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Read Extract Free Racy Romantic Reads Book or Novel Online - as well as Sports and Suspense

Racy Romantic Reads

Racy Romantic Reads

If you devoured 50 Shades then you are ready to try something, in our view a whole lot better, in the shape of Vina Jackson’s selection of Racy Romantic Reads. Go on … Let yourself be seduced.

Featured Books
Eighty Days White
Vina Jackson
February 2013 Provocative Prose Book of the Month. A romantic, well-written, storyline combined with some steamy sex ... the writing duo behind the Eighty Days series of books certainly know how to push...
Format: Paperback - Released: 31/01/2013

Seasons Quartet Season of Desire
Sadie Matthews
A story of passion, desire and fierce emotion, the first in the new Seasons Quartet is the must-read for all fans of Sadie Matthews' After Dark series, and will win her legions of new ones. Freya Hammond is used to...
Format: Paperback - Released: 24/04/2014

Melting Ms Frost
Kat Black
How do you thaw the coldest of hearts? Find out in the sexiest romance to hit the shelves this year. When Aidan Flynn walks into Cluny's Restaurant, he can't take his eyes off his new flame-haired boss, Annabel Frost. With...
Format: Paperback - Released: 30/01/2014

Don't Tempt Me
Sylvia Day
Sylvia Day's Don't Tempt Me - the classic erotic romance, part of the Georgian series - is a tale of mistaken identity, lusty liaisons and dangerous deceptions. Lynette Baillon's twin, Lysette, died in an accident. Or so Lynette believed until,...
Format: Paperback - Released: 12/09/2013

The Perfect Submissive
Kay Jaybee
Hidden behind the Fables Hotel's respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait; ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests. When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotel's exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders,...
Format: Paperback - Released: 21/06/2012

L. Marie Adeline
A young widow, Cassie's life is filled with sadness and regret. She waits tables at the rundown Cafe Rose in New Orleans, heading home each night to her solitary one-bedroom apartment. But when she discovers a notebook left behind by...
Format: Paperback - Released: 14/02/2013

Carrie's Story
Molly Weatherfield
Originally published in 1995, Molly Weatherfield's erotic classic has stood the test of time alongside The Story of O and Justine. In this new era of 'BDSM romance' à la 50 Shades of Grey, Carrie's Story remains at the head...
Format: Paperback - Released: 14/03/2013

An Executive Decision
Grace Marshall
Overworked CEO Ellison Thorne has no time for sex, let alone romance. The only answer, at least where his retiring business partner Beverly is concerned, is a no-strings sex clause in her replacement s contract, designed to make Ellis busy...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/11/2012

Meeting the Master (Modern Erotic Classics)
Elissa Wald
In Wald's darkly erotic stories, characters enact the intricate and subtle ways that dominance and submission play a role in their daily lives: a young girl dreams of submitting to a boy who's not interested in controlling her, an ex-convict...
Format: eBook - Released: 29/11/2012

Beautiful Losers (Modern Erotic Classics)
Remittance Girl
'Would you like to watch us?' Shira is deeply, achingly in love with her best friend, Jean. This is unfortunate, because he's gay. But with one flippant invitation, Shira, Jean, and his boyfriend, Sebastian, begin their obsessive journey into the...
Format: eBook - Released: 27/12/2012

The Bride Stripped Bare
Nikki Gemmell
For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey - the international bestseller - an explosive novel of sex, secrecy and escape. 'You've never been in control, until now; you've never, before, had exactly what you want...The lights turned off. A touch...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/03/2004

Evie Blake
Milan, 2012. Photographer Valentina Rosselli is living with her lover of one year, Theo Steen, but refuses to commit to anything more. When she is offered an intriguing photography assignment, to take pictures of those engaged in the darker side...
Format: Paperback - Released: 11/10/2012

Body Temperature and Rising Lakeland Heatwave
K. D. Grace
Can the power of lust overcome deadly intentions? A voyeuristic encounter on the fells ends in sex with a charming ghost for American Marie Warren who realises she has the ability to unleash demons. Her powers bring her to a...
Format: Paperback - Released: 10/02/2012

Bad Angels
Rebecca Chance
Step into Limehouse Wharf, the new, uber-luxury apartment building in Canary Wharf where celebrities who have had 'work' done can hole up until they have healed and which is about to see its most glamorous and scandalous Christmas yet. Staying...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/11/2012

