey -Legacy of Space Race on U.S. Education-Space Race Permeated Pop Culture-Khrushchev, Schorr Look Back on Sputnik-Sputnik in Space and Song -Explorer I, America's Answer to Sputnik-John Glenn, a Hero Well Before Orbiting Earth -John Glenn on 50 Years Since His First Orbit -The Mercury 13: Training U.S. Women for Space -NASA's Longest Serving Astronaut Retires-Apollo 8 Moon Mission Still Awes-Early Days of NASA-Reflections on the Apollo I Disaster-Apollo 11 Moon Landing -Houston, We Erased the Apollo 11 Tapes -Apollo 15: The First Space Walk-Apollo 17 Lands on the Moon -Mr. Rogers and Apollo 15-One Small Town's Big Role in the Apollo Missions-A Small Step to the Moon, Giant Leap to Mars -Introducing the Space Shuttle -The First Space Shuttle Lifts Off -For Bernard Harris, More than "One Small Step for Man"-Challenger Disaster -Eileen Collins, Shuttle Commander, Inspires-Woman Astronaut Sally Ride-Columbia Disaster-Shuttle Legacy: Grand, Though Not What Was Planned -Curiosity Is on Mars, Now What?-Aboard the Space Station, It's a Beautiful World -Last Hubble Repair Mission-Space Station's Best Days Are Still Ahead-Vacation in Space? Possible . . . For the Rich -Virtual Space Elevator

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NPR American Chronicles: First Ladies Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: First Ladies

Author: NPR Narrator: NPR Release Date: February 2015

Hosted by Cokie Roberts. While the role of the first lady has changed dramatically over the course of the nation's history, one thing remains constant: Americans have always been fascinated by the wives of the President. This collection features in-depth profiles of many of our beloved, inspiring, and occasionally enigmatic first ladies, including Martha Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama.

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NPR American Chronicles: The Civil War Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: The Civil War

Author: NPR Narrator: Neal Conan Release Date: March 2011

NPR captures the battlefield action, the personal struggles, and the moral dilemmas of the war that pitted brother against brother (and sometimes sister) and friend against friend. This revealing collection of Civil War stories features gripping history, expert commentary, and unforgettable voices. Contents: Introduction by Neal Conan Manassas/Bull Run Historian Shelby Foote Geraldine Brooks’ Civil War March History of “Dixie” Confederates in the Attic Antietam Viewing the Emancipation Proclamation Gettysburg’s Hallowed Ground Old Army Friends, Divided At Gettysburg Gettysburg Eyewitness Gettysburg Address Read by Sam Waterston Henry Fleming, Reluctantly Wearing the Red Badge Woman Fought Like a Man for Freedom Civil War Reporters Historians Search for Civil War Relics Civil War Relics Tempt Thieves Living History at Lincoln’s Summer Retreat E.L. Doctorow on Sherman and The March April 1865 Letters from Civil War Era Tell the Price of Freedom Iowa in the Civil War What It Means to Be Free The Civil War Still Stirs the Southern Soul Union Soldier Comes Home Appomattox At Ford’s Theatre, Lincoln’s Death Revisited “O Captain! My Captain!” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” the Other National Anthem

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NPR American Chronicles: The Vietnam War Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: The Vietnam War

Author: NPR Narrator: Audie Cornish Release Date: January 2013

NPR reports on the Vietnam War, from its origins to the major battles, through the Fall of Saigon, to repercussions of the conflict still felt today. Contents: -Introduction by Audie Cornish -At the Vietnam War Memorial -May Day War Protest in Washington, D.C. -Gulf of Tonkin's Phantom Attack -POW Wives -Ruth Harrison-Soldiers' Stories: Protesting Vietnam -A Red Cross Worker's War Memories -Dick Gregory: Ideologies and War -A Soldier's Daughter -Dangerous Man' Daniel Ellsberg Reflects -A Vietnam Vet in His Own Words -Cronkite on Vietnam War -McNamara, Morris, and The Fog of War -The Vietnam War, Through Eddie Adams' Lens -"Zippo Songs" of Vietnam -At Vietnam Memorial, Unlikely Bond Began -My Lai Eyewitness -A Wartime Diary Touches Vietnamese -Vietnam Homecoming: Communism and Memories -Forgotten Ship: A Daring Rescue as Saigon Fell -Shots Still Reverberate for Survivors of Kent State -Billy Bang's "Vietnam: The Aftermath" -Remembering Reunification-Goodbye, Saigon-Saigons and Bygones

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NPR American Chronicles: Women's Equality Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: Women's Equality

