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Books with reviews by our Reader Review Panel

Since its inception Lovereading has taken a different approach to book reviews relying uniquely on the selection and review of books by editorial experts, all of whom have had many years of experience working within the book trade. They know what makes a good read whatever the genre and actually read the whole book before telling you what they think - radical we know, but sometimes old fashioned ways are the best.

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Lovereading's 10 most popular books of the week

Do you want to know what other people are reading?

Books for Christmas

Books make perfect gifts anytime of year but for book lovers Christmas is a special time as you can indulge (or be indulged) in the luxury of a hardback. 

book pile stack



To have a chance of winning a luxury case of Laithwaites wines and Prosecco worth £124 just click on a book in this section [OR CLICK HERE  if you are having any problems] to find out more and enter. And as a special offer EVERY Lovereading member can save £30 on wine, if their Laithwaites order is more than £75.

UK Top 10 books

We know you love our recommendations - but sometimes you also want to see what the general British book Buyer is reading. So, we have created this category to show you the current Top 10 best selling books in the UK. All great books to read as demonstrated by their 'top books' status.


Why not have a look at the best selling books in the UK and then use our unique Author Like-for-Like tool to discover other writers like them?

Signed First Edition Books - Amazing Gifts for any booklover

Desirable, Rare and Valuble


Signed First Editions from big-name authors and celebrities such as Victoria Hislop, Val McDermid, Felix Francis and Alexander McCall Smith and many more to come.




For most of the books we will have 3 copies to giveway and for a book lover they would be the most amazing gift.

Books of the Month - November

At Lovereading we’re passionate about all the books we feature.

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Action / Adventure / Spy / Espionage

Action, adventure and spy books! Just the fillip you need when you spend your working day behind a desk. With our online book review and free opening extract you’ll have all the information you need to choose the next action book or spy thriller you want to escape into.

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Debuts Books of the Month

Can you spot the prize-winners or the best-sellers in waiting? Do you want to start at the beginning with a writer whose every subsequent book you’re going to anticipate impatiently? Do you enjoy being the first to read the next must-read novel? If so, you can rely on Lovereading to keep you up-to-date.

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Costa Book Awards 2014


Costa Book Awards 2014 Shortlists Announced


The Costa Book Awards is one of the UK's most prestigious and popular literary prizes and recognises some of the most enjoyable books of the year, written by authors based in the UK and Ireland.

Since their launch in 1971, the awards have rewarded a wide range of excellent books and authors across all genres.

Recommended eBooks

Please check your own eReader to confirm which format eBook you need to download before you purchase.


At present the e-Pub format downloads offered on Lovereading cannot be read on an iPad / iPhone via the iBooks application.



eBooks have at last come of age and although you have been able to see if an eBook is available on a title by title basis on Lovereading for a while now, we also wanted to create a special section which features all of our eBook recommended reads.


Keep up to date by signing up for our free regular emails.

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Biography / Autobiography

Whether you are a keen follower of biographies or someone who just feels like a change from Fiction, this section is packed with great titles about a wide variety of fascinating subjects.


There are monthly “featured books” to give you inspiration and many of the titles have free downloadable extracts so you can try before you buy. 


All of our featured books are hand-picked and reviewed by our in-house editorial experts. This is unique to Lovereading and means that you can be sure of considered guidance by industry professionals. That’s how much we want you to Lovereading!

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Book Awards

The Book Awards category on Lovereading  will help you discover authors who are winners of, or have been in contention for, some of the most prestigious awards. By their very presence on this page, you can be sure that each of the books featured here is the 'crème-de-la-crème' of today's literature.

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Guest Editor for October - Cecelia Ahern

Poignant, captivating and uplifting novels


October 2014 Guest Editor - Cecelia Ahern


Cecelia Ahern is the author of ten novels and has sold 16 million copies of her books worldwide. She wrote her first novel PS, I Love You when she was twenty-one years old, and it became an international bestseller as well as a major motion picture.

