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Carol Drinkwater Book and Novel

Carol Drinkwater - Author

Carol Drinkwater was our Guest Editor in May 2011 - click here - to see the books that inspired her writing.

Best known for her role as Helen Herriot in BBC Television's All Creatures Great and Small (for which she was awarded The Variety Club Television Personality of the Year Award), Carol Drinkwater has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as both an actress and writer.

During her acting career she has worked in film, television and theatre. Her credits include working with Laurence Olivier at the National Theatre and Stanley Kubrick on A Clockwork Orange.

Carol is the author of six bestselling memoirs: The Olive Farm, The Olive Season, The Olive Harvest, The Olive Route and The Olive Tree and Return to the Olive Farm.

Carol is currently working with UNESCO on a lavish documentary film series inspired by her two most recent books, THE OLIVE ROUTE and THE OLIVE TREE.

The series is both travel and history based and will follow an Olive Heritage Trail around the Mediterranean Basin. The aim is to celebrate the cultural heritage of this sacred tree.

Author Photo © Michel Noll

Featured Books, with extracts, by Carol Drinkwater

Reader Reviewed The Forgotten Summer
Carol Drinkwater
February 2016 eBook of the Month. Seductively beautiful and evocative writing ensures ‘The Forgotten Summer’ is...
Format: Hardback - Released: 11/02/2016
Lovereading Price: £8.00 - Saving £2.00 (20%)
The Olive Harvest
Carol Drinkwater
This is the third of Carol’s books documenting her idyllic life in the South of France but despite the title speaking of plenty and abundance, there was no harvest, no husband and no easy life. I admire this woman; with...
Format: Paperback - Released: 04/08/2011
Lovereading Price: £7.19 - Saving £1.80 (20%)
The Olive Farm
Carol Drinkwater
A beautiful tale of a new life in France; an account of the highs and lows of restoring an olive farm, and the colourful characters met with in a typical Provencal village. It'll make you want to sell up and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 04/08/2011
Lovereading Price: £7.19 - Saving £1.80 (20%)
Return to the Olive Farm
Carol Drinkwater
I found this the most absorbing of Carol Drinkwater’s reports from her Provence Olive Farm, a sink or swim account of attempting to free the farm and its inhabitants from the dangerous chemicals needed to bring an Olive crop to...
Format: Paperback - Released: 12/05/2011
Lovereading Price: £7.19 - Saving £1.80 (20%)
Carol Drinkwater
It's 1909. Dollie is swept up in the thrill of the campaign for Votes for Women. Against her guardian's wishes, she marches against Parliament with Emmeline Pankhurst and her fellow suffragettes. But as the movement turns violent, women are imprisoned...
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/01/2011
Lovereading Price: £5.59 - Saving £1.40 (20%)
Return to the Olive Farm
Carol Drinkwater
July 2010 Editor's Choice. Continuing the story of Carol Drinkwater’s beloved Olive Farm. After returning from 18 months travelling around the Mediterranean Carol discovers that her dream of running an organic farm is threatened by nature and by...
Format: Hardback - Released: 08/07/2010
Lovereading Price: £15.19 - Saving £3.80 (20%)
Return to the Olive Farm: Unabridged Audiobook
Carol Drinkwater
This is an unabridged audiobook title. Continuing the story of Carol Drinkwater’s beloved Olive Farm. After returning from 18 months travelling around the Mediterranean Carol discovers that her dream of running an organic farm is...
Format: CD-Audio - Released: 20/05/2010
Lovereading Price: £20.42 - Saving £5.10 (20%)
1900: A Brand-new Century A London Girl's Diary, 1899-1900
Carol Drinkwater
The diary of Flora Bonnington, London 1899-1900: 'A day slips away like sand in a sand glass and so we are caught up in this inevitable passage towards 1900. I bought a journal... it will record my journey into the...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/04/2010
Lovereading Price: £5.59 - Saving £1.40 (20%)
The Olive Tree
Carol Drinkwater
If you have followed Carol through her trials and tribulations of running her olive farm then this is a must. Newcomers will find her enthusiasm for her subject irresistible. Now she knows that new approaches to farming are needed and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 11/06/2009
Lovereading Price: £7.99 - Saving £2.00 (20%)
The Hunger : An Irish Girl's Diary, 1845-1847
Carol Drinkwater
It's 1845 and blight has destroyed the precious potato crop leaving Ireland starving. Phyllis works hard to support her struggling family, but when her mother's health deteriorates she sets off in search of her rebel brother and is soon swept...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/05/2008
Lovereading Price: £5.59 - Saving £1.40 (20%)
The Olive Route : A Personal Journey to the Heart of the Mediterranean
Carol Drinkwater
Fourth volume in the bestselling olive series by writer and actress Carol Drinkwater. Transporting readers across the olive's ancient paths, celebrating its venerable past, tracking trade routes, unearthing unlikely stories, encountering peoples of today and bygone times, Carol comes...
Format: Paperback - Released: 13/06/2007
Lovereading Price: £7.99 - Saving £2.00 (20%)
The Olive Season
Carol Drinkwater
Moving on from The Olive Farm, The Olive Season sees Carol and Michel taking on an entirely new challenge: pregnancy. As ever, nothing goes entirely to plan and Carol writes wonderfully of her struggles and triumphs on her cherished...
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/05/2006
Lovereading Price: £6.39 - Saving £1.60 (20%)

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