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John Katzenbach Book and Novel    

John Katzenbach - Author

John Katzenbach is the author of eight previous novels: the Edgar Award-nominated In the Heat of the Summer and The Shadow Man, The Traveller, Day of Reckoning, Just Cause, State of Mind, Hart’s War and The Analyst. He has been a criminal court reporter for The Miami Herald and Miami News. He lives in western Massachusetts.

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Featured Books, with extracts, by John Katzenbach

Madman's Tale
John Katzenbach
A powerful tale of madness and the complications of investigating murder inside a mental hospital. I was very impressed. It is wordy in places, highly insightful into mental illness and the care the inmates have for each other, an unusual...
Format: Paperback - Released: 02/05/2005
Lovereading Price: £5.24 - Saving £1.75 (25%)

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    Cuando seamos viejitos te diré: ves, que si eras el amor de mi vida.
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