Cecelia’s subsequent novels; If You Could See Me Now, A Place Called Here, Thanks for the Memories, The Gift, The Book of Tomorrow, The Time Of My Life and One Hundred Names were also major international bestsellers, with Love, Rosie winning the prestigious Corine Award in Germany in 2005.

Cecelia is also the co-creator and producer of the award winning ABC comedy series Samantha Who? Which starred Christina Applegate and Melissa McCarthy.


Her latest: The Year I Met You is an original, poignant, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel that will make you laugh, cry and celebrate life. So if you haven’t already, make this the year you meet her. One of her books is also due to hit the silver screen on 22 Oct called ‘Love Rosie’ it’s based on her book Where Rainbows End.

Crime / Mystery

Welcome to a meeting of the greatest criminal minds in the world. The world of Fiction, that is, because this is where you will find all the information, reviews and the opening extracts for our featured novels in the Crime & Mystery category. Whether you’re looking for more books by a favourite author or broadening your experience of this thrilling genre, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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Cookery, Food and Drink

We hope you’ll find our Food and Drink category full of titles that can be enjoyed either sitting in the armchair or used in a more practical way in the kitchen.  Some of them provide a mixture of both. 


The list is by no means comprehensive; indeed the titles featured are ones that may well not hit the top of the bestseller lists – a la Jamie Oliver - so you may struggle to hear about them, hence our reason for bringing them together to the Lovereading audience.



'At a time when niche cookbooks are under pressure, it is fantastic to have a site that steers away from the mainstream and supports proper writers of the genre.' Rose Prince - Author of The Good Produce Guide



Each one is a personal favourite of one of our non-fiction editorial experts. The titles may well be quite quirky but each one has made it here because we think you’ll enjoy each and every one of them, whether it’s for reading entertainment or for more practical purposes.  We’ll be adding and refreshing the list so do check it out on a regular basis.

food on a plate

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Exclusive Pre-Publication

One of the real treats of working in the book world is being one of the few who get to read books before they are officially published.

Uncorrected proofs, as they are termed, are the editions of the books produced in small numbers and sent to book reviewers and the book buyers of large book chains.

Win extra goodies in free to enter prize draws

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All the books listed here have extra goodies that can be won in a free to enter prize draws.


To find out more and to enter just click a book cover

Good Luck!


Gardening is a year round activity for the keen and possibly more of a seasonal activity for the less hardy.  Here at Lovereading our gardening book expert has spent the winter months, when she’s not on her allotment, deep in lots of gardening books, some of which are more at home with the armchair reader that’s in us all whilst others offer a more practical aspect on gardening.




None the less the ideal time to introduce a new selection of gardening titles is in the spring.  The weather is improving, the ground is drying and things are beginning to grow – the start of a new season at last.

Family Drama

There’s nothing like a really involving family drama and romance to take you away from your own life. And Lovereading covers the whole range, as you would expect.

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Books for the Boys!

Men take note – reading is now officially ‘sexy’. But, taking a leaf from Dr Gray, Martians don’t read the same as Venusians so sign up here to keep abreast of what you need to read. From anarchic humour (Terry Pratchett and Dave Gorman) to novels that explore what it means to be a man (Tony Parsons and Mark Barrowcliffe). With our regular emails you won’t miss new works from favourite authors or new authors who’ll become favourites.

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If You Like...You'll Love

If You Like...You'll Love...


We’ve all got friends who read more than we do and sometimes these friends are useful in helping us work out what to read next.  But do bear us in mind as well! At Lovereading, we hope you’ll consider our guidance as a ‘friend’ too! Let us help you discover new authors and titles through our hand-picked perfect matches that are not selected by a computer as they are on other online bookshops but in the traditional way by human hand and thought!


History is a fascinating topic whether it be the history of a country, the history of warfare or the history of an individual. Although we have promoted historical books over the years in our real world and biography genres we felt it was time these titles got their own special spot on the site and so we bring you a dedicated History genre.


