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Jeremy DobsonBook and Novel

Jeremy Dobson - Author

Jeremy Dobson is a former racing driver in Cooper-Cosworth (F.3). Ironic since Baldwin abhorred speed! He spent 30 years as a technical writer in Automotive Industry (British Leyland then Lucas Industries). Included MGB V8 car (BL heritage series).

Featured Books, with extracts, by Jeremy Dobson

Why Do the People Hate Me So? The Strange Interlude between the Two Great Wars in the Britain of Stanley Baldwin
Jeremy Dobson
A clutch of left-leaning historians and commentators and Churchill polishing his reputation have done much to blacken Stanley Baldwin’s reputation. Baldwin has a great champion in Jeremy Dobson who is out to correct the historical record and offers here an...
Format: Paperback - Released: 29/10/2009
Lovereading Price: £11.25 - Saving £3.75 (25%)

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