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More information about our Book Price Comparison Engine


As you will already know Lovereading offers fantastic guidance in helping you choose your next book. Now, Lovereading has a brilliant feature that will guide you to the best value as well.

We are calling it our Book Price Comparison Engine. By using it you will, quickly and easily, be able to compare book and postage prices from over a dozen online book retailers. You can then choose the bookseller that’s right for you.

Sometimes, especially for newer authors or older titles, you will find Lovereading’s flat rate of 25% discount is cheaper than some of the ‘bigger’ sites. Sometimes, you can find special deals available, particularly for the blockbuster bestsellers, of which you may prefer to take advantage. Well now, with a single, you can.

We developed our Book Price Comparison Engine as a result of a survey we ran in the summer where a large proportion of you said you would really value this new service. Well, we have responded to your wishes and would like to invite you to take advantage of it – and please tell all your friends too! There really is no better place to find your next book – and now where to buy it as well - than Lovereading.


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