To mark the centenary of the outbreak of WW1 in 1914, we have created a special section of books, fiction and non-fiction, new titles and old ones, to reflect the tragedy of the First World War. Click here to find out more.

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Humourous and Funny Books

The American author Stanley Gordon West is credited with the quote 'Smile and the world smiles with you' so to help put a smile on your face we have created a special category full of funny and houmourous reads. We hope you enjoy.

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Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is such a great way to experience the past. It’s fascinating, thrilling and you learn from it. Wonderful! The best way to make sure you’re ahead of history is through our emails, which will guide you to the latest and best so you can...

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Lifestyle and Health

If you feel like a bit of a makeover is in order, but know that quick fixes never work, then our new Lifestyle & Health category could be perfect for you.

leaping lady

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Horror - Fantasy - SciFi

For those of you who like ‘to boldly go’, or enjoy the terror of dark horror, or to contemplate future existence in this and other worlds, this is the Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy section.

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Modern and Classic Literary Fiction

This is where you’ll find the very best in modern literature and discover the new heroes of fiction as well as the established masters. This section features novels not only from home-grown favourites (from Martin Amis and Salmon Rushdie, to David Nicholls and Zadie Smith) but also from international writers too, like Isabel Allende, David Guterson and Gabriel Garcia Marquez (and, obviously, many more).

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Crime Thriller and Suspense Books

The only thing that isn’t a mystery in this section is how you can access some great crime fiction. Register for our emails and we’ll be thrilled (get it?) to give you reading suggestions, as well as access to online, expert reviews and loads of free opening extracts; so, we’ve done all the detective work for you! (see what we’ve done there?). After all, there’s no crime (see what we di … oh never mind) in getting a little help choosing your next mysterious adventure and no more puns. Promise.

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The Books Behind the Films

The Books Behind the Films

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Maxim Jakubowski's Selection

Welcome to Maxim Jakubowski's world of books...


Maxim Jakubowski photo copyright Marco Del Comune ...Over the past years Lovereading have been kind enough to ask me for occasional recommendations on crime & mystery, science fiction, fantasy & horror and erotic books to make you aware of titles which would not always necessarily come to mind and haven't been extensively reviewed elsewhere.  This is something I will now be doing on a monthly basis, informing you of the books that have caught my attention, which I've fallen in love with or that I feel you just shouldn't miss


I've always wondered why the summer is normally considered a time for inoffensive beach reads and the winter gift period merely an occasion to binge on throwaway humour books or celebrity autobiographies, while fiction - even by some of big names in the game or the Booker winner - is generally neglected. Good reading is for all seasons in my humble opinion. So, I will go against the grain this month by not offering a Best of Year recommendation list (just scroll back to my past columns), but by listing another couple of handfuls of challenging novels and works of fiction (and a non fiction bonus title) which would otherwise be sorely neglected. None of these volumes are likely to challenge the bestseller lists at this time of year; even more reason for you to investigate them and even offer them as gifts instead of the usual suspects

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'new gen' - Great Fiction for Teens and Young Adults


'new gen' is a treasure trove of books and authors that aims to bridge the reading gap for the teen / young adult audience. From laugh-out-loud beach reads, steamy paranormal romances, mesmerising thrillers and compelling dystopian tales there is something for every young adult taste.



Here you'll find authors who specifically write for the teen market along with authors whose books are incredibly relevant to teenagers, The Catcher in the Rye would be the classic example.


Every title we choose aims to be not only a great read but offer insights and help as the challenges of adulthood begin.


dystopian fictionDYSTOPIAN FICTION
NEW SECTION NOT TO MISS. Look out for the new  category logo to guide you to the best stories about dark alternative futures. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Wither or Cormac McCarthy's classic The Road.


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Short Story Collections

Sometimes you want War and Peace and sometimes something a little thinner! Round here, we love a good short story! A short burst of escapism and perfect for the trip to work. After all a Test Match takes time and a 20/20 can be a lot more fun!


