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Eva Cwynar, Sharyn Kolberg Book and Novel    

Eva Cwynar, Sharyn Kolberg - Authors

Dr Eva Cwynar, MD, is an endocrinologist, metabolic medicine specialist and internist practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Cwynar provides medical care that includes state-of-the-art testing for fatigue, metabolism, weight loss, and anti-aging. Her clients include both high-profile celebrities and everyday people. Dr Cwynar is on faculty at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, serves as an assistant clinical professor of medicine at UCLA, and is world-renowned for her expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement, menopause and 'male' menopause, thyroid function, weight loss and overcoming fatigue. She has received numerous honours and awards.


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Featured Books, with extracts, by Eva Cwynar, Sharyn Kolberg

The Fatigue Solution : Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps
Eva Cwynar, Sharyn Kolberg
Banish fatigue and learn how to be bright eyed and bushy tailed with this simple step-by-step programme that begins with finding out the foods that help cause tiredness, taking readers through learning about toxins, improving sleep and sex, getting more...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/03/2012
Lovereading Price: £8.24 - Saving £2.75 (25%)

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