Author: NPR Narrator: Susan Stamberg Release Date: March 2012

NPR explores the issues, struggles, and triumphs of the American women's movement, from early pioneers to modern groundbreakers and leaders of today who fight to preserve hard-won rights. Profiles of Victoria Woodhull, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony provide insights into the origins of the movement, while reflections from Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Geraldine Ferraro, and others reveal the passion and dedication required to maintain progress in the continuing struggle for women's equality. Contents: -Introduction by Susan Stamberg -Women: A Political Force -Declaration of Sentiments -The First Woman to Run for President - In 1872 -A History of Women's Suffrage -Suffrage 1920: Women Get the Vote -For Elizabeth Cady Stanton, All Women Were Not Created Equal -Susan B. Anthony's Pioneering Vote -Frances Perkins, New Deal Pioneer -Suffragette Jeannette Rankin, First Woman Representative -Shirley Chisholm: The First Black Woman to Run for President -StoryCorps: Living in the Backward World of the ‘60s -The National Organization for Women: A Short History -Betty Friedan: Women's Gains and Roles in the Future -Stirring up "The Feminine Mystique" -Memories of Aunt Betty -Political Pioneer Geraldine Ferraro -Bella Abzug -Pageant Protest Sparked Bra-Burning Myth -Phyllis Schlafly Still Championing the Anti-Feminist Fight -Title IX -The Pill -Roe v. Wade: Two Stories -Roe v. Wade Plaintiff Norma McCorvey -Gloria Steinem Celebrates Ms. Magazine -A Lonely Club for Women in Top Army Jobs -StoryCorps Griot: Fighting the Big Three -American Women Changing Their Names -Growing Up Feminist: Deborah and Naomi Wolf

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NPR American Chronicles: World War I Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: World War I

Author: NPR Narrator: Rachel Martin, Rachel Rain Martin Release Date: April 2014

Famously referred to by US president Woodrow Wilson as “the war to end all wars,” the first world war eclipsed all previous wars with its scale of destruction. With over twenty-seven nations involved, the battle-field horrors and political outcomes of the first truly global military conflict had repercussions that are still felt today. NPR presents a vivid portrait of what most experts consider the first modern war, including profiles of America’s flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker, unlikely savior of war-torn Belgium Herbert Hoover, and the last surviving doughboy Frank Buckles. Contents: Introduction by Rachel Martin Washington’s World War I Memorial Stumbling Into World War I, Like Sleepwalkers 1913 Leads a Tour of the World a Century Ago A Race Against Time to Find WWI’s Last Doughboys The Human Toll of the War To End All Wars National World War I Museum Frank Buckles: Last U.S. Veteran of World War I Belgian Exhibit Honors Hoover’s WWI Effort Christmas Truce Battle of the River Aisne WWI Poetry: The Words of War Ground War: Winston Rochet Last Post: Final Thoughts from Britain’s WWI Vets Diary Provides Black Soldier’s View of WWI Battle of the Somme France Pays Tribute to Early U.S. Fighter Pilots Thomas Sopwith, Plane Designer “Fast Eddie” Rickenbacker Robert K. Massie’s Castles of Steel Veterans Day Journey Ends Near WWI Trenches New Clues in Lusitania’s Sinking Germany’s Last WWI Debt Artists’ Masks Hid Wounds of WWI Soldiers WWI Munitions Still Live Beneath Western Front 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour The Middle East and the West: WWI and Beyond The Bonus Army: How a Protest Led to the GI Bill The Savage Peace of 1919, Relevant Today Pete Seeger on His Uncle, Alan Seeger

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NPR American Chronicles: World War II Audiobook

NPR American Chronicles: World War II

Author: NPR Narrator: Neal Conan Release Date: September 2011

NPR reveals remarkable stories of valor, bravery, and survival from the deadliest conflict in history with this vast panorama of interview, memories, and first person accounts from fronts in Europe, the Pacific, and at home. Harrowing, heartbreaking and deeply personal, this collection offers an intimate, engaging way to learn more about the war that changed the world. Contents: Introduction by Neal Conan Voices from the WWII Memorial Reflections on Germany, Poland, and WWII The London Blitz Pearl Harbor: A Personal History Hearing Voices: A Japanese-American in a WWII Camp A Mother-in-Law’s WWII Saga WWII Heroes Recall the Doolittle Raid Pearl harbor: A Personal History Part 2 The Kitchen Sisters: War & Separation StoryCorps: My Mother’s Story: Dot the Welder War in the Pacific Unbroken by War Artists of Battlefield Deception: Soldiers of the 23rd Female WWII Pilots: The Original Fly Girls A Tuskegee Airman’s Harrowing WWII Tale Remembrances of D-Day The “Mad Piper” of Normandy Kate Nolan, WWII Combat Nurse WWII Combat Cameraman: ‘The Public Had To Know’ WWII Veterans on the Battle of the Bulge StoryCorps: Joseph Robertson Holocaust Survivors Honor Camp Liberator The Greatest Generation Remembering the Final Days of World War II Pilot Remembers Fateful Bombing Mission Over Nagasaki Thanks, Grandpa Tommy, for Saving the World