Blue Angel
Logan Belle
Mallory Dale doesn't like surprises. At least, that was the case. When her boyfriend takes her to a burlesque club for her twenty-fifth birthday, all she wants to do is go home and get under her bedcovers. So when she...
Format: Paperback - Released: 15/11/2012

Eighty Days Yellow
Vina Jackson
August 2012 eBook of the Month. Exhilarating, seductive well written erotic fiction with a romantic plot. First in a sensual series of books, written by a double act consisting of an experienced published...
Format: Paperback - Released: 02/08/2012

Eighty Days Blue
Vina Jackson
In the second book in Vina Jackson's exhilarating new romance series, fiery musician Summer and wealthy academic Dominik experience the passions and pitfalls of a thrilling love affair with a difference. The Eighty Days series:1. Eighty Days Yellow2....
Format: Paperback - Released: 13/09/2012

Eighty Days Red
Vina Jackson
The third book in Vina Jackson's red-hot romantic series. Summer and Dominik embrace danger, adventure and temptation in New York City as they push their relationship to its limits. The Eighty Days series:1. Eighty Days Yellow2. Eighty...
Format: Paperback - Released: 11/10/2012

Eighty Days Amber
Vina Jackson
The fourth book in the Eighty Days series. From elite private clubs in New Orleans to the London mansion of an enigmatic rockstar, Viggo Franck, Luba embarks on a journey of self discovery and embraces the exciting, enticing experiences her...
Format: Paperback - Released: 22/11/2012

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About this category

eighty days white


Take romance and erotica to the altar and, presto, you have racy romance. And it comes in more than shades of grey (for mystery) pink (for love) and red (for passion)!

Chick lit brought female empowerment to romance writing and now racy romance adds both thrills and sexual realism to the pages, where the chapter does not end when the characters embrace and the 'happy ever after' acquires brand new dimensions.

Vina Jackson, author of the Sunday Times bestselling EIGHTY DAYS series, highlights recent as well as overlooked examples of the new romance.

If Jackie Collins was decades younger and had more wit and sass, she would be writing 'bonkbusters' like Londoner Rebecca Chance. Click here to read more...

K.D. GRACE, Body Temperature and Rising
The first volume in K.D's ongoing Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy brings supernatural desire, ghosts and witches to the Lake District for a super sizzling love story and romp, which is both outrageously romantic and hotter than hot. Click here to read more...
EVIE BLAKE, Valentina
Inspired by the evocative graphic novels of Italian artist Guido Crepax, the first in a new series that combines romance with glamour. Click here to read more...

NIKKI GEMMELL, The Bride Stripped Bare
On her long-awaited honeymoon, a bride is introduced to a shocking secret about her husband and falls into a passionate spiral of lust unbound as she embraces a whole new world she had never even guessed at before. Click here to read more...

A new series featuring 20 titles, available in ebook format only from Constable Robinson. Despite the title, many of the books are deeply entrenched in the romance genre, with overlooked but major authors like erstwhile Black Lace star Cleo Cordell, Valentina Cilescu's page-turning vampire sagas, Remittance Girl's dark and hot BEAUTIFUL LOSERS and Elissa Wald's MEETING THE MASTER, inspired by real life and which makes Christian Grey look like something of a schoolboy! Many of the other titles are on the hotter end of the scale but truly classics and perfect examples of the borderline where explicitness and romance meet.

GRACE MARSHALL, An Executive Decision
The first in a fast-paced series about intrigue and lust in a blue collar environment of corporate takeovers, office intrigue and seduction, a saucy read. Click here to read more...

When straitlaced Mallory Dale is taken by her boyfriend to a burtesque club for her twenty fifth birthday, her eyes are opened to a whole new world of pleasure and opportunities after she is tempted onto the stage. Click here to read more...

Quite possibly the book that truly inspired FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. The tale of the slow, hypnotic and inevitable seduction into the dark side of BDSM of a young American female student and how she meets her eventual master, a rich and distant but charismatic man of means. Click here to read more...

A prematurely-widowed young woman still filled with grief comes across a notebook abandoned by a mysterious woman at the New Orleans cafe where she waits tables. Click here to read more...

KAY JAYBEE, The Perfect Submissive
Jess is the new bookings clerk at the Fables Hotel, where five very special rooms have been adapted to cater for many kinks. Click here to read more...

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