Joanna Trollope, novelist and prize judge has said: "Short stories are notoriously difficult to pull off successfully, needing—as they do—to involve the readers during reading as well as to leave them with something to reflect on afterwards, and all in only a few thousand words.”


Have a look at these great short stories and if you are an author read on for details of the new Costa Short Story Award, The Scott Prize and the BBC Short story prize that you may want to enter.

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Man Booker Prize 2014

Man Book Prize 2014 logoRichard Flanagan was announced as the 2014 winner by AC Grayling, Chair of judges, at an awards dinner at London’s Guildhall, which was broadcast live on the BBC News Channel. Flanagan was presented with a trophy from HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and a £50,000 cheque from Emmanuel Roman, Chief Executive of Man Group. The investment management firm has sponsored the prize since 2002.
AC Grayling comments: ‘The two great themes from the origin of literature are love and war: this is a magnificent novel of love and war. Written in prose of extraordinary elegance and force, it bridges East and West, past and present, with a story of guilt and heroism.
‘This is the book that Richard Flanagan was born to write.’


Visit the Man Booker site for full details.


Feeling in need of some inspiration? Poetry can often reach those literary parts that other genres can't quite get to. Whether you are hoping to ruminate on life's complexity or are looking to have your funnybone ticked, we've got a selection of titles to appeal to all tastes...

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Popular Science

Do you feel like asking your brain cells to work a little harder whilst at the same time learn something new and all from the comfort of the armchair?

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Provocative Prose

A note from Maxim Jakubowski


From time immemorial, prose has celebrated the joy of the senses and addressed the joys and complexities of sex. Think ‘The Song of Solomon’ in the Bible or The 1001 Nights, through to Chaucer, Boccaccio and the often shocking sensual nightmares of the Marquis de Sade.

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Reading Groups

Did you know that the first recorded reading groups were among women working in factories in the nineteenth century?

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Relationship Stories

No two relationships are the same, so is it any wonder that there is no shortage of great material in this section? We are big fans of relationship tales at Lovereading and we like to share the love. So, this section is where you’ll find all your favourite authors and, if you’ll let us be your relationship council, some brand new ones too.

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Romantic Fiction

Handsome aristocrats in becoming breeches, rags to riches heroines, close-knit communities and dark family secrets. There's nothing like a really compelling romance or saga, is there? If you want to read one, sign up now so you can read online reviews and download free book extracts and know about the very best of favourite authors and rising stars.

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Sport Books for the Armchair Sportsman

Whichever sport you follow, it is only through books about the games, the players, the events and the participants that you will gain a real insight into the motivating factors behind people with unimaginable (and sometimes inexplicable) talent. Fixtures and results bombard you from every conceivable media channel – TV, radio, the internet, mobile phones. But the real insights into the characters of the people, and the inside stories of the dressing rooms - from the muddy fields of winter to the steely mechanics and oily rags in the pit-lane - only really come from reading about them in books (sometimes long after the event is over or the personality has died).

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Sagas and Romance


Rags to riches heroines, close-knit communities and dark family secrets. There's nothing like a really compelling saga, is there? If you want to read one, sign up now so you can read online reviews and download free book extracts and know about the very best of favourite authors and rising stars.


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The Real World

Byron said ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ a quote which is, perhaps, even more relevant in the 21st Century than the 19th.

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World War One

The War to End All Wars …


In 2014 it will be 100 years since World War One began and even though there are now no people alive today who experienced it first-hand, its impact on the world is still apparent today. For anyone wanting to experience the stories and history of the war, the events that led to it and its aftermath we have created a special category.


ww1 medal


There’s a bit of the traveller in all of us, isn’t there? Even if our biggest adventure is the annual 2 week holiday to Europe! Well, we’ll make sure that all your reading journeys have happy endings with our regular emails. With on-line reviews and free book extracts our regular emails will keep you up to date with the latest and best travel writing.

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