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NPR Classic Driveway Moments: Radio Stories that Won't Let You Go Audiobook

NPR Classic Driveway Moments: Radio Stories that Won't Let You Go

Author: NPR Narrator: Michele Norris Release Date: March 2010

Presented together for the first time, here are the very first, and very best, definitive listener favorites that came to be known as Driveway Moments: the classic, spellbinding stories that keep getting better with repeated listening, selected from the National Public Radio archives. These tales were first heard on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and other NPR programs. Like the unforgettable “Amy’s Answering Machine,” in which comedian and author Amy Borkowsky shares quirky, hilarious messages left by her mother. And “My So-Called Lungs,” an emotional audio diary by a young girl with cystic fibrosis. And “Hitching a Ride with Junior McGhee,” in which musician/storyteller Charlie Barnett takes listeners on a hitchhiking adventure across the U.S. Literate, intelligent, mirthful, and moving, these stories are worth repeating—and hearing again and again. Contents: Introduction by Michele Norris Misunderstood Song Lyrics Dead Groundhog Amy’s Answering Machine My So-Called Lungs His Father An Unexpected Kitchen: The George Foreman Grill Rato Interesso There’s Just Something About That Cowbell Sweet Potato Queen’s Latest Dish My Dad the Ex-Con Death of a Child: Losing Adam Charlie Goes to College Hitching a Ride with Junior McGee

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NPR Driveway Moments All About Animals: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go Audiobook

NPR Driveway Moments All About Animals: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go

Author: NPR Narrator: Steve Inskeep Release Date: February 2012

What’s a “driveway moment”? It’s when you’re so captivated by a story you’re hearing on NPR that you stay in your car to hear it to the end—even if you’re sitting in your driveway with the motor running. For years, listeners have written to NPR to describe such moments. Now animal lovers especially will want to make sure their tanks are full. Heard on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and Wait WaitàDon’t Tell Me!, hosted by Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep, these stories will make you laugh out loud and shed a tear or two. Contents: The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads My Mother, My Parrot The Sad Story of Ziggy, the Too Perfect Parrot Pet Tricks—and an Accidental Career A Dog Walker’s Dog Walker Search for Lost Pets Continues in Louisiana Turtle Holds On in Center of Vietnam’s Capital A Dog’s Life in Vietnam Precisionist Nears a New Pasture An Entrepreneurial Dog’s Private Life The Dog Stays in the Picture Cute and Fuzzy as the Nation’s Lead Story The Wait Wait Petting Zoo No Chump Change for Chimp Art Miss Pudding: A Feline Farewell Vacuuming Prairie Dogs When Hummingbirds Come Home Bird Clothes Drive-Up Boar Semen The Boy Who Ran Like a Deer The Soul of a Dog

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NPR Driveway Moments Cat Tales: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go Audiobook

NPR Driveway Moments Cat Tales: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go

Author: NPR Narrator: Scott Simon Release Date: February 2012

These NPR "driveway moment" stories featuring our feline friends will have you curled up in your seat, purring. Mischievous, mysterious, content, curious, and full of attitude, these stories mirror the personality of these creatures that dwell in our homes and our hearts. Contents: -Introduction by Scott Simon -Cat and Child, So Comfy Together -Cat Lovers and Their Stories -Earliest Evidence of House Cats -Cat Named Hamish -Family Wasn't Always Nice to Its Cats -The Purrrfect Candidate for President -Political Attack Ad Goes After a Cat -Cats Can't Taste Sweetness -Cats Eat Anything Smaller Than Themselves -Why Do Cats Purr? -Living with Lions -Maine Cat Resort -Bicycling Across USA with Cat in Basket -French for Felines -Allergen-Free Cat-The Story of 23 Cats and an Owl -Alone at Christmas with Two Old Cats -Mourning the Loss of Frankie the Cat -Baghdad Girl, Reaching Out Over the Web -This I Believe: Caring Makes Us Human -Cat People vs. Non-Cat People -Calico Cat Cloned -Four Pounds of Fury: Baby Cheetah Gets a Mom -Ms. Pudding: A Feline Farewell -The Algonquin Hotel's Feline Celebrity -Cats First Tamed in the Middle East -Protecting African Lions: Hunters Turned Guardians -Cat Genome Forensics -Glowing Kittens Help in Fights against AIDS -Pet Physics: The Uncanny Lapping of Cats-White Cat Gifts -Scott Simon Remembers Lenore -Cat Laws

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