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Read Extract Free Large Print Books Book or Novel Online - as well as Sports and Suspense

Large Print Books

Large Print Books

Large print books are invaluable for any book lover who has failing eyesight. Sadly, a good selection from which to choose can be difficult to find in bookshops and libraries so Lovereading has teamed up with The Large Print Bookshop to bring you the largest selection, up to 25,000 titles, available in the UK.

This Month's Featured Books
The Other Half Lives - Large Print Edition
Sophie Hannah
Sophie Hannah's The Other Half Lives is a lengthy and complex crime thriller that will keep you guessing to the end. It begins with the revelation of a guilty secret that leads the central character into a world where nothing...
Format: Large print book

The Behaviour of Moths - Large Print Edition
Poppy Adams
Shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Prize, a sad, haunting tale of sister rivalry, of the invasion of privacy, of resentment, of reclusive behaviour, secrets and lies as elderly sisters live together again after forty-seven years apart. The details on...
Format: Large print book

The Bolter - Large Print Edition
Frances Osborne
Idina Sackville is the 'exceedingly high spirited' skeleton in Frances Osborne's closet and her life reads better than alot of fiction. Twice divorced before she was 30 and five times before she died might not raise any eybrows now but...
Format: Large print book

Climbing the Bookshelves - Large Print Edition
Shirley Williams
One of the most influential women in modern politics Shirley Williams became a politician in 1964 and is still an active voice in politics. As one of the ‘Gang of Four’ she broke form the Labour Party to form the...
Format: Large print book

The Lost Art of Gratitude - Large Print Edition
Alexander McCall Smith
The sixth installment in the best-selling chronicles of the irrepressibly curious Isabel Dalhousie. More sleuthing from the wonderful Isabel Dalhousie. As in all his novels McCall Smith brings together a great cast of characters and our leading lady is always charming and inquisitive...
Format: Large print book

Rifling Through My Drawers - Large Print Edition
Clarissa Dickson Wright
A year in the life of Clarissa Dickson Wright. Plenty of tales and anecdotes to keep all fans happy, she is an entertaining writer who tells it as it is. A very enjoyable read. A message from Joanna Lumley: “Anything that makes...
Format: Large print book

Knave of Spades - Large Print Edition
Alan Titchmarsh
The popular gardener, presenter and writer has produced a lovely memoir about his path to being a household name. A thoroughly enjoyable read. A message from Joanna Lumley: “Anything that makes reading easier is to be...
Format: Large print book

Her Fearful Symmetry - Large Print Edition
Audrey Niffenegger
Another magical tale from Audrey Niffenegger that follows the story of twins who have been left the flat of a dead aunt they have never met. Niffenegger has produced another cast of fascinating characters and intriguing plotlines to draw the...
Format: Large print book

Assegai - Large Print Edition
Wilbur Smith
Another historical melodrama from this huge selling author. Set just before the First World War we have a hero fighting for good and falling in love with the wrong woman. Splendid stuff. A message from Joanna Lumley: “Anything that makes reading easier...
Format: Large print book

Born Bad - Large Print Edition
Josephine Cox
A lovely romantic read from one of the best. Be prepared for tears and heartache and a good dose of happiness too. A message from Joanna Lumley: “Anything that makes reading easier is to be applauded – a bright light, a quiet...
Format: Large print book

We are All Made of Glue - Large Print Edition
Marina Lewycka
A warm and humorous read about two lonely women who form a friendship. Definitely one for fans of her previous novels and a great one to start with if you haven’t read her before. A message from the author: “Whatever the capabilities...
Format: Large print book

Do you struggle to read normal sized print books?


Do you have a friend or relative who loves to read but has given up?


Then, we’re here to help. We intend to feature on an ongoing basis titles that are being published in large print

16 point rather than the standard 10 point.

Large Print Book Shop


The great thing about the large print books available through us in conjunction with The Large Print Bookshop is that they look exactly the same on the shelf as their standard type counterparts. The cover and content is exactly the same; it is only the type that is larger. In this special category on Lovereading you will find a terrific range of large print books, specially selected by our editorial experts.... You can also search a further 25,000 large print books on our website through the search facility at the top of the page. Just key in the book’s title and then look at the 'Other Formats' box that appears on every book page.



If you can see 'Large Print Book' just click it and you will be able to buy the title through our links to the Large Print bookshop. What's more the majority of Large Print Books qualify for free postage!


Large Print Book Shop


The RNIB estimate that one in eight of us in the UK cannot enjoy standard print, because of sight problems, dyslexia, or disability that makes it difficult to hold a book or turn a page. About one third of the large print titles available are print-on-demand titles and this means that they are never out of stock as they are printed just for you to a standard that makes them indistinguishable from any other book. This use of new printing technology means many more Large Print Books are becoming available to satisfy the needs of the visually impaired and we aim to have the biggest selection of them right here on Lovereading.


If you read by yourself or are in a reading group we hope you enjoy, and find useful, our Large Print Books category.... And if you do, then spread